Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A bunch of grapes from Apulia

This beauty I found in a greengrocer that is situated not too far from our house. I forgot to buy something for the cats this morning and decided to go down (from our hill) in the next shop because Basja promised to throw down the monitor if I do not give her to eat.

And so I had to pass near this greengrocer where I noticed incredibly big grapes. The shop keeper said me they come from Apulia. 

This is the period when they sell big varieties of grapes and it's not for much time, only for about a month. So, I buy them even if they say that the sugar of the grapes is not good for weight loss.

But this bunch of grapes is special. Did you notice how the man who cut it left a part of branch and a leaf... He was enraptured by the beauty of the grape. Look at it, how big is the bunch. I hardly could take it this way, so heavy it is.

And here, I want to show you the photos I took when we were in Apulia some weeks ago. What do you see here, these boundless feather-blanket like fields are vineyards!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miracles in Sorrento

Maybe it's because my husband is on the surgical table in this moment, and I'm very worried about the operation he is undergoing (are you surprized that I am here and do not wait under the door of the department? But it will not change anything because they will not allow me to enter before 12:30 there). So, I think about the miracles, the popuation of Italy usually asks visiting the numerous Saints who's sanctuaries exist practically in any town here.

Those are normally the miracolous objects like the picture "Our Lady of the Rosary" in the sanctuary of Pompei

Or they go in the place bounded with the memory of a really existed person like Saint Antonino in Sorrento.


The walls are covered with the thank-you objects for the received grace there. They represent the parts of the body where the terrible desease was situated. In the crypt of S.Antonino, there are entire walls with "legs", with "hands" etc


I could not understand this custom, sincerely, but now, when I'm sitting and waiting here, impotently, telling this to you and praying for the good exit of the operation, I would maybe feeling better if I was in such a place, I think.

 We often judge what we do not understand -and begin to follow the steps of others when our situation becomes so as the judged persons had before us.
Well, it's time to go for me.I'll pass next 2 days in the hospital, probably.


Thursday, September 08, 2011

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What I like in this directory is the web hosting blog with very clear articles that I read with great interest. I was attracted by the titles first but the content was really very useful for me since I have to think about hosting for my blogs shortly. I'm not very content how my blogs work now and do not know if it depends on my hosting. In this case I have to change it when the contract I have with them finishes.

The navigation of this web host directory is very easy. I was attracted by Awards and wanted to know about Best Budget Hosting. A personal blog that is written for pleasure of the owner does not need sophisticated tecnologies. But there are awards for business hostings, blog hostings, forum hostings and there are many other categories. Web Hosting Geeks makes the choice of the web hosting for the site not so exhausting as it seems to be from the first glance.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Antique Olive Trees of Apulia

Everybody knows it about Apuglia -it's the land of olive groves.

Древние Оливы

The plant likes sun and this particular very difficult soil that not so many plants can support. You know that we have olive trees too and pick up about 400 kg of olives (you will remember my post about the olive oil I wrote some years ago here How We Make Olive Oil). I want to see, olive tree is absolutely not new for me.

Древние Оливы

The modern landscape design uses the old olive trees as main points of the creation here in Sud Italy in the last years, too. So, I thought, there is nothing that can surprise me in this sense. But when I saw THESE trees, I was astonished. I can't even imagin how old have to be these trees. And how can the gatherers pick up the olive there...

Древние Оливы

Древние Оливы

Prickly Pear

This is the very typical scenery in Apulia. Olive trees, soil littered with white stones, white stone hut to hidde the paesant from the elements, white dry-stone wall and... an enormous prickly pear near it.


They grow  in grand quantity near the roads, too.



Is it because not so many plants like this difficult soil that has not only to dry easly but to become burning in summer, or the inhabitants like it so much -I don't know. I bought it to taste once but there were so many seeds in the pulp of the fruit that I could not eat it and I could not understand how it was. So, I never buy prickly pear more.


I would like to know how to cook it, so maybe I would be able to appreciate it...

Energy of the Wind

As a last fighter in the middle of the battle field stands this pole with propeller on the hill. And it seems to me, the clouds will touch it, envelop in their hostile wreaths... Who is that, in the middle, that clear light of Black Magic?
Энергия Ветра

Well, don't be afraid, I do not want to create a horror story. I simply like this very special photo.

We had to pass Apennines region yesterday, and I was surprized to see many new frameworks of windmills there. Wind generators are so numerous because it's the region of Wind. But there was no one of them some years ago when we passed there last time. Now, all this stretch is literally covered with the pales.

Энергия Ветра

There were wind turbines of different "models" but all they were made this way

Энергия Ветра

I was very content to see that Italy wants to pass to the alternative energy: with so much wind and sun, it has to be the first among all. This energy is always vailable and pollution-free -we HAVE to use it! It would be so great if every family could have own turbine and own solar battery!They are so incredibly expensive today, but the states could think about it in terms to buy the excesses of production in the families -and all the energy needs this way...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sports Betting Properly Explained

It's not the secret for everybody that all the sporting events are accompained by sports betting that is predicting of the results of the event or game by fans and spectators. It's the way for many persons to explain their emotions and love for their team, too.

Actually, there are different ways to participate on betting, and one of them offer online companies. The dedicated sites such as sportsbettingspot include articles and explanations of the sports betting rules, lists of books to consult with relative reviews and comments. It's to allow you to understand very good how it works.

If you are a fan, all these tools will be useful for you, too, because it will allow you to valuate the possibilities of a right choice more soberly. It's known that the fans lean to overvalue the capacities o their teams. Since betting is about money, the rational estimate is very important to win.

So, if you aspire to become a winner, you need a right preparation before you enter this world. And the best way is to visit dedicated sites like sportsbettingspot provided with all necessary tools to explain you how it works. The time you will pass to study the rules will translate in your victories. And if you win, they win, too.

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