Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Community Populated by Mediums

Are you surprised?
Ha! There are many of them all over the world.
Entire villages, entire communities, as said.

Many many years ago, about 20, not last month as the fable tells, I visited Italy as a tourist. My friends wanted to show me all the interesting plases possible and we went to a feast of a village I do not remember where it was. The feast began in the evening. It was a very little medieval village with it's narrow streets. All the population of it had to be Mediums.

To be honest, most of the performances we've seen that evening were only games in medieval society. But near one of the little shops I saw a tall and very lean man with enormous black eyes. That man sorted me with his look among all the visitors of the shop and began to speak with me. He was too frightful, and I did not understand good enough Italian else. I was frightened. He insisted. Come here, I have to speak with you! I run away. In the same moment I regreted it. But I could not near him.

Who knows, maybe I could avoid great sufferings and many errors if I would speak with him. But I did not.

The other case when I knew about a Mediums village was not so far ago. I was in our museum when some women come. They listened to Pietro and wanted to sit and to rest a little. When they wanted to go away they told me they come from a community of the witches situating not far from Benevento. My god! If I knew about it before, I would ask them to tell me about it! It's so interesting!
We were numerous in the museum that day but the women wanted to tell it only to me. I attract Mediums. :-)))

Today I attracted Mediums too.
I received a mail with a link to a VERY interesting video -here is the link

Here is what they write to me:
We are working with HBO on their upcoming documentary “No One Dies in Lily Dale”. It is the fascinating story of a small community in Upstate New York populated by Mediums. It will air on HBO on July 5th.
This is a part of the article about the documentary.
I'm really very sorry that I canot watch it.

Since 1879, Lily Dale’s residents have thrown open their doors to the outside world, allowing visitors to “meet” and “speak” with the spirits of loved ones who inhabit the realm between this world and the next. Registered through rigorous testing by the town’s boards of directors, the 40 spiritualists of Lily Dale, who practice “mystical mediumship,” include: Anne Gehman, a well-known medium who often works with police forces and government agencies looking to solve crimes; Greta Lestock, whose father was a medium in Poland, although she did not start practicing spiritualism until she moved to Lily Dale; Gregory Kehn, who says he died three times in one week at age 11, and believes the spirits are always with us; Sherry Lee Calkins, who claims to have been able to see spirits since she was six, and whose two sisters are also mediums in Lily Dale; and internationally renowned visiting medium Michelle Whitedove, a medical intuitive who describes her gift as “a blessing and a curse.”

NO ONE DIES IN LILY DALE visits this idyllic community, described by visitors and residents alike as a place with a concentration of energy, where every year more than 25,000 people come to find closure after the loss of a loved one. Among those featured in the film are: Ronald Holt, a Chicago police officer whose teenage son was an innocent victim in a gang shooting; Rebecca Fabricius, a young woman seeking answers about the mysterious death of her fiancé; and Debbie and Rom Hamernick, who hope to understand why Debbie’s recently deceased mother cut her out of her will.

While some visitors are skeptical, and remain so after their “readings,” they come for help in the healing process. Along with the inevitable tears, the town and its inhabitants usually evoke smiles and bring a profound, surprising sense of connection with the world beyond to its visitors. Whatever their story, each one leaves with a different view of Lily Dale.

Happiness and Universe

Моя Вселенная...
«Моя Вселенная...» на Яндекс.Фотках

Buddhism and Bon practices help me reach the state of happiness. I don't know WHY it is so, it has not importance for me. I just understood we have not to look for explanations of the feelings or the "paranormal" events that happen from time to time in our lives.

I just spoke about it with different sceptics and specialists (like medicians etc) and they say: I do not believe in their "paranormal" nature but... we have to study these events to understand them. So, they accept the idea they exist, these events.

Buddhism tells about many different Universes and many different worlds and planets. They say, we visit them in our reincarnations. We do not live only on the Earth and not only as humans or animals etc. We can reincarnate on every planet.

I read an other interesting explanation and want to tell it to you. The author says it's the point of view of Vedas. I do not know, if it's true. I'll only tell you the idea.

Happiness comes to us from the Universe. Universe is happiness. Every point of Universe gives us an other kind of happiness. Every person has his/ her own understanding of happiness and consciously or unconsciously trys to reach that special point of the Universe, containing that special kind of happiness.

Well, this way, more or less.
I've never heard it before, that is why it's interesting for me to know your points of view and your thoughts.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Beautiful Modern Tale: Two European Women Save Children of a Monastery

Please, post this fable in your blog! You can help children to survive -and it will cost nothing to you!

This story began some years ago when 2 European women met a Lama Bon that shortly arrived in Swiss from Tibet. The women were searching for spiritual development and were very brave students of this Teacher. They were devoted to their Teacher, and was logically they decided to visit Nepal or Tibet or India to become closer to the culture they studied.

In their pilgrimage, our heroines reached Sikkim in India and found a Bon monastery Yungdrung Kundrak Ling in very difficult condition there. Monasteries are very important in that part of the world because they are centers of culture, schools for children, probably the only possibility to give education to the new generations, not only places where monks can live and practice.

