Friday, November 30, 2007

Beautiful forever -where have you to live

This is not a review, I'll not give you here advises to buy a miracolous creams or other things like this. I want to tell you an interesting fact I heared today about scientific research. And it will be a very short post.

I think that every woman over 35 will be agree with me. The most great dream of all is to maintain our faces as young as possible.

After 35 the first signs come out. First the lips, than neck and decollete, than face. We can do facial yoga and exercises for neck("Lessons of Norbekov" for russian readers), they help. We can change our mind.

Infact, first we have to understand in our subconscious that 35 and 50 is not the age to feel old. In this sence we depend on the opinion of the society. The society says that you are grandy, so, you are old. And if you are grandy at 40-45? Old too? At 50 you are finished at all. You will never find a man because all older men look for 18-25 yeas women, they dream about infinite love of this person and of her gratitude for money or piece of bread he can give her. The last case to laugh or to cry is Luciano Pavarotti and his women -2 wives and 4 daughters.

The other case for our minds is that we have to accept the time and the age. This weel turns for everybody. And an older woman with surgeri-young face is as everything unnatural. We look at those vip-s and think they are so beautiful. But we don't think they are sooobeautiful only for the camera. In this sence I think the photos of these women in real life are a good idea.

And finally to the research.
Is it true that the mist is good for the skin of the face of a woman?
Mist is a perfect idratation for the face and protects it from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Researcers controlled this proverb and found that the faces of those women that live in the places where the mist is an frequent event maintain more young as those who lives in the places with more sun. As Padan lowland in Italy.

Maybe it's time to change the place to live?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Looking for MP3 Players?

In this period when all us are looking for gifts is important to find a good price too.
is an online store where you can compare prices of a product you are looking for.

If you need a stylish, state of the art mp3 player you can see it on the home page of the site between the 4 best prices of the week. If you don't see it there, you can enter the name in the search box or choose it in the Categories. Opend the category you find a list of the products in sell in many shops. So you can choose the model you want, click on it and compare the prices.

So, today there are 929 mp3 players there. You can sort them by name or by price. And there are accessories for them too.

Interesting is the offer to ask about the price you want. You can leave your e-mail address and the team will contact you when this price will be awailable in one of the shops.

In this way Savebuckets helps you to save a hole load of money.

Two important things you can do

Please click this link it's the only thing you are asked to do!

Fatiah in Sew my Name writes about a very important thing and I add here this appeal too:

Your click on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button helps fund free mammograms for women in need — low-income, inner-city and minority women whose awareness of breast cancer and opportunity for help is often limited. Your click is paid for by site sponsors, and mammogram funding is provided to clinics throughout the U.S. through the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

And this is about very nice task:

Leena from Conceptis addict (I wrote about her very interesting blog about mathematics)
writes in one of her posts about the Be-The-Blog Award
She added me to those who can have this award and I'm really happy to be one of the selected. :)))
Thank you, Leena!

I wanted to add here the list of Leena. I visited these blogs too and they are really to visit!
Gil from Individual@home
Thomas Laupstad from Photos from Northern Norway: A photo blog
Mokki from Mökkikunta
Anne Rongas from Blogien opetuskäyttö

I would give this Award to all my friends and will write the list later

Be The Blog award

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't beleave in autosurf programs

I don't know if it will be possible to write now or the connection goes out. I try.

As I said, I had to repristin all the pc-system because it don't works. There are many possibilities why it happend, but befor I did it I had alarm- messages that one file of the memeìory is damaged.

These messages I have from the time when similar message I became from a site running in autosurf program I opend. And after that message the PC was off. So I think it could be one of the sites running in the autosurf program I used.

It's not the first time for me. When I buyed my PC I tryed to earn money opening emails with publicity. I don't remember in the moment how they are called. I have not time now, if the connection is off, I can't write more.

So my work was to open as more as possible mails and companies had to pay me for it. Nobody gave me a penny, but not this is what I write about now.

I want to say, there were some of them that regularly had sites with viruses -or what it is I don't know. I was the first months near PC and had grave problems every month with them. Than I understood, what programs were that gave me those sites with viruses. And did not opened them more.

Later I had some sites with autosurf. And had the same problem: from time to time they make run sites with viruses and they distruct your PC. So after some experiences I understood WHO was the reason of my sufferings and did not opened a program with autosurf more.

