Monday, November 30, 2009

Common Soul Closed In A Terrible Body

трёхглазый человек.
«трёхглазый человек.» на Яндекс.Фотках

They say, this man, Mikle Perry from US, comited suicide because nobody loved him.

We watched a documentary about Siamese twins yesterday, where those twins told they are normal and distinct persons, they have the same desires and hobbies like all others.

I remembered my very first experience as a teacher. I worked in 3 different schools in far villages that year, teached Russian language. You know, it's difficult to find teachers who want to go in that places, so every teacher is wellcome.
My oldest pupils were only 3-4 years younger than me. One of them had a really terrible look. But he wanted to stay always near me. I remember, it was a torture for me because I could not look at him.
But he was very clever and lively. It was a pleasure to speak and to work with him. So a month later I did not see his terrible face more.

Than, many years later, I had some experiences with dieing and very ill persons. They have these terrible pains and lay in the position when they suffer less. We think, they do not understand anything. But their mind, their souls are not ill and they hear and feel everything. And often suffer more to hear what we say about them.

We are so closed in our narrow-minded conception of what is normal! Our limited understanding of the multiplicity of the living forms is really surprizing. The infinity of the forms is something external for us. We think, only I and those similar to me have consciousness. Others -no.

A person is different if he/she comes from other country, has other religion, has other habits... and if he/she has malformations?

Once I heard somebody crying: There are so many invalids on this seafront! They have not to come here! My children have not to see persons like them! I want, my chldren grow normal persons!

Normal persons... Normal!!!
How much time will need our civilization to allow others, "not normal" to live happy in that body the Good God gave them? How much time we will need to understand: the soul does not depend from theform of the body?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Unknown Beautiful Plant

The first week I turned back to the activities of the Archeological Group was dedicated to it's tasks only. Sunday I had to change a girl in S.Peter At Court and took my photocamera with me. I'm not very brave to take the photos with it. Have to read more the instructions. But anywhere I go I have it and take photos.

So, Sunday I went to the diocese (because the keys from S.Peter are there) and noticed these beautiful flowers pending from the vases hanging on the walls. I have to say you, Salerno is just prepared for the feasts. Italians have the first important feast on December, 8. Immaculate Conception. And it's possible to see even the Christmas Tree for this day in the houses.

I said, I saw a very beautiful plant. Here it is:

Неизвестный цветок

As you see, this is a pending plant with hard leaves of an evergreen. Here you can see them better:

Неизвестный цветок

And the flower was like twisted a little and had a sort of needles on the end of the petals. Very beautiful, velour dark red. Here you can see better the flower:

Неизвестный цветок

I would like to have this flower in my garden but I don't know it's name. I asked all the persons I met in Salerno that day. One man that sells plants too. But nobody could say me the name of the plant... :-(((

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Italian Funeral

From time to time I receive these questions: how are cemeteries in Italy (read: Italian Cemetery), how are the funerals. Sincerely, I don't like to write about it, even if I understand this interest is perfectly normal. It's a part of the culture, and in this case of the Italian Culture.

The funerals I partecipated at were so:

The deceased remains in his/her bed,
the workers of the funeral agency take the coffin in the room before they have to take the deceased out of the house.
He/she has to be burried next day after the death. There are 1 or 2 cars with garlands, than the third car is the catafalque, after it there are cars of those who accompains the deceased.
They take the closed coffin first in the church, than to the cemetery. The coffin remains one day more open in a special room to control that the person does not sleep (I think, it comes from Middle Ages when they could not understand, if the person is dead or asleep). It is not obligatory to make autopsy.

If the cemetery is not far from the church and the house, relatives and friends can go at feet there. Sometimes the catafalque is not a car but a carriage with black horses.



Monday, November 16, 2009

Italian Breakfast

Салерно в воскресенье утром
Sunday morning was dedicated to Salerno, Archeological group and museum of S. Pietro A Corte. I came in Salerno at 9 and had one hour for a walk. I had my new photocamera with me and used it with great dedication. :-)

Sunday morning is the holy time in the little towns of province. You find niobody in the streets only some persons that do not want to eat in the house and go out to make their breakfast in the bars. There are not so many bars open but you can find 2 or 3 of them.

