Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Charlemagne did not allow his daughters to marry

As you know, I study everything I can find about the history of Salerno in the period from Longobards till Normanns. And it's about a year that I am bounded to this study because I find something new every time I finish the previous book.

Now, I wanted to write here something interesting from the actual situation in Italy or in the world today, but, you know, it's really a sad picture that I found looking around in the internet. The news and articles are about what bag is good for this autumn (yesterday I spoke with a friend that said me: she do not buy anything more for the lack of money in the family) (ah, by the way, if you are interested in that bag, open the casket of your grandy and pull out one of those), about who made the baby to Kurnikova -Iglesias or not, and about the boil on the chin of a quarrelsome show-girl. And there were other "interesting" notices. I thought, maybe you are tired to read about this jumbling too. Let's look in the human lives in Middle Ages.

There are some curiosities about  Charlemagne. I'll  tell them to you to make your life more happy (if the Kings are so...) They say, the poor King of France had not money for his family and had to organize a chicken farm to sell eggs to balance his counts. His car was a car of a common Frank, his clothes were poor. As a King he had a "special" pet -an elephant that he loved too much. So much to make him die from the ingestion of all those things that the owners want to offer to their loved pets.

He had 3 wives that gave him different daughters (I don't know the precise number). Charlemagne never allowed them to marry and took them with him everywhere. There are modern opinions about his "special" relations with his daughters -did you notice that every any relation is always judged as "special" in the last years? Well, reading about his personal story, I do not agree with these opinions.

The daughters of the kings had too bad destinies in that epoch. Just as their (Kings') sisters. All they were a specie of coins to create connections between fathers/ brothers and their friends or enemies.
The same Charlemagne married one of the daughters of the King of Longobards. Probably, that was the most powerful character in that period. Nobody knows the reasons (even his biographer) but after some time Charles sent his wife back to her father. And it was the reason to begin a war (when Charles win and became a King of Longobards too).
The war began later when the daughter of Robert Guiscard was refused by Bizantines. And there are many other similar examples.

From other side the offended sister/ daughter coud provoke her husband to assault her father/ brother.
It was so with Sighelgaita, the wife of Robert Guiscard, that became the owner of the principality of Salerno.
Similar story happens in Byzantium when Anna Comnena trys to become the Empress.

So, my dear lovers of the "special" relations between fathers and daughters, the decision of Charlemagne was very very clever: he avoided all the problems connected with the daughters this way. No son-in-law/ brother-in-law -no wars, no revolutions at least from THIS side. :-)))

Friday, September 24, 2010

Paranormal Pictures's Authors

The third or the fourth post about paranormal events... It's a record for me. I've never wrote more than 1 at a time. But the information about them I receive every day and can't pass over in silence. Specially, because this time it's about a splendid picture of one of my favourite painters, M. A. Vrubel. You will agree with me after you will observe the picture attentively. I can't copy it so I give you the address to open in a new window
Thrown Down Demon

Oh, I found the picture and some others from "Demon"-series in Wikipedia.
This theme was very popular in that period: not only Russian writers and painters wanted to explore it but there were world known (actually) explorers like Nitzsche, too.

More Pictures of Vrubel you can see if you open this site.

What about paranormal here? They say (in the articles I read today) that there are pictures with "black" energy. Everybody who possesses them and even reproductions of them sufffer different and very grave problems. So, Vrubel, when worked on "Thrown Down Demon" (1902), had strange behaviour and, at the end, died in a madhouse (1910).

Everybody who owned "Hands Resist Him" by B. Stonehem undergo premature death. The picture "Crying Boy" by G. Bragolin and it's reproductions caused uncountable conflagrations in North England. By the way, the story of the creation of the picture is bad: the father liked to paint his son crying and tortured him to make the child cry. Both dead shortly after the picture was finished. Father -in  fire.

"Water-Lilie"s by C. Mone, they say, provoked fires too. The other picture-incendiary, old man with the streched hand (I did not found the name) is in the Royal museum in Edinburgh.

Gioconda provokes faint if someone looks at her for a long time. (?_!!!) There are many cases with famous persons too (Stendal).

A picture of Velasquez "The Rokeby Venus" is so terrible that even the museums did not want to have it in the exposition and it travelled from one museum to other.

Is it possible that the negative energy of the situation (Crying Boy) concentrates in a picture?
Is it possible that  the hand of the painter was guided by paranormal negative forces (Demon)?