Time passed and I forgot about it.
One friend said me about an autosurf program and I signed up and did run it for some days till that message came out.

Now I ruined my day to repristin the PC that doesn't want work more.
Hope I can submit this post now. And hope I can to work from tomorrow.

Dear friends, don't believe in autosurf programs!!!!

Problems I have

Dear friends,
I have to ask pardon that you don't see me in your blogs these days. I have grave problems with my PC once more and have now to ripristin all system to continue to work.

If I'll be able to do it this afternoon, I will be here this evening.

In meen time I ask you about patience and pardon.

Nothing to do. I have access to the internet only for 1-2 minutes and then the connession interrumps.
I don't understand in it. Bad.
Maybe tomorrow can write...
I have a task to do and ...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cultural attractions in Berlin and Vienna

It's interesting for me to arrive finally to write about main cities of Germany and Austria -Berlin and Vienna. Why? Because I studied many years German language and one of the subjects was their geography and tourist attractions.

The territory of Germany was divided in 3 parts in that period and the city of Berlin, one of these parts, was divided too. Many places remember you that times in the modern Berlin, the most known is maybe Brandenburg Gate. Not far from it is situated the Reichstag, historic parliament building, built in 1889. Restrucured, it became the most impressive government building in Europe.
There are many hystorical churches in Berlin like the German Cathedral and the French Cathedral. For those who loves music the most important visit will be the Konzerthaus where were the greatest Weber, Paganini and Liszt.
If you are interested in the nightlife, your way is to the Hackesche Höfe. And if you like modern cities, visit Potsdamer Platz. Find your Hotels in Berlin visiting
Deutschsprechende Freunde können für interessante Angebote Hotels in Berlin dieser deutschen Seite besuchen.

Vienna is Austria's capital. It's the greatest city and alive legend. Here you can find splendid imperial sights and traditions, you can be involved in it's cultural events or maybe you prefere visit it's famouse coffee houses and wine taverns... Vienne has it's special charm.
The city has so many museums and galleries of international reputation, here lived and worked greatest composers of all times like Strauß, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. Here you can find greenspace and recreational areas such as the Wienerwald, the Prater and the Donauinsel too.
If you look for Hotels in Vienna visit Sprechen und lesen Sie Deutsch? Sie können Hotels in Vienna in finden.

And last roses...

this is "Coral Fiesta"/Barni
A White Rose

by John Boyle O'Reilly

THE red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.

But I send you a cream-white rosebud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire on the lips

My roses are not white as you see. I have not white roses. Don't know why. There are interesting white roses too. But I have only other colours. This year the weather is good and I have some roses else. These are last roses for this year, I think and that is why I made photos and post them here today. It's strange period by me. I see all my posts have this word: last.
Everything is waiting for a new turn of existance...

This is "Rita Levi Montalcini"/Barni

New "fruits" in my garden

Sunday morning had to be the same as all sunday mornings in our quiet natural life. Normally we stay home and do everything what is necessary. There is always to do if you want to do something. Animals, garden, household... And if you don't want to do anything you can sit in a sunny place or for the fireplace in the evening...

Oh, you know, I dreamed this life from my childhood. When I read the part of V. Hugo's book "Les miseables" adopted for children describing mother with 2 girls for the door of the village house. My relatives lived in the city and later I lived always in great cities too. And I thought, this village life was very beautyful.

The God was so good with me, He gifted me this possibility.

Returning to our last sunday, I had to repair and to shorten about 10 trousers of my husband, so I was very busy with this work from the morning.

My husband went to do what is necessary for our hens and than wanted to clean the earth from weeds. After a while he returns sooooo happy, so happy with a pail...
-What do you have? I asked him
Honey fungus! He found honey fungus!

Oh, yes, it's an other fruit of our earth. The only problem is that the earth is without a fence and all his, my husband's, kindred steel all mushrooms that grow here (ot only, sincerely). They come early in the morning and gather everything they find. So, we are happy if we find something alive there.

I don't like to eat mushrooms, my husband does. So he has a period of great happyness now. Everyday fresh mushrooms to eat.

My incredible Christmas tree

Maybe you will laugh, but on the photo you see my desiderable, my fabulouse, my best of all Christmas Tree.

