Sunday, December 30, 2007


I watched this video and remembered what is happend to me and my friend. I wanted to become an alpinist but nobody wanted accept me on the courses because of my health. So one day one friend that was instructor said me, we can go for a short walk on the mountain. I was so incredibly happy!

The way we choosed was very hard, and because it was after an incredible for that places storm, many trees were broken and every step needed all forces. And then suddenly we were on the bank of the "stone-river". What it is you can see in the video, when the boys throw the stone, it goes down in a little "stone-river".

I did not know anything about this phenomena, but my friend knew, he was an expert instructor.
It is a stripe of stones. They seem to be nothing special, but if something touches one of those stones, all them begin to fall. In our case the river was large and we could not see not the beginning, neither the end of it. My friend told me about and... slid in this "river". Only one foot. But all the river began it's movement. And my friend was inside. I don't know how I could grab him, where I found forces to pull him out... Fortunatelly he went out about 2 meters lower only with great fear. Nothing broken seriously, only livids.

This friend was very contrary to take me with him in the mountains. But after this adventure he allowed me to go with his groups for the easy walks other different times. ;))) ( Moral: if you want, but instructor is contrary, save him the life and he is yourth)

Inspired persons -2

An other point I am fixed and make a collection are the incredible capacities, patience and fantasy of some persons. I could not explain you my admiration for them. Maybe because I have not these perfections and can only copy somebodies idea.

Once I made an overview of precedent posts to this theme here Inspired persons
But this time I'm sure you will remain without words. Look at this:


Great deals on HDTVs and related products

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Saturday, December 29, 2007


To remember those who died. They laugh. Last time. 230 000 lives.

More photos

Interesting persons -3

Continue my collection of interesting persons. As said, I don't judge them, I only am interested to see their Way.
Interesting person
Interesing persons-2

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What happens to you in the Cheops' pyramid

Pharaon, known as Cheops (for Greeks), had another name, Khufu. Khufu is known and generally accepted as a builder of the great pyramid of Giza/Egypt. And here I want to tell you what will happen to you if you go into this pyramid.

I ask pardon because I can't give you the names of protagonists here. This story I heared in TV, mostly, and had not time to write names to add internet information about them.

Ancient Egyptian books tell about something, a tower (?), made from polished granite that is inside the Great Pyramide (isolated from the "body" of the pyramide). They say, this pyramide is built to hide something, not to be a funeral monument. Dr. Zahi Hawass says always, he never found traces of UFO or other civilizations in 35 years of excavations, but there are interesting researches of neurologists about the "anomalous" behaviour of our brain in the pyramide.

This modern story began about 30 years ago, when one italian archeologist ( that name!!!) decided to lay some time in the granite sarcophagus inside the room with the walls from polished granite. There were many persons there not far from him. They called him after some time but he did not answered. Then he "awoke" and understood that happend something strange to him. But at that time nobody believed him.

This year an italian TV-program (Voyager) wanted to control what was happend with that man 30 years ago and asked to make this research a neurologist... his son. The son was present in the pyramide when this "anomaly" happend to his father.

So , what they found...
First of all some scientific lines. (Source)

Human brain inherent few types of activity, corresponding with biological and psychological state of the organism.
Delta-rhythm. Consists of high amplitude waves of 500 muV, frequency 1-4 Hz. Developed in the state of a deep sleep.
Theta-rhythm. Waves with frequency 4-7 Hz and amplitude of 70-150 muV. Developed in the state of a slow sleep.
Alfa-rhythm. Frequency range 8-13 Hz, average amplitude 30-70 muV. Person is awake, but eyes closed.
Beta-rhythm. Frequency range 14-30 Hz, amplitude 5-30 muV. Person is awake and active.
Gamma-rhythm. Frequency range 30-50 Hz and very low amplitude - less then 10 muV. This rhythm is developed in the state of high concentration, anxiety and rage.

Important for us is that Alpha-rhythm is the state of brain presented in the persons (monks) that are in profound meditation.

