Friday, December 31, 2010

Better Bathrooms For Every Taste

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Visiting the site you will find a pleasant surprise: you can save changing your bathroom significantly. There are different money saving offers in all categories. And products on sale have ever 60% discounts from regular price. But don't hesitate too much if you like something because such special prices are available till stock lasts. 

The site offers you the reviews of the products and you can read them before you make your decision. Once the order is delivered, you can use the site to track your order and to contact the team in case you need their assistance.

This is an advertising post.

Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Odysseus That Sailes 10 Years Round Sicily

Some days ago, one of my friends sent me a joke:
Odysseus wanted so much to turn home, but the bad Gods created him obstacles for 10 years. He said so to his wife when he finally came home, at least.
Yesterday, I watched a TV-program conducted by an archeologist, Valerio Massimo Manfredi (that wrote different really splendid fiction books about historical facts -I highly recommend to read them if you like history), where they told about the archeological discoveries that could confirm or deny, if such a king could really exist, and if the story told by Homer is true.

They analyzed the story told by Homer and designed the map of his (Odysseus') voyage. You will not believe me maybe, but the facts are these: Odysseus, after he left Troya to turn home with his 12 ships, made circles around Sicily for 10 years. Once, he even arrived to Ithaca: the sailors could see the island far on the horizon, but the bad Gods turned him back in the golf of Naples.

During this voyage, he first lives one year with an enchantress, lefts her because dreams to turn back to the wife, than finds an other woman, nymph Calypso, and remains with her for 7 years.

Now, tell me honestly: is the joke I mentioned at the beginning of the post not a truth????
And I believed, Odysseus was a heroe and an exemplar husband!

But the archeological discoveries confirm every word you can read in "Odyssey".

If you are interested to see with your eyes countries and places that Odysseus visited and where he lived, it's enough to book a Mediterranean cruise , sail Greece, Italy, North Africa and see them so, as Odysseus did.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Smile for You

 I wish all the best to you, my dear friends and here is the gift: a smile (pass to my other blog to smile more!)

Practical proctology (

..И тебе блошку...

Смотреть ещё!

Не пущу! - Сказала попа Хватит на меня приключений...

Смотреть ещё!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Find the Best Blog Hosting

Website hosting is a theme every blogger begans to think about, sooner or later. There are different reasons why we would like to pass to a paid hosting but when we give a glance at great quantity of offers, we take fright of them. Why are they so numerous, you ask yourself? It's because there are many different needs. Personally, I choosed what was more familiar for one blog and, for an other site, a great offer. I did not know at the time, for example, that there are shared hostings for bloggers. That means, as the name suggests, a hosting plan paid by different persons. And there are other interesting possibilities, too.

That is why, you have to read Web Hosting Reviews written by expert webmasters before you decide which of available offers you have to accept. There are such things like bandwidth, for example etc. I did not know about it when I tryed to pass to a low cost hosting once. The result was that my site could be seen by the visitors only a very limited number of times a month. I worked so much to create and maintain that blog -and the bandwidth or what it was finished after some days! It was terrible for me and I left that hosting after some months.

An other important question when you pass to a paid account is web hosting security. From my personal experience I know that there are persons that can reveal you password if it's not enough sure, they "open" your site and add own content in it. Specially, if you have a "fix" site and do not visit it very often, this is a real possibility. To avoid such inconveniences your password has to be complicated enough and do not contain words you use in other internet activities like mail address etc.

So, give a look at the reviews and explanations before you decide to pass to a paid hosting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grandy Frost and Santa Claus

Bear Wife began to write about Christmas and Santa Claus, and I thought about our, Russian, tradition. Our Grandy Frost is surely more beautiful and properly clothed in confront to S.Claus. Because I read, S.Claus comes from Irish or something like this tradition, I do not understand, why has he not a good fur coat.

C Новым Годом!
«C Новым Годом!» на Яндекс.Фотках

This (in the bottom) is a very beautiful old soviet film for children where you can see many pagan spirits inhabitated forests etc in the imagination of Russians (in the pagan times and in some cases today too -I'm an alive example ;-)). You don't need translation to understand the film, so I only tell you in poor words the story you see here.
The boy is looking for the girl he loves and has to fight bad forces to find her. The girl -too beautiful for the stepmother and her daughter- was left by her father, too week to say a word against the new wife, in the forest. Grandy Forest, patroling if all the beings in the forest feel good, finds the girl and takes her in his house to save her from the death. (later he organizes the marriage of both youngs and gives the girl rich dowry)

Hope, you enjoyed the fable.

To meet all these spirits personally, to partecipate on the New Year celebrations (that continue till the middle of January) you can book a hotel, a flight or an entire vacation package among the many offers you find if you open the page, if you don't like them, you can write to me ( and we will find a vacation for you.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Italian Folk Dances Alive: Tarantella

I wrote many times about folks dances here (Category Mysic and Dancing) but never mentioned Italian folk dances. I thought it would be not very good to avoid this argfument, specially because I found interesting things to show you.

The names of many Italian folk dances we know from the classic operas where the composers liked to add them. One of these names you will surely recognize: tarantella. I wrote about Italian folk music group that visited our excavations' site and decided to learn more about that strange instrument, zampogna (I'll write about this "research" in my next post). This way I found interesting videos with modern "natural" tarantella dancers. Look how brave is the second dancer here:

What is interesting in all these dances -watch once more if you did not notice it: the dancer can not touch a woman when dances. And look at them what are they doing around the females! The dream of every girl about her Prince Charming is something like this, women will agree with me. This "special" behaviour of the man that treats her with the most respect (in Medieval sense of the word) -I want you so much, I'm ready to do all the stupidities of the world for you, but I do not even touch you with a finger.  :0)

It's not my suppose or invention. When I learned waltzer, our teacher told us about this rule. In waltzer, the man has not to touch the nacked skin of his partner. Well, you will say it's not about the modern dancers. But if you've noticed, the poor man would look too much time to find a covered place in the modern clothes of the walzer dancers. And will lose the competition. This is the reason.

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