When I was a child, we had not soo many fruits in winter as they are available in all supermarkets today. So when we went to the school feast or to the feasts in the working place of our relatives, we became a gift-pack with mandarines and very expensive chocolates. Till today the profume of mandarines is those of Christmas for me. And this "Day" begins when mandarines are ready to eat and lasts till I eat the last one.

Every day, when I go to the henhouse and open my dog, I have a sciamanic ritual.
I go round the tree, inhale this profume, take one of the mature fruits and eat it... continue to go round, take mandarines and eat... My feelings are as a mix of memory, taste and profume....

Have you sciamanic rituals too?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Global educational tutoring to excel in your studies

Students of today are more fortunate as we were. If they need help in their studies, they can even stay home and learn everything watching the monitor, and the only thing they need is a headphone. They can even see their tutor if they are a webcam. Imagin, they can study with the best experts of the world without making a step from their house.

One of the leading companies in the world providing educational Online Tutoring services is The certified tutors working there undergo months of specialized training. They have MBAs, doctorates and masters in Education degrees and have many years of experience in the industry. They are avilable 24x7.

Tutoring is providing in any subject. The students have access to the high quality content as many times as they need and they can do it not only from their home but from the school too.

You can find the list of subjects like Math Tutoring, English Tutoring, Science Tutoring, exams and languages visiting the home page of the company. But personalized tutoring is avilable as Homework Help too. Expert tutors using one-on-one learning program can be near you for all current academic year because they have customized monthly and yearly learning plan. offers you affordable education. The servise has an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $99.99 a month for all subjects and the first month you become a special tryal of $49,99. This is a great opportunity.

Visit now.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Minstrels and Troubadours

Photo from Wikipedia

I wanted to return to my post about the beauty of a woman, Woman from 8000 years ago till today.
I'll explain you now.

Do you know medieval poetry? Maybe yes, maybe not. I do. Not only because I have special school. When I was about 16 years old, I found a great book with translations of this type of poems.

I have to say you, there were always genial translators in Russia. Not only they did and do their work very well, with love, but often their poesy is better as original poems. I say it as a person that can read both -original poem and translation.

So, I read that book and I loved that time.
Surely you remember minstrels ( a professional entertainer of any kind, from the 12th century to the 17th -translated from latin "ministerialis" = servant) and troubadours (lyric poets or poet-musicians of France in the 12th and 13th centuries). From fables at least you know them.

So many beautyful words write they about women ( who knows how was their behaviour with real women) . Today I found a very interesing article about the themes of medieval poetry and there was this quoter from Bernart de Ventadorn (excuse me if I write the name not right)

Коль не от сердца песнь идет,
Она не стоит ни гроша,
А сердце песни не споет,
Любви не зная совершенной.
Мои кансоны вдохновенны -
Любовью у меня горят
И сердце, и уста, и взгляд.

If the song comes not from the heart
it's prize is zero,
and your heart will never sing
if it doesn't know the perfect love.
My chansons are inspired because
My heart, my mouth and my glance
are burning with love.

This way, more or less.
I thought not about love today, confess. I thought about how to learn to write articles. But these verses turned my thoughts to the romantic side.

Returning to the poetry, the songs were not only about great love and My Lady, that is "more beautiful then 40 faces of angels". Great quantity of the songs were about real life and they are from the category Satira, not Love. We are too educated and "politically correct" ( nobody can understand that these words seem to show our cretinism, not education) to accept and to show to everybody the real situation in that period.

We cry with devotion "Oh, they were so romantic!" But they write about nuns that attack men on the road, about nobles whose behaviour is similar to the porks ecc.
I don't remeber good the address of the blog with interesting collection of pics from that period (only for adults).... Maybe karma.blogspot

All together they show, homo sapience is not changed with centuries that pass. We (maybe only women?) want to find romantic ages, but the life is always the same.

My garden in winter

The weather is very nice this week here. After the period of anomalous cold (+6-8°C) we have favolouse warm: yesterday at 22:00 there were +22°C. And it's for 4 days. I adore this period here, in Sud Italy. Here on the hills, where the life is natural else and the area is sooooo sweet.

Yeaterday I spoke with my friend by Skype. She works now in Cechia. "It's so cold here!",says she. I told her that we eat persimmons now and promised to post some photos of the garden.

Incredible fruits in a related post of Footiam Tropical paradise

Friday, November 23, 2007

Close Combat Training

I like martial arts and I have ancestral ideas about the place of the man in the society. That is why I write with pleasure about the site I present you today here.

