Friday, December 31, 2010

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Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Odysseus That Sailes 10 Years Round Sicily

Some days ago, one of my friends sent me a joke:
Odysseus wanted so much to turn home, but the bad Gods created him obstacles for 10 years. He said so to his wife when he finally came home, at least.
Yesterday, I watched a TV-program conducted by an archeologist, Valerio Massimo Manfredi (that wrote different really splendid fiction books about historical facts -I highly recommend to read them if you like history), where they told about the archeological discoveries that could confirm or deny, if such a king could really exist, and if the story told by Homer is true.

They analyzed the story told by Homer and designed the map of his (Odysseus') voyage. You will not believe me maybe, but the facts are these: Odysseus, after he left Troya to turn home with his 12 ships, made circles around Sicily for 10 years. Once, he even arrived to Ithaca: the sailors could see the island far on the horizon, but the bad Gods turned him back in the golf of Naples.

During this voyage, he first lives one year with an enchantress, lefts her because dreams to turn back to the wife, than finds an other woman, nymph Calypso, and remains with her for 7 years.

Now, tell me honestly: is the joke I mentioned at the beginning of the post not a truth????
And I believed, Odysseus was a heroe and an exemplar husband!

But the archeological discoveries confirm every word you can read in "Odyssey".

If you are interested to see with your eyes countries and places that Odysseus visited and where he lived, it's enough to book a Mediterranean cruise , sail Greece, Italy, North Africa and see them so, as Odysseus did.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Smile for You

 I wish all the best to you, my dear friends and here is the gift: a smile (pass to my other blog to smile more!)

Practical proctology (

..И тебе блошку...

Смотреть ещё!

Не пущу! - Сказала попа Хватит на меня приключений...

Смотреть ещё!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Find the Best Blog Hosting

Website hosting is a theme every blogger begans to think about, sooner or later. There are different reasons why we would like to pass to a paid hosting but when we give a glance at great quantity of offers, we take fright of them. Why are they so numerous, you ask yourself? It's because there are many different needs. Personally, I choosed what was more familiar for one blog and, for an other site, a great offer. I did not know at the time, for example, that there are shared hostings for bloggers. That means, as the name suggests, a hosting plan paid by different persons. And there are other interesting possibilities, too.

That is why, you have to read Web Hosting Reviews written by expert webmasters before you decide which of available offers you have to accept. There are such things like bandwidth, for example etc. I did not know about it when I tryed to pass to a low cost hosting once. The result was that my site could be seen by the visitors only a very limited number of times a month. I worked so much to create and maintain that blog -and the bandwidth or what it was finished after some days! It was terrible for me and I left that hosting after some months.

An other important question when you pass to a paid account is web hosting security. From my personal experience I know that there are persons that can reveal you password if it's not enough sure, they "open" your site and add own content in it. Specially, if you have a "fix" site and do not visit it very often, this is a real possibility. To avoid such inconveniences your password has to be complicated enough and do not contain words you use in other internet activities like mail address etc.

So, give a look at the reviews and explanations before you decide to pass to a paid hosting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grandy Frost and Santa Claus

Bear Wife began to write about Christmas and Santa Claus, and I thought about our, Russian, tradition. Our Grandy Frost is surely more beautiful and properly clothed in confront to S.Claus. Because I read, S.Claus comes from Irish or something like this tradition, I do not understand, why has he not a good fur coat.

C Новым Годом!
«C Новым Годом!» на Яндекс.Фотках

This (in the bottom) is a very beautiful old soviet film for children where you can see many pagan spirits inhabitated forests etc in the imagination of Russians (in the pagan times and in some cases today too -I'm an alive example ;-)). You don't need translation to understand the film, so I only tell you in poor words the story you see here.
The boy is looking for the girl he loves and has to fight bad forces to find her. The girl -too beautiful for the stepmother and her daughter- was left by her father, too week to say a word against the new wife, in the forest. Grandy Forest, patroling if all the beings in the forest feel good, finds the girl and takes her in his house to save her from the death. (later he organizes the marriage of both youngs and gives the girl rich dowry)

Hope, you enjoyed the fable.

To meet all these spirits personally, to partecipate on the New Year celebrations (that continue till the middle of January) you can book a hotel, a flight or an entire vacation package among the many offers you find if you open the page, if you don't like them, you can write to me ( and we will find a vacation for you.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Italian Folk Dances Alive: Tarantella

I wrote many times about folks dances here (Category Mysic and Dancing) but never mentioned Italian folk dances. I thought it would be not very good to avoid this argfument, specially because I found interesting things to show you.

The names of many Italian folk dances we know from the classic operas where the composers liked to add them. One of these names you will surely recognize: tarantella. I wrote about Italian folk music group that visited our excavations' site and decided to learn more about that strange instrument, zampogna (I'll write about this "research" in my next post). This way I found interesting videos with modern "natural" tarantella dancers. Look how brave is the second dancer here:

What is interesting in all these dances -watch once more if you did not notice it: the dancer can not touch a woman when dances. And look at them what are they doing around the females! The dream of every girl about her Prince Charming is something like this, women will agree with me. This "special" behaviour of the man that treats her with the most respect (in Medieval sense of the word) -I want you so much, I'm ready to do all the stupidities of the world for you, but I do not even touch you with a finger.  :0)

It's not my suppose or invention. When I learned waltzer, our teacher told us about this rule. In waltzer, the man has not to touch the nacked skin of his partner. Well, you will say it's not about the modern dancers. But if you've noticed, the poor man would look too much time to find a covered place in the modern clothes of the walzer dancers. And will lose the competition. This is the reason.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wow! Giant Honey Fungus

The Flood we have just for more than 2 month (I can't understand where the good God finds so much water???) and the warm temperatures (imagine, we had about 20°C for some days!) created great conditions for mushrooms. I asked my husband that is the main responsible for the mushrooms pick up in the family because he eats them, if their period is just finished. He said that probably he did not notice when they grew because it rains so hard that it's unpossible to go out, often. It was only a week ago. Yesterday he calls me and shows me his catch. Honey fungus ( Armillaria ). But so big like ceps (Boletus edulis ). I add the latin names because I am not sure that I found right names of these mushrooms.

