Saturday, December 30, 2006

Great fear,deathly terror

This emotion is maybe too private,too deep...Some years ago I'd never thought about it.Not that I didn't have it,but I could not understand it's importance.I even laughed when I had seen persons trembled from deathly terror.First of them was my husband.

Do you remember earthquake of 1980 near Neaples?Surely no.I too.There are many earthquakes every year on the earth.We don't remember the most terrible of them after some months.It's normal,I think.Normal is that every day have to come and to go many creatures.Nobody noticed them come,nobody noticed them go.Me too.

All of you noticed this morning 1 person was dead.He was bad.Now all the world will speak about him 2-3 or more days.What do you think,how many children met their death this morning?How many of them deserved it? Nobody noticed them.I'm secure,the life do not finish with the death of the body and maybe they have to go to the better faith.But what I want to say here is this our carelessness.Today,3/01,I found at least one person thinks about it like me.John Lenon.

So why I began to tell you about earthquake of 1980 in Neaples?Because I live with people that REMEMBER it.My husband told me he was in his car when all this began.45 seconds.He saw higher houses bend to the right,then to the left over his head.One day after great earthquake in Assisi we went to visit an exhibition not far from there.I never was in this city and wanted to see it.My husband said no,but I was the pilot,had the map and said him where to go.And after a long way through the mountains (I chose the wrong rout for it) we arrived straight in the main place of the old part of the city,where the walls of the houses were maintained with sticks else.My poor husband,40 years old man,began to tremble.He lose completly his head.The only thing he could understand was "run away".I laughed.

A year later I was in a shop with 3-4 women looking for an interesting idea to do with a sewing-machine.One of us moved the table where was the example-work and...suddenly one women began to tremble,her eyes become mad and she wanted to run out from the shop."No,no,signora,it's not an earthquake" -said the shop assistant.I understood,what was happend.I didn't laugh more.

(Sincerely after I have seen different persons with this reaction I admire Japaneses.How can they live with this sense all life?I think,it's unpossible to accustome to ancestral terror.)

But here I write not about this extreem manifestation of this emotion.I think,more dangerous and interesting to research is it's hidden side.An obviously example.You see a very nice dog in a corner and want to stroke it.But the dog is agressive and bite you.Why?Because it's afraid of you.It doesn't knows/likes you,it's in the corner and can't run away,your gesture to strike has minacious significance for animals (you want to touch head and neck)

Once I wanted to open the window in a dark room and reached my hand to the band.In this moment somebody bites me! It was a lizard.It dreamed in the corner of the window,when I disturbed it.It bit me and had a pose "try to touch me and you'll see!"

Agressivity comes from fear,we are tight because we are afraid,headaches often have this nature,many illnesses come from there too.Even bad dreams in the night.Analyze your behaviour.Why I did it?And this? -what comes at the end is fear,terror or pride.Hidden pride too.Emotion that don't goes with time,remains with us,maintains our body in the state of tension,exhaust our health.We forgot the reasons,but continue to live in this situation,suffer different aches,illnesses that can't be heal.All this because we ARE afraid.

When we understand,we can help us to become more happy and healthy person.Without this problem.It's not so easy to do.It's hides very well.But when you know about it,you know what to do with it.To be consciouse is the way to win.

6/01-07 I read a book where the author inserts psychological reviews and advises.He writes about the sense of scare too and tells about a sort of training for those who wants to win this sence.It's not his idea,that is why I don't write the name of the author.But I don't remember where is this idea from.You have to immagin as alive as possible the most bad possibilities of your death.For example you see the car comes on you,you have to see and to feel all particolaries of this incident,your blood,meat,all what you could feel in this moment.Immagin all different cases with all specific particolaries.They say,after some time you can win the deathly terror and in similar situations you don't waste time (moments) to be afraid and use it,time,to get away.

Personally I didn't do this exersice,I did other one.I saw myself as a body,piece of meat,something like this.Bad feeling.But it helps you to understand.Praticaly the same exersice that I wrote to win the dipendance from the very near person that mistreat us.Here we win the dipendance from our body.It could be really great if we could win dependance from the fear and aches.

Friday, December 29, 2006

News in my link collection

In this period I have very interesting -and I would say really important - adds to my link collection you can see on Interesting-links-I-found page of My Interests Site .