Personally, I can't answer, it's clear. But it seems to me that something we do not understand, do not see, do not hear have to exist...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paranormal Possibilities to Increase your PR

Google and other SEs could probably not imagine that some persons will do everything possible to increase their PR. I do not tell about all those artful tools and inventions advertised for years by all kinds of "gurus" &C°-s (that, tools, do good job only for themselves not for those ignoirant other bloggers that follow their advises).

Some of bloggers, desperate, decided to try with paranormal. No, they did not use turned over cups or plates to call spirits. (Do you remember those "spiritual" seances from the times of our university youth?) These bloggers are much more modern. Even if I have to affirm that the spirits called with the help of a plate were very collaborative too. Who knows, maybe modern spirits want to be treated in a modern way. In any case the bloggers I speak about decided to organize a virtual spiritual seance.

They opened a list with the blogs's ratings of one of the popular search engines, choosed one of the top 3000, I think, blogs and followed it's performances for a week. It resulted stable enough and was appropriate for the experiment.

After that, the day of the experiment was fixed.

What they did:
all the partecipants (and there were many enough even if the precise number is unknown) had to try to access to the Universal Knowledge with their mind, to think about the rating of that blog for some time (1-2 hours) wishing it to have higher place in the list.

Blogger that organized this spiritual seance noticed that rating of the experimental blog suddenly began to grow. It entered in top 2000 and continued to improve for the next 3-4-5 days. Not too much but... Imagine if the owner of the blog was one of those that control own rating every day. He could have a heart attack observing that unexpected popularity!

Some days later, I saw one of the next posts of the blogger that organized that seance. After 3-5 days of "spiritual" growth of the rating, the experimental blog felt suddenly from the top 2000 to less than 5000. I do not remember the precise number well. In any case it had very bad rating in confront to the time when it was choosen to be the object of the experiment. The blogger-organizer repented with tears the damage all they did to the poor ignorant other blogger.

Personally, I was very sceptic about this experiment and wrote to the organizer they invented not very good game. We are not able to understand the higher forces and every child knows that the thought is something material. We do not know use it properly and can create problems with it. I do not know about the object of that experiment but the organizer was very, very and very unhappy about it, because she was sure she damaged that blogger.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video Cut by Invisible Entities

This post I had to dedicate to the entities that live around us but we are not able to see them -as I promised you in my previous post. I promised to add a video of the presentation of a book about some rituals in Nepal here, where it's (book's) author, antropologist Martino Nicoletti, told about his experiences during these rituals that he and his friend assisted.

Now, you will not believe me -because I myself can't believe it- that the video in my PC and in YouTube ... disappeared. Here what rests from it:

I could think that it was an error or somethng else but I watched it just before I registered it in YouTube and it was about 10 minutes long.

By the way, some years ago I posted here a video sent me from Kazakhstan about strange figures near a road. Those friends who reads my blog from that times will, probably, remember that post because it was relatively popular. Do you knw that that video does not exist too? I wanted to send it to one friend and found that post. But there is not video there. "This video does not exist" says the page. I thought, it can be, why not. Why have they (Google video) conserve so old files?

But today I'm ... I don't know really what to think about it.

Now I'll write some words about the spech of Martino how I remember it. I listened it 4-5 times. Unfortunatelly, I do not remember it well. I wanted to translate it at the moment when I'll write the post...

The ritual was practically a pilgrimage to wake up some spirits and to ask them something (I don't remember what). The monks produced different noises and even threw stones in cemeteries. After that, all the partecipants had visions and dreams to interpret. Martino told that the experience was very real and they felt that Entities. He told, it was something you would never believe if you would not experience it personally.

What can I say you more? I remember some other peculiarities from the speach of Martino but I don't want to offend those forses. Just that the video was cut, there was something that had not to be published. You could laugh about me but I take it seriously.

Next time I'll tell you about an experiment to influence the range of a site in internet that some ignorant persons carry out in June.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Children of Yeti Among Us

In my previous post I promised to translate the main facts from the articles about the discendants of woman-yeti that lived in a village in Caucasus at the end of XIX century and dead about 1888. As I told you there are many stories about these hominides and not only in Caucasus but in other wild places too. I read many times about yeties that live in extreem North. In my next post I want to translate for you the words of the antropologist Martino Nicoletti that told us about paranormal effects he could assist when studying local rituals in Nepal.I'm sure it will be interesting for you too.