Now, I want to show you this marvel of the nature.


To make you clear the dimensions of them I took one in the hand. And this one was not the biggest, you know. This was medium. I never saw mushrooms of this specie so big as this year and -what is more surprising- they are all good. No one worm or something like this. 


 We cood not believe our eyes and took photos to preserve this moment in time. :-)))

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Persons Illuminating the World -is it Paranormal Fenomenon?

Documentary about the lives of Dalida and Joe Dassin (I post here their songs to remind you whom I'm speaking about) turned my mind to an observation: did you notice that there are persons that seem to be a sort of globe-lightning, an aggregation of all energies, an explosion. They illuminate everything around them, they can't stop, they burn alive (in all senses because they do not live long).

These persons are not happy in their private life, too. They have nothing for them. Their task is to burn and to illuminate.

I thought about MY life. It seems to me, I never had so powerful passions. And most of persons I ever knew did not have them too. Some of them could maybe have a great love. O hate an other person. But normally all the emotions are -call them so- "medium" if not "low".

We speak here about paranormal things from time to time. Didn't you think, this strange fenomenon is paranormal, too? Oh no, I don't want to be trite, using this word to attract your attention. No. I really find it strange. It is similar to those pictures of Zeus that has many arrows in his hands and throw them in one unlucky being. Hope, I could explain the idea.

There are 6 milliards of humans on the Earth but only some of them are objects of these arrows. It is not similar to the waves because the waves have a certain regularity. In this case, it's really similar to somebody who sits somewhere there and throws balls of energy here or there.

You, probably, will say that there are many of them. No. There are those "medium" among all "low" bundles. Those explosive are very rare. There were "special" times, epochs in the history when they were more numerous. So, Russians speak about "Golden Century of Russian Literature". More or less the same period is in German Literature too. As example.

I undersand that my question is rhetorical. But it would be very interesting to know what do you think about it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My New Cactuses

The garden was my last thought in summer and autumn because summer is too hot to go out, and these months I was dedicated to my travel agency project as you know. So, as usually everything is neglected. Even if I had a disappointment at not getting the right flowers this year.

You will maybe remember that I spent much in spring for surfinias, fuchsias and other species of flowers that are not appropriate for this climate. Unfortunatelly, they can't stand too much hot. And do not remain for the next year as their wild relatives that I had before.

I was sure I will leaarn to never buy plants more, but I could not resist without buying some tulips and cactuses when I've seen them in the market.

Do you love tulips so as I love them? My biggest dream is to go in Holland in spring to see all those incredible beauties. You can't see them here in the streets so as they are planted everywhere in Swiss, for example. Maybe you will remember my posts about my visit of Lugano this year where there were many photos of flowers there. 

Well, tulips I will show you in spring -I planted them in the vases this time. The photos I post today show you cactuses I have in vases now (I have some of them in soil too -cactuses like to grow in soil but I do not like them to clean from the weeds so I turned most of them in the vases this year.If you know the names of them, write me pls so that I can read about them.

This one I had once many years ago, it had a leopard skin flower that had very bad fish smell. Here you see the flower is dark red. I read their flowers have that smell dipending from the place of origins. Fish smell they have when they come from the deserts near ocean. Well, I'm not sure. I read about it when I had that first cactus.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thieves in the Supermarkets

It's possible to write sagas about the thefts in the supermarkets. Did you ever seen mothers with their kids that open wrappings of different products and eat them near the shelves? I don't tell you about entire families of Gipsies in the ipermarkets near Naples: they build their houses near the big mall areas and have their meals in the fast foods, in the same ipermarkets and -in passing for a "Big King"- steal something in the parked cars. So, their houses under expressway's bridges seem to be villas more than nomad camps.

They say, the prices in Italian supermarkets are 3000% higher than the original price of the product. And everybody becomes angry listening this number. But ones we can say some words about the expences of the shops. Here are some dates of the statistic from the supermarkets of Moscow.

Who are those persons that steal?
You are not right if you think those are nomads and poor people. Very often, rich and even very rich, respected and admired characters can't stand to take something gratis from the stands. Why? They don't want pay. Every year about 30 000 thieves are taken in the supermarkets of Moscow (mmm... it seems too low number to me). The owners spent more than euro1 miliard for security devises etc but they lose 2 miliards. Nothing to do. If you think it's only about Russia -no, I just wrote about Italy and there are similar dates about US too. Probably, it's the normal side of human nature.

What they steal?
Not only sausages, sweeties and drinks.
Here, in our zone, they wrote once about two men that wanted to steal a 5-liters bottle of wine, for example. The corageous girl-cashier was alone in the shop and did not say anything but followed the men in the street and alarmed the neighbours.
But it's a joke in confront to "professionals" that are able to take out 10 telephones, a printer, clothes (sometimes changing old and wearing new in the fitting room), make-up, drugs and baby-food.

«БРАТВА ...» на Яндекс.Фотках

Sometimes curious things happen.
One woman in Moscow wanted to steal alive sturgeon. (photo)
She put it under the clothes and went to the cash desk. But the fish began to move and the woman felt bad. All the stuff  run to the desk to help the client ...and were astonished when found the reason of her indisposition.

Maybe we have not judge supermarket owners too much...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dic. 21, 2012: The End of the World is Moved

The End of the World predicted by Maya and said to occure on Dic. 21, 2012 will not happen.
Mmmm... And how we have to live now???
If you did not hear about it, I'll list the arguments.

1 -nobody knows precisely how to convert the Maya Calendar into our modern calendar. It's because Maya Calendar was based on astrological events some of them is unpossible to trace today.

There are different converting systems, noone of them is precise. So, the predicted event (End of the World) can occure 60 days later. Or in an other date at all.

2 -the event we all wait so much is described by Maya not as the End of the World but as the end of the Long Count. They had long and short periods in their calendar.

Обсерватория майя
«Обсерватория майя» на Яндекс.Фотках

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"What Will Happen to the World if We Leave Afganistan"

The title of this post I took from the magazine. After I've seen the photos, I thought, maybe they have some reasons to say so...

I write often about the destiny of the woman in our world in this blog and sometimes you do not approve me. Even I, myself, not always approve my posts if I think about it -from time to time. But when I see such testimonials, I change the idea and write about it once and once more.

