Thursday, January 31, 2008

Genetic variations and DNA study

Where is my train coming from?

Once I wanted to participate on the action of National Geographic "Genographic" -this was the name, I think. Yes, I'm right and posted the address too. The sense of this project was (and is) to study DNA of most persons possible to understand where are we from.

The studies say, we all come from the same ancestors that lived in Africa about 50-200, 000 years ago, says the site. Than they began to migrate and with time different mutations happened in our DNA. So, if you study the mutations in your DNA using this project, you can know, what way did all your branch till arrived there, where you are today. It's interesting, you are right. You can participate on this project too. The price of the analyze begins from $119. Visit the site and find the today price if you are interested in.

Now with DNA study the scientists can resolve different problems. I give you some examples and hope you'll find something new for you too.

Nobody knew where were those exceptional people from.
Ancient historians had different points of view on this question. Dionysus thought, they are aboriginal from Italy, Titus Livius said, they came from North, Herodotus wrote they are from Livia, a state existed in the territory of modern Turkey till VI b.C.

DNA study of the population of Tuscany demonstrated, from all these opinions Herodotus had right. Etruscans come from Turkey. There were different groups of studies. One of them studied ... DNA of the cows. And even this study showed the same: the cows, original from this zone (Tuscany) have DNA different from all the other cows, living in Italy. Their DNA is similar to those of the cows, living in Turkey. And because the cows could come here only with persons that take them together in their travel, it shows once more, that Etruscans are originally from Turkey. (

Do you have blue or brown eyes?
If your eyes are brown, you are "original" as those that came out of Africa many thousands years ago. Because brown is original colour of human eyes.
During their migrations persons had different mutations in their DNA and one of them was the mutation of colour of the iris about 6-10,000 years ago.

“From this we can conclude that all blue-eyed individuals are linked to the same ancestor,” says Professor Eiberg. “They have all inherited the same switch at exactly the same spot in their DNA.”

Brown-eyed individuals, by contrast, have considerable individual variation in the area of their DNA that controls melanin production. (

Poor me... My eyes have a colour that is unpossible to describe...

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Breast cancer and deodorant

Some days ago I wrote a review about breast cancer and when I read information in the web about it (to write the post I read many sources), found bad numbers about deaths from this illness.

I know it from experience in my own family, how is important to make controls and that the life is not too long when the surgery was made too late. Well, the notice from Daily Mail is surely not about the case in my family.

One researcher, Chris Exley (hope I write his name good) controlled tissues of 17 women after surgery and found they have great quantity of Aluminium near underarm. Normally this metal don't accumulate in the body. From other side, everybody knows that it's cancerogenous.

The researcher says: they can't be sure that this aluminium came in the ill tissues from deodorants, but everybody knows, it is used to produce deodorants because it blocks the perspiration.

Maybe it would be wise to read what components have our new deodorants befor we buy them?

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

How to make everybody know about you

This morning I was amused by the way one Japanese company choose to make everybody know about it. This is the notice:

One unknown Japanese company "..." (I don't want to write the name) announced they bought 51% of actions of 6 most big companies like Toyota Motor Corp., Sony Corp., Astellas Pharma Inc., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and similar paying for it 190 mlrd. doll. (Reuters)
All interested persons began to investigate who is it and how was possible something like this ecc.
Company that no one knew till that day become well known one by ALL the financial world and in all the world too.

Some time later the representatives of listed corporations denied the transactions and demonstrated why is it lie, but the thing was done (I think so).

I say, what means great publicity by free.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally online! and the game of tagging

For some days I was without my PC and had not access to internet and to your blogs too.
I ask PARDON to all of you that don't see me visit your blogs.

Unfortunatelly my troubles are not finish else, but till monday I have to be here. From monday I have to take my PC to the technitian once more, with hope to resolve my problems forever.

So, I ask you about a little patience with me, pls.

;))) but till monday I'll be very brave.

Now the Tagging game.

I'm very greatful to Leena she adds my link to her posts very often.

