Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Cactuses Flower

This year I have a great fortune: some cactuses that live in my yard for many years decided to flower this year. It's very surprizing. I even thought, those do not make flowers at all. But... Look at my photos.

Кактусы Цветут

This flower is exactly so as you see it. It has petals of different quality. And this is why they seem to be painted. No, this is the natural color of the flower.

This second has nothing particular except the color of the flower. I had a very big plant like this once but it had very strange flowers -brown striped that smelled like spoiled fish.

Кактусы Цветут

and this flower is even beautiful

Кактусы Цветут

This one flowers the first time, too.

Кактусы Цветут

and these you have just seen in this blog different times. The only difference is that they are so numerous!

Кактусы Цветут

Кактусы Цветут

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lightened Two Times in One Minute!

This incredible video shows a blessed man who was lightened two times in one minute and SURVIVED!!! It happened in China and the videocamera of an institution registered the event. I could not believe the notice of one of my friends bloggers and watched the video different times. It's true! Watch to believe!

My friend is a doctor and he saw consequences of the lightening in his professional life. He says, persons remain without hands or feet -depends on the place the lightning goes out from the body. But the fortune of this man is a kind of miracle since he rises and continues his way.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Cava dei Tirreni

Looking for the gastronomical feast in the not far from our home town, Cava dei Tirreni, I found an interesting exhibition. The municipality asked the local artist, Tamigi Elia to present her new works.

Elia dedicates her talent to the womenand to the place of the woman in the society, particularly. She says, the woman is similar to the dolls she plays from her first years of life with. And, growing, she becomes a puppet for other persons: her father, her husband, the society. That is why, the objects in this exposition have this special "taste". And, when I asked Elia to pose with her favourite work, she choose the puppet (that seems to me in a sense similar to the author).

You will remember that I just dedicated different posts to the same problem and this exhibition is a logical continuation of my point of view.

Cava dei Tirreni

Cava dei Tirreni

MY favourite was this "sculpture" that I want to imitate in my house, too. You will maybe not believe but all the face of the doll is painted with... needles! Those for a  dressmaker. If you'll look carefully, you will see them on the collar.

Cava dei Tirreni

My friends like this other figure. This is the neapolitan mask, a symbol of the region created (the mask) in XVII century approssimatively and normally represented by a man-jester. The name of the mask is Pulcinella. If you will visit Naples and Campania, you will find the little pulcinella-toys everywhere.

This work represents the chanting Pulcinella-female (!) that is pregnant, too.
There are different explanations of the name of the mask in internet, but I think it's about the poor people, that were "full of fleas" of maybe that remembers the flea markets (fleas="pulci" in Italiano).

Cava dei Tirreni

And finally Elia Tamigi and her favourite woman-puppet.

Cava dei Tirreni

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Armour of the Antique Woman Warrior

I read this discussion in one of the forums of the modern knights. The main idea was that the women had special armours with the places for breast for example. It was simple to understand that someone produces these armours and the discussion was a kind of advertising.

I was confused and wanted to explore the theme a little.
One of the first names you remember when you think about women warriors is logically Joan of Arc but I remember from the school that she was hated by many persons and persecuted exactly for her man clothes. The contemporary picture (1485) is the best prove of this idea.

The other name of the known warrior is Sighelgaita, the last longobard princess of Salerno, that partecipated as a warrior on all the battles together with her husband. Unfortunatelly, there are not pictures of this woman.

I decided to make a collection of the photos of the gravestones and monuments of the knights that are very numerous here in Campania. I discovered a new for me knights's orden in Naples (the knights have knots on the elbows). But I did not find women knights among them. So, I think, the women had not special female armours.

On my photo you can see the burial place of 2 "Knot"-knights. Splendid armours, excellent work of the artists.

Средневековые Рыцари

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