Did you know that the husbands, boyfriends etc kill their ex-s every week in ITALY. The TV News tell about these cases every time, and noticed that they are too numerous, these cases. And they counted them. Maybe Italy is too little and every similar case is an event. But...

Look at these photos (click numbers over the photos to pass from one to other -you don't need the translation; if you want it, it's Russian)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Help Made the Difference!

All you know that I often partecipate on the campains to help somebody. I even can say, it's the main reason why all my blogs exist in all these years. It's not a bragging. I always try to help with my posts, with money. Some of you even argue with me because there are too many beggars in internet, and often it's difficult to distinguish between good people and those who wants to live on the neck of trustful bloggers. Well, these my friends are right too. But I try to help if I think it's about the right reason.

Unfortunately, those who organize the compains of help do not think to inform the partecipants about the results. In all these years I have only thank you comment from the organization that protects leopards. And it was a couple of back-mails from the funds where I personally sent money. Ah, no, I'm not right, many persons followed my links to the Baby-seals protection appeal and other humanistic and animal protection appeals -but I knew about them from my analytic program.

But this day is very happy. Very Very Happy. And I want to share the message with you because this letter is for YOU. Here it is:
Hi Liudmila

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for helping us this year with your post on Liudmila's Diary. The Fresh Air Fund was thrilled with all of the interest generated within the blogosphere for our Fresh Air children. We had close to 5000 volunteer host families open their home to a NYC child and 3000 children visited our camps. It was a great summer! Our Facebook Page continues to be a hub of activity for all things Fresh Air Fund. There are some excellent photos and videos we've posted along with photos from our host families. Please "like" us and it would be great if you could encourage your readers to do the same:

All of us at The Fresh Air Fund really appreciate your support. Together we can make sure these children have everything they need well in advance: camp counselors, host families, and plenty of resources!

Thank you so very much,


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shocking Indian Movies

Indian movies were for me those sweet-sweet-sweeeeeet love stories. I've seen last of them about ...mmm... I don't know, more than 30 years ago. Today my blogger friends opened me the eyes on the modern Indian Movies. Hollywood's bestsellers pale in confront of this. The first... yes. But the SECOND!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Charlemagne did not allow his daughters to marry

As you know, I study everything I can find about the history of Salerno in the period from Longobards till Normanns. And it's about a year that I am bounded to this study because I find something new every time I finish the previous book.

Now, I wanted to write here something interesting from the actual situation in Italy or in the world today, but, you know, it's really a sad picture that I found looking around in the internet. The news and articles are about what bag is good for this autumn (yesterday I spoke with a friend that said me: she do not buy anything more for the lack of money in the family) (ah, by the way, if you are interested in that bag, open the casket of your grandy and pull out one of those), about who made the baby to Kurnikova -Iglesias or not, and about the boil on the chin of a quarrelsome show-girl. And there were other "interesting" notices. I thought, maybe you are tired to read about this jumbling too. Let's look in the human lives in Middle Ages.

There are some curiosities about  Charlemagne. I'll  tell them to you to make your life more happy (if the Kings are so...) They say, the poor King of France had not money for his family and had to organize a chicken farm to sell eggs to balance his counts. His car was a car of a common Frank, his clothes were poor. As a King he had a "special" pet -an elephant that he loved too much. So much to make him die from the ingestion of all those things that the owners want to offer to their loved pets.

He had 3 wives that gave him different daughters (I don't know the precise number). Charlemagne never allowed them to marry and took them with him everywhere. There are modern opinions about his "special" relations with his daughters -did you notice that every any relation is always judged as "special" in the last years? Well, reading about his personal story, I do not agree with these opinions.

The daughters of the kings had too bad destinies in that epoch. Just as their (Kings') sisters. All they were a specie of coins to create connections between fathers/ brothers and their friends or enemies.
The same Charlemagne married one of the daughters of the King of Longobards. Probably, that was the most powerful character in that period. Nobody knows the reasons (even his biographer) but after some time Charles sent his wife back to her father. And it was the reason to begin a war (when Charles win and became a King of Longobards too).
The war began later when the daughter of Robert Guiscard was refused by Bizantines. And there are many other similar examples.

From other side the offended sister/ daughter coud provoke her husband to assault her father/ brother.
It was so with Sighelgaita, the wife of Robert Guiscard, that became the owner of the principality of Salerno.
Similar story happens in Byzantium when Anna Comnena trys to become the Empress.

So, my dear lovers of the "special" relations between fathers and daughters, the decision of Charlemagne was very very clever: he avoided all the problems connected with the daughters this way. No son-in-law/ brother-in-law -no wars, no revolutions at least from THIS side. :-)))

Friday, September 24, 2010

Paranormal Pictures's Authors

The third or the fourth post about paranormal events... It's a record for me. I've never wrote more than 1 at a time. But the information about them I receive every day and can't pass over in silence. Specially, because this time it's about a splendid picture of one of my favourite painters, M. A. Vrubel. You will agree with me after you will observe the picture attentively. I can't copy it so I give you the address to open in a new window
Thrown Down Demon

Oh, I found the picture and some others from "Demon"-series in Wikipedia.
This theme was very popular in that period: not only Russian writers and painters wanted to explore it but there were world known (actually) explorers like Nitzsche, too.

More Pictures of Vrubel you can see if you open this site.

What about paranormal here? They say (in the articles I read today) that there are pictures with "black" energy. Everybody who possesses them and even reproductions of them sufffer different and very grave problems. So, Vrubel, when worked on "Thrown Down Demon" (1902), had strange behaviour and, at the end, died in a madhouse (1910).

Everybody who owned "Hands Resist Him" by B. Stonehem undergo premature death. The picture "Crying Boy" by G. Bragolin and it's reproductions caused uncountable conflagrations in North England. By the way, the story of the creation of the picture is bad: the father liked to paint his son crying and tortured him to make the child cry. Both dead shortly after the picture was finished. Father -in  fire.

"Water-Lilie"s by C. Mone, they say, provoked fires too. The other picture-incendiary, old man with the streched hand (I did not found the name) is in the Royal museum in Edinburgh.