Leena has not only a very interesting intellectual game's blog, she likes to partecipate on tagging games too. In this way I have the benefit to be linked from time to time in her posts. Today she has a new game in this post Viral linking with a difference, she linked me too and now I add here her list.
If you like this game, copy this list and write me about it. I'll add your link here too.

To copy:

I tag Liudmila, André, RennyBA, Jenny and Gil

My most favorite posts are:

I am glad Microsoft does not make cars

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Tampere University of Technology students play Tetris WITH their dorm

Fun mathematics

Monday, January 21, 2008

Unsecured personal and small business loan program

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The World Beard and Moustache Championship and more

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This beautiful man on the photo is Willi Chevalier from Germany and to see him maybe many men would die from envy. If it's so, you have all the possibilities to beat all bearded men in The World Beard and Moustache Championships.
Did you know about them?
So, the next one will happen on May 23, 2009 in the City of Anchorage, Alaska. And all info and other bearded beauties you can find here.
Check back frequently for information on registration, spectator tickets, group tours, and more.
Did you read good? They think to sell group tours too!

It was very funny and new for me to see all these multiplicity of moustaches. We are accustomed to see women with some meters long nails (photo) (how long are those longest? More than 70 cm, I think) or both vith very long hair (Interesting persons -3) And this is something new for me.

Now from Guinness:
Lee Redmond (USA), who hasn't cut her nails since 1979, has grown and carefully manicured them to reach a total length of 7 m 51.3 cm (24 ft 7.8 in).

The world's longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping (China) at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) when measured on May 8, 2004.

Radhakant Bajpai of Naya Ganj, Uttar Pradesh, India, has hair sprouting from the centre of his outer ears (middle of the pinna) that measures an incredible 13.2 cm (5.19 in) at its longest point.

And finally... even
The longest appendix measured 26 cm (10.24 in) when it was removed from 72-year-old Safranco August (Croatia) during an autopsy at the Ljudevit Jurak University Department of Pathology, Zagreb, Croatia, on 26 August 2006.

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New Advertising Pearls

Today I found new for me advertising pearls surfing internet. Some of them I post here because I like them very much. Specially this poor lion is really great. I like interesting publicity: to look it in TV for example. So, I hope, you like these photos too.

Now I know everything about my Karma

I found this site with explanations about what Karma is and a test to understand what my personal karma is.
I wrote it many times that I don't like stupid psychological tests because I think they are not only stupid but dangerous too. But this test, I think is interesting to play.

So, now I know that I have a karma like ... a monk. :))) Maybe there is something true in it, you know... I like monastic mentality and there were times when I wanted to go this way.

Your Karmic Alignment is: Optimistic!


Score: 12 In general, you tend to create poitive actions. You have a caring personality which gives you positive Karma. Every now and then you slip up and harvest negative Karma. But, all in all, you follow lines similar to the Monks on their way to enlightenment.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cancer Treatment's and Research's Database

There is a great group of very invasive and aggressive diseases caused by abnormal behaviour of transformed cells that we call cancer. When one of our loved once is affected by this illness, we need help to receive the most recent information about disposable treatments and researches. The cancer information on the web you will find visiting

This diseases affect persons of all ages but are more frequent with more old age. One of the most frequently diagnosed is Lung Cancer. This cancer affects air passages. The 2 main types are diagnosed by how the cells look under a microscope. The treatment and survival rates depend on stages of the illness. In the database of The Cancer Monthly you will find results for 60 recent therapies.

There are 50 recent therapies for Breast Cancer. This form depends from hormones and affects mostly ducts and lobules of the breast. It occurs not only women but (rarely) men too. The treatment depends on stages too. With breast exams and mammogram is possible to find the disease early.

Prostate Cancer usually occurs in older men and affects tissues of a gland in the male reproductive system and is very frequent cause of cancer death in men. In The Cancer Monthly database you will find the results for it's 40 recent therapies. As for other forms of cancer important is early detection that is possible making regular exams.

Time to play with fire

If you've read my previous posts, you are a little sad maybe. So, I want to entertain you now.

I like these type of tricks. There are different videos about them in all video-sites. All are dangerous if you don't follow the important tips -take care to read them if you want to try yourself.