The weather was good, the temperature about 15°C, so if the bar is in the beautiful and open place with the sun shining, you take your coffee or capuccino with cornetto and sit relaxed for the door. Some persons can sit hours with a cup of coffee this way.

Завтрак По-Итальянски

Bars do not cook the cornetti they only warm them and post then in these special boxes. Sometimes you can choose one of them yourself, other times the barman gives it to you. Normally you pay after you've finished to eat and to drink.

Завтрак По-Итальянски

Sincerely I adore cornetti. Some of the bars have them so incredibly good that I could eat and eat them. I know these bars (not every bar has this special beauty) and am regular client there.

Завтрак По-Итальянски

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How To Use Ink Pen With The Same Short Cartridge Forever

Many of us love ink pens. They are not only better than modern ball pens. They are more healthy too. Because we don't lay on the table when we write, and we take the fingers far from the pen. It's good for our eyes.

But there is a problem with these pens. In the most cases we have to use cartridges.
1/ you need many of them if you write much.
2/ the ink is not good -for my tastes.
The cartridges you buy are often dry too. I don't understand how is it possible that the ink can dry in the close plastic cartridge but it is the hard reality.

So I "invented" a good way to avoid these bad sides of my ink pens. I refill them.

It is not difficult but many of my friends did not use this method. And that is why I decided to tell you about it.

You need only this: good ink, a used syringe, paper and water to clean the syringe.

Как заправить ручку

Take off the cartridge with care ot to damage the hole.

Как заправить ручку

Fill the syringe with ink

Как заправить ручку

Fill the cartridge with ink till it's mouth

Как заправить ручку

Put the cartridge carefully on the pen (don't damage the hole of the cartridge)

Как заправить ручку


Как заправить ручку

I have to say you, I've never changed the cartridges, I can't remember you how many years I use those I bought first time I did it.
Ah, forgot. Wash the syringe after use and you will never change it too.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Great Movie This Time

Хозяин морей: На краю Земли

«Хозяин морей: На краю Земли» на Яндекс.Фотках

I watch TV really rarely. My husband has his best friend near his other best 4-legs friend, the bed, so I watch it, TV not husband, only when I'm in bed intended to sleep. We had satellit provider and watched documentaries and naturalistic films before. Now when we renounced on it, there is practically nothing to watch.

This time I was fortunate. After that bad experience with "300", a day or two later, there was "Master And Commander". I was satisfied in all my senses. Great filming, touching story and GREAT violoncello music.

The other satisfaction was that the good artist Russell Crowe did not fall down to the film like "300".

By the way, did you know that this is the first from 21 books from the serie about Jack Aubrey written by Patrick O'Brian "Aubrey–Maturin" (or "Aubreyad"). These are the titles

1. Master and Commander (1970); 2. Post Captain (1972); 3. HMS Surprise (1973); 4. The Mauritius Command (1977); 5. Desolation Island (1978); 6. The Fortune of War (1979); 7. The Surgeon's Mate (1980); 8. The Ionian Mission (1981); 9. Treason's Harbour (1983); 10. The Far Side of the World (1984); 11. The Reverse of the Medal (1986); 12. The Letter of Marque (1988); 13. The Thirteen-Gun Salute (1989); 14. The Nutmeg of Consolation (1991); 15. Clarissa Oakes (1993) - (The Truelove in the USA); 16. The Wine-Dark Sea (1993); 17. The Commodore (1995); 18. The Yellow Admiral (1996); 19. The Hundred Days (1998); 20. Blue at the Mizzen (1999); 21. The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey (2004).

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

300 Spartans

The evening of Sunday was signed by only event: the film "300" in TV. It was the first time for me and so I put aside everything. I've read many bad words about this film in internet, but thought it's my preferite event in the history, and Leonidas is my favourite hero. I wanted to see how they interpret him.
I wrote once about the new excavations in Sparta ( Sparta, Leonidas and false legends excuse me I had not time for correction of the mistakes... ;-( I'm sorry ). They say, there remained too few testimonials from the antique times. But the archeologists work now and are surprized of what they find there.
Well, I did not expected to see real story in this film. But I thought to watch something beautiful and touching the heart.
I could not imagine to watch ...nothing. Nothing. Something similar to computer game. And only erotic (great) and excisions of the members of the bodies.
A complet disillusionment.
I'm really very-very sad about it. It would be better if I did not know about this "big event".

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