Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Do You Know About Cold Weapons

This morning I was in museum. There were different men -members of the archaeological group and we spoke about cold weapons a little too. We began with katana that is very popular because of PC games as I understood. One girl said she wanted a real katana. We laughed. Everybody knows that real katanas are very rare and expensive things. I said I can gift her a "kinzhal", a sort of national weapon -knife from Caucasus. I have one souvenir at home.

So, I remembered a little story that happend to me when I wanted to pass through the custom of the airport of Sheremetjevo a year ago. That kinzhal was in my trunk. The offcers were suspected to see it on the monitor and called the head-officer. He asked me what it is and I answered the first word I remembered in that moment -"kortik". The officers around me seemd to have heart attacs. Than I remembered the right word and said: It's not kortik, it's kinzhal, souvenir.

Sincerely, for me both are knives. I don't see difference between the kitchen knife, kinzhal and kortik. Knife and knife. But seems there is significant difference for those who understands.

kinzhal is a generic word, not only a name for the knife of Caucasus
kortik is a prize knife for militars, marine, a special honoured decoration.
I rememberd one more word about knives as cold weapons,
Jatagan, a long curved turkish knife.

So, I wanted to know if there are other words for these weapons. Here is my research:

keris -a knife of Malaysia. The blade is wavy and they are not used anymore except for ceremonial purposes. (Thanks Footiam, Beautiful World, for information)
stilletto -an italian knife
daga -(maybe italian) knife to stab
khopesh -a knife used in Antient Egipt

Can you help me to make the complet list?

And here is the picture I found in Wikipedia. All these are kinzhals

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

100 Years Of Clothes And Apostel Paul

This morning I foun d a site with white and black photos of the life in New York (NY) hundred years ago. I was never there but I like to watch the old photos in the last period.

When I saw the photo you see left here, I suddenly thought that the clothes (and the shoes!!!) did not change much in this period. So I wanted to control my idea looking for the clothes on the popular russian free photo-server where I take often the photos for my posts.

Here you can see the results of my research.

So, the first photo about NY
This is Coney Island, 1928. Walker Evans. (That beret with that cloth!!!)

The next photo has to be from 1950, than 1970 (the author wrote that this photo presented in one of photo-exhibitions of Soviet Union was recognized as a photo with low moral). I think these are 60-th, not 70th. Maybe early 70. And finally today.

Finally the last photo has nothing with clothes of all times. I like it's concept and humor :))) LOL The title says that somebody recognized WW as a reincarnation of Apostel Paul.


Модницы: ул. Подбельского

Большая любофф

Параллельный мир:)

«Церковь матушки Фотинии Светоносной» -Матушка Фотинья «узнала» во Владимире Владимировиче реинкарнацию апостола Павла.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do You Know These Money-Stories?

You know that I like to read fables and read many of them in my life. I want to tell you now an episode from one of them.

One man married a very beautiful and very clever woman that had to have a name Vasil'isa, I thnk. In Russian fables all the most beautiful and the most clever women have the name Vasil'isa I don't know why. Vasi'lisa The Wise, Vasil'isa The Beautiful. Russian jokes ask: Why is it so? One is beautiful and other is wise. Why a woman can't be beautiful and wise at the same time?

Well, this Vasilisa was beautiful and wise at the same time.
One day her husband is ready to go at the market in an other town and asks her: Honey, what do you want I buy you in the town? -Here are 3 Kopeiki, answers the wife, buy me silk threads.

Do you know what are 3 Kopeiki? Kopeica was a cent of a Rouble. At my time it was more o less the same as value as a cent today in Europe.

Как недавно это было !..
«Как недавно это было !..» на Яндекс.Фотках

The husband of our Vasilisa comes back from the town some days later and takes silk threads for his wife. With this silk the wife was able to weave a carpet. Do you know how much silk you need to make a carpet?

Next weekend the husband wants to go another time in the town at the market and asks the wife what does she want he takes for her from the town. (By the way, you see what a treasure of a hubby had that woman!). She gives him 5 Kopeiki to buy silk for her and makes 3 carpets from this silk.

(The source of the Photo )

This is the part of the fable I told to one of the member of our archaeological group 2 days ago when I had my day to open the museum. This friend has 74 years. He told me a real story about the value of the money from the life of Italy. Here is the story.

His father told him -so we speak about 100 years ago- that he went to the nearest town once a week for his weekly shopping. He took 2 Soldi with him and an ass to load all the goods he bought there. Now, said Pietro, you have understand what was this Soldo. There was a Lira that contained 5, I think, Soldi.
And there was a song at that time "If I had 1000 Lire a month........."