And other very interesting for us information from the same site:

As it is known, energy can transform from one type into another and reinforce itself if comes into a resonance with another source of energy.
Thoughts and emotions form energo-informational reality.

Continue the story.
In that granite sarcophagus
(made from one piece of granite and with a building technique that needs actually 5 times more powerful machines that normaly builders use)
the volunteer had an enormous splash of alpha-rhythms (control research -zero alpha).
Normally when we have alpha-activity it is registrated in the back side of the head. In the pyramide the man had alpha-activity all over the head.

The person inside the pyramide had distorted perception of time. And was in state of deep meditation.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gigant statues all over the world

The greatest statue of Jesus Christ is today in Indonesia, but that of Rio is most famous that is why you see it here.
Other modern gigant statue is in Japan, Ushiku and is the statue of Buddha.
It's a fascination of "gigantismus", maybe. Or of dinosaurus-games.

But in the ancient times, who were the protagonists of the great statues?

Ah, did you know, that the gigant statues of Buddhas in Afganistan will be restored?
And the statues of Pasqua are endangered and many of them destroyed?

Maybe the most significant of all these statues is Maya-altar. Was it made to sacrifice human hearts?

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

My dear friends, I wish all of you great and happy, merry and sweety Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Everything you can wish for Babies and Toddlers

In this very hard period, when you have to think so much, what to buy to make your child or children of your friends and relatives happy, you will find great help in an online store "ShopWiki". On the page dedicated to Babies and Toddlers you will find everything you can wish for them because the team collected best offers from all most important and small stores in internet to present them to you all in one place.

Every day you have to think about health and hygiene of the baby, so begin our exploration of the site visiting this page. The pge contains important advices that every new parent has to consider befor he/she
purchase something he wants. When you choose the category you need (shampoo for example) and then on the brand you like more ( I click Gerber), you open a very interesting page where evry single product of this brand shows you prices avilable in different stores and if you go to see "all stores", you can confront taxes and shipping prices too.

Turn back to the Babies and Toddlers page and try to see what we can find if we need Strollers. This
essential item is avilable in great quantity of models and this can creat confusion if you are not very expert parent else. That is why you'll find on the page related articles to explain you what differences have this products and the list of features they have. Than you pass to the first price choise and finally to the page with confront of prices avilablefor this item in different stors.

Very useful site with clear navigation and great advises.

Interesing persons-2

In one of my previous posts I added a photo of one interesting person. A photo I found today remembered me that one, and I decided to continue this my collection giving it a name "Interesting persons". The only thing to say here is "Everybody has to go own Path".

"Greenpeace" wants to protect fishes

Look at them, what they invented this time!
With 7 t of beton blocks they built 50 m long wall using fast drying cement to close access to the conference-hall for "fishing-ministers" of EU.
Police needed special technic to destroy the wall.
On this action partecipated about 200 persons from 14 countries.


Make a gift to those who needs it

This is not a review. This is a message I want to pass to all you. Maybe we can help those who really needs help and give them a possibility to survive with our attention. I really believe in it.

Give a farmer a llama -$45

For families in Hurungwe, Zimbabwe, a goat will produce milk to trade with other people and the goat’s first kids will be passed on to other families and help them too. -$17

Gift meal for 70 children in Battambang City, Cambodia -$12

Gift a scholarship that will pay for school supplies and healthcare, allowing a child to go back to school. -$28

Provide vaccinations against common childhood diseases. 2 children -$20

There are many other gifts you can choose.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Offers for "bad credit" consumers

There are persons that have "bad credit". What it means? These persons have no previous or poor credit hystory. There are many reasons when somebody can become bad credit hystory. For example CCJs, failure to pay household bills, mortgage or rent arrears, loan defaults and bankruptcy. Statisitc says, the number of persons with bad credit is increasing in the US every year.

If it's happend that your financial rating is not perfect, you have not to feel depressed. There are different possibilities for you. Go to the site dedicated to offer all helpyou need in this situation. There you will know how to get back financially on your feet, you will find the best "bad credit" offers. You can compare the major providers and chose what better you need in this moment. You will find the resources to repair you credit hystory too.

