Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Working Woman In Man's Eyes

Женщина должна работать, а мужчина - отдыхать!
Hope it will be very short post. I wanted only to tell you an interesting point of view on the role of woman in the society.

When I had my last "shift" in the museum, there were 2 of the oldest men of our Archeological Group. We spoke about jobs and came to the role of the woman. We said that years ago a woman could not work in some industries and today she has hard life to occupy and to maintain a professionally good place. In Italy there are often claims about men that abuse women working with them. Once I spoke with a man who came to buy our puppies. I always mistreat women and girls that work in my office, he said. Why??? Because a woman has not to work for anybody except herself, he answered.

These men (65 and 75 years old) said that women could not make other jobs except teachers because the society of that time (about 40 years ago!) thought "woman has not to know some things".

I don't understand something in this life: she has to know to make children, but she has not to know "some things"...

An other MY thought:
"Emancipation" means the woman has to hear "bad words" on every step. But she "has not to know some things". When I was little men did not pronounce "bad words" in presence of women and children.
Men had more respect for themslves, maybe...

Inspired Persons-3

Believe or not believe, but all this is made from wood. The artist's name is Livio De Marchi. I write sometimes about strange points of view of some artists and this one merits surely to take his place in this gallery.
Inspired persons
Inspired persons -2
I found an article about him -and there are much more photos there- in the site Amazing And Interesting World

Monday, May 26, 2008

Diamond Rings At Lower As Standard Price

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Carnelan. My First Own-Made Jewelry

These beautiful stones are beads of carnelian. I bought 2 necklaces a year ago to make from them a mala, but had not time neither wish. I've never made something like this before.

The stone is very romantic. And very useful. First of all it attracts wealth to it's owner and it has the capacity to change your mood from black to rose. This last I could prove myself. (Hope, the first will come too) There are many other uses, but I want to write about this today.

Once I felt very offended by a person I like. All the day was ruined. I did many things to forget -meditations, distractions ecc, but ...nothing. In the evening I remembered that carnelian can change the mood and took the beads. I looked at them for some time (about 5-10 minutes) and thought, the myths are good, but they are myths. Than my husband called me and I forgot about the beads. After an hour I returned and saw them. And noticed that my mood was not black as all the day before but normal. I was a little sad, but no trace of "black" more. About an hour later I was happy and laughing -without any reason.

I told you the facts. It could be anything -psychologically. But the sequence was so.

Now I wanted to show you my own work. Yes, it's nothing special, I know, but it's the first time I did a "jewelry" myself. I put the beads to different persons, but they did not want to do this work, so I decided to prove myself. The bracelet is not finished else, I have to buy some pieces. But the necklace and the earrings I just use them.

Carnelian is called "Hardened Sunset". And this, that comes from Crimea I think, is said to be the best for healing aims.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


This week was dedicated to the cherries in our house. We had to pick them up as fast as possible, because everyday the price of them becomes lower and lower.
The life of a paesant is not very good: for his hard work he becomes coins -if becomes something. If you come too late with your vegetables, the buyer can catch you away.

We have only some trees of early cherries now and they are not very high: about 4-5 meters, so now we have not very hard work. But we had old trees before and they were about 20 meters high. It was hard experience to pick up cherries at that time, believe me.

Today the times are chaned. Cherries from Spain and Apulia come earlier in the markets as as compared with ours. And they have dwarf trees 2 meters high -there is not problem to work with them... So, when our cherries become mature, nobody wants them more. And if you want to pick them up one day later, you can leave them on the tree better as risk your life picking them up -and return them back home to throw them.

I say, it's a pitty that the zoo in Naples is closed. I could find work there as a monkey. You have to see me on the trees, what I do! In my venerable age!

Here you can see great part of the family at work.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Your Body Is A Perfect Machine!

Три сестрицы на причале,рыбаков всегда встречали.
«Три сестрицы на причале,рыбаков всегда встречали.» на Яндекс.Фотках
The researchers make me cry from deep emotion sometimes. So did the last report I read an hour ago. It's about diets.

Many of us wanted to become slim as we were in our 18 years. Specially us, wemen. We dream about a special diet ecc.

About some years that we know that the diets do not work with many of us.
Well, if I stay all the day for the PC and eat only ice-creams or similar, and than between 2 of my ice-creams I make a weight-loss treatment, the diet do not work, it's clear.

Now the last research says: if your diet wants you eat only some aliments that you don't like, you can do all the necessary things -you will never have good results.