I had to create a special category for Yoga-links,where there are sites with photographical explanations of assanas of different levels from beginners to advanced yoga technics.Here there are Ashtanga Yoga,Sivananda site,Kundalini Yoga and others.Interesting chackra image is here .

Other very important part devided in different categories is about Archaeology,History,Arts.
Now in many sites there are TOP-s:top-events of the year ecc.Some of them I posted in News-from-all-the-world page.Museums on-line,tests and games about many branches of scients from post countries on the map,compose fantastic creatures with Leonardo and others.Very beautiful videos about animals.Beautyful photographies I post in MyKitchen in different places,not only in Photography-board.Something useful about Literature and Languages and ...

...and 36 (07/02/2007) sites where you can see funy-funny-fun pictures ! Read funy stories ! And other funy things.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Where can you find Kotik on Christmas?

I told you about K'otik one month ago.He is a young and hilarious cat.In this period he is very busy.Not only he goes together with us for a walk,but he helps my husband to lop olives too.They climb the trees,one cuts branches and other controls the work.

If Kotik is in house,he has many things to do too.Here I post photos about his activities.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Psycological tests,IQ ecc.

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some days ago I read a review of psychological science news. Guess. About... IQ-tests. These tests are not exhaustive, can show only one side of the person. The most clear example are that Einstein and Sharon Stone are the same result of IQ-test, but the ideas in those heads are very difficult...,say scientists.

I detest psycological tests.And their authors.
When I say it,many persons think I'm mad.It's soooo interesting !! Amusing! We can understand who is intelligent and who is not !!! Have you ever think,WHAT can you understand? That in this moment of your life you know more or less as the author of this test?

(For those who asked me about addresses here I write about one of them,new for me,unusual IQ-test,and HERE there are different psycological tests and logical tasks,I hope you'll enjoy them.)

This is the test professors of higher mathematics do during the examination:
They ask the best students very difficult questions.First question,second, the end they ask:how much is 2 x 2? - and many students can't answer in this moment.
This example knows everybody.
There are moments in the life when you can't say your name.Your mind is distracted by something very important.

Second.Most tests you read in mass media have so low level of intelligence,so evident are the future conclusion about you...
Do you eat meat every day? -A.Yes B.No. If you can chose between a plate with chicken and vegetable salad,what will you eat? -A.Chicken B.Salad Conclusion:If you have most B,you are vegetarian.(if no,you have to think about it)

The same about IQ tests I have seen.They are a little more complicated,I think the autors are payd better,or it's their scientific task,I don't know.The level of intelligence is here higher.Sometimes you can't immagin the conclusion the author will do about you.
I don't say here, this can influence emotionally not very strong persons.It can remain tracks in the brain of those who has emotional problems.
I don't say, it can influence your employer.You could be made of gold,but that employer believes the author of that test.
The most annoying is irresponsibility and immorality of persons that are on their places to manage us.And our quickness to believe and to follow every their word.(Seems I come to this conclusion in every post but read what I found about us as result of "many IQ tests" here,later)

When I was little,there were books with logical,mathematical and other tasks.
2 horses tool a carriege for 40 km.How many km does every horse?
If I have +,-,- than -,+,- what have I to post on the third place here: -,-, ?

Now the tasks from these books we call IQ tests.Sometimes.When the author is intelligent enough.It's clear,and is not worth to write about it,to think about it.Don't read,don't answer -what is the problem?

The problem is that from those "researches" interested persons (like those employers) begin mass-media-compaigns about:
-most persons with low IQ are or poor or criminals (they have never heard about extrimly intelligent criminals and about poor persons that become academics)
-most persons with low IQ have low IQ parents (have you never heared that child of genius is never genius ecc)
but the best is that highest IQ have Asians,then Europeans,then Black and Latinos.(is enough for you that you are Latinos and you can automatically exclude yourself from all possibilities of growth,study ecc.Excuse me,but Latinos aren't from the same Asian race? So genetically they have to be the most intelligent or no?)

I think,if those tests had to compose Aborigens of Australia or others(Latinos or people from Amazonia for example),and had to give conclusions about these our "scientists" they,these scientists, were the most stupid from all 6 milliards of population of the Earth.And they would never find job till the end of the world.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas.Soviet Union.Answer to Angela's comment.

Happy Christmas to all my Readers!!!