The site is about Captain Chris Pizzo and his Close Combat Training system. What is it you can learn better, visiting the site. I'll tell you in some words that it's a method of self-defense, proven effective for everybody, and is the system of World War II Close Combat.

Captain Chris Pizzo has 5 black belts and is
U.S. Army Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Officer. In the articles posted in the site you can find many interesting information about the problems that can meet the simple person in his/her life, when he/she has to defend himself or his family or friends. Chris explains that the belts are often unuseful in the real situation of self-defence -read more in The Truth About Martial Arts.

Visiting the site, you will find interesting quitzes to check your knowleges in martial arts and if you know the 8 laws of self-defence. There are videos with Captain Chris' Close Combat in action. The articles explain the necessity to know how to defence but if you have doubts else, videos are there to give you examples of what you will learn.

So, visit to see finally that this system is for you too.

Woman from 8000 years ago till today

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What changes in women with time, when milenniums pass?
The idea to confront the faces of women of all art styles was in my head from the spring, I think.
Today I saw the Venere di Willendorf and decided to make the first confront not of the faces but of figures. It will be better if you see them from the bottom to the top. From Venere to the modern girl.

When I saw the figure of the Venere I thought: this is a portrait made by a man. He didn't see the face of his love. He was impressed by other parts of her body.
Than I saw the portrait of the Etruscian woman. This is the sculpture from her tomb. I thought: after that Venere this woman seems to be a little too thin, maybe it was the reason of her death.... but when I arrived to the modern girl, I don't understand now how can we survive with this body?????

And what do you think?

free pictures download

Sandro Botticelli's Annunciation,

Escultura romana

Escultura etrusca

Venere di Willendorf

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The "Meme" for Smile

Footiam from Beautiful World in his post Beautiful People - People Who Helped Me With My Meme answeres some (21) questions and the answers must all start with the first letter of the name of the person that partecipates on this game.

You see, I've never did it in my blogs. I don't know, I don't like these games. I add your lists with pleasure -I like to help all you in this way. And in other ways. But this ideas -I don't like them. Nothing to learn, nothing to create. Exclusion was maybe the Meme "Photos of the things that are in 100 meters from you".

Excuse me pls, my dear friends, I like to learn, to create, to smile.
Make your Meme for example "photo that made me smile this morning" and post it.

And I'll join you.
Dear Footiam, may I join your Meme in this way?

And here is the list of Footiam:
Ely of Beyond The Horizon

Patchwork toys as the best gift for everybody

In the blog of Fatiah Sew My Name I read about her love for patchwork (Quilter’s Weakness) and about her wish to make and to send gifts to some friends.

So I told her the story of my "henhouse" I made for Pasqua. I had many guests that year and... those good people, everybody who came to me of different ages and sex, loved my hens and their coock soooooo much that nobody wanted to go away without one-two of them.

Here I tell you what to do and how if you like the idea. I did even the video. It's my first video, so don't juge it too hard.

Now you need only some peaces of material for patchwork (something to throw), some bead maybe, if you have them, thread. Click on the photo to have greater size.

My hens are from 1 piece, but you can sew 2-3 colours to have hat-face-cloth. Or if you like to sew clothes for dolls, make nacked doll and clothes for it. It will be more complicated, but more interesting for girls. Everybody likes unusual things and more unusual as those...

Related photo you can see in the post Plush mice that you can find in PetMonologues

For those who wants to earn with own work
PM had sent me this address where you can sell your handmade work. Thank you very much, PM, you know there are many women that need to know that they can do it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Visit London, Manchester and Birmingham

Cheaperthanhotels ,that presens you hotels in these cities, offers you accomodations with free inclusions at prices often less than directly at the hotel

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland...
I wrote about tourist attractions of different countries here, and now I have a pleasure to explore those of London, Manchester and Birmingham.

It's difficult to write about London. I think, every place where you see there is known by everybody. Some examples are Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, Kensington Palace, Tower Bridge, Hampton Court -full of hystory, heritage, culture. But when I read about London to write this post today I was surprized to discover many modern places like London Eye, the world's highest observation, that raises you at 135 meters above the Thames.
For Hotels in London pls click this link.

