Friday, October 27, 2006

How it works

Dear F,
I begin maybe with the site.
1/ everybody can write comments in all my sites.In this moment it's not necessary even sign in.It's possible to set,that it can do only members,but I thought do it in this way for a moment because I want we all can communicate free.Then we will see.

2/ In MyKitchen and Diary it's possible to upload pictures.From your PC and with URL.So as it did Sayed, Helmut and I.
MyKitchen supports little pictures uploaded from PC,but everything you want with URL.(that address you take in your Blogger or Photobucket or Flikr).In "Diary" you can upload everything you want.You can write there too.Everything you want in both MyKitchen and Diary.
MyKitchen you can write inside the existent Categories.If you want other category you can write to me.

3/ In Diary can post only members of the group.To be member of this group is necessary write to me and I'll insert the address,to open then Google account so as you have done it too.

All this to give us possibility to comunicate.
You can chat with others too.It is situated in the Home page of My Interests Site.The chat is free,without signing up.Write your names and chat.

I'll be very content if you invite your friends to use this sites,to post there,to chat ecc.All this is free,I can add there other free possibilities for you all,you have only tell me your wishes.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fotos and Probleme (2) How can we use "Hello"

Some of you have problems with Fotos and this account, so I decided to write about it here.

To access to this diary you have log in not your nick but e-mail address of the Google account.
Wenn sie diese Seite öffnen wollen,müssen sie nicht den Namen,aber ihre Mail-Adresse für Google-Account schreiben.

With Picasa can you download "Hello".This is more or less the same as Flikr and Photobucket (see the (1) about it),you can have the url-address of the photo with this program and this address you need to see your photo in an internet-site.From Picasa you open your new blog in Blogger.It's other program,not what we have in this blog.This is BloggerBeta and that is Blogger.In Picasa you click "Blog this" in the bottom of the page,open the Blog,download your photo,SEE your photo IN THE BLOG,not in the site manager,click RIGHT on the photo and choose something like "copy image address".This will be your URL.

Mit "Picasa" gibt man auch "Hello".Mit diesem Program können sie Bilder-url (Internet-adresse) haben.Das ist dasselbe wie Flikr und Photobucket,seht unten (1.Teil).Erstens müssen sie einen Blog machen.Das ist ein anderes Program,nicht was wir hier haben.Dieses ist BloggerBeta und jenes ist Blogger.So öffnen sie einen Blog mit Blogger und wenn sie ein Foto in eine Internet-Seite sehen wollen,müssen sie erstens das Foto in diesem Blog sehen.In Picasa,unten,clicken sie auf"Blog this" und dann,wenn sie ihres Foto im Blog sehen,bringen sie die Maus auf das Bild,clicken sie die RECHTE Taste und wählen sie etwas wie "Kopiere Bilderadresse".Das wird URL.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I like this photo,but I can't say you who is the author and from what site is it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sissy & Yogi

Das sind Sissy und Yogi bei einer Schmusestunde. Die beiden sind im Mai 2005 geboren. Sissy ist schüchern, Yogi kennt keine Angst. Sissy hat eine besondere Vorliebe: wenn das Telefon klingelt, läuft sie sofort dahin und wartet, bis ich den Hörer abhebe. Sie "badet" auch gern Fellmäuse im Trinknapf. Yogi geht gern auf dem Rand der vollen Badewanne spazieren. Mit den beiden haben wir viel Spaß.

These are Sissy and Yogi in a hour of cuddle.They are born in may 2005.Sissy is timid,Yogi has no fear.Sissy runs to the telefon when it rings and waits that I answer.
Yogi likes to walk around the bord of bath-tub.
We have good time with them.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Dear Friends,thank you for joining this page. I'm realy happy about it.I wrote you,for my problems with PC.So now I can't lose your photos more !

Meine Liebe,ich bin so froh,daß sie so viel Geduld haben und mir auch in dieser Seite zusammenschließen !!! Nie werde ich nur ihre Fotos verlieren und auch zusammensein gefällt mir auch sehr sehr sehr !!! DANKE schön!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here's Mazin my great love.

Here's Mazin my great love.

Camel the Egyptian chef..

Yes it's true .. I can cook and believe me you all would love what I might cook for you.. COME AND GET IT.. LOL

One more picture.

Hi dear,
Here's one more picture..

A photo and some few lines about myself.

Hi dear friends,
Myname is Sayed Marzouk.. All can call me Camel.. I am from Egypt and live in Cairo.. I am 65 years old . Married and have three children . One sweet daugher who has give me a real great present ( Mazin - my Grandson whom I love more than life ) The other two boys are married ans hope that soon they will make me more happy and present me als with some sweet children.
I am a retired teacher I used to teach Gymnastic .. I have been to so many many countries all around the world and worked in London for about three years..
The picture which is attached was taken for me while I was visiting Paris..
Please feel free to ask me about any thing .. I would answer you..
Take care and have a great day...

An offer to you my dear friends.

Hi ... Sure by now you all have seen the tag which I have created to mydear friend Liudmila .. If any wish to have the same tag ....
Please let me know.

Sie haben schon alle den post,den ich für Liudmila gemacht hatte gesehen.Wenn jemand so etwas will( den Namen in Arabic language und in Hyrogliphic),sagen sie es mir.

To you my dear Liudmila.


Hi there,
I am so happy to be part of your great group..
I really need to know a lot about the system so Ican send as many pictures to you as I can..
Please let me know..
Sayed ( Camel )

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fotos und Probleme (1)

Liebe Freunde,ich möchte ihnen zwei Programme für Fotos anraten.Kostenlose.
I wanted to advise you 2 programs for your fotos
1/ "Picasa" to download to your PC and to modify your Photos (you can do them better as they are originaly).Here you see original Photo and the same Photo modified with Picasa

2/ to have your photos with internet-address to put them where you want.Here on my photos
a/I take the photo in my PC(the boat) and cut a piece I want with Picasa(cat)

b/I upload the modified photo (the cat) to Flikr and there I can have very small---large photos.For example you want to have a little personal photo of the cat in one site.


These are the best programs I could find (my friends have advised to me).Gratis.
If you need help with these programs,write to me,or chat with me.

My husband and a family of my friends

Sunday, October 15, 2006

To begin the diary

My name is Liudmila
I'm the author of different blogs and sites. I have many interests and these sites explaine my creativity.

For many years I worked in school. I was a teacher of languages, educator etc. and had pupils from 3 till 60 years old.
I have my own very interesting sistem of teaching languages. It's not perfectly innovative but the teachers rarely use the elements that I love.

I'm a volunteer of the Archeological Group of Salerno.

My dream is to create a real "working place" in internet for me.

You can contact me writing me a mail
in Facebook
in Twitter

These are some of my sites

In English

In Italian

In Russian

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