How To Make Fire Balls - video powered by Metacafe

To eat or not to eat?

I write sometimes about women, their beauty ecc. So you can repass my posts like
Woman from 8000 years ago till today
To be a Woman
"Grand Mother"

Now, I found a site with absolutely incredible photos. Befor you pass to it, look at the first of the less terrible of them I copy here and say me: what are you seeing? Is it a hospital? A repart for persons that will die in some months or days?
No, my dear. Look at the second photo. It's a model business.

After you watch them, you can pass to my Interesting persons -3 collection. I think, it's really the case for it.

Broccoli made as in Italian Campania

Every source tells you today, that the best and healthiest food in absolute are broccoli.
Because it's their season now and we have a field of broccoli and eat them very often (my husband loves them and I help him), so I decided to post here this sequence of photos.

I wanted to do it before, when the plants were not flowering else, but the weather was bad, there were very hard rains. Today we have finally sunny day, but the plants opened their flowers.
So, this is our field of broccoli:

if it's possible, it's better to have own plants because you can gather only the parts you eat and healthy parts. In the shop you will buy entire plants and often they are ill. And I don't like to eat ill plants. Don't know what think you about it, but as for me it's not very good. So, because I have this possibility, I prefer to choose the best.
This is the plant:

Now I gather only the part that I will cook. It's a not opened flower, the soft part of the stem and young leaves. Somebody likes older leaves, but I have enough of young plants and prefer them.

This is the part I'll boil now:

Well, now I'll tell you the recipe that my husband prefers, but you can add them to your macaroni (spaghetti) as sauce if you like them.

Because I gathered a big plastic bag of broccoli, I need very big pan with water to boil them. I add salt, a good sliced head of garlic and black olive (green are good too). I put enough of olive oil in the pan (but now, when we have not so much oil, I boil them in the water and add oil in the plate -some less taste but more healthy).

Now you can put your pan on the fire and wait patiently that it begins to boil.
don't make it boil for much time, the taste becomes not good.
So, in the moment the water begins to boil, you put there your broccoli, wait that it begins to boil once more and than boil it for 10 minutes.
Take your broccoli from the pan, add olive oil and eat your vegetable-garnish (or only vegetables if you prefer)

This is what remains after our supper and we will eat it next day because if cold, these vegetables are delicious too.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Better care possibilities search engine

For everybody of us the years go by. One day we or our loved once understand that we can not live alone more and need assistance. This is very difficult period because we have to make a right decision about our future and to avoid undesirable implications.

Long-term care is possible to organize at home or you can choose specialized nursing homes where is available constant nursing care. When you begin to think about it, you have to understand different sides of older people caring. First of all you need to resolve legal and financial questions of the assistance, then you have to find information about government support, social services available in your residential zone and resolve other questions. is your guide on this way. This site provides you with access to all resources you can need to make your choice. It's a special search engine. But you will find here all related news and articles, information about diseases, will ask your questions in a forum and share your experiences, write your personal story or letters to community.

Bettercaring can help you.

To change HDD: ready for the last step

First step: To change a hard disc

In only 2 days I have everything at home! I ordered the items Wednesday at 18:00 and they arrived today at 16:30, directly here. Great shop! I'm not a "serial online shopper" but I buy some things online from time to time. I know, how many problems have persons with this type of shopping (here in Italy).

Personally, I could not complain online shopping, but I had some inconveniences like no answers on my questions, or no wish to explain or to understand my dificulties with goods I bought. It's important. I'm not expert specially in this electronic things, so it's clear that I can do not nderstand something.

And now, finally I'm ready for cleaning and changing pieces:
1/ compressed air to clean dust inside the case I bought in a hard goods shop,
2/ laser lens cleaner I bought in a Commercial Center,
3/ Hard disc and DVD-writer are from online shop.

This evening I'll read the instructions and maybe tomorrow will be dedicated to all these great changes.
Wish me patience and luck in this adventure.