Gioconda provokes faint if someone looks at her for a long time. (?_!!!) There are many cases with famous persons too (Stendal).

A picture of Velasquez "The Rokeby Venus" is so terrible that even the museums did not want to have it in the exposition and it travelled from one museum to other.

Is it possible that the negative energy of the situation (Crying Boy) concentrates in a picture?
Is it possible that  the hand of the painter was guided by paranormal negative forces (Demon)?

Personally, I can't answer, it's clear. But it seems to me that something we do not understand, do not see, do not hear have to exist...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paranormal Possibilities to Increase your PR

Google and other SEs could probably not imagine that some persons will do everything possible to increase their PR. I do not tell about all those artful tools and inventions advertised for years by all kinds of "gurus" &C°-s (that, tools, do good job only for themselves not for those ignoirant other bloggers that follow their advises).

Some of bloggers, desperate, decided to try with paranormal. No, they did not use turned over cups or plates to call spirits. (Do you remember those "spiritual" seances from the times of our university youth?) These bloggers are much more modern. Even if I have to affirm that the spirits called with the help of a plate were very collaborative too. Who knows, maybe modern spirits want to be treated in a modern way. In any case the bloggers I speak about decided to organize a virtual spiritual seance.

They opened a list with the blogs's ratings of one of the popular search engines, choosed one of the top 3000, I think, blogs and followed it's performances for a week. It resulted stable enough and was appropriate for the experiment.

After that, the day of the experiment was fixed.

What they did:
all the partecipants (and there were many enough even if the precise number is unknown) had to try to access to the Universal Knowledge with their mind, to think about the rating of that blog for some time (1-2 hours) wishing it to have higher place in the list.

Blogger that organized this spiritual seance noticed that rating of the experimental blog suddenly began to grow. It entered in top 2000 and continued to improve for the next 3-4-5 days. Not too much but... Imagine if the owner of the blog was one of those that control own rating every day. He could have a heart attack observing that unexpected popularity!

Some days later, I saw one of the next posts of the blogger that organized that seance. After 3-5 days of "spiritual" growth of the rating, the experimental blog felt suddenly from the top 2000 to less than 5000. I do not remember the precise number well. In any case it had very bad rating in confront to the time when it was choosen to be the object of the experiment. The blogger-organizer repented with tears the damage all they did to the poor ignorant other blogger.

Personally, I was very sceptic about this experiment and wrote to the organizer they invented not very good game. We are not able to understand the higher forces and every child knows that the thought is something material. We do not know use it properly and can create problems with it. I do not know about the object of that experiment but the organizer was very, very and very unhappy about it, because she was sure she damaged that blogger.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video Cut by Invisible Entities

This post I had to dedicate to the entities that live around us but we are not able to see them -as I promised you in my previous post. I promised to add a video of the presentation of a book about some rituals in Nepal here, where it's (book's) author, antropologist Martino Nicoletti, told about his experiences during these rituals that he and his friend assisted.

Now, you will not believe me -because I myself can't believe it- that the video in my PC and in YouTube ... disappeared. Here what rests from it:

I could think that it was an error or somethng else but I watched it just before I registered it in YouTube and it was about 10 minutes long.

By the way, some years ago I posted here a video sent me from Kazakhstan about strange figures near a road. Those friends who reads my blog from that times will, probably, remember that post because it was relatively popular. Do you knw that that video does not exist too? I wanted to send it to one friend and found that post. But there is not video there. "This video does not exist" says the page. I thought, it can be, why not. Why have they (Google video) conserve so old files?

But today I'm ... I don't know really what to think about it.

Now I'll write some words about the spech of Martino how I remember it. I listened it 4-5 times. Unfortunatelly, I do not remember it well. I wanted to translate it at the moment when I'll write the post...

The ritual was practically a pilgrimage to wake up some spirits and to ask them something (I don't remember what). The monks produced different noises and even threw stones in cemeteries. After that, all the partecipants had visions and dreams to interpret. Martino told that the experience was very real and they felt that Entities. He told, it was something you would never believe if you would not experience it personally.

What can I say you more? I remember some other peculiarities from the speach of Martino but I don't want to offend those forses. Just that the video was cut, there was something that had not to be published. You could laugh about me but I take it seriously.

Next time I'll tell you about an experiment to influence the range of a site in internet that some ignorant persons carry out in June.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Children of Yeti Among Us

In my previous post I promised to translate the main facts from the articles about the discendants of woman-yeti that lived in a village in Caucasus at the end of XIX century and dead about 1888. As I told you there are many stories about these hominides and not only in Caucasus but in other wild places too. I read many times about yeties that live in extreem North. In my next post I want to translate for you the words of the antropologist Martino Nicoletti that told us about paranormal effects he could assist when studying local rituals in Nepal.I'm sure it will be interesting for you too.

But today I publish a free translation of the articles from "Arguments and Facts" I mentioned last time.

One scientist wanted to exhume the rests of that yeti-woman and her son, dead in 1954, that lived in a village named Thina in Abhasia. The actual residents do not remember the woman because she was just dead when they were burn, but their relatives told about her and her son so much that everybody knew her story.

Local landowner knew that yeti lived not far from the village and wanted to catch her. But she was very clever and avoided all the traps he made. At the end they attract her with the used man underwear. She was so absorbed to play with it that the hunters could take her without problems.

Some years she passed in a deep hole but than they domesticated her and after that she lived in the village in a shelter of branches. The man used her for their "games". They gave her alcohol and raped her. She did not learned to speak but knew her name. She did not use clothes and ate with the hands.

She had 4 children, 2 males and 2 females.
The residents of the village remembered one of her sons very good. He was 2 meters tall, had grey skin as his mother, curly hairs and big lips. He lived all his live in the village and died in 1954 about 70 years old. He was a human: spoke as all the people, was married 2 times and had 2 daughters and a son.

The scientists found the skull of Hvit (the son of Yeti-woman) in 1975 (on the photo in part 2 -link in my previous post). The skull has different non-homo sapiens peculiarities. He, Hvit, had high capacities to analyze information he had from the eyes, high emotinal capacities but not very good logical capacities. Persons that knew him told about his incredible physical forces: he could pick up a chair with a person on it with the teeth.

