Friday, March 16, 2012

Do you believe in Numerology?

I hope, I will not make so many mistakes this time as I did in my previous post because I want to tell you some interesting facts. I received them in a mail this evening. And even if I've just read about it, I was not ready for the conclusion. Here is the conent of the mail:

There are different interesting coincidences that concern events in the lives of eminent persons. Here are most known  of them   

                           Napoleon and Hitler     difference
birth                     1760               1889      129 years
comes to power    1804               1933      129        
both are 44 years old
enters Vienna        1812               1941       129
loses the war         1816               1945      129
both at the age of 56
both are 52 years old when they assault Russia

                               Lincoln and Kennedy
birth                        1818            1918      100 years
comes to power       1860            1960      100
both die on Friday, both were with their wives, both shots -in the head
Lincoln was killed in the Kennedy theater, Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln-car.
Both were from Sud, both democrats, both senators before they became presidents of the US
John Wilkes Booth (15 letters), killer of Lincoln, was born in 1839
Lee Harvey  Oswald (15 letters),killer of Kennedy, was born in 1939 (difference -100)
Booth, escaped from the teather, was catched in an attic.
Oswald, escaped from the attic, was catched in a theater.
Johnson, next after Lincoln president, was born in 1808
Johnson, next after Kennedy president, was born in 1908 (difference -100)

According to Numerology, if we presume that the universe has spiral development, next Napoleon/Hitler will be born in 2018. Most interesting is that the next Lincoln/Kennedy will be born in 2018, too. Next "Kennedy" will come to power in 2060 and next "Hitler" in 2062.

What do you think about Numerology?
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Friday, March 09, 2012

Wild Irises, Perfection of Simplicity

Some years ago wild irises began to grow in one place of our garden. I've never seen them there neither in an other place before that is why I was surprised when I've found them for the first time. It was about 4-5 years ago. Frome that time the rare plants became numerous, the place where they grow (the only place -I tryed to plant them near the house but they don't like it) seems to be to their liking, and we have an entire glade of wild irises now. Here are the photos I took this week.

Here are 2 photos from March 1 and  7. If you look with attention on the first of them, you can see only some heads of irises. The second photo is about all the flowers open (brown points).

Дикий Ирис

Дикий Ирис

Ladies, I present you finally Wild Iris!

Дикий Ирис

The main view was not so astonishing as I want you think about it. The green flowers on the green grass were almost invisible. I don't know how to explain it to you... I like irises. Those hybrids everybody knows. I would even like to have those incredible varieties you can see in some specialized sites. They are works of art, yes.

These simple green flowers can not attract the eye of passersby. In fact, residents do not know even about the existance of this specie that grows in their fields.

I... I like their simplicity. This particular color of the flower. This work of art of Creator who does not seek "luxury" of the forms and colors...
Excuse me if I could not explain my thoughts...

Дикий Ирис

Дикий Ирис
Дикий Ирис

Дикий Ирис

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My Webhosting Search News

One of the most hot topics in the blogs I read is website hosting. Many of my friends passed to the paid hostings just for years but the problems connected to this decision are always alive. Sincerely, I have different problems, too, and am sure that I will change my hosting next year. This is the reason I look always for the clear explanations and clear articles about it. I do not want to make the same error next time I have to choosse the hosting for my blogs. is very simple but it helps the reader to find necessary information just in the moment. The classic comparison of different hostings presents independent rating and prices. The authors are proud they have absolutely honest service, and that is why you can't find any advertising or links in their site.

I like ratings. I read them always and control the sites of every company trying to understand more about it. Hope, it will help me to make the right decision at the end of 2012. The other page I like in is Hostings Reviews. I find language and explanations of these articles simple to understand for persons like me that are too far from all these complicated things, and convincing. Excellent is the page of the FAQs. It's a kind of web hosting encyclopaedia for "normal" folks. I don't like pages written "for specialists". Specialists do not need to read articles how to choose a right hosting, I think.

So, if you have to choose a hosting, is a site to visit for informations that will help you to make the right choice.

The Way to the Cemetery in Amalfi

Someone said that if you want to understand a nation, a country, you have to visit it's cemetery.