First step: To change a hard disc

Poor books

Many of you that love reading books maybe do not imagin what some people can do with them. I would define it "violation of book's dignity". Somebody will cal it Art. Well, the first pic maybe.

I wrote about these harassment different times, here I make only summary of that old posts and add one new way of artist's expressions in this "niche".

This is The Fore-edge Painting and you can find many other examples in this site

Other 2 types of art you will find here

And finally the new one I found today here -with many other creations.
Do you love books?
What do you do with them?

Meat-Tabù and understanding of Art


Maybe and surely I'm not right. For me it has to be so: Art = beautiful. It would be interesting to know you opinions about it.

Now, why I write about it?
I don't understand naturalistic rappresentations as art. I would find other definitions for these expressions of point of view of the artist.

For example. The sketch of Picasso representing his friend in the state of grave depression (infact, he suicide later) that is the image for the manuals for psychologists today. It's art too. And sketches of Leonardo are Art. Maybe good for the studio of a medician scientist.

They say Goya had his Saturn Devouring His Son painted on the wall of own living room. (hope I don't tell you mistaken info) He was in a deep depression too.
It's Art. Terrible but Art.
But I would never put it in my house and specially in a place where I pass hours and hours.

Why can't I accept human meat as Art = Beauty? And all the terrible emotions too? Why I try to have Beauty near me? Sincerely, I would accept a great toxic spider as Art of the Nature but not internal parts of the body in my house...

And you?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Credit card's comparision and full guide

One of the most popular financial tools today are credit cards. There are more than 1500 of them available today, and they make our life more convenient and easy, if you use them in the right way. About benefits and precautions in their use you can read in special articles, visiting

There are different services and possibilities different companies offer you with their credit cards. So, you can borrow money and pay your item without interests till 59 days. Or you can use 0% credit card. Somebody offers you long interests free period. One gives you purchase protection and you can ask for compensation if something goes wrong. Other offers price protection and you receive the compensation if you change your item for similar with lower price. Finally you can have free extended warranties or free travel insurance and other possibilities.

So, what have you do now if you want to choose one? Visit Credit Card Comparison Centre and read about benefits every card gives you. If you have questions, you will find there very clear explanations of common problems and advises. And apply for a credit card you prefer and if you have any problem, there is customer service and FAQ-s to move away obstacles you could meet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To change a hard disc

Second step: To change HDD: ready for the last step

You will laugh, but I passed entire week to learn everything possible about HDD (read: "hard disc"). I had problems with my PC from the first day I have it in my house, but from the autumn it was impossible to work normally with it. I had to wait even hours that it turns on, because it turned off and then turned on without stop.

One friend said me: or is necessary to clean it, or the hard disc wants to broken, -and it's old too (more then 3 years).

Bad notice for me. Because I don't believe the technicians that live here in this zone. It was different times that they finished to breake my objects, and I had to pay them for it, too. But I remembered that one of the PC-magazines I have, had an article about how to change the hard disc (ComputerBildItalia 06/2005, p.22-27)... Fortunatelly I found that article in the bag with magazines ready to throw out.

I. You can do it yourself.

If you have to change the hard disc, first you have to know
-what interface has your old hard disc. The prblem is not the hard disc, but the connection between it and mother... The wire, in other words. You can use that old wire if your new HDD has the same interface.

There are about 20 of these interfaces, so if my HDD has UltraATA/100 I can't buy SATA, and the most of HDD in e-shops have this SATA. If you want to pass to different interface, you need other upgrades.

So, this is the most important thing you have to know when you need a new HDD.
I decided to be very clever and to buy HDD from the same mark, model but with more GB inside. I don't need great capacities, but always better is to have some more place here. My friend told me about 500GB -and I looked for those HDD ... and was not right.

The second thing you have to know, that your PC can make you a strike
1/if you pass from 160GB directly to 500. Specially if you have an old PC. So, they say, it's better to do it gradually.
2/ if your old PC had few rotations/min (rpm) and you pass to one with 7200 rpm or 10000 rpm because it becames too hot. In this case you need other upgrades.