They say that the mother, yeti woman, has telepatic capacities and her granddaughter was able to read a magazine with the skin of her feet.

The other difference from Cro-Magnons is the form of eye sockets. "Yeties" have them in form of roofs. Finally the form of chin is oval in Cro-Magnons and I_I form in Neanderthals.

Hvit's skull was more similar to the Neanderthals than to Cro-Magnons.

Other scientists noticed that the volume of the humans becomes more and more little with time. They studied many Egiptian and other skulls and say that the volume becomes 1 cubic cm smaller every 100 years. And smaller become spiritual needs of the humans.

Neanderthals had high telepatic capacities and high emotional compassion. Charity and clemency in the modern persons are inheritance of the Neanderthals. The invention of the bow and the possibility to kill from large distances transformed Cro-Magnons finally in the persons with
low levels of compassion.

They tell often about the cases when yeti-men steel girls in the villages in India. The girls, if found than, do not want to turn home and remain with their "husbands". Such cases are in Tibet too. Intersting is that if a child borns similar to yeti, they take him/ her in the forest to "his relatives".
A very famous Russian writer Ivan Turgenev saw once a yeti-woman that wanted to catch him. Turgenev told about this case to Maupassant.

Scientist I wrote at the beginning says there are thousands of yetis in the world. He studied their feetsteps and have seen photos from America and Australia.
The other scientist says ther are "wild" persons that are similar to yeties because they do not wash themselve etc. Those are individuals that decided to avoid the society and to live far from it.

But new findings of "different" people in Indonesia and Altay show that the modern person comes from different species of humans.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Are They Really the Descendants of Yeti?

There are many legends about "snowman", yeti -there are differnt names for this fenomenon. I heard these legends for the first time when I lived in Caucasus and we, students of the linguistic university, began our courses of the touristic guides.

They spoke about subjects found at the beginnning of the XX century. Persons treated them very bad when they captured these beings.

On the picture from "Arguments and Facts" here is a yeti-woman, captrued by some hunters in Caucasus. Domesticated, she lived till the death in the village and had children. Actual residents of the village remember stories told by their relatives about the woman. Her son lived there till 1954 and there are different grandchildren now. You can see the photos in the posts: part 1, part 2, part 3). One scientist wanted to study this case and he collected everything about the woman and her discendants.

They say, those beings we hear the stories about are the Neanderthals. The other interesting conclusion scientists made about yetis is that they have highly developed part of the skull/brain responsible for the "paranormal" capacities of the persons. They are very sensitive and seem to be able to comunicate with telepatia. That is why they did not need a language. And they are very compassionate at the difference of the Cro-Magnons that are more agressive.

Believe you or not believe, it will be intersting for you to give a look on the photos.
The 3 part presents the reconstruction of the face of the son of that yeti-woman and the photo of the twins-sisters, daughters of the grandchild of yeti-woman.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Woman Means Life: She Provides Water

Dedicated some time to read about the terrible in many societies fate of the women this morning, I found this video in one of the news sites.

I read about Muslim adult men in Gaza that marry 6-10 year old girls, I read about marriages and pregnancies of 13-year old girls in India and thought about incredible differencies between the cultures. I remembered the habits in the society in Caucasus where the woman is not allowed to enter the room if the men eat in it. There are many and many facts that all you know, and I don't want to repeate them here.

"Родник" А.Пластов

Yesterday, my mother told me that one of my cousins decided to conceive her first baby. She is 38. She was too busy with her carreer till now.

The video shows an other side of the existance of the woman. Not only she donates life to the person in very literally sense of the word. But her task is to put water in the house too. So, life is unpossible without her. She is LIFE.
How could humanity develop so that the woman is not seen as a human being?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Loooove... Ideal Male Image of Any Woman

When we are young we imagine a Prince -beautiful, courageous, with special clothes, maybe all white or azure. He comes to us riding a white horse. He helps us to overcome our obstacles and liberates us from the bad sides of our life. Is ther a woman that did not dream something like this when she was a girl?

The other dream are veiled clothes and brillant ornaments.
And a free flight.

«LILI» на Яндекс.Фотках

Imagine an infinite field of flowers (similar to that I've photographed in Alps) all full of light and effervescent. You, slender and thin, weared in light, clear dress, from royal brillant cambric. A gentle, warm wind entwines you, moves your cloth, plays with it. Your Azure Prince looks at you with admiration. You feel so happy and light that begin to levitate. The wind picks you up and the dress flyes around you. You laugh and your voice is like the sound of little bells.

Do you recognize this image?

Here is the other version of the same dream (there are some Russian words but they are easy to understand):

Love Story | Max & Valeriya from Borovskih Michael on Vimeo.

You will blame me, but I want to turn you back in the reality.
Well, it's difficult to imagine that we can levitate with this weight, first of all. Why we forget that we are women? Don't wear something special, don't try to be beautiful...
Oh no, I'm not right, levitation is the state of the soul and not the question of the weight. It's about the happiness and the acceptance of the life so as it is.

Excuse me, we ARE women. And this realized dream is in our eyes -wise, compassionate, understanding and loving

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Woman: Femminism Awakes in Italy

"This collection is dedicated to the women that are proud to be women, that have magnetic fascination, that love to live now and that adopted the seductive stile of the clothes"

знойное  лето...Nice and charming introduction, don't you think? It's my translation from one italian site of the modern collection of clothes.
And here is a free summary of what TV news tell here, in Italy, in the next weeks:

There were 9 cases of murders of the women of different age (from 16 till 40) in the last 2 weeks (new cases were reported in the later news).
Men kill their girlfriends and wives mostly because they -not satisfyed with the relation- express the wish to leave the boyfriend/husband.

Once I told about the mass media that drive people with their excited notices about "extreem solutions" to repeate the experience.
Following by the media of a case when a mother killed her 5 years old son -probably mentally ill or in any case not satisfying the requests of the mother to the ideal child- conducted to 2 or 3 months of the continuous murders of the children by the mothers. One drowned 3 of them (from a newborn till 5 or 7 years old -I don't remember today) in a park-lake. Other mother killed her autistic 14-years old son.
Photo «знойное лето...» на Яндекс.Фотках"

In other situations was clear that the persons commit the delict to be mentioned in TV.