This photo is from the site "Visit the motherland of Ded Moroz (Old Frost)"

You are great,Angela,I didn't know those things you write about in your comment and wanted to investigate those traditions,because I think they are very interesting and very near to our nature,our soul.I know,here in the zone I live, there are very ancestral uses bound to the day when people remember their dead relatives (Halloween today) for example.Interesting is,this uses survive in all nations even there are Religions and Modern view on the world ecc.

I write my answer here because I want to add pictures to my story.

In Soviet Union the ufficial feast was New Year with tree,"Old Frost(Ded Mor'oz)"(to respect,because can do bad things if treated in mistaken way - in ancestral folclore) and his grand-doughter "Born from snow(Sneg'urotchka)" (seems to be doughter of Spring,father unknown -modern story,eh?).There is a fable about a girl that was made from snow by parents that could not have children, and the girl become alive.In spring she dies when jamps with friends over the bale-fire (spring feast of Kup'ala -when everything -all spirits and creations of Winter- have to die in the fire of spring). This story was used by A.N.Ostr'ovskij in 1867 and N.A.R'imskij-K'orsakov in 1881 composed opera "Sneg'urotchka"(born from snow).
The officials of communist party when had to create a new popular holiday (middle 20-th) used these characters.Together Ded Mor'oz and Sneg'urotchka appear for the first time in 1937
This is the picture of Vasnetsov V.M.

Holydays start with New Year (31/12-1/01),continue with orthodoxal Christmas (6/01-7/01),than Old New Year (13-14/01).Somebody begins with catolical Christmas and continue after Old N.Y. with other feasts, of pagan origins, like "farewell,winter" ecc.But New Year is most romantic.It's a mix of "normal" holiday and Carneval and is common for all population,when others somebody likes them,somebody not.

What do you know about Nocera?(2)

You are right.I tell you about Nocera and post photos of Salerno.Unfortunately the weather is not good and I can post only something old now.So here you see the only way from Nocera to Salerno.Why "the only"?There are mountins on the right (you see them) and on the left too.So all the ways passed millenniums ago and pass today only here,in the middle.
Where finish the earth (on the photo) begins the Sea.

And from sea came in the vale of Nocera interesting people named Pelasgi, that settled near one of the rivers.Today you see sewers on it's place (seems, somebody begin to understand it too),but 3 millenniums ago it was a big and beautiful river.In memory of their motherland pelasgi called it Sarno and themself Sarrasti.

Why leave this people their home?Somebody says it was the way to free their motherlands from excessive population.Greeks gave a vessel to a group of young man born in the same year and sent them to explore new places for colonies,Sannits sent those groups behind a sacred animal...Others think those goups had to look for metals for motherland.Others more tell about pirates and criminals catched from their earth...Maybe all these opinions are true.And we have the result:about 1 millennium befor Christ the vale of Nocera was populated by Pelasgi.

Have you ever thought about the sense of words? I know not many use to do it.
It's sooooo incredibly interesting! Where come this or that word from? Words very often conserve memories from our ancestral roots.Nobody remembers, only some word can reveal the secret...if there is one,who can understand what that word hides.Science, studies it, is called etymology.But when we speak about more then 3 millenniums ago even etymology hardly can help us too much.So we have to use immagination too.

Where came these persons from?Nobody knows it,clear.We can immagin Pelasgi liked travel very much.They rounded the world and rested their steps,memory of their motherland, in all places they had reached.
Crio (Macedonia),Creusa (Acaia),Crium (Creta),Cria (Licia)...
Nu-Kria("new" Kria)...Nu-ceria...Nocera -today.

We are romantic ,our specie.We can't feel happy if stay at home, but we are nostalgic when we are far from our house....

And Sarrasti? They controlled the vale of Nocera about 300 years and then gave up to other adventurers.

( review of "Storia di Nocera de'Pagani",G.Orlando,1884)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What do you know about Nocera?(1)

Salerno from highway

My dear Archeological Group of Salerno sent me an invitation to partecipate on the opening of a new exhibition "World of Animals in the Medioeval Art in Campania".Unfortunately I'm not a member of the group this year,but I like those nice persons and I miss them.

I like ancient history and learn everything I can about places where I live.But what I learned about Nocera was simply incredible.It's a pity,
many residents of this zone don't know proper history,traditions and go to look for them to americans and others.Americans,you are great,but we are interesting because we are different,not as from the same incubator.