During my last visit of Amalfi (you could read my 2 previous posts about it ),
I wanted to explore it's streets. One of them passed near Amalfi's cemetery and promised a short way to the other point of the town I wanted to visit and very nice view.
On the map everything was simple and clear.
In this post I want to show you those streets.

I needed about half an hour to discover the beginning of the street. All the residents sent me in the hotel, in the parking and in other places of touristic interest. Finally, the right solution. The man who was near the entrance in the street said: I could not imagine you can look for THIS street...

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

The first steps of the street promised good, as you can see on the photo. But those were only the first meters.
Some stairs, passes and tunels...

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

...and I took the wrong street...

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

This one goes down to the sea again. And I need the opposite side of the valley!
Fortunatelly, I remembered the way I did before and easily turned back.
I'm not very brave to walk, I have to admit, and do it on purpose to exercise my body and to turn back my health. If it is possible. So, this walk was relatively complicated for me. But I did it!!!

Nice views encouraged me

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

And, finally, here is the street that goes to the cemetery. I was... a little astonished...

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

I still do not understand how they take the coffins there??? It's possible to pass only standing on your feet...
The cemetery is that building of the monastery where you can see the palm here on the photo:

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

I could see all the town of Amalfi from there and enjoy the brightly shining sun, too.

Дорога на Кладбище в Амальфи

The Simple Rules of Limoncello

Limoncello is a liqueur made with lemon peels. It's receipe is known to everybody here, and there is not mistery for those who wants to make it at home.

The main ingridient is lemon, exactly. Plus alcohol, water and sugar.


If you read any receipe of limoncello, you will find this description:
Put the peels of lemon in the bottle with alcohol 96% Left them for 7 days (other say 1 month)
Prepare sirup and add it to the filtered alcohol
Left it in a dark place for a month.

Nothing more. If you like mandarines or any other citruses, you can use them, too. If you bought lemons, mandarins, oranges... and don't want to through the peels, you can use them all to prepare flavoured alcohol.


Well, what can I say you more about it?
Ohhh! I can say you something new about it! Yes!
If you read my post How I Made Paper in a Medieval Workshop, you will remember that I was in Amalfi some days ago. Amalfi is the "capital" of limoncello. Why? Because the lemons that grow in the Amalfitan coast are different from all the other lemons for their very special flavour and taste.

I never believed it, you know. All the lemons are the same, I said. Till this visit of Amalfi.
I found an other interesting workshop there. The lemoncello workshop. And the man in that workshop wanted to explain me the preparation of limoncello.

I took the peel of the lemon he used for demonstration... It was something incredible. I bought lemons a day before and used peels and juice of it to cure ingestion. That is why I could notice the diufference immediatelly. It was completely different flavour. And I put the peel with me after the visit. The flavour persisted for some hours.


I did not know that there are MANY species of lemon tree. And one of them has not seeds in the fruit.
By the way, peels of lemon have to remain only 3 days in alcohol. First.
Limoncello costs much if it is 33-35%. It costs less if you ask 32% limoncello. Second.
Finally, if your limoncello has a "necklace" (formed by oils) -it's natural. 


How I Made Paper in a Medieval Workshop

There are many clever persons in this world and I was caught by some of them and sent to make paper in a dark wet vault. :-)))

Well, it was not exactly so in reality& I visited the museum of the paper in Amalfi but I was absilutely not ready that the boy who guided me through the museum will suddenly say me I have to take the sieve he had in the hands when he told me his story, now, and begin to gather paste of dusters in a vat

and begin to make my leaf of paper

The paste was to turn over the piece of thick felt so that the water can roll down from the paste. The felts, a great pile, goes than under the screw press

and they hang them as spaghetti on the line than. Once the paste is dry, it can be ironed, I think. It's made from dusters, or not?

There were many interesting things made with this kind of paper there, but they were too expensive for me: I do not take much money when I go for a walk. The prices began from about 9 euros. I would like to buy something, there were really interesting things -and a great collection of pens. I did not even see in that direction because I adore the pens. Next time I have to go there with tourists, I will surely buy one.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

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If you prefer one of the games, online roulette, for example, OnlineCasinoSpotlight (OCS) has special sections dedicated to the most loved of them. Special guides and detailed reviews of both rules and strategies will help you to become successful. The suggested strategies will be useful not only for new players but for more expert, too. Read carefully the articles and, ready to dive, have fun.

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