Manchester is named not a city, but Greater Manchester Urban Area and is third largest "conurbation" of the country. It is known as capital of the North. Interesting is that it was the world's first industrialised city. Here I was ready to see photos with modern art in the streets. I knew that there is a great nightlife industry. All this is written in the schoolbooks too. What was completly new for me, that Manchester is a great music centre. Here there are even 2 symphony orchestras. If you want to visit it, book here Hotels in Manchester

Finally Birmingham, the second large city in United Kingdom. It's not too old, was built only in the VI century, has many gardens museums and interesting streets to visit. You can visit the sightseeings even with canal network, becuse region has 200 miles of canal. Hotels in Birmingham

About happyness and positive thinking

In my previous post "Positive thinking" or "joy of the life" I began to think about this idea (excuse me if I'm too noisy):

Too many persons in this world are unhappy in this or that way. That is why there are so much negativity all over the world.

I suppose every person has to be naturally happy, optimistic. Joy of life has to be instinct of survival. That is why, I tought, to find the medicine to have a happy world, we have to touch this cord of our essence.

Buddhismus, as science of the mind with 3000 years of experience, says: we have negative mind.
In the post Raja Yoga Meditation for positive thinking I write about the technique of creating this positive direction of the mind. More related posts with this type of technique:
Emotional mistreatment -"bad" chief, parents, friends
How to do?-Everyday meditation for everybody and disrespect and emotional mistreatment

But this is about a very hard work.

Now I wanted to discover what is related to instinct. This is what I found:

1/ naturally happy are children. Why?
No responsability, safe and protected, no thoughts "accept-not accept" others myself -I'm loved by my relatives so as I am, no fight for the place under the sun.
( I don't see the life through the rose glasses. I speak about HAPPY children of all species -this is behaviour of birds, mammals, and humans too).

2/ happyness brings us our duty, says "Bhagavat Ghita". (You are educated to be a worrier to protect your earth and people. Discharge your obligations.)

3/ you make happy your body, when you move.

What level of education is required to understand your blog?

My blog-friends are very special today. This morning when I visited their logs I found in every of them an interesting test to do. First was Leena with her traveller-test, now Pet Monologues with Off topic…if you are reading this.

I wanted to control my blogs too... First "Diary"

cash advance

For my "Animals as friends" the level is this

cash advance

And Lazy Yogi? Here it is!

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Play with your URL's too!

Everytime you try, you become an other result.

Are you a good traveller?

This game I found in blog of Leena Conceptis addict (The blog of a person who loves Japanese puzzles and mathematics and wants to share the wonderful experiences these addictions can give. -writes she about her blog). I like to visit this blog because I like mathematics and related games.

So, in her last post
The Traveler IQ Challenge she posted this game.
You have to found lokation of this or that place on the map.
Imagin, I missed Moscow about 300 km! And thought that Los Angeles is in Florida!!!!!

This Traveler IQ
challenge is brought to you by the Web's Original Travel Blog

And this is Leena's friends-bloggers list

Gil Galanti from Individual@home

Lawrence Cheok from A Long Long Road

André Benjamim from Andre Benjamim

Ivy from Chuvaness....Chakaness....Eclavu... and

Meghna from Delve into the Mind of A Budding Blogger

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ceiling Fans and Fan Accessories

What do you think is this? It's Islander ceiling fan, Islander. Beatyful, no? I wanted to have it in my house in summer. I had never seen something like this befor. You can find it on fanimation ceiling fans page of

Visiting this ceiling fan store that I present you today you can choose from thousands of unique ceiling fans and their accessories made by the best manifacturers like
Casablanca, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan ecc. You can shop by brand or by style, the possibility that offers you for your convenience.

ceiling fans today are very popular not only because they cool you in summer and warm you in winter. In fact, they are energy saving because lower cooling costs by 40% making circulate the air in a room.
In winter you set the ceiling fan to the reverse “winter” and the warm air that normally raises to the ceiling will be sent down.

This fashinating model is Diamond Crystal Ceiling Fan by Ellington fans that are available in different style categories and their designs can accompany any rooms decor.

On you will find full service and assistance from a complete shopping system to a special search tool helping you to find your personalized ceiling fan.
Don't forget to visit the special page with discounts.

Cause of death

I looked for something not so depressive as the thoughts of this morning, but found these photos. Reconstruction of the face of Tutankhamun. The official cause of his death (19 years old) today is infection on the broken leg.

