Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is the Time Real?

An other year went away. Was it good or bad? I don't know. Not so bad as some years before. It was better, yes. I loose many possibilities but I received others in instead of them. I met some old friends thanks to internet but I received new slaps in the face from the life.

What was more important on the scales of my life? The most important was maybe my calm reaction on those slaps. I accept them as the "things that happen".

I looked at the Christmas tree when I placed it one week ago and remembered that Kotia, our cat that died this June, played with it when he was about one year old. My god, this tree is so old... I noticed that I do not feel the time. I live today and the Past does not exist. Everything disappears like smoke disappears in the air. It was. I know that it was. I remember that it was.

A star comet appeared on my sky and disappeared after some time, leading me to the place where the "treasure" waited for me. So many stars flow away lightening my road... How many times I looked in the sky in that moment? Why could I not understand that those comets guide me?

So, the time does not exist. In the moment I live, comets appear and disappear.
I look at the faces of other persons: they become older and older. Children are adults now. But I do not feel that I am just ol, too. My soul is so as it was when I was a child. My soul did not change. It did not become older together with my body. And it is the prove that the time does not exist, I think.

My post is confused. But I feel that the Time does not exist.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quietly Christmas

My Christmas is not too much different than it was the last 10 years when my husband passes all the month of December visiting his parents. I sit alown for the PC, there is fire in the fireplace, there is a cat laying on the chair for the fireplace. I just drunk a 33-bottle of beer -unfortunatelly the only alcool I had in the house and do not want to turn the TV on because there are too many happy faces in that box.

I'm not happy. No, I feel good. The neighbour came to visit me today, and I had a very lovely "conversation" with my friends in internet. I was in Salerno yesterday: our Archaeological group had a meeting, and I could see all my friends. Young part of the group was very excited. It is so nice, to stay with the young persons that have still all the life to cross. Or to pass?

Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano

 We have an interesting exhibition in S.Pietro a Corte: the ceramists of Vietri and Salerno were asked to create something inspired by Madonna. We expose 14 works till the end of Februar now, and I asked to photograph me near one of the creations I like more than others.

 Прикоснуться к Высокому

I found an interesting idea of decoration in a shop and tryed to do something similar at home. That transparent cone. Do you like it? Hope, you do. I like all the "design" so much to create "a card" for you.

My best wishes for the Joyous Season and marry Christmas!
Поздравляю Всех С Праздниками!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Lucia Feast in Campania, Italy

Santa Lucia is very loved saint in Campania. There are many settlings (villages and districts) that have her name. When I joined a trekking association for a walk over Sorrento, we passed a medieval village S.Lucia on our way to the S.Antonio chapel and could see the preparations for S. Lucia feast that is celebrated on December, 13.

First, we could see a special little place near this church prepared for the fire. Than, just passed the church, there were entire deposits of wood for it. They said, they had to collect enough wood to maintain fire all the night.

Sorrento, Italy

I was surprised:
Is it not a pagan usage to burn wood in the honour of a deity? No, they said: the name of the saint "Lucia" means "luce"="light" -that is why they burn all that wood in her honour. If you don't know -St. Lucia was blinded different times for her devotion to Christianity but the eyes turned to see every time she was blinded. So, you can translate the name as "light" from this point of view, too.

From the top of the mountain we had a very beautiful view on Sorrento...

Сорренто, Неаполь, Италия

...this is the same place with zoom on... the tree ...on the trunk (in the center of the green area) where the bonfire will be maintained all the night.
It's incredible how the pagan rituals are deep implanted in our coscience. Don't you think?

Сорренто, Неаполь, Италия

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Italy in Chocolate Miniatures

You could read about the Particular Christmas Nativity Scene in my other blog where I told about a trekking association I joined Thursday. We visited a very interesting shop in Sorrento before we continue our walk to St. Lucia. The shop sells chocolate because it's owner is maitre chocolatier. He created a fundamental work "Italy in Miniature" that is exposed for the entrance of the shop.

There were symbols of different cities from all Italy, as you can see on my photo (Rome, Turin, Pisa, Milan etc) and a toy train carried a van full of treasures around them.

I did not know that there are maitres chocolatier in our zone, too. I thought they are in Swiss.

An other discovery I did there: chocolate is not only white and brown. It has many different colors so that a brave person can create even pictures with it.

I like to tell about creative persons here. And I think this post is about one of them.
By the way, did you ever try to create figures with soft chocolate? I want to try it tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life After Death

Scientists do not have doubts about the existence of the life after the death of the physical body. They do not have doubts about the existence of the ghosts more, too. This is not a notice today, I wrote about it in this blog, I think, too. They, scientists, can not explain this phenomena but it's presence is confirmed by many scientific studies.