"Bad credit" credit cards are very useful in this case. One of the features of many of them consists in monthly report to the to the major credit bureaus and this will help you to restore your positive credit rating.

To apply for home loan, lower interest rates or payments you can chose among different home loan services that have easy online application and you will have your credit approved quick and easy.

Visiting you find not only these services. There are special offers for auto loan and personal loans. You can receive you cash within hours after application.

Don't read diary of your child!

The life is not changed in 35-40 years. And maybe from the time when the humans appeared on the Earth. Yes, I know, I repeat what everybody says in my age, when we have the young generation old enough to think about indipendance for our eyes.

One great poet said once: When I was 20, I went to 40-year-old men to ask them about advices they could give me from the experience of their age. Now I'm 60 and when I see 40-year-old men, I think: oh my God, these boys what can they understand in the life!

Yesterday, when I had to work with my posts and visit my blog-friends, came a daughter of my neighbour to ask me about help with her new computer. When she was 9 years old and had great problems with school program, I gave her lessons for some months. She is a brave girl, but she doesn't know how to sutdy. To do it successfully, you have to understand how to do it. In the other case you will lose many time and forces, health -and as a result you can even remain with empty head. This girl has this problem. She passes all days for the books and can't reach good results. It was when she had 9 years, the same problem she has now too. And we spoke about it.

So, I had to listen her stories about her school life and then about her relations with her mother. And those was the same stories we had when I was 16 years old too. Stories about mistreatments and insults, mothers that feel the only owner of this "thing", that think they have right to do what they want.

I showed to the girl this blog and she understod the name "Diary".
-Oh, I know, it's your diary, the place where you describe your life... I write one too. But my mother reads it all the time. Not that I write something special there but I feel very bad for it. When I enter in the room, she says: it fell on the floor when I cleaned the room and opend. But I know, she comes there to read it and to look if she can find something else. It's disgusting!

I have very violent and possessive mother too, so I know this story from my own experience. Today I understand these mothers. How can they control their children? Specially in this age when they, children, feel adult and do so many stupidities. Simple mistakes, bad friends, drugs ecc ecc. It's easy to speak about friendship between mother and daughter/son but it's not so easy to do. And there are things the children would never say to their mothers. So, how to control them?

So, I say, I understand them. Today.
And I understand, it's pratically impossible that a violent and possessive person can change.
But as an old enough woman I want to say:
Don't humble your child. Don't read his/her diary.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is it real?

I don't know if all pictures of this collection are true, but there is a video on YouTube about crocodiles and persons jumping in the lake. So, I think it can be real. Others... ???

All collection of pics

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


There are different ways to take cure of children. When I see these photos as a teacher, I think they are terrible. But then I remember the epidemic murders of the own children that happens in Italy for different years, I think in completly other way: our parents were very charitable to us, because they suffered with us, but had not killed us.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sparta, Leonidas and false legends

-(italian) I fanciulli, appena nati, erano esaminati dagli anziani, e, se risultavano deboli o deformi, venivano esposti sul monte Taigeto perché fossero raccolti dai Perieci o dagli Iloti, oppure lasciati morire.

-It's hard for textbooks to say anything nice about the Spartans.

-The state determined whether children, both male and female, were strong when they were born; weakling infants were left in the hills to die of exposure.

On the photo is Leonidas (could be: statue found near his thomb) -"Lion's son", "Lion-like"- king of Sparta. If I had to choose a man-hero, ideal, I would name him. I like Spartans from my school-years and this man is for me the greatest in all history.
"We do not know what he looked like or how he felt. We only know what he did. ... Herodotus is our main source of information, plus a few fragments". I thought, Leonidas has to be about 30 years old, but the sources I read to write this post tell about 50-years old man.

