Monday, November 22, 2010

Wow! Giant Honey Fungus

The Flood we have just for more than 2 month (I can't understand where the good God finds so much water???) and the warm temperatures (imagine, we had about 20°C for some days!) created great conditions for mushrooms. I asked my husband that is the main responsible for the mushrooms pick up in the family because he eats them, if their period is just finished. He said that probably he did not notice when they grew because it rains so hard that it's unpossible to go out, often. It was only a week ago. Yesterday he calls me and shows me his catch. Honey fungus ( Armillaria ). But so big like ceps (Boletus edulis ). I add the latin names because I am not sure that I found right names of these mushrooms.

Now, I want to show you this marvel of the nature.


To make you clear the dimensions of them I took one in the hand. And this one was not the biggest, you know. This was medium. I never saw mushrooms of this specie so big as this year and -what is more surprising- they are all good. No one worm or something like this. 


 We cood not believe our eyes and took photos to preserve this moment in time. :-)))

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Persons Illuminating the World -is it Paranormal Fenomenon?

Documentary about the lives of Dalida and Joe Dassin (I post here their songs to remind you whom I'm speaking about) turned my mind to an observation: did you notice that there are persons that seem to be a sort of globe-lightning, an aggregation of all energies, an explosion. They illuminate everything around them, they can't stop, they burn alive (in all senses because they do not live long).

These persons are not happy in their private life, too. They have nothing for them. Their task is to burn and to illuminate.

I thought about MY life. It seems to me, I never had so powerful passions. And most of persons I ever knew did not have them too. Some of them could maybe have a great love. O hate an other person. But normally all the emotions are -call them so- "medium" if not "low".

We speak here about paranormal things from time to time. Didn't you think, this strange fenomenon is paranormal, too? Oh no, I don't want to be trite, using this word to attract your attention. No. I really find it strange. It is similar to those pictures of Zeus that has many arrows in his hands and throw them in one unlucky being. Hope, I could explain the idea.

There are 6 milliards of humans on the Earth but only some of them are objects of these arrows. It is not similar to the waves because the waves have a certain regularity. In this case, it's really similar to somebody who sits somewhere there and throws balls of energy here or there.

You, probably, will say that there are many of them. No. There are those "medium" among all "low" bundles. Those explosive are very rare. There were "special" times, epochs in the history when they were more numerous. So, Russians speak about "Golden Century of Russian Literature". More or less the same period is in German Literature too. As example.

I undersand that my question is rhetorical. But it would be very interesting to know what do you think about it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My New Cactuses

The garden was my last thought in summer and autumn because summer is too hot to go out, and these months I was dedicated to my travel agency project as you know. So, as usually everything is neglected. Even if I had a disappointment at not getting the right flowers this year.

You will maybe remember that I spent much in spring for surfinias, fuchsias and other species of flowers that are not appropriate for this climate. Unfortunatelly, they can't stand too much hot. And do not remain for the next year as their wild relatives that I had before.

I was sure I will leaarn to never buy plants more, but I could not resist without buying some tulips and cactuses when I've seen them in the market.

Do you love tulips so as I love them? My biggest dream is to go in Holland in spring to see all those incredible beauties. You can't see them here in the streets so as they are planted everywhere in Swiss, for example. Maybe you will remember my posts about my visit of Lugano this year where there were many photos of flowers there. 

Well, tulips I will show you in spring -I planted them in the vases this time. The photos I post today show you cactuses I have in vases now (I have some of them in soil too -cactuses like to grow in soil but I do not like them to clean from the weeds so I turned most of them in the vases this year.If you know the names of them, write me pls so that I can read about them.

This one I had once many years ago, it had a leopard skin flower that had very bad fish smell. Here you see the flower is dark red. I read their flowers have that smell dipending from the place of origins. Fish smell they have when they come from the deserts near ocean. Well, I'm not sure. I read about it when I had that first cactus.

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