When I come to live here,this zone was in a terrible condition but in last years it become as a flower that comes out in spring.The other flower in this bouquet is Salerno -beautiful,very quiet city,where you can walk through the streets in the night too.I love Salerno.It's mayor did great job and now it's a jewel.Salerno was founded by Roman veterans.In it's center the Archeological Group preserves Roman treasure in a little church of Longobards...Every step you do,under your feet there are many layers of history there.
Salerno See front
But Salerno has not so Great History as Nocera.Our city was capital of Sannits,it has it's own alphabet,there were battles and fashinating stories about Gots,Hannibal and senators,killed in thermae with steam...Like in those famouse films.Nocera was great many centuries befor Christ.
Maybe I have to tell you it's story...

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I go out in the street.Days passed near PC can't replace normal everyday life.Ah! The sun is shying as in summer,there is no wind,it's really warm.Infact,that woman has a blouse with short handles...

Now I see finally people wait for Christmas.Our street is adorned with inflatable Santas hanging under the windows of almost all houses.How is it possible?All residents buyed the same Santa?But the street is nice.

Some days I read news about "Christmas wars" and how "the godless liberals and atheists" transgress centuries-old christian tradition.Here in Italy maybe -fortunately- nobody thinks about it.Everybody everywhere makes a manger scene.From little and great and alive statues.They say, it brings fortune to see these scenes.I post them here for you.

In the evening,24 December,after 18:00,you can find nobody in the street.Some mad car,maybe.The holy tradition to eat in the family this evening.

Not many persons are here in the street.Most of them are shopmen,that have nothing to do in their shops and pass the day for the door of their bench to look on rare bypassers,to speak with colleagues and to drink coffee.Shop-signs change with incredible speed in our zone.Only few businesses resist more than some months.Very poore befor,with euro most hardly arrive to the end of the month.So in this period you can find bars and pizzerie every 20 meters and supermarkets every 50.And to think that some years ago there were only 2 supermarkets in all Salerno and 2 here, in all our zone.Once there were many discounts where you could buy food of little quality, and you could pass all day in toilett after you had eaten it.Today you can find discounts too and you have to see what happens there in the days of great shopping,friday and saturday.

One woman with a little child enter in the street.The girl sees the great Santa for one of the shops.You remember the enormous eyes of a child that sees a "real Santa"?His astonishment?Can you immagin YOU on his place?Try to live it again,this sense of miracle.It's beautiful.And if you do it every day befor Christmas and New Year....Yes,what I said?Ah,the girl...The owner of the shop immediately wakes up from his lethargy,but the woman is able to pull her doughter in time away.The shopman falls asleep for his door once more.

What do you want,it's true,in popular culture miracle and all hopes represent Santa Claus and the Tree and not the story about infant Jesus.I think this comes from our ancestral roots.From our memory of the times, when we knew to be children of the Nature,and respected our Mother else.We remembered She can give us everything and can deprive us of everything.Maybe we could be more happy if we could turn back to respect her.

And now is time for me to enter the bar too.A cup of coffee will bring me in reality.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Emotional mistreatment -"bad" chief,parents,friends

."......Disrespect and emotional mistreatment can range from continuous bullying and discrimination from family members, co-workers or peers on a daily basis ......"

As said,I think we have to begin with ourselfs.I propose you to use millenary buddhist technic and observe our mind.What we find there?

When we dig up our soul very deep,we find an interesting thing: every our movement we control if others like us.It's incredible,but we are depending from the opinion of other people about us as druggies from their dope.And this is not last news we find.

If we continue to dig up our soul we find that every moment we observe us to understand what is THIS (this "I") and if we like it.

Maybe you don't believe me.Do it.Observe yourself.

--I'm sad.Why? He/she said me a bad word.

First.What is "bad"? Is any difference for you if you hear "A" or "U",for example?Those are only sounds,nothing more.Say that "bad" word to a person that don't understand your language.
So you understand that this difference is YOU,because are you who define this word as "bad".

Second.Your chief said you this bad word,because he is in a bad emotional state today.He "pass" you his bad emotion and free himself from this emotion in this way.He knows you catch it(or he trains you if you are new there).You are ready to catch it.You wait for it.You define this words as "bad".You show him how much you depend from his good or bad emotional state.And it's in our nature to be content to see others depending from us.It's enough to see some husbands.Like young animals that have to catch their parents to replace them,those persons will try and try and try again.Or they understand you are untouchable,or they can do what they want with you.