The legends narrow, Leonidas knew from oracles that Sparta's king has to die to save the city and he went in the battle to give up himself.
When Xerxes wanted they lay down arms, Leonidas answered: Well, come here and take them.
Xerxes said: tomorrow the sun will be covered with flying arms. Leonidas answered: It's better for us, we can fight in the shadow.
On the third day of the battle (Thermopylae) Leonidas said to his soldiers to make good breackfast because this night they will eat in Aidòs ( the kingdom of the death)

So, till here you know more or less the history.

An interesting result have archeologists (Theodor Pitsios) in the place "where the spartans threw their deformed and ill children", under the mount Taiget (as the legend narrows -source: Plutarсh, from Athene, enemy of Sparta). They found in that place bones of 46 men of the age from 18 till 35 years ( VI-V cent. b.C.). Probably they were traitor, criminals and captives. No children bones found. False Legend. Written, surely,with only aim: to make bad publicity to enemies of Athene.

Now they want to demostrate that the legend about homosexual preferences of spartans is a false legend too.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Returning in the past

I found a collection of old photos from the Soviet Union and this one remembered me when I went for the first "conscious" time in the mountains of Kaukasus. The road was central, not local like this on the photo, canyon was larger, autobus was modern, but the mountains were the same. And they remain so as on this photo in my memory.

I made many photos too, but they were burnd, when my mother leaved our flat. So, there is nothing more remaining from that life.

Sometimes I find articles, posts, comments about how were oppressed those poor persons in the "Empire". I don't want to write about it. I know how was their life befor and "under" Soviet Union. This fact forgets everybody today. And I see what possibilities had common italians of my age (and even 5-7 years younger) in their industrialized modern country and what has I, a simple person, in backwarded Soviet Union. Sincerely, I feel sorry for them. I was very fortunated to be born in the Soviet Union.

But there is one thing I miss from that times. I can't explain this phenomena. We were poor yes, but we were more happy. You can see it on the old photos too. Those persons were not paid for smiles and "positive emotions". Those emotions are natural.

Maybe I was young.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great day

After who knows how much time finally I did it.
I wrote an article.
And submitd it to a specialized site. No, the article has to be approved befor they publish it and I have a period when nothing is approved. I work so, to find than zero. Not approved. Not grabbed. Not good. No, not this is the most important thing. Most important is:

I did it.

Because to understand something I need always sooooo much time! And sometimes have not patience to continue. But once started everything is more simple and become interesting with time too.
So, I wanted only to share with you this my important progress.

Some days later (18/12/2007):
My Article is accepted! Now I'm
As Featured On Ezine Articles

My article is How To Analyse Emptiness Of "I"

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MySpace Codes

Friday, December 14, 2007

Existentional problems of Santa Claus

Whom you see on this photo is my new Santa. I wanted to buy one of them and this was so cute that I could not last him there in the shop. I had to go in an other city this morning, but went there too, specially, to buy his "brother". The brother I saw yesterday when came in this shop. I made a great trip to came there and it was an adventure because I had to turn back home befor 12:30 and I had only 15-20 aminutes for everything.
So I did not like the "brother" and wanted to go when I saw this one... and loved him from the first sight. Now he lives here and sees me pratically all the day:

But my poor Santa has existential problems as I discovered. He is ... completely bald-headed. So beautiful and cute, so soft and with eye-glasses too... and bald... Oh no, this life is difficult for everybody! My poor Santa! How can I love him now?????

Have you seen something like this (pic under this line)? :))) Ah, there are different beautiful glitters on that page. If you have to add one to your page.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long life for our men!

Some persons are so brave to put together different photos like these from Befor and after marriage post and I thought them very good to illustrate the post I wanted to write from yesterday.

This morning in the shop I heared the radio transmission. A woman speaks about a new book maybe or something else and says:
- ... this is about the greatest dream of every man in the world...
-To live alown,- finishes the innocent voice of a male-presenter.

There are so many stories and pictures and everything you can imagin about it, ...

but the scientific research says perfectly contrarious things.
Not only that the married man lives longer as the single.