Because YOUR BODY IS A PERFECT MACHINE and knows better as you what you have to eat.

One of the researchers controlled a very great group of children. He gave them many dishes to chose from (except sweeties) to eat. He noticed: the children choosed only some of them. And when they ate these foods, they were in the best conditions of health.

Our genetic preferences of special foods are not casual. They are in the harmony with our necessities. And if we don't want to eat something is better do not eat this aliment.

You know, I hate the odour of fish, I can't stand it at all, I even can begin to vomit if my language touches a piece of fish. In all my life I've eaten only some pieces of cold-smoked fish. Than I knew that there is one aunt of my mother that has this "defect" too. I laugh, maybe I was a leopard-seal in my previous life? (for my great love for felines)
One friend of mine has the same problem with vegetables.

Well, why I say that all this makes me cry? Because we say about it all our lifes. We all know it. But because the researchers had not confirm this idea, we were named stupid ecc. And it's about any side of "alternative medicine".

Now, from today, it's not alternative but "normal" medicine.
Is this transformation not adorable?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Amazons Had Their Breasts!

this picture is from Arte Greca del Periodo Severo

In the last period I had to go different times in Salerno to open our museum and one of these days I had to stay there with a girl that study history of art. The girl had with her some books about it, and when she read the texts to prepare for the next exam in her university, I looked the pictures of the Greek art.

I noticed some interesting things on these paintings. You know, maybe that Greeks were very realistic in thei art, yes? Now see on the picture I posted here. Go to the site to see it better if you want. So, on the right picture you see WOMEN that partecipate on the battle. One of them -clothed normally- is with the arc preparing to shoot, other is on the ground, wounded. They are not afraid or something else, they are NORMAL.

Than I saw different picturesof battles were partecipate Amazons.
Do you remember, what we learned in school? The Amazons cuted away one breast (I don't remember precisely right or left) because it disturbed them to shoot.
So, all the pictures I've seen, all the Amazons had normal breast.

But they went to the battle with their dogs. On one picture was the dog that killed the enemy beating him on the throat.

Finally, an interesting peculiarity: the Greeks did not forget about hairs of the enemy in the battle. I've seen different of them where they cought their enemies for the hair.

I've never studied the art, I tell you what I've seen on the pictures.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Visiting Europe's Most Popular Cities

Осень в Париже

Visit Europe means for many travellers visiting some most popular, most known cities like Paris, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam. I wrote just, it's not too difficult to plan a perfect trip using Internet today. You have to go to the sites of the city or sites of the country (there are official information sites) and learn the main places of greatest interest. Than you think about transport and finally about hotels.

So imagine to prepare a little Europe trip.
Do you know that there are special "passe's" to visit Le Louvre, for example? The main advantages of it (it's my opinion) are that you can buy this ticket online and and when you come there, you have not stay and wait half a day in the code to enter there, but you enter with this "pass" through a special door. With this pass you can visit 2 museums:
Le Louvre museum and Eugene Delacroix museum. To see than more of Paris you surely need to find a hotel. And here there are the best Paris Hotels.

The next country of our interest today is Italy. We want to visit Rome first.
If you think to visit Rome you have to be informed about at least greatest exhibitions because there are always different of them of worldwide-importance. In the last days our Archaeological group's members said me, there are different emperor's villas open now and it's impossible to visit all of them in one day. If you plan it, you have to book Hotels Rome.

After that we go to Venice. What visitors don't know about Venice is that there are not only main streets there. And there are maps in commerce too. Normally when you come there, you have to walk through the city inside the great crowd of persons. You have problems to move where you want and the only thing you can be concentrated on are the persons around you. So, if you want to have a happy walk through Venice, is enough to buy a map of the city and choose the alternative street for your visit. Venice is not very great but if you want to visit all the museums, you have to sleep in Venice Hotels.

And at the end we wanted to visit Amsterdam. Do you know that you can visit the main places of interest in Amsterdam with boat? There are Canal Buses, Canal Bikes and Evening cruises for Individuals. This last is a thing that attracted me in the description. You sit completely alone on your boat and an entire live Jazz band plays for you. Or you look at the sightseeing around you and eat pizza in Pizza-Cruise... It can be that I did not understand the sense of the word "Individual" in the tour names, but sounds good. ;))) After this tour you will be tired and will need to have a place in one of Amsterdam Hotels.

Wish you good trip with the very important advises you could read in this my post.

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