I remembered when I visited the church and cimitery in Leningrad in Lavra, where there were burried many members of zar and noble families (about 1800, don't remember more precise). I looked at the age of one of the zar doughters. She had about 19 years when dead. The second tomb had the same age (more or less). I was interested in this fact and controlled many tombs of that cimitery. It was strange, but really MANY of the women had this age when dead.

I began to speak with older women about this fenomen. They told me: it's true, many women not only in the anticity but about 50 years ago (1900-1940) could not survive more than 20 years. It remained in the memory of the families. What was the matter of their deaths? They had "stomach-aches".

I thought: how was it possible? We know so many interesting facts about miracles of the antique medicine.

You will remember surely about this skull found in South America in 1960th made from entire cristal and with unknown technologies (you know that the "model" was a girl?). Somebody says it was used for medicine (one of the skulls was gifted to researcher by an tibetan monk that used it to heal others) and works trough psyche of the person (there are notices that one of the owners of one of the skulls was healed from the cancer (?) in the head).

In the Museum of the Hystory of Medicine in Riga there were photos of the trepanation of the skull that DO without any anesthesia ecc aborigens of Australia (today too).

Archeologists found remains of a worrier in Sud America that had an incredibly great healed wound in his scull too AND after that trepanation and healing, when the modern man remains invalid for all the rest of his life ( not soooo great wound, eh) that man was able to go in the battle!

Now I remembered you only some of these miracles.
It's strange to know about these 2 poles of the existance in that period.

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"Positive thinking" or "joy of the life"

What do you think when you see laughing faces in the publicity spot?
This is my research and I would be very greatful to you if you answer my question.

Eh... not very good widget I found... Excuse me.

Created by liudwp

#1903What do you think when you see laughing faces in the publicity spot ecc?

i'm happy with them and believe them

i'm happy with them and believe them

bother  to see this falsity

bother to see this falsity

I don't see them at all

I don't see them at all

Vote on this poll at

What I want to understand in the last weeks is how to be happy.
Yes, I know. Don't laugh. It's a very serious thing.

Everybody of us can be happy. It's a question of our mind, I wrote about it many times.
There is a great science that studies our mind at least 3000 years and it's buddhismus. They have many important advises and practices to do ecc. But it's difficult for us in our everyday life to follow this hard work.

It's difficult to change our behaviour first of all.

Today I want to stop thinking about only one question. Why "positive thinking" is pratically impossible to reach? And what to do in this case?
Oh no, my dear, I can think "I'm millioner" from te moning to the evening for entire years but I'll never become it really. With thinking. I'll reach only depression, agression ecc ecc.
Am I not right?

So I thought there is an other way. Begin with our instinct of survival.
The "joy of life".
Pls, answer the other question: what is that provokes in you this feeling?

The scientists say it's the capacity to feel like a child.
In fact, children of all species are naturally happy.
They have not responsability, they have not to fight for something (beh...) they feel safe and protected by relatives, they don't have to think "how will juge my behaviour or my clothes my friends, my chef, my neighbour"...

What do you think about it?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A man with a tail

I had never seen how looks the tail in a human. Here it is.

I read these days many notices about mutations. Ex. a successful surgery some days ago to cut a 2 years girl from her twining without head. Incredible mirror accrete. And today this video... It will be better if I go to sleep now. Otherwise I'll find something more interesting.

Frequency: Around 100 documented cases all around the world.

Cause: It isn´t well known. Some scientists think it is caused by a mutation of the genes that produce the cellular death that were detined to create a tail.

Description: It is observed the presence of a vestigial tail in the final zone of the sacral bone. This tail is compound of conective tissue, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, skin, vertebrae and cartilage. ( source with other anomalies )

Planning a trip with RealTravel

This time I present you a very interesting community of travellers. Real Travel is a site that is very complete trip planner with all informations you can need to have a happy trip in every place all over the world. I liked to explore it because I found there not only usual tips like "buy this", but stories written by travellers, their reviews, advises and photos.

Very easy is to discover places where you can go this time. You can browse countries and greater destinations like Asia, Sud America,read suggestions and posts in the blogs written by the persons that just visited this place and than pass to the free trip planner and finally add your own thoughts and photos about it.