A monastery I write about with only a few adult monks had a group of children that lived there. (photo was taken in spring)

Монастырю в Сиккиме нужна помощь и нужны помощники

We all know the women I write about, we practice together, and know about their compassionate hearts, their wish to help everybody who needs help, their capacity to sacrifice themselves to the right cause. You can understand from it that they decided to pass their vacation helping the monks to maintain this school. They cooked, washed clothes, taught English and did everything was necessary. Both, they have grown own children and could not see without doing something to help how hard the life was there.

On the photo Geshe Gelek Jimpa reads and translates a greating letter sent from the monastery to the children of a Swiss school for their help:

Монастырю в Сиккиме нужна помощь и нужны помощники

Here what one of them, Daniela, tells:

Good health is very important there. The nearest doctor is 4 hours jeep journey and all day long walk far from the monastery. When I was there, soot entered into an eye of a 12 years old cook. This problem seems not grave but it can damage the eye for all the life. I had drops for eyes with me and cured the eye of that child. After that they treated me as a princess.

On the photo is a check the children of the Swiss school sent in the monastery

Монастырю в Сиккиме нужна помощь и нужны помощники

You’ve probably just said it: what all similar organizations need are money. All over the world. Yes, it's true.
Turned home, our courageous women began to think where they could find money to help that monastery. They told about it everywhere. Many persons helped. Even the children from the schools their daughters study at wanted to give what they could and to send in the monastery. The abbey of it wrote a letter to these children and you can see it on the photos. Daniela asked Geshe Gelek Jimpa to translate it on the ritrit in April (2010).

Ursula, that passed her vacation this year in the monastery too (in winter) wrote to all those who participated on the fund raising a year ago. I cite some dates here.

Dear friends and sponsors from Germany, Italy, Swiss, France and Spain... I could take euro 14,030 with me this time. Hope you’ve received thank-you letters from the monastery. The monks earned euro 2135 for the rituals they do, the government of Sikkim gave them euro 3000. With this money they began to repair the buildings of the monastery but there is much to do else.

The monastery needs your help if you want to go there. If you ask it, you will have the teachings in the monastery. You can ask the visa 2 times for 45 days in Sikkim now.

Write to Usha for more information
The Information Letter from the Monastery you can find here:
Life of Children in a Monastery


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Against GM Foods

European parlament had to be like all other parlaments an institutio n to protect European citizens from the bad sides of the life (among many other tasks). In the time hat passes we see that it is to protect the riches and to make them more and more rich killing all us that vote that parlament.

I just wrote about my personal tragedy with all not natural, industrial foods. I do not digest industrial additives to the foods and have eternal problems with digestion. Nothing to do, says the physician, be attentive of what you eat and avoid foods you do not digest. Even in this moment when I write these words I feel bad. For 3 or 4 days I can't clean my body from something I ate. I assure you it's very bad feeling and I do not know WHAT was it this time.

The problem is that ALL the products we eat today have something bad inside.

We have a garden and grow fruits, and we know, it's unpossible to have even one normal cherry without using pesticides today. The old persons say, it was not so years ago. There were not so many different illnesses and harmful insects etc. Probably, modern hybrids of the plants are not so resistent as the plants produced by natural selection.

Now, pesticides are not enough more. They need an other enemy. The European parlament allowed the cultivation of the GM plants.

My friends sent me a petition against this decision of the European parlament fo sign. They need million signs to send this petition to the parlament. If you want to partecipate, you can open this site (there are many languages there)

Or you can look at the main page to choose your language
that it

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fuchsia... Fuchsias...

Books write that fuchsias come from the dense forests of the Andes where they created a connection with hummingbirds for pollination. That is why they have these colors, this form of the flower and absence of a smell.

Many species of fuchsias disappear from the Earth for disafforestation and the associations protecting this plants ask all fuchsias lovers to adopt these species in their gardens.

Said everything in the first paragraph, I could not dream to have them because the climate is too hot here and because I did not have shadow for them. I tryed them once, years ago, but they did not survive.

Фуксия королевская мозаика Royal Mosaic

About 3-4 years ago I bought wisterias and created a corner of shadow in the yard. That is why I decided to try to grow fuchsias once more. I bought 2 gigant and 3 normal fuchsias, all erect, by Bakker. This plants are in the shops here too, but they are different and with simple flowers. I like to have special hybrids, so I decided to buy what I like via internet.


The UK, US and Germany sites have so many differrent species! You can lose consciousness only looking at them. But they do not sell abroad. Bakker offers interesting hybrids too. I did not find other possibilities and ordered there.

On the photos you can see what I have today.


Gigant varieties are fuchsia "Royal Mosaic"

Фуксия королевская мозаика Royal Mosaic

And "Bella Rosella"

First flowers were really gigant. Next grow more little. In any case they are much bigger than other 3 varieties.

Fuchsia "Walz Jubelteen" seems so simple but the colors are very gentle and very pleasant to look at them.


Fuchsia "Ellebel" has 2 colors and is not erect till today. Maybe because it's too little else.


Finally fuchsia "Catootje" feels probably not very good. It's very little, and I have only 2 flowers. The weather is rainy, there is not sun, the plants have not enough light. I do not change their position to get them accustomed to their place. From other side, there are very hard windswhen it rains, and it's too cold when the sun shines...


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