This time, it seems to arise changes in the Italian society that provoke agression of the men against women.

One of the girls from our Archeological group asked me:
-You lived in 2 societies -in that Soviet where women were independent, and in the Italian, where they live according to the medieval mentality when the woman is (it's MY definition) similar to the old chair that nobody cares about, completly dipendent from the man: what is better? There are many discussions about it in our ambience now and I wanted to know the opinion from the first hand.

So, as you see, they recognize the changes too, it's not only my opinion.

Sometimes I thought about the femminism that it is something not right, not good.
It happens often that they laugh about the actions of the femminists. Sometimes they tell about extreem manifestations like those in US when the woman wants to be absolutely equal to the man.

Девушки в форме

But behind all this there are victims of the period of the changes.
We don't think about it. And don't remember it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bikini or Not Bikini

Poor show-girls, top models etc etc! Everybody looks to find imperfections of their bodies, clothes, behaviour, every action and movement. They try to remain what they were many years ago, they, poor, can't even think to say something against media because those media give them their ratings and money. Probably. It's MY opinion.

The photos in my post are from the russian site "Свободная Пресса" where you can see all the collection. The notice is from "National Enquirer" that prepared the advises which from these actresses has not to wear bikini this year.

It's possible, you will say, I'm not right. The actresses HAVE to be beautiful. We want to see them so, as they were when we loved them. We can not accept that the time runs away for them too.

Could you explain me, why an adult woman that has 3-4 children has to remain with the body of 18-years old girl? And why her round body is not enough beautiful for the men-journalists of "National Enquirer"?

"She has cellulite." Well, what is wrong with it? All the women have it from the time they begin sexual relations, scientists say. So, it is the nature of the things. Why she has to wear yashmak?

"This one has to renounce on fried foods, that one has to forget about ice-creams."

As for me, the mass media have to be paid to educate us good. To pretend that others are so and so, these journalists have to reach those ideals themselves. If he or his wife are perfect on the beach -it's the reason to pretend others are too. Your wife CAN have her cellulite and the actress -not? Why? She likes her cellulite, her husband likes it too. Why have they listen to YOUR opinion? If someone comes in your family and says to you; I don't like the cellulite of your wife... What will you answer?
The other question is maybe more important for you, dear journalist.
If someone comes in your family and says: "Oh, boy, I like so much the cellulite of your wife!!!"
What will you think? Answer? Do?

Personally, I don't thinbk about cellulite or not cellulite. I like to swimm and I like bikini. It's enough for me. If you don't like, look in other direction.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

dear friends, my pc does not work correctly else

i’ll be back when it turns home after the reparation next week

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Best Advertising Ever

The last article about the achievements of the researchers I read was about the health of our brain. Everybody understands that it is bound to the quality of the food. The article says, Japanese cuisine is the most healthy in the world because they live till 87 -92 years and have excellent look even in the elder age.

But to maintain your brain healthy and to avoid degenerative changes and illnesses, you have to adopt culinary traditions of Italians. Fish, vegetables, olive oil and wine are good for cardiovascular and nervous systems, blood circulation and decrease the possibilities to gain those bad deseases.

Many times I wrote about the quality of aliments we buy in the shops and eat. During this weekend that I passed with my friends in the Alps, I understood what is really the quality of the food. Look at my photos.

There was a field near the house of my friends. It was covered with flowers that weekend. I was different times there but never in the period of the flowering. It was something absolutely incredible. I live on a hill, you know, and we have fields too. There are flowers all year long here. So, I'm accustomed to it. But here...


The quantity of species was unpossible to count. Flowers were big as normally hybrids are. I do not remember smells, maybe because I was too absorbed in watching, touching and listening the song of a brook. Or maybe because a bee stung me, and I had not a wish to smell. ;-)

All the next day we passed walking. There are many pathes for tourists there. I'll write about it in my travel blog. There were fields and flowers everywhere. And there were cows too.


We've seen how happy were the cows to go out for a walk and how happy they were to eat all these herbs. Mmmm... What a splendid breakfast! -thinks Mrs. Cow.


After that, I decided to buy some of the local sweeties to take them home and to eat foods and drink milk from these region when it will be possible for me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Community Populated by Mediums

Are you surprised?
Ha! There are many of them all over the world.
Entire villages, entire communities, as said.

Many many years ago, about 20, not last month as the fable tells, I visited Italy as a tourist. My friends wanted to show me all the interesting plases possible and we went to a feast of a village I do not remember where it was. The feast began in the evening. It was a very little medieval village with it's narrow streets. All the population of it had to be Mediums.

To be honest, most of the performances we've seen that evening were only games in medieval society. But near one of the little shops I saw a tall and very lean man with enormous black eyes. That man sorted me with his look among all the visitors of the shop and began to speak with me. He was too frightful, and I did not understand good enough Italian else. I was frightened. He insisted. Come here, I have to speak with you! I run away. In the same moment I regreted it. But I could not near him.

Who knows, maybe I could avoid great sufferings and many errors if I would speak with him. But I did not.

The other case when I knew about a Mediums village was not so far ago. I was in our museum when some women come. They listened to Pietro and wanted to sit and to rest a little. When they wanted to go away they told me they come from a community of the witches situating not far from Benevento. My god! If I knew about it before, I would ask them to tell me about it! It's so interesting!
We were numerous in the museum that day but the women wanted to tell it only to me. I attract Mediums. :-)))

Today I attracted Mediums too.
I received a mail with a link to a VERY interesting video -here is the link

Here is what they write to me:
We are working with HBO on their upcoming documentary “No One Dies in Lily Dale”. It is the fascinating story of a small community in Upstate New York populated by Mediums. It will air on HBO on July 5th.
This is a part of the article about the documentary.
I'm really very sorry that I canot watch it.