Yes, because on Real Travel you can open your own travel blog and interact with other travellers. Not only with the usual posts and photos, you can make your own maps there, your photos are unlimited and you have your emails too. Imagin to have all your travel experiences in one unique place and your visitors are always "targeted visitors"! All this in one program using your trip planner.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Manipulating our mind

So many times I wrote about in this blog and in other blogs -I feel very bad to see and to hear how everybody wants to manipulate our conscious and uncoscious parts of mind.

Great specialists sell themselves to first who offers them money. They know what they do -and they don't think a minute to partecipate in this crimes (story about a psychologist that did a mad from a dislexic child) .

Today I found an article that analyzes our behaviour, tricks that are used to manipolate us and the ways to avoid this dependence. Here I want to write a sort of summary. striking appearance, polite smile, friendly winking of a charming person -and we believe him/her. And do what they want from us. We unconsciously choose this person as our friend. And forget, that not everything what glitters is gold.

Second person we believe is reach and very popular. Unconshiously we think, this person has no reason to lie. He/she has all and he/she sincerely wants to learn us to become reach and famous. We don't think how many money those persons need to pay all these cars, houses, clothes -and where they these money have to take.
One question that destroys our existance: am I worse as he/she? I can do it too.

Third person is an "expert": if this expert buys this product, he knows what he is doing, we think. We see this expert clothing uniform of the meditian ecc. And we never think to go to a real expert to ask him his opinion.

And finally an interesting thing I noticed too: we don't like to change a product. But the quality of what we buy is from day to day worse and worse. And this is not our imagination. It's really so. Important is to make us buy the first time. Or if we have to buy 2 different products (shampoo and balsam) they have never the same quantity so that when one is finished, we have to buy the same because second of them is not finished yet.

Didn't you recognize yourself in this examples?

The most sexy man

On the homepage of MSN I read the great notice, that the magazine People published the list of most sexy men in the world. I don't want to write here the names. They are not important for me. What I want to ask: who are those persons that make these lists?
What do they do to make them? Cards? Parrot? The first person they meet when go out from the office?

We are 6 milliards on tis Earth, and there is the most sexy for everybody of us. So I imagin, for somebody "the most sexy of 2007" can be this man too. Very possible in 2008 it will be an other man, right? And what is happend with this? To change sooooo much in one year?

Maybe I'm too old all my life to understand this criteria.
For me, there are very hidden in our soul reasons to feel somebody as the most sexy.

Once I lose my head for one man (not once in the life but as example). It was an italian singer. I could never explain my feelings, but when I heared his voice, I was completely lose. If he was near me in that period and gave me a command, I would do everything he wanted.
This singer was an invalid man on the wheelchair. But for me it was not important. His main attraction was his voice.

That is why I don't understand how somebody can be the most ... only from his/her photo. Just to make a list and to create a wave of reaction...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stories about blind men

Photo form

I have a family of relatives both blind so from my childhood I knoow about their problems and live. There were different specialzed schools for blind children and other organizations in USSR and my cousins were pupils of these schools.

My uncle, completly blind, had guide dogs too, but he was able to live without the dog in Leningrad that I can't understand till today. He told that there were persons that pushed him even in metro and near the autos.

Interesting fact about the dogs. They become not only eyes for the blind person, they understand to protect his friend from other persons too. And the instructors of the only school for blind men guides tell about a deaf-and-dumb blind man, that lives with his labrador for 5 years and nobody can understand how they can communicate.

Blind persons have more developed other feelings. One man, Sergej, likes to play chess,but now hw doesn't need special figures because he can feel black and white colours with his fingers. The president of the organization of blind persons says: they have 202 000 members in their organization, but nobody has this capacity.

Other inteesting story about a completely blind man from Germany that can predict the future of the person touching his/her back side. He is now soooo popular that persons from all over the world want write about him and to visit him.

And here is the list of Rolando of R Playground
(I'm too busy today to make photos as requied in this meme, but I like the idea)

PhotoShow: 100 Meters
1. Andy Bailey of FiddyP
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3. Opal Tribble of
4. Pelf of Pelf-ism is contagious
5. Mike of Mike’s Photo Blog and Exit78
6. Dan of dcrBlogs

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Residential and commercial mailboxes

There are a great quantity of solutions if you need mailboxes or curbside decor products. is the right place where to look for them. This company has about 1500 units to chose from and you can buy them directly in internet.