These problems you have always in the school.I said you,I worked in school for 15 years and I know what I tell you.Maybe I write about it in my next post.

Now immagin this person (not MY CHIEF but THIS PERSON -very powerful exercise,you know,to call somebody "my" with extraneous "this person".It works even with "mother".) enter in your room in this state.He has this twisted face with those sounds that go out from his twisted mouth.If you see this scene as a comic film (why not?What is the difference?) will you define these words as "bad"?No.

So we turn back to YOU.It's not your chief that says you bad words.It's you that define what you see or hear as "bad" or "good".Right?Why?Because you are not sure that this person defines you as "good".You are not sure,you want to be accepted -you are afraid not to be accepted by other persons.
Why? maybe better I give you an example.We can't see our face.To see it we use mirror.
Our "I" can't see himself.He uses opinion of other persons.

And the thing becomes terrible if our twinkled "mirror" are the most near to us persons.Family members,co-workers or peers.

Once "I" understood that he is "bad",begins to wait for bad treatment,every word he hears is bad,every movement is bad,tragedy.....

So far,what can we do?How can we help our poore "I" ?
--Begin with 40-days training with "I'm good so as I am" ( read here) and other sentences
--identify "my"-person that consciously mistreate you and do "this person" exercise ( I wrote befor).If it is your mother for example you love so much,don't be afraid you don't love her more.You will reach only emotional indipendance but not lose your love.
-- observe youself and explain you what is happend after every situation,why you have this exagerate reaction.What reaction wait from you those persons.
--finally turn your look into you and find where is the thought that provoke this pain.In the mind?In the heart?Look at this place,observe it.Once more.Once more.You see?You have not more your ache.
--do everyday meditation

Here I have to say I'm not agree with those scientists (my older post) that say we have to be treated bad to wake up.We are so often mistreated in our life,most of us lose the capacity to resist,to stand kicks.Norbekov could choose only 3-5 person from 500 (approximately,I don't remember real numbers he writes) of terminaly ill persons that had forces to resist.And they are healthy today.We need first to recover this forces in our soul,I think.

Friday, December 08, 2006

How to do?-Everyday meditation for everybody and disrespect and emotional mistreatment

"...the meditation exercise I do I posted it on the page Bön of MyInterests Site. ..."

The thing that strucked me in these last days was to read how many persons are suffering different problems concerning their emotional state, about disrespect and emotional mistreatment.Different authors write (and TV-journalists speak too) about how we feel in family and at work,about women that have to hear everyday incalculable offensive calls....

I had this problem in my family too.Telephone was simple to resolve.I disconnect it befor we go to sleep.And when those idiots knew it's possible to see their number,they began to think sometimes.

Other problem is mistreatment at work.Here (as for me) there are 2 parts:
1/- emotional state of the person is not stable,he/she feels every gesture,word as offensive.Without offensive content or intention.
2/- others look for somebody who has excessive reaction on their provocations.
What I write here is maybe known for all scientists,but in our everyday life we don't think about it.We suffer all our life without doing a step -very simple step-to help us.

The first simple step is to change our model of thinking about ourself.
You maybe will laugh,but I assure you it works perfectly.For at least 40 days every day repeat to you 10-20 times at once

"I'm good so as I am" or
"I can do everything and will be successful" or
"don't exist problems,only possibilities" or
"they are so because it's their way to exist" ecc

We don't like hard sun or rain.What we do?We accept them and try to protect us.Are we angry with them?No.It's silly.Somebody is afraid of them -it's an illness.Do we try to change it?No.It's the way how the world exist.

You can have 1-10 sentences to repeat...I have an arm-band with 21 pieces on it,so I repeat one sentence 11 times,then other 11 times or if I think the sentence is very important in this period,I repeat it 21 times....

Add other positive sentences.Some days you'll think "It's stupidity",but continue to do this exercise,don't stop.Repeat and repeat and repeat.It works really.
You can read about it in different books.I'll post the titles lately.And there are many positive phrases you can repeat,but they have to be without wrong words.One Author is Mirzakarim Norbekov (here you can find one of his books in russian and the site of Norbekov.I can't say you if there are translations of his books in other languages.) Other is John Kehoe (this is his site ,here is one of his books in russian).I like books of these authors,but it not meens that there aren't other books about it.