Since 1879, Lily Dale’s residents have thrown open their doors to the outside world, allowing visitors to “meet” and “speak” with the spirits of loved ones who inhabit the realm between this world and the next. Registered through rigorous testing by the town’s boards of directors, the 40 spiritualists of Lily Dale, who practice “mystical mediumship,” include: Anne Gehman, a well-known medium who often works with police forces and government agencies looking to solve crimes; Greta Lestock, whose father was a medium in Poland, although she did not start practicing spiritualism until she moved to Lily Dale; Gregory Kehn, who says he died three times in one week at age 11, and believes the spirits are always with us; Sherry Lee Calkins, who claims to have been able to see spirits since she was six, and whose two sisters are also mediums in Lily Dale; and internationally renowned visiting medium Michelle Whitedove, a medical intuitive who describes her gift as “a blessing and a curse.”

NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE visits this idyllic community, described by visitors and residents alike as a place with a concentration of energy, where every year more than 25,000 people come to find closure after the loss of a loved one. Among those featured in the film are: Ronald Holt, a Chicago police officer whose teenage son was an innocent victim in a gang shooting; Rebecca Fabricius, a young woman seeking answers about the mysterious death of her fiancé; and Debbie and Rom Hamernick, who hope to understand why Debbie’s recently deceased mother cut her out of her will.

While some visitors are skeptical, and remain so after their “readings,” they come for help in the healing process. Along with the inevitable tears, the town and its inhabitants usually evoke smiles and bring a profound, surprising sense of connection with the world beyond to its visitors. Whatever their story, each one leaves with a different view of Lily Dale.

Happiness and Universe

Моя Вселенная...
«Моя Вселенная...» на Яндекс.Фотках

Buddhism and Bon practices help me reach the state of happiness. I don't know WHY it is so, it has not importance for me. I just understood we have not to look for explanations of the feelings or the "paranormal" events that happen from time to time in our lives.

I just spoke about it with different sceptics and specialists (like medicians etc) and they say: I do not believe in their "paranormal" nature but... we have to study these events to understand them. So, they accept the idea they exist, these events.

Buddhism tells about many different Universes and many different worlds and planets. They say, we visit them in our reincarnations. We do not live only on the Earth and not only as humans or animals etc. We can reincarnate on every planet.

I read an other interesting explanation and want to tell it to you. The author says it's the point of view of Vedas. I do not know, if it's true. I'll only tell you the idea.

Happiness comes to us from the Universe. Universe is happiness. Every point of Universe gives us an other kind of happiness. Every person has his/ her own understanding of happiness and consciously or unconsciously trys to reach that special point of the Universe, containing that special kind of happiness.

Well, this way, more or less.
I've never heard it before, that is why it's interesting for me to know your points of view and your thoughts.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Beautiful Modern Tale: Two European Women Save Children of a Monastery

Please, post this fable in your blog! You can help children to survive -and it will cost nothing to you!

This story began some years ago when 2 European women met a Lama Bon that shortly arrived in Swiss from Tibet. The women were searching for spiritual development and were very brave students of this Teacher. They were devoted to their Teacher, and was logically they decided to visit Nepal or Tibet or India to become closer to the culture they studied.

In their pilgrimage, our heroines reached Sikkim in India and found a Bon monastery Yungdrung Kundrak Ling in very difficult condition there. Monasteries are very important in that part of the world because they are centers of culture, schools for children, probably the only possibility to give education to the new generations, not only places where monks can live and practice.

A monastery I write about with only a few adult monks had a group of children that lived there. (photo was taken in spring)

Монастырю в Сиккиме нужна помощь и нужны помощники

We all know the women I write about, we practice together, and know about their compassionate hearts, their wish to help everybody who needs help, their capacity to sacrifice themselves to the right cause. You can understand from it that they decided to pass their vacation helping the monks to maintain this school. They cooked, washed clothes, taught English and did everything was necessary. Both, they have grown own children and could not see without doing something to help how hard the life was there.

On the photo Geshe Gelek Jimpa reads and translates a greating letter sent from the monastery to the children of a Swiss school for their help:

Монастырю в Сиккиме нужна помощь и нужны помощники

Here what one of them, Daniela, tells:

Good health is very important there. The nearest doctor is 4 hours jeep journey and all day long walk far from the monastery. When I was there, soot entered into an eye of a 12 years old cook. This problem seems not grave but it can damage the eye for all the life. I had drops for eyes with me and cured the eye of that child. After that they treated me as a princess.

On the photo is a check the children of the Swiss school sent in the monastery

Монастырю в Сиккиме нужна помощь и нужны помощники

You’ve probably just said it: what all similar organizations need are money. All over the world. Yes, it's true.
Turned home, our courageous women began to think where they could find money to help that monastery. They told about it everywhere. Many persons helped. Even the children from the schools their daughters study at wanted to give what they could and to send in the monastery. The abbey of it wrote a letter to these children and you can see it on the photos. Daniela asked Geshe Gelek Jimpa to translate it on the ritrit in April (2010).

Ursula, that passed her vacation this year in the monastery too (in winter) wrote to all those who participated on the fund raising a year ago. I cite some dates here.

Dear friends and sponsors from Germany, Italy, Swiss, France and Spain... I could take euro 14,030 with me this time. Hope you’ve received thank-you letters from the monastery. The monks earned euro 2135 for the rituals they do, the government of Sikkim gave them euro 3000. With this money they began to repair the buildings of the monastery but there is much to do else.

The monastery needs your help if you want to go there. If you ask it, you will have the teachings in the monastery. You can ask the visa 2 times for 45 days in Sikkim now.

Write to Usha for more information
The Information Letter from the Monastery you can find here:
Life of Children in a Monastery


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Against GM Foods

European parlament had to be like all other parlaments an institutio n to protect European citizens from the bad sides of the life (among many other tasks). In the time hat passes we see that it is to protect the riches and to make them more and more rich killing all us that vote that parlament.

I just wrote about my personal tragedy with all not natural, industrial foods. I do not digest industrial additives to the foods and have eternal problems with digestion. Nothing to do, says the physician, be attentive of what you eat and avoid foods you do not digest. Even in this moment when I write these words I feel bad. For 3 or 4 days I can't clean my body from something I ate. I assure you it's very bad feeling and I do not know WHAT was it this time.

The problem is that ALL the products we eat today have something bad inside.

We have a garden and grow fruits, and we know, it's unpossible to have even one normal cherry without using pesticides today. The old persons say, it was not so years ago. There were not so many different illnesses and harmful insects etc. Probably, modern hybrids of the plants are not so resistent as the plants produced by natural selection.

