Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is the Time Real?

An other year went away. Was it good or bad? I don't know. Not so bad as some years before. It was better, yes. I loose many possibilities but I received others in instead of them. I met some old friends thanks to internet but I received new slaps in the face from the life.

What was more important on the scales of my life? The most important was maybe my calm reaction on those slaps. I accept them as the "things that happen".

I looked at the Christmas tree when I placed it one week ago and remembered that Kotia, our cat that died this June, played with it when he was about one year old. My god, this tree is so old... I noticed that I do not feel the time. I live today and the Past does not exist. Everything disappears like smoke disappears in the air. It was. I know that it was. I remember that it was.

A star comet appeared on my sky and disappeared after some time, leading me to the place where the "treasure" waited for me. So many stars flow away lightening my road... How many times I looked in the sky in that moment? Why could I not understand that those comets guide me?

So, the time does not exist. In the moment I live, comets appear and disappear.
I look at the faces of other persons: they become older and older. Children are adults now. But I do not feel that I am just ol, too. My soul is so as it was when I was a child. My soul did not change. It did not become older together with my body. And it is the prove that the time does not exist, I think.

My post is confused. But I feel that the Time does not exist.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quietly Christmas

My Christmas is not too much different than it was the last 10 years when my husband passes all the month of December visiting his parents. I sit alown for the PC, there is fire in the fireplace, there is a cat laying on the chair for the fireplace. I just drunk a 33-bottle of beer -unfortunatelly the only alcool I had in the house and do not want to turn the TV on because there are too many happy faces in that box.

I'm not happy. No, I feel good. The neighbour came to visit me today, and I had a very lovely "conversation" with my friends in internet. I was in Salerno yesterday: our Archaeological group had a meeting, and I could see all my friends. Young part of the group was very excited. It is so nice, to stay with the young persons that have still all the life to cross. Or to pass?

Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano

 We have an interesting exhibition in S.Pietro a Corte: the ceramists of Vietri and Salerno were asked to create something inspired by Madonna. We expose 14 works till the end of Februar now, and I asked to photograph me near one of the creations I like more than others.

 Прикоснуться к Высокому

I found an interesting idea of decoration in a shop and tryed to do something similar at home. That transparent cone. Do you like it? Hope, you do. I like all the "design" so much to create "a card" for you.

My best wishes for the Joyous Season and marry Christmas!
Поздравляю Всех С Праздниками!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Lucia Feast in Campania, Italy

Santa Lucia is very loved saint in Campania. There are many settlings (villages and districts) that have her name. When I joined a trekking association for a walk over Sorrento, we passed a medieval village S.Lucia on our way to the S.Antonio chapel and could see the preparations for S. Lucia feast that is celebrated on December, 13.

First, we could see a special little place near this church prepared for the fire. Than, just passed the church, there were entire deposits of wood for it. They said, they had to collect enough wood to maintain fire all the night.

Sorrento, Italy

I was surprised:
Is it not a pagan usage to burn wood in the honour of a deity? No, they said: the name of the saint "Lucia" means "luce"="light" -that is why they burn all that wood in her honour. If you don't know -St. Lucia was blinded different times for her devotion to Christianity but the eyes turned to see every time she was blinded. So, you can translate the name as "light" from this point of view, too.

From the top of the mountain we had a very beautiful view on Sorrento...

Сорренто, Неаполь, Италия

...this is the same place with zoom on... the tree ...on the trunk (in the center of the green area) where the bonfire will be maintained all the night.
It's incredible how the pagan rituals are deep implanted in our coscience. Don't you think?

Сорренто, Неаполь, Италия

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Italy in Chocolate Miniatures

You could read about the Particular Christmas Nativity Scene in my other blog where I told about a trekking association I joined Thursday. We visited a very interesting shop in Sorrento before we continue our walk to St. Lucia. The shop sells chocolate because it's owner is maitre chocolatier. He created a fundamental work "Italy in Miniature" that is exposed for the entrance of the shop.

There were symbols of different cities from all Italy, as you can see on my photo (Rome, Turin, Pisa, Milan etc) and a toy train carried a van full of treasures around them.

I did not know that there are maitres chocolatier in our zone, too. I thought they are in Swiss.

An other discovery I did there: chocolate is not only white and brown. It has many different colors so that a brave person can create even pictures with it.

I like to tell about creative persons here. And I think this post is about one of them.
By the way, did you ever try to create figures with soft chocolate? I want to try it tomorrow.

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