Second step is not to show your reaction to others.If they consciously do something to you is because they wait for your reaction.Begin with show indifference.Sure they will repeat what they do different times else,but without your reaction the pastime is not interesting.

Now I want to offer you the meditation exercise I do.I posted it on the page Bön of MyInterests Site. Do this exercise so much times you want,it will give you calm and stability.And happiness, with time.

Many persons begin to cry they are not interested in other religions,they hate this thought ecc ecc.But here I don't write about other religions.I write you about YOUR HEALTH -don't metter what is your religion.
If you are believer of one of the religions -better for you,because you can heal quicker.This is the only difference for those who do this exercise.Nothing more.

Try it.I'm sure you will enjoy it (after some time of experience,at the beginning it's hard to stop the mind).

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How I decided to be a Writer

May I present you other photo to create Christmas feeling?

Did you try this?
This possibility I had not described you yet.In these period I study ways to become a writer.You can write articles,e-mails,eBooks,e-this,e-that...Oh yeees,there are rules and tricks to study.But it is closer to my original profession.So I try this too.Why not?Can it be I was writer from my birth,but never new about it?

I found 3 sites that offers money for writing and translating.2 of them wanted monthly fee (about 13 dollars) so I rejected them.(...I do it too...).So now I have one where I have not pay others for my work.

Go to terms (what do you think,I read them now) .I read some "essays",decided it's too difficult,begin with writing, have to see how write their expert writers and try to translate.It was incredible difficult.Maybe because it was the first time...or I didn't that work for a long time.
I don't know if they will pay me.But it will be a good training for me anyway.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Once more about money making possibilities

shary mal

Off topic
Eh...I hope everybody can feel this Christmas that is nearer and nearer.This evening I passed catching Christmas images and now I understand that the greatest feast of the year is not so far.I dedicate you this photo because you are the best and your success is coming,believe in it.

Next part of my money-making-possibilities voyage.
So I promised you to report here about my money-making-possibilities research.About 2 weeks ago I finished the story with new advices of internet-experts.They said me:post banners and links on your web-page,sit comfortable in your arm-chair and wait that money begin rain on your head.LOL.Not so,really.But you can earn something good enough.

It's very easy to create a site today.Completly gratis,without spending one cent.Everybody can do it,even if you see PC first time in your life.I don't know,if it could be interesting for somebody,maybe I will write one day about it.There are some tricks to know,but generally is very-very easy.

The problem is not to have a site.The problem is to have active visitors of your site.Not that you had understand that this masterpiece have to see as more persons as possible,this step you passed jet,but you did it to stay in contact with somebody,no?And today you want this site and this electronic device must earn their bread.And on this point we finished last time.

I said you,you can go to my site and see all what I will post during the next week.I went to,LinkShare and 2 other sites that offer links and banners to post.For Google I'm persona-non-grata,so this way was not for me.At first I was sad about it,but now I'm very content,because after I read terms of use very good,I don't like them.Read them,it's interesting,even fun and educative.
One of sites I cancelled from the memory of my PC and from my too is like Adsence.Those wrote to me:
-we don't accept you because you have other similar services on your pages.
Interesting.In that moment I had nothing,they were the first site I wrote.Other site,thanks,was more clear
-we don't work with new sites and those who has less than 500 visitors a day,
-who has not very interesting content,
other 6-7 reasons you can find what is about you.
LinkShare offers you many companies to ask for their banners and links.They have terms of use too.Some of them want you,others -no (-we don't work with those who has less then 10 000 visitors pro month),others don't write to you at all.
Bad feeling,you know.To be rejected.Today I learned "how to sell yourself"-article.Advise:the first you have to learn is to stand a reject,because only 1 or 2 of 50,100 your request-letters will give you work,other employers will reject you.

Yes,it's true.Some month earlier I passed many time to plant in my head the thought,that I'm good so as I am, and that I will reach success.It helped me with those rejects too.Befor, if I received those letters,I would be crushed,annihilate.Now I was a little sad,but I know,that I'm so good, and this is only a case,because it works in this way.Nothing.It works so,the thing.Next time I'll be more successful.The sun is hot.The water is wet.This world,that I explore now, works so.It is not personal for me,but the way to exist of this world.