But today I publish a free translation of the articles from "Arguments and Facts" I mentioned last time.

One scientist wanted to exhume the rests of that yeti-woman and her son, dead in 1954, that lived in a village named Thina in Abhasia. The actual residents do not remember the woman because she was just dead when they were burn, but their relatives told about her and her son so much that everybody knew her story.

Local landowner knew that yeti lived not far from the village and wanted to catch her. But she was very clever and avoided all the traps he made. At the end they attract her with the used man underwear. She was so absorbed to play with it that the hunters could take her without problems.

Some years she passed in a deep hole but than they domesticated her and after that she lived in the village in a shelter of branches. The man used her for their "games". They gave her alcohol and raped her. She did not learned to speak but knew her name. She did not use clothes and ate with the hands.

She had 4 children, 2 males and 2 females.
The residents of the village remembered one of her sons very good. He was 2 meters tall, had grey skin as his mother, curly hairs and big lips. He lived all his live in the village and died in 1954 about 70 years old. He was a human: spoke as all the people, was married 2 times and had 2 daughters and a son.

The scientists found the skull of Hvit (the son of Yeti-woman) in 1975 (on the photo in part 2 -link in my previous post). The skull has different non-homo sapiens peculiarities. He, Hvit, had high capacities to analyze information he had from the eyes, high emotinal capacities but not very good logical capacities. Persons that knew him told about his incredible physical forces: he could pick up a chair with a person on it with the teeth.

They say that the mother, yeti woman, has telepatic capacities and her granddaughter was able to read a magazine with the skin of her feet.

The other difference from Cro-Magnons is the form of eye sockets. "Yeties" have them in form of roofs. Finally the form of chin is oval in Cro-Magnons and I_I form in Neanderthals.

Hvit's skull was more similar to the Neanderthals than to Cro-Magnons.

Other scientists noticed that the volume of the humans becomes more and more little with time. They studied many Egiptian and other skulls and say that the volume becomes 1 cubic cm smaller every 100 years. And smaller become spiritual needs of the humans.

Neanderthals had high telepatic capacities and high emotional compassion. Charity and clemency in the modern persons are inheritance of the Neanderthals. The invention of the bow and the possibility to kill from large distances transformed Cro-Magnons finally in the persons with
low levels of compassion.

They tell often about the cases when yeti-men steel girls in the villages in India. The girls, if found than, do not want to turn home and remain with their "husbands". Such cases are in Tibet too. Intersting is that if a child borns similar to yeti, they take him/ her in the forest to "his relatives".
A very famous Russian writer Ivan Turgenev saw once a yeti-woman that wanted to catch him. Turgenev told about this case to Maupassant.

Scientist I wrote at the beginning says there are thousands of yetis in the world. He studied their feetsteps and have seen photos from America and Australia.
The other scientist says ther are "wild" persons that are similar to yeties because they do not wash themselve etc. Those are individuals that decided to avoid the society and to live far from it.

But new findings of "different" people in Indonesia and Altay show that the modern person comes from different species of humans.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Are They Really the Descendants of Yeti?

There are many legends about "snowman", yeti -there are differnt names for this fenomenon. I heard these legends for the first time when I lived in Caucasus and we, students of the linguistic university, began our courses of the touristic guides.

They spoke about subjects found at the beginnning of the XX century. Persons treated them very bad when they captured these beings.

On the picture from "Arguments and Facts" here is a yeti-woman, captrued by some hunters in Caucasus. Domesticated, she lived till the death in the village and had children. Actual residents of the village remember stories told by their relatives about the woman. Her son lived there till 1954 and there are different grandchildren now. You can see the photos in the posts: part 1, part 2, part 3). One scientist wanted to study this case and he collected everything about the woman and her discendants.

They say, those beings we hear the stories about are the Neanderthals. The other interesting conclusion scientists made about yetis is that they have highly developed part of the skull/brain responsible for the "paranormal" capacities of the persons. They are very sensitive and seem to be able to comunicate with telepatia. That is why they did not need a language. And they are very compassionate at the difference of the Cro-Magnons that are more agressive.

Believe you or not believe, it will be intersting for you to give a look on the photos.
The 3 part presents the reconstruction of the face of the son of that yeti-woman and the photo of the twins-sisters, daughters of the grandchild of yeti-woman.

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