For those who understands Russian, I add this video about the cremation.
This experiment was carried in a crematorium. A team of scientists connected special heat-resistant instruments to the body of a dead person before cremation. They were surprised to discover what they have seen on the monitor: the dead body was afraid to enter in the fire. The sensors designed signs of fear on the screen.

The other interesting notice that I've read in this period was about the very good known shaft to the light that experience patients in coma. Many persons tell about it and scientists explained this experience as the last light that enters in the eye of the dieing person. The notice is: completely blind and blind from the birth persons tell about the same shaft and light. So, this experience does not depend from the last light that enters in the eye.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dream to Find a Treasure? Go Fishing!

Did you ever dream to find an antique treasure? Do you think it's unpossible today? You are not right. It's enough that you like fishing. Take your spinning and go to fish. I know at least 2 recent discoveries of antique artifacts catched by fishers.

First of them and the most recent (the notice was pubblished today) is about the sword that a fisher took out from the river Dnepr near the city Zaporozhje, in Ucraina. The sword was on the riverbed that is about 20 m deep in that place.

This artifact has very good quality and has silver and gold decorations. That is why the scientists think, it could belong to one of the most known Kijev princes, Svjatoslav who perished in the battle in that place where the sword was found.

The other case I told you about happendin 1930. A group of the fishers took with their net a very beautiful head of Apollo from the waters of the Gulf of Salerno. This head is possible to admire in the Archeologicap Museum of Salerno that is it's symbol now. The photo is from this site

Do you believe me now? Let's take our fishing tackle from the shed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dark Clouds Over Italy

The dark clouds over the economical situation in Italy seemed to me something not very important for "normal", "little" people. Why not? It's easy to understand. I'll explain it to you in simple numbers.


Look here:
We, an adult couple, spent It.Lire 5000 for everyday neccessities (bread, milk etc.) in the years before Euro.

Euro had to cost half in confront to Lire. So, we had to spend Lire 5000: 1900 (I don't remember the precise number, 1927, maybe)= Euro 2,5 Right?

From the first days of Euro, this division was not exactly so but Lire 5000:1927 =Euro 5; =Euro 6,7,10 etc

Today, we spend at least Euro 20 (TWENTY) for our everyday neccessities.

In the miraculous way, the salary of the workers of our region (I don't know about the others) had not this interesting tendence in the division but remained exactly so as we lerned in the school:
Lire 5000:1927=2,5 (approximately)

In addition, there is no job, and Italy has not that social support system as Germany, for example.  I look for a job for 15 years and never had a chance to find something. It's not about me. It's for every person. If you want to have a job, you have to pay the employer.

In other words, the situation was just hard enough for years to worry about it.

новый торговый коплекс Vulcano Buono,Nola

Last Sunday, we went in a big commercial center (photo over here) for our "weekly shopping". Commercial centers grew as mushrooms in the region in the last years, and now we have more very large commercial centers than the residents, here. This one is our favourite because is the only where you can find good offers else.

Normally, it is always full in the weekends. Entire families come to pass all the day in it. Cold place, air conditioning in summer (specially, for those who do not have it in their own houses -it's a Paradise). Old members sit on the sofas for the TVs, kids play somewhere, one drinks coffee, other walks long the gallery. At least, they spend money for breackfast and lunch. Surely, they buy aliments. Everybody is content.

Now, that Sunday when Berlusconi renounced on his post, this commercial center was empty.
We could not understand, what is happend,at  first. There were only some little family groups here and there. The impression was that Italians were hidden in their homes, that they were frightened this event can blow up their lives.

Nothing is happend. The life turned back in it's normal "riverbed".
Everybody hopes, the new government will be able to do something to allow the "little" people to live, not only survive...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sunny Day After the Flood

Naples was flooded this Sunday, and it seemed to me we will never go out from there.

It's not so unusual, sincerely. Hard rains are normal for November here. It rains in other periods, too, but November is a real "winter" month in our zone.

We decided to visit a very good and convenient street market in Naples that day, where my husband wanted to buy a jacket. We had bad time, sailing in the streets there. It was unnecessary risk to go in Naples but we could not imagine what we will find there. We did not think that the city could be immersed by so much water that arrived nearly to the windows of the car in some places.