For us, bloggers, is interesting that this site offers us an Affiliate program where you can earn $20 of SignUp credit and than 10-12% commission for sales. You have to wait that the company accepts your site and than you begin to work with them.

The provides customers with all you can desire: high quality residential mailboxes , low prices and customer service. The products are in various materials -from vinil to aluminium, made by very important manufacturers like Mayne and others.

There is a great quantity of solutions for
commercial mailboxes as cluster box units, higher security or horizontal mailboxes.

For every information you need about choosing your mailboxes and for any other problem like guarantees, privacy policy, manufacturing process ecc you can contact customers servise team. Information about it there is in the "Help" box on the left side of every site's page.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Be careful when you drive!

Related post created by footiam Funny Things Do Happen! You have to see it!

I read today very sad statistics about incidents. They told particularly about some of them happend in the last period, when women-driver leaved invested children without help. That article wrote about strange woman-psyche, about strange reactions of a woman in front of a tragedy.

I feeled really sad and wanted to raise my spirit a little, so I remembered a group of interesting sites that I visited often enough befor.

Here I post some photos from these sites and some maybe from other sites that I don't remember today more. Be careful when you drive!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Criminal speaches of Santa

Do you recognize this character? Oh yes! This is a photo of blogger's Santa that is resident in MyBlogLog.

I copied this photo without asking the permission to tell you an incredible story!

The great criminal Christmas story of Santa's adventures invented in Australia!

Hope our MyBlogLog's Santa knows something about this scandal because he is one of those "who insults women" (for those "intelligent" and "politicaly correct" persons in Sidney)! This notice from Australia was told by Daily Telegraph.

Did you hear what our Santa says in every post and message? No? Read his blogs! Here I post his "offencive" speach from today:
Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone.

To the Santas in Sidney is forbidden to say these words because they are offensive for women, because all children are afraid when a Santa comes to them whith this words and.........because these words in AMERICAN slang signific "bad woman". (Have australians not their own slangs ?)

No comments. From my side. Every year is something like this. Finally they found something to say about Santas too. His russian brother (read this my post) is more fortunate.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 Cup Cake

I want to share with you a receipe of a really great cake today. 1 Cup Cake, I called it. When you'll read it you will surely say that you know this receipe. In fact, this cake is known to every woman from her first steps in the kitchen. And? What I want to tell you with this post in this case?

I want to add to this receipe new ingredients that will make revolution in your home. Your family will ask this cake every day, believe me!

This cake prepared for us chef of the restaurant where the ritrit I wrote you in Lazy Yogi some days ago took place. After he gave it to us for the first time he had to make it every day than.

You have to link to this blog if you publish this receipe or prepare it.

1 cup of flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of sultana
1 cup of well-milled nuts
125 g of butter
1 bag of yeast (correct if I mistake the word)
250 g of white yoghurt
5 well-milled carrots
1 egg

mixall ingredients, put in the oven for 40 minutes 180°
You receive a cake about 2 finger high.

Mmmmmm..... Invite me when you did it. I LOVE it!!!

And now some bloggers to visit from the posts of Ivy and Footiam:
Mr. Grudge

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Would you go to Spain?

Did you know that Spain is one of 3 most visited countries in the world? No? It's because you did not think enough about this country. So, now we'll try to correct this our mistake.

If you read my posts about modern persons, here you will find the medicine for this illness: Spain is a country noted for "joie de vivre" of her population. Think about it's local fiestas and traditions.

Spain has it's
Muralla de Ávila, that is less famouse that chinese but not less spectacular, and many other similar buildings like Torre de Bujaco ecc. Hystory of Spain, reach on invasions, makes her modern life so particular that everybody who goes there once, return to repeat this unforgetable trip. Look for hotels in spain here.

The second largest city in Spain is Barcelona. I don't know why but all my friends visited it this year. Maybe there is a "'flu"-virus in area... There are some particularly places there: Sagrada Familia, a "new gotic" basilica under construction else, an enormous public market La Boqueria, the Gothic quarter, the higher, medieval, part of the city and surely many other interesting places. Book hotels in barcelona.

Finally we can't avoid to speak about Madrid. This city, as they say, is situated in the center of the universe. If you see on the map, it's really the center of Spain. It has very great hystorical and cultural importance for the world and you can visit
Prado museum with it's world's finest art collection, royal palace, the official residence of the King of Spain, and certanly botanical gardens. For hotels in madrid visit this page.

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