Now, pesticides are not enough more. They need an other enemy. The European parlament allowed the cultivation of the GM plants.

My friends sent me a petition against this decision of the European parlament fo sign. They need million signs to send this petition to the parlament. If you want to partecipate, you can open this site (there are many languages there)

Or you can look at the main page to choose your language
that it

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fuchsia... Fuchsias...

Books write that fuchsias come from the dense forests of the Andes where they created a connection with hummingbirds for pollination. That is why they have these colors, this form of the flower and absence of a smell.

Many species of fuchsias disappear from the Earth for disafforestation and the associations protecting this plants ask all fuchsias lovers to adopt these species in their gardens.

Said everything in the first paragraph, I could not dream to have them because the climate is too hot here and because I did not have shadow for them. I tryed them once, years ago, but they did not survive.

Фуксия королевская мозаика Royal Mosaic

About 3-4 years ago I bought wisterias and created a corner of shadow in the yard. That is why I decided to try to grow fuchsias once more. I bought 2 gigant and 3 normal fuchsias, all erect, by Bakker. This plants are in the shops here too, but they are different and with simple flowers. I like to have special hybrids, so I decided to buy what I like via internet.


The UK, US and Germany sites have so many differrent species! You can lose consciousness only looking at them. But they do not sell abroad. Bakker offers interesting hybrids too. I did not find other possibilities and ordered there.

On the photos you can see what I have today.


Gigant varieties are fuchsia "Royal Mosaic"

Фуксия королевская мозаика Royal Mosaic

And "Bella Rosella"

First flowers were really gigant. Next grow more little. In any case they are much bigger than other 3 varieties.

Fuchsia "Walz Jubelteen" seems so simple but the colors are very gentle and very pleasant to look at them.


Fuchsia "Ellebel" has 2 colors and is not erect till today. Maybe because it's too little else.


Finally fuchsia "Catootje" feels probably not very good. It's very little, and I have only 2 flowers. The weather is rainy, there is not sun, the plants have not enough light. I do not change their position to get them accustomed to their place. From other side, there are very hard windswhen it rains, and it's too cold when the sun shines...


Monday, May 31, 2010

Improving the Quality of Writing

Many bloggers try to earn something writing the advertising posts in their blogs. I blog from 2006 and began to write that articles from 2007, I think. I don't know about those bloggers that earn hundreds of thousands with their blogs (except those known "gurus" that, probably, really do it). Most bloggers I know have only "pizza-money". If they have them.

One day you finally understand, it's not the right way to work. It's a slave job. And nothing depends on you. It's lack of respect for yourself, if you work so much and sell your efforts for zero, practically.

Thinking about it, I began to look for other applications of what I know to do. And I know only write.

English is not my mother-tongue, I never participated on special writing courses and never use English out of my blogs. So, I never would think about more or less professional writing in English. But in the last period I received some assignments from UK, and these companies wanted correct English.

Beginning to write with more attention to the language, I discovered different bad habits I acquired, writing without taking care about the purity of the language. Here they are:

1 I've never corrected spelling in my posts, comments, mails.

I write very well Russian (normally, it's an exception of the rule -most persons in all countries write with errors :-) ) and when I read any written text with errors in Russian, I feel bad. Why I never thought that other persons can have the same feelings towards English?

There are different reasons we have spelling errors. The fingers touch an other key or do not press them good, the keyboard does not work or we are distracted by our thoughts... It's so simple to use Gmail Documents where there are different Tools (Spelling/ Word count/ Word definition etc -all these in different languages that you can choose). I don't like writing there, they, Documents, are not very comfortable in use, but it's simple to paste there the text for controls after finished it.

2 Very scanty number of words I use normally in my written English.

If you take any dictionary and look at the fist page, you will find the number of words this dictionary contains. Here I have a little English-Italian dictionary with 120 000 words, as example. Nobody uses so many words in the normal life conversations.

From the time I was a student I remember that a 6-7 year old child uses about 3000 to 7 000 words. The genius of Russian Literature, A.S. Pushkin, used 21 290 words in his works. I wanted to know, what about English. A very interesting article in AskOxford (Facts about the language) gives this number:
If we decide that around 90-95% of the corpus gives a reasonable idea of an average vocabulary, we are left with a figure somewhere in the range of 7,000-50,000 lemmas: say, 25,000.What does a vocabulary of this size represent? It represents the set of most significant words in English: those which occur reasonably frequently and which account for all but a small part of everything we may encounter in speech or writing. It includes all the words that we actively use in general everyday life.
It's probably true for the most used words generally. Not the number of the words one person uses.

Our lives are very repetitive, researchers say. We do always the same things, visit always the same places using the same itineraries, say always the same words. One of the writers describes a person, Elochka Cannibal, that used only 10 words to explain everything she needed in her life. "Guy!!! Cooool!!!!" with different tone had different significations. In confront of English I feel myself similar to that Elochka, from time to time.

To solve this problem, I have a special system.
Because I need contemporary spoken language, reading books is not very fortunate decision (even if this is always indispensable). Some teachers advise to read newsletters and magazines, but the journalist's language is not "alive". This exercise is good if you have not other sources. A really great solution today are blogs. It's enough to find persons which language you like.

I adore to read Perry Marshall's and Hope Clark's newsletters. I read them with a pen in the hand and a notebook where I write all their "pearls". I have some other interesting newsletters. The treasures I collect in my notebook I try than to use in my articles.

3 Grammar is a tragedy of my blog posts.

Well, what can I add here? Grammar is the main point. You can't explain your thoughts correctly if you don't compose your phrases in the right way. And this is not the worse side. The worse is that the readers do not understand the thoughts you want to explain. To prove it, I post here an example I found today, reading grammar rules:
You should not ride motorcycles that are dangerous. ( it restricts which motorcycles (only the dangerous ones) should be avoided)
You should not ride motorcycles, which are dangerous. ( according to this sentence, all motorcycles are dangerous and should not be ridden.)
What a difference a comma can make! (Writing Center)
Looking for good free English lessons I found these sources:
The 25 Absolute Best Web Resources for Writers
JenniferESL and bizpod in YouTube.

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