So to finish about this sort of internet business,I have to add,that from those companies that accepted me,some did it only for about 40 days,others without limits.
Today,after about 2 weeks I have more then 1000 impressions and only from 5 (all LinkShare banners) till 26 (Amazon) clicks.Clicks.Not ordins.And after 2 weeks these sites will reject me too, while I do not sell.And they will have all reasons.
Somebody will say me,that to have profits from your business you have to work 2-3 years.Yes,it's true.When the famous terms and limits they write you.Pls answer this easy question:do you think those companies that alow you to post their banners on your site,don't know it?Were come these limits like 45 days from?Statistic I found once said, you have to wait for 1 ordin every 10 (or 100?) 000 impressions.....

I think,I have to read terms of these companies too.I hope they don't say me than that I have pay them for disturb...

I don't want to say you have renunce of this business creation.The only thing I say,we have to count these statistics in our beginning-plan.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lookers-Bookers shock

Some days ago I wrote about shock I had when I read an article about "Lookers" and "Bookers" (here I wrote about it).

On my way to find a new profession,to receive new professional skills I meet sellers first of all.They are very active and agressive -and it is simple to understand them,their world is so great,competitive, and seems the only way to sell something is to cheat others.I have this impression.Their teachers say, they want "very motivated" young people.Why?Because marketing they teach you is nothing as unscrupulousness in the ways to sell.

One article told me today what I have to do to sell myself.It's true,a normal little person don't know do it (excuse me, I like "Kleiner Mann-was nun?" by Hans Fallada).But when you begin to learn this art,you understand, it is something that overturns all your vision of the life.

So is very simple, why they seek for young men.Those want to earn great money,don't think too much about good-not good ways,have more energy and are easy to manage.I thought so about this phenomenon.Mature person more difficult can leave moral rules (if he/she has them).

I don't know,you ,do you like when somebody "press" you?In this way I could be convinced 1 time,but the second time you can't fool me with this method.I don't like to be treated in this way.You?How many times you partecipated on the scene:
A young girl tells you so much about a product you don't need.You hear mostly because she is so...young,wants so much you stop and hear her....but this don't meens you will buy.The chief of the girl sees she is unable to "work" and intervene.With aggression he/she begins to speak to you....What do you do? I go away.

This is the mail I received from my ex-chief from internet-supermarket.Written in italian,but I want you see the method to communicate.We don't work together,he and I,we leaved that supermarket because it was a fraud.But he don't learned from the first time,now he is one of the founders of an other supermarket (only founder can earn there).If exist persons who don't know what it is,these young men will try to catch them.

MAIL . . . . .
NESSUNO LO FARA' PER TE ! ! ! ! !! ! !

Why I remembered "Lookers and Bookers"?I used these words with young people (20-25) and they were disgusted to here them as I was befor.So I said to me (thinking about this marketing teachers):they are criminals too.Because they create a black background in the souls of our young generation.As a teacher I think, parents and teachers have to plant seeds of Good,it is their Holy Duty.Ruin the soul of growing person to put some dollars in own pocket is even not crime,it is piece of devilry.

Maybe I begin to become too old.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas story of a little girl

Finally is it dark.In winter is not necessary to wait,darkness comes very early.Parents turn on the lights of the christmastree and go into the kitchen.
And now the fable is visible.
She enters the room and sees only the twinkling tree in the darkness.
One step nearer.One more.
Old toys wake up.Blue house with snow and icicles on the roof opens it's door and a small man comes out.He walks the path of balls till reindeer,than till white hare ,then together they go and go (she turns the tree) and reach the red moon,they continue their journey,meet other characters and beautiful places....

One year her father clothed like Santa Claus and put home a sack with all possible gifts.The girl could not belive her happiness.She chanted and danced and said poems for every gift......Some days later her parents found her crying in a corner."Why?"-"You don't love me.You have gifted nothing to me for Christmas..."-"And the sack of gifts....?"-"No,those were from Santa"-"You are so a great girl,you know,there is no Santa..."-"It's not true.There is Santa, and he came to me and took gifts for me!" Nothing to do,the poor parents had to buy other gifts for the doughter.

That girl is old today.Her children buy gifts for their little girls.
She don't believes Santa Claus more and said me,she don't has the special Christmas-feeling in the last years.Maybe it is strange, to hear something like this from an old woman,but it's pitty to lose this sence of wonder,said she.

I thought about this story and asked my friends what is the faith.As a person that had atheistic roots,I envied people that have REAL faith.But now I think faith is when we feel that there is something wonderful in the life.Life is a miracle.

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