The third thing is:
if your old HDD is alive, you can 1/ put inside the new disc (connect to the old -it's very simply), 2/ copy everything from old to new disc and only after that 3/ take the old disc out of PC. (I have a precious recovery programs for example)

Here you will find all the instructions for different types of interface installations
And these is clear and simple ATA installation guide where you can also pass from the link I wrote you befor.

I was in the shops and supermarkets today and found that it's more convinient to buy on-line. Prices are VERY different. I wanted to change my broken DVD-writer too and it costs 2 times less in internet (44,50 and 27,80 in my case).

By the way. There is an interesting new technology to write titles and even images and photos on the lable-part of you CD or DVD. It's LightScribe. Incredibly! This address gave me a webmaster of the e-shop to explain me what is the difference from 2 types of DVD-writters.

Now, I have to wait that my pack arrives...
and learn HOW to copy from one disc to other...

Second step: To change HDD: ready for the last step

Photos are from this page

Monday, January 14, 2008

Karate -smile

This day is for me dedicated to videos. This one is only to make you smile.

Old New Year

«source» на Яндекс.Фотках

It's a very popular feast in Russia: Old New Year.
This tradition remains from the time when zar Peter I changed the old calendar to that, used in all Europe in the period. I think so.

In fact, the orthodox Christmas is on 7 January and New Year on 14 January. The Church did not change it's calendar (because had problems with that zar) and so Russians become this happiness to possess twin-feasts (who recognize them).

Now there are other feast period (6-19 January), Christmas-tide, I think. Sincerely, I don't know what it is, I remember only, when we were students ( and recognized ALL holidays), this period (holidays) we finished in middle of February or March. So, I believe, that after 19 there is something more.

In the last years many person add to the list of pagan-orthodox-catholic feasts fascinating buddhist New Year (maybe following the Chinese calendar but I'm not sure). So the life has to be all infinite holidays.

I have normally my "Christmas-tree" till the Old New Year" so tomorrow I'll say good-bye to it.

And you, what do you think about this great period?

A Car climbing the mountain

I didn't believe my eyes when I saw the first of these videos. I've never heared about something like this. It's completely first time for me. I've even no words to describe what I see because I don't believe it till the moment I'm writing this words. If there were not other 2 videos, I would think it's a trik, the first video.
Watch them yourself:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

All information about gambling and online casinos

Here I present you a very interesting portal for those who is interested in latest gambling and online casinos news and key information. gives you clear, intuitive and easy navigation. Every player will find all details he needs in one place here. This portal is specially made for persons that want to play and look for specific information in this exact moment. Very important is that there are pages explaining safe and confidential ways to deposit money and tips to choose financial services and payment methods.

Interesting is that every leading online casino receives extra attention, and you will read here about all their fresh and best innovations and -if they have- unusual behaviour too. For those who is interested in, there are not only news, polls, articles and bonuses information. You will find descriptions of all games, their guides, reviews and related notes. Special page writes about rules and strategies of every game.

Finally, the site is translated in different languages and you can find addresses of casinos
of different countries with notices that come directly from the place you are interested in.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google Page Rank Checker

Fathia from Sew my Name suggested me a Google Page Rank Checker for those who -like me- doesn't believe the Google Toolbar that shows you every time other PR.

After the troubles with PP in autumn and because it's unpossible to dimonstrate to all these GREAT Pieces that you are not a cammel, I'm immune to these games now. Specially, because it's pratically impossible to find some work in the last 2-3 months. So, what the difference for me in all these games of rank?... Nothing.

I was pleased to see my Alexa rank better and better from day to day, but as said, in this situation changes nothing for me. I think, if you like my type of blogging, you like it without looking on the opinion of Google. Because PR or not PR, I remain so as I am. And you surely don't come here to read reviews even if I try to write them in my own way.

I had problems with my "job-givers" in the last days (sistem errors with paiments with one and no payments without explanations with others) so I'm too sad maybe today. It will pass...

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Friday, January 11, 2008

Refuses in the province of Naples

This photo is from Rainews24 but I could post here my own photos too. Unfortunatelly I forgot my camera at home this morning when we went in the province of Naples (I live in province of Salerno).

