Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is Plastic Good or Bad?

There are too many opposite opinions about different plastic objects we use in our everyday life. Most of them are more or less about the pollution of the seas and oceans where there are entire islands of rubbish mostly composed from plastic bottles and bags as different organizations denounce. Someone says that one of these islands is bigger than all the state of California.

There were interesting pics in Facebook these days

We are too numerous to control the situation maybe but, in theses cases, I think about those countries that have good experience of recycling of plastic and rubbish generally. I can not understand, why it's unpossible to use these just known and effective technologies for benefit of ALL the planet? It seems to me, there are cases when every person has to think not only about money...

The other side of this problem is that plastic is very comfortable stuff to create really everything: from walls, deviders and vases for flowers to fountains, covers for bags and greenhouses.

As in every other situation, there is not absolute evil and absolute good.

But we have to invent something to save oceans!

Some fotos from Facebook page of OCEAN Diffender -Hawaii

Friday, June 01, 2012

My New Roses Began to Flower

This year I decided to make something to ornament my balcony. I tryed with different plants in all the period I live here but the sun is too heavy here and the only flowers that could survive were roses and petunias.

Petunias are excellent but I am a little tired to seed them every year. Roses could solve my problems: I wanted resistent plants which flower all the period and can survive some days if I am not at home that means they can remain without water for 2-3 days with the temperatures we have here in summer. These are roses.

I buy always author roses if I have to buy them. When I purchased my first roses by a retailer from Holland who operates in Italy, too, the roses were good, yes, but something was wrong with them, I could not understand what it was. When I bought the author roses next time, those were completely different plants. The colors were so as it was declared, the plants grow so as they had to grow accordingly to the description. From that time I bought 3 plants of roses by the same retailer when I had to add something to my order but they did not grow in the way I expected (they had to flow down as a cascade but they grow like mini-roses).

Today, I know the difference.

There are original roses and those created from the branches. In this case, the plant can grow as the "mother" but it can change the qualities, too. So, you can plant cuttings and you can have the same or very similar quality of the plant. But it can change something.

This is probably an example:

and here are the examples of my new roses

German Kordes "Roter Korsar" velvety red, very nice. The best of this rose is that the first flower is still fresh for more than one week or even two. I never had so long-lived completely open rose.

"Supernova", Barni, opened it's bouquet today.

This is "Tesorino" of Barni, too. It has to be more than 1 meter large.

"Sungirl" of Italian Barni this is the very first flower. It is cascade rose and I think, I'll show you the splendid cascades of flowers in short time.

Different roses of Meilland I planted later than all theses others and they are still too little. But all the roses started to grow, finally.

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