The numbers are very clear:
there is a very important % of persons that die after the death of the wife/husband (24% men, 17% women).

We had the same story in our family. My bis-grandy (grandfather of my mother) was dead at the age of 86 years. He had very good living conditions, was very healthy (could even read without glasses and had all his own teeth). He was not ill. But he could not live without his wife and was dead 3 years after her "from grief". I could never believe in this story,... but you see, it's true.

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Public sleeping in Japan

I was shocked in one sense when I saw these pictures. If you see those persons attentively, you find maybe only one ore some drinked or something like that. Most of them sleep without "forced" causes. Why I write here about it? Because I think, it's a great problem of modern life.

About a week ago I read about a widow of a Toyota employer, that began a legal cause against the concern, saying her husband was dead because had to work ... I'm not sure but I think about 109 hours a month more than he had to work normally (more than 100).

In Italy they speak very often about the sudden sleep that is the matter of many incidents on the road. One of my friends was with his girl after a trip, when they could sleep only some hours in 2-3 days, he decided to drive the car without go to sleep. He is not so young and he had to take tabs too. So, he finished in a hospital in very grave conditions. Fortunately he survived this incident.

An other incident I saw with my eyes. The enormous truck stopped for I don't know how deep precipice on a mauntain-road. I understood, the driver awoke in the last moment and with all power he had, pushed the brake. The truck had only the upper part of it's enormous wheels. I don't know, how felt the driver after it, maybe had never used more the car.

I'm a housewife today, but I remember when I worked, I had only one thought in my head: I want to sleep, I want to sleep.... From the moment I woke up. I wanted to have money for my trips, for theaters and museums.

What can I say you? It's sad, that we have this type of existance. We HAVE to think about OUR life a little more.

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You baby has to earn his milk!

From all the most important Japanese Inventions I could not leave this one without comment.
First I had not read what as written there. Thought only: these want the baby cleans the floor maybe. And I was write. This cloth is made specialy to make him work. Has he to crawl on the floor? Excellent! He will do it with benefit for mother and for him. So the mother, that has not so much to do, will be more happy and ... maybe there will be not so many babies killed by their mothers.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What do you need for the perfect form

Yes, this cool invention would be the best maybe. But befor we can buy it or make it ourselves I offer you some advises (not mine, given by the last researches of italian scientists). Personally I like women as described in "Grand Mother" but for me I feel too heavy and than you can read about important conseguences in this post Weight gain affects breast cancer survival written by DEBASIS

Poll (America)
More than one-third of us say our most difficult self-discipline challenge is weight.

And so, we begin with the advises:

-fruits ans vegetables and fresh made fruit juice for breackfast. Nothing coffee or tea - till 15:00
(Mmmm... I drink them to wake up...)

-have only 1 plate for meal (oh yes, I make only 1, but about 1-2 kg)

-begin the meal with vegetables -fresh or cooked- or fruits -in this way they are more gigestable.

-eat in a quiet place, sitting

-a few salt

-do not eliminate completely fat

-more legumes

- it has to be only food that you need for your diet in your house

-in the grosserystore you have to go with the written list to buy

-ecook frozen vegetables if you don't have time for those fresh

Comparision of different european cities

The comparision of the most interesting and great european cities is a special task. Sometimes it's difficult to decide what do you want to visit this time, because you would like to go everywhere. So, here you'll find some general information about 4 cities: London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

London is one of the most interesting cities of the Europe. You can find there the centuries long hystory (more than 200 years) and traditions and the last progresses of modern technology. The greatest city in UK, situated on the river Thames 64 km from the sea, has more than 7 milions persons. If you want to go to London, learn more about it's traditions. For example, to make gifts to the postmen and other person that need it, Boxing Day ( 26 dicember). London Hotels to prepare your visit.

After you have booked your Paris Hotels you can visit museums, parks, ther sightseengs of this city or maybe you want to see it from a cruise ship on Seine. Paris has the greatest number of museums in the world. Sunday you can visit most of them gratis. You'll have not problems with your visit if you have a good map with all the routs of the public transport.