You will say me, you see nothing new here. You are right. This situation is in the province of Naples at least about 10 years. New for all us is the fact publiced in the lokal newspaper this morning: the government of the italian state finally, after years and years of requests of the "head" of Salerno to build a refuse dressing plant will give him a permission monday.

Because this problem exists for 10 years ( and somebody says that for much more), and there is not 1 but 2 problems,
-The other ethernal problem of the region is unemployment of many persons (45% for all residents and 65% of young persons)-
so, every normal person would think: it's enough to build refuse dressing plants and organize separate collection of refuse -and you resolve in great part all 2 problems.

But only stupid normal person can think in this way.
For government is much more easier to pay trains going to Germany and to pay those plants in Germany to transform all that rubbish, than to organize these simple, as we think, things. The head of region, Bassolino (more than 10 years major of Naples and than of all region), buys flats in the center of New York, but he has not money to build the refuse plants in Naples.

The only person that makes something in the region is the major of Salerno, De Luca. In 12 years that I live here, Salerno became so clean, beautiful. Not only. I never am afraid to walk through the city even in the late evening. And the old city has all these narrow streets. Do you understand it: I, woman, can quietly cross the narrow streets of a medieval city in the night (when I worked in an exhibition, I had to turn home very late) without thinking that somebody can go out and steal me the bag, for example.

Even the privince of Salerno is so beautiful now. I don't know, maybe they steel money too, as all governators do, I think, but they make this earth beautiful for all citizens.
And finally De Luca has his permission from the government of the country to build this plant. It's not official till now, only monday the necessary firms will be on the paper, but Prodi personally assured De Luca that it will be surely made. And, imagin, with all the international scandal that there is now, the government of Italy gives him (De Luca) no one cent for this project! He has to find individual investments for it! To resolve the most terrible problems of this region... (but we will pay more taxes for it now)

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Finally I have my milli...-ard or -on?

Maybe it's because Terry wished it to me too, but my happy star is finally on the sky: I have my million! And not of those empty dollars, but in EUROS!
You all, my friends, have urgently begin to envy me!

I adore them. I receive this mails at least 3-5 a day. Till today I could not understand: what profit they have from all these mails? It's clear that nobody takes it for something serious. But if they write it with so great insistance, they HAVE to be or paid, or have something good from all these work:

In one of my blogs (WP) I was writing posts once, and because I'm very slow, I did it about 3-4 hours. All that time I received continuously mails about very sofisticated spam-comments (the system even did not recognized them as spam). Somebody worked very hard to sent these spam comments to my blog all that hours.
That is why I ask me this question:what profit have they from all these great movement?

Here is the winning mail:

Award Winning Notofication.

Batch No.998/7890/543
Ref No.512/333/765
Ticket/Series No.SPL77734

It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but ,
Your e-mail address have be selected as one of the lucky winners of ( Euros )

For further inquiry and to process your cash grant, please contact our award secretary with the information below:

Name: Dr. Paco Brown
Tel: +34-693-455-190
Fax: +34-933-807-747

Pime Foundation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Rose Moreno
Pime Vueling Foundation.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Buy and sell gold bullion online

The truth is: many years I wanted to do it. Buy gold. And was never sure that I can understand this market. Because I have zero training for it. So to write a review of this site was very interesting for me. I've learned many things reading articles there and maybe one day I'll become their client too.

Why is this market so interesting? Value of gold is doubled in the past 5 years and the world economy is not stable. People want to protect their wealth from possible money lose and one of the solutions can be buying gold.

With every individual can buy, own, store and sell gold. It's a very clearly made site where you can see the gold price chart and live gold prices in 3 markets: New York, London and Zurich. With simple click you can buy and sell. There is very clear explanation of everything you have to do and every problem you can meet on this way. You can ask help in online chat or phone the team in UK. Testimonials speak about incredibly efficient customer service. allows convenient and cost effective investment. They have the lowest storage, insurance and trade fees. You have not be a great investor with them to have the best pricing. You can buy up to 1g of gold. And you have 1g free if you sign up with them.
Read FAQs to understand more in this market and research section for more articles and information.