That is why -and you will understand me- I wanted to pass some time taking photos of the splendid roses and other flowers I have now in my "garden"

Suddenly... the young cat that came to us when my husband was in the hospital arrived just in front of me and my photocamera...

Is it possible???? Is it the behaviour of an educated cat that pretends to be feeded in this house... by me, precisely!!!! I was ...surprised and indignant. What a shame!

I'm a very modest person and turned my photocamera aside.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mother's Love

This mail I received today and did not want to open it because this friend has the use to send me all kinds of "send it to all your friend and will receive $3000 tomorrow"-messages. I don't know why I opened this message. And don't know why I decided to open the photos (because it's unpossible to see them in the mail). But than...

I read and heard too many similar notices -in TV and other media- in the last period (I tell about the last photo, clear).
Than, I had to work with similar mothers when I was a teacher, many years ago. If you think that it's a rare case, you are wrong. It's monstruously often. And not only among the poor, illiterate part of the population of the towns.

Once, I had a mother from one of the most rich families of the city. Her son had a face of an angel. And he was a very good boy (10 years old in that period). Could you imagine that the mother, a director of a very important institution, treated that angel in the same way you can see on the last photo...

That is why I was touched when I've seen these photos. And... maybe this pubblication will help to make the life on the Earth some better... Who knows... I do not knkow who are the authors of the photos. If YOU are or you have the rights, write me.  

Mother's Love

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cure Stress and Deseases with Good Art

Everybody has difficulties in the life and sometimes we become so much involved in these problems that do not notice the life that passes by. The life passes by... It's very sad. So, I decided to offer to you and to me something that will make you smile and admire the bravura of the persons.

What can make us smile?

First part:
I'm sure you will agree with me -the animals are able meke us smile more that any others. Except our kids.

Ох, досталась мне работа -  Целый день в трудах, заботах,  Отдыха совсем не знаю,  Я шезлонги охраняю!

Прости, Герасим... Но ты первый начал!

Ложись, говорит, Васенька,  на бочок и поспи... Ну и как на этом бачке  выспаться можно?!

-Опа! У кого-то обивка в салоне размокла и ...уплыла!

Смотреть ещё!
Second Part:

Naked Men can make us smile, too. Do you think, there is nothing interesting and, specially, nothing to smile when you see a naked men? Watch this video. By the way, admire these artists' technique (I promised you the Art, not?)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do You Have a Son? Look, This is MY Son...

Today is anniversary of my blog. Thanks to Teena, I remembered it. My blog is 5 years old now. I wanted to celebrate it's birthday with the translation of an appeal of A.L.F. Fronte Liberazione Animale Italia My translation is not perfect but I hope, you will join me. Maybe, you will have a wish to make a better translation and to pass it to all the world...

Do you have a son?
This is Mine...

Maybe, one day, when you will have a wish to wear him, to eat him, to shoot him
you will recognize him...

Do you love your son?
I love mine...
Look, this is my son
my life -and I would do anything for him...

Can you fight, cry, defend your son?
I can't...
I can only look...

I could shout but nobody would hear my cry of grief...
I could fight but my power will not be enough...
My tears would nobody nothce...

This is my son.
Now, you've seen him.

How much I love him?
How much I suffer for him?
Yoou are a mother... You know it just...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is Paganism a Prove of the Natinal Identity?

You began to laugh after you've read the title of my post now, didn't you? You think that I've completly lost my mind, probably. But the question is serious enough to provoke even real fights and probably deaths.

You know that I practice Buddhism, and it was and is a reason to critizise and scold me by many persons,  my mother and my relatives included. That is why I got in contact with persons that say: we, Russians, have to follow our own, antique, primordial beliefs and customes (for my relatives it's about the Orthodox religion, however). And they tell me about the initial signs of Russian Nationality.

Александрова гора.
«Александрова гора.» на Яндекс.Фотках

Well, I'm Russian and I'm proud to be Russian.

Said this, I want to express my anxiety about the calls to "turn back to the original purity of the nation's believes". I think, the world just passed this lesson different times. And it was always something very terrible and bloody. But the idea is evidently so tasty and inviting that it returns to life regularly.

Синь камень
«Синь камень» на Яндекс.Фотках

I understand that I can't change anything but I want to write here some words about the "primordial purity".