When you want to visit Berlin, that is very reach on interesting places for every taste, it would be interesting for you to compare the differences of western and eastern part. The Eastern part was the center of the city befor the war and there were the best museums, opera, other places. The western part had to create all this new after the city was devided. Book Berlin Hotels
and begin your exploration of this unique situation.

Finally Brrcelona, the capital of Catalonia. It's the greatest port on the Mediterranean Sea, the most modern city of the Spain. You can find here an incredible mix of all epochs and styles. Walk through Barrio Gotico, gotic quarter, with it's cathedrals, through the La Rambla, the most beautiful street of the Europe and the most fantastic building of the XX century, La Sagrada Familia. Book Barcelona Hotels

How to create Christmas feeling

In this blog I wrote different times about christmas feeling and about it's enormous importance in the life of everybody. Here I wanted to post some advises how to create this feeling. Those are checked by the life and will surely help you in your family, with your children, guests and even if you have only your adult partner. Everybody of us needs it.
Let's begin.

1/ Begin to count days. In the way that it's like a ritual. Officially, always at the same time, with the list of "what have we prepared and what we have to do else"

2/ Paint holiday cards for guests, relatives, friends ecc

3/ One week befor the feast begin to decorate the house.
If you have children, don't be afraid to have too many decorations. For your children it's not important. Learn how to make toys and gifts yourself and begin to do them with your children.

4/ Some days befor begin to decorate your Christmas tree. Don't think about designers beauty. It's for an office, not for creating Christmas feeling that lasts all the life. Buy "special" balls ecc. Everyday new and maybe different. Create a fable of the tree.

5/ Invent some traditions. To take gifts for hare/fox/bird or to put gifts that the hare/fox/bird had left for your child in the garden. Something special. Decore Christmas tree for the birds/animals (pieces of fod as "balls")

6/ Invent a special, only for Christmas made cake

7/ Don't buy special costumes. Ears and tail or something that we "imagin" to be this or that character. It will be enough. Important is the fable.

8/ Buy many little gifts and hide them all over your house, garden, in every impossible place.

9/ If you can buy the gift you know your child can have, make a ritual to think of it. If you imagin, it will be an impossible wish, write it on the pieces of paper and hang them on the tree: "Santa will surely see it"

10/ If you want to create a feast, remember that the boys like partecipate on the adventures, the girl will be happy to partecipate on the fable. With all make up-s, clothes ecc.

11/ More noise/activity you make -more happy will be the child. If he/she sees adults with costums it will be more interesting.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Grand Mother"

Mother Goddesses, Earth Mother, Grand Mother... There are different names for femminility, fertility, life. You can find her in all mytholigies. She is Earth, she is creator of the life and "is often viewed as a protective force and divine intercessory for humanity" (Wikipedia)

The Goddess appears in Paleolitic times in all Europe and sometimes has very obese forms. Archeologists decided, it's because these sculptures represent opulent women of most successful hunters that could eat so much they wanted.

I'm not agree with it because I know some women that have this type of constitution -eat they or not eat. Than if you remember pictures of some aborigenal populations, in Africa for example, that could not eat as we eat in Europe, surely, but their women have these special forms. I think so. I'm not a specialist in this discussion. Maybe the scientists are right.

This statue (from the archeological museum of Malta) is without the head as you see. With a place for the head only. It means that it was possible to change the head when it was necessary. Romans changed the heads of Emperors because they had too short lives and Romans didn't want to pay every time the entire statue.

From this we can deduct that the goddess had to change the face from time to time. Maybe there was always an alive human representant in the villages (there are many statues with a place for the head) but there were problems with alive artists.

In the modern life we can see nude and clothed goddesses on every step. Sometimes we think: it's unpossible! I could understand the nude popo publishing the toilet paper, but the tank or children clothes...
You are not right. This nude popo is nothing other than men worship to the Goddess. And they don't assotiate toilet activity with this religion.

Do you have contro-proofs?

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