BullionVault only deals Good Delivery professional gold, so you are here in a professional and secure place.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is it possible to work in these conditions?

Leena added me to the list of the new meme or somethng like this, so here is her list

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Hope, somebody of the mentioned blogs do the same too.

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Incredibly beautiful photos of geisha and maiko-girls

Geisha is for europeans something misterious till today. 20-30 years ago they told they are simple prostitutes. Later somebody began to say it's not true, they are prostitutes of high rang. In the last 10-15 years when 2-3 journalists went in Japan specially to study this institution and wrote splendid books about them, we think they are women for company of rich enough men -and if the things go good they can live with those men for many years. Something like in the modern european society , when many persons prefere not to go in the municipality for official marriage.

But geisha is not a simple woman for men company. She is a person of the arts, traditional Japanese artist-entertainer today. And her life is not very simple and very expensive.

Interesting notice of some days ago is that we have today one officially recognied geisha -european woman. She comes from Australia and visited lived in Japan from her 15 years. In april of 2007 she began her time of apprentice (became Maiko girl) in one of 4 geisha-residential areas of Tokyo (I think, the notice is from Tokyo, clear)

The mowan finished her studies in the western universities and then went to study the drum, tea ceremony, small talk and traditional dancing as well as her own specialist gei, meaning art or entertainment. She saiys she studies many hours every day and after her ufficial introduction in december she is finally accepted by her collegues as real member of these professionists.

Source of the notice

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Why do you choose it?

Once I wrote a post How animals smell? Some facts
In the last time there were notices about different researches in the field of our preferences. I think they are interesting to share them with you.
Unfortunatelly I have not a list of sources, so you have to believe me.

One study was about our reaction on odours. The researchers asked a great group of persons to smell a nice, a neutral and a bad odour. After they smell one of them they looked photos with different persons and had to describe them. The description was good if the parfum was good, bad if it was bad.

An other study was about sounds. In the department of wines in supermarkets some artists played german music and in the other days franch music. When the music was german, there was great sale of german wines, when the music was franch, people buyed french wines.

In the first and in the second case all persons categorically denyed the connection of sounds or smell with their choise.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Smile (new and old photos)

I like these photos. Those old too.

Lost links

Dear friends,
I lost some links to the sites that link to me when wanted to make the Blogrolls of all my blogs better, I'll create a new link list so pls control if you have my link in you Blogroll and I -not, write me pls.
Lazy Yogi and Animals as Friends too.
Thank you for your patience with me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

To be a Woman

This is what I say to me very often: we need a wish to be sparkling. Everyday life makes from us a sort of unisexs. Want proves? Look at this gallery of photos: Как чудовища превращаются в красавиц

And now here a collection of 75-years old models:Смелые старушки

New Year night

If the night of Christmas is very quite, the New Year night is similar to a battle. As I said you many times, we live on a bord of a "plate" -on one of the mountains that are round of a valley. So when I looked out at 23:45 I saw all our plate from all parts full of fireworks. Unfortunatelly, my photocamera is not good for this type of photography, but I tryed to create that feeling.

I was alown and had not joy in that moment, but those fires made me happy together with all persons that had this feast.

But the most "terrificant" (for our animals, clear) are those damned neighbours. ;))) They have sons that are now in the age when everybody wants to show how harsh he is. Imagin, I have them from all sides. What they make is difficult to describe. They buy the most "special" fireworks they can find to show them to others.

In the last years there are many beautiful fireworks in the shops. But befor there were not fireworks but bombs.
Once we were in the street in our car with my husband and the boys threw a little bomb under the car. I assure you, it was not the most beautiful sensation.
Infact, every New Year feasts morning TV-news tell about real victims of these bombs. One is without hand, other without eye, every year there are some without life. Most children.

Only Kotik was this evening near me at that time. Stassi wanted to go in her fence, cats-female went for their facts in the early evening. Kotik run under the bed and I had to call him for long time to make him go out. It was the second time "battle" in his life, so he knew what it was and was not very frightened this time.

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