First of all, there is nearly nothing about that period of the most nations. Not very rich archaeological founds, memories in folklore and written texts -these last come from Christian times. And if we can find something written in the Medieval texts about Druids, for example, (maybe because they disturbed too much), there is nothing about many other nations.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

From other side, Paganism is more or less the same in all the countries. Different is what the nature offers to her children -it's a birch in Europe and a palm in Indonesia maybe, a bear hereand an elephant there...
Look at the photos, don't your "primordial" believes use THESE same Gods and signs?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A bunch of grapes from Apulia

This beauty I found in a greengrocer that is situated not too far from our house. I forgot to buy something for the cats this morning and decided to go down (from our hill) in the next shop because Basja promised to throw down the monitor if I do not give her to eat.

And so I had to pass near this greengrocer where I noticed incredibly big grapes. The shop keeper said me they come from Apulia. 

This is the period when they sell big varieties of grapes and it's not for much time, only for about a month. So, I buy them even if they say that the sugar of the grapes is not good for weight loss.

But this bunch of grapes is special. Did you notice how the man who cut it left a part of branch and a leaf... He was enraptured by the beauty of the grape. Look at it, how big is the bunch. I hardly could take it this way, so heavy it is.

And here, I want to show you the photos I took when we were in Apulia some weeks ago. What do you see here, these boundless feather-blanket like fields are vineyards!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miracles in Sorrento

Maybe it's because my husband is on the surgical table in this moment, and I'm very worried about the operation he is undergoing (are you surprized that I am here and do not wait under the door of the department? But it will not change anything because they will not allow me to enter before 12:30 there). So, I think about the miracles, the popuation of Italy usually asks visiting the numerous Saints who's sanctuaries exist practically in any town here.

Those are normally the miracolous objects like the picture "Our Lady of the Rosary" in the sanctuary of Pompei

Or they go in the place bounded with the memory of a really existed person like Saint Antonino in Sorrento.


The walls are covered with the thank-you objects for the received grace there. They represent the parts of the body where the terrible desease was situated. In the crypt of S.Antonino, there are entire walls with "legs", with "hands" etc


I could not understand this custom, sincerely, but now, when I'm sitting and waiting here, impotently, telling this to you and praying for the good exit of the operation, I would maybe feeling better if I was in such a place, I think.

 We often judge what we do not understand -and begin to follow the steps of others when our situation becomes so as the judged persons had before us.
Well, it's time to go for me.I'll pass next 2 days in the hospital, probably.


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Web Hosting Directory Helps to Choose Site Hosting

Web hosting directory is the right place where to look for information when you have to choose hosting for your site. This task is not so easy because there are so many hosting companies that the infinite list of them can confuse even expert users. The directory collects all data and offers of the web hostings and presents them in tables. The other tasc of the directory is to collect reviews and ratings of the hostings written by real users. Finally, they present Web Hosting Awards in different categories.

What I like in this directory is the web hosting blog with very clear articles that I read with great interest. I was attracted by the titles first but the content was really very useful for me since I have to think about hosting for my blogs shortly. I'm not very content how my blogs work now and do not know if it depends on my hosting. In this case I have to change it when the contract I have with them finishes.

The navigation of this web host directory is very easy. I was attracted by Awards and wanted to know about Best Budget Hosting. A personal blog that is written for pleasure of the owner does not need sophisticated tecnologies. But there are awards for business hostings, blog hostings, forum hostings and there are many other categories. Web Hosting Geeks makes the choice of the web hosting for the site not so exhausting as it seems to be from the first glance.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Antique Olive Trees of Apulia

Everybody knows it about Apuglia -it's the land of olive groves.

Древние Оливы

The plant likes sun and this particular very difficult soil that not so many plants can support. You know that we have olive trees too and pick up about 400 kg of olives (you will remember my post about the olive oil I wrote some years ago here How We Make Olive Oil). I want to see, olive tree is absolutely not new for me.

Древние Оливы

The modern landscape design uses the old olive trees as main points of the creation here in Sud Italy in the last years, too. So, I thought, there is nothing that can surprise me in this sense. But when I saw THESE trees, I was astonished. I can't even imagin how old have to be these trees. And how can the gatherers pick up the olive there...

Древние Оливы

Древние Оливы

Prickly Pear

This is the very typical scenery in Apulia. Olive trees, soil littered with white stones, white stone hut to hidde the paesant from the elements, white dry-stone wall and... an enormous prickly pear near it.


They grow  in grand quantity near the roads, too.



Is it because not so many plants like this difficult soil that has not only to dry easly but to become burning in summer, or the inhabitants like it so much -I don't know. I bought it to taste once but there were so many seeds in the pulp of the fruit that I could not eat it and I could not understand how it was. So, I never buy prickly pear more.


I would like to know how to cook it, so maybe I would be able to appreciate it...

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