To explain what is the joke here I have to tell you, that when I came in Italy 13 years ago there was Lira here. With 1000 Lire you could bought a cup of coffee. With 5000 Lire we could eat every day (2 adult persons without great addicts).

Euro had to hae the value 1/2 of the Lire at the time of change. It means our everyday meal had to cost 2,5 euro. It costs -from the first times of the change- 10-15 euro...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do You Like Candid Camera Jokes?

What do you feel when you see the videos like this?
You laugh probably.
Now imagin YOU are in this shop making maybe an afternoon walk. And YOU finish in this "water-bed".
What do you feel now?

I don't know, maybe these persons are actors or persons that earn some money with appearances in TV. I remember when we were students those were relatively common earnings in the universities.

If it is not so, this joke seems not a joke for me. Maybe I'm not right.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Is Special The Rain In Pompei

Pls visit my new site "Mystic Gemstones"

Одна из улиц Помпей
«Одна из улиц Помпей» на Яндекс.Фотках

On the photo you see here is one of the streets of Pompei. I wanted only you look at the board stones of the street. The sidewalks there are about half a meter higher as the road surfaces. When I came for the first time in Pompei I could not understand why.

This morning we had the first rain after sommer heat. The storm was terrible with spectacular lightnings. Do you remember when all the new asphalt cloth of our street was drag away with the first rain a year ago? See my post "Rain In Campania". What a pitty I did not make the photos of the completely distructed road.

On the last photo an other interesting thing. The blots on the photo are the rain drops. And it's their real size. They are not a little normal drops of rain, but cups of water.

Ancient Romans built their towns very clever. If I have to go somewhere when rains, I can't do it without a car.

Read here Basja Is Afraid Of A Storm how one of our cats found the best place to hide herself from the rain.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More About Men And Women

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Some days ago I remembered the hot theme of men-women comparison. The latest post about it was Man And Woman (if you did not see it, I highly recommend it). Now the other photo from this series I could not leave without attention. I think you agree with me. I found it when I visited blogs and news for some more inspiration (source).

But the next photo completely changed my blood:

Men have only 2 thoughts in the head about us, I thought. I have to find something that will completely turn the thing and contribute to the femminists movement.

And I found it... Watch the video.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rent-A-Center Franchise Information

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What Is Good For Health -Some New Points Of View

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Here I post some interesting advises to live long and healthy life I found today in internet.
By the way, have you notced this peculiarity: if something attracts your attention, other similar things or informations will appear all the day long. What can it be? It happend to me always.

Well, the advises.
Did you know that the optimists live on average 8 years longer than pessimists? Smile! Here is the first step to your longevity:

Now when you are relaxed, I continue with other advises. Hope you like them.

The next is to eat tomatoes. It makes he risk of hart attac 30% lower. Than Root Crop maintains naturally vitamins for more time as other vegetables.
Donate blood. Donors 17 times less as others have heart attacs.
Pass more time with your mother. It is very healthy.
Listen to Beethoven's relaxing music.
Don't listen what others say about you: less stress prolongs your life.
Brush your teeth every day. In this way you through off many bacteries dangerous for heart.
Optimal sleep is about 7 hours.
Have a hobby.
Have a cat or a dog. Animal lovers are less stressed as others.

Photos Of Nothern Lights

Pls visit my new site "Mystic Gemstones"

It is difficult to the persons thaе live in other places to assist on the event of nothern lights. I only was in a "special" period in Sankt Peterburg, where there are not the lights but the night is like a day. It's not the same, I know but it's a particular, different from central parts of the country time. The other interesting thing I noticed was when I lived in Caucasus where the nights come quicklier as in my native places and they are much more dark.

This particular event, the nothern lights, I'll probably never seen in the nature, but now with avvent of internet I can know what it is. There are special sites dedicated to the photos of nothern Lights if you want to see more. Here I share with you one of the photos from the Linkinn post "the world's most beautiful aurora".

This photo in the bottom is "the white nights" in Sankt Petersburg.

белые ночи
«белые ночи» на Яндекс.Фотках

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Is My Head?

Pls visit my new site "Mystic Gemstones"

The events of the last period made something with my head. I had a task assined me for one blog and I did it... in an other blog. So I had to add it here and have not write my 3 posts between the reviews. I don't like it and ask pardon by my readers.

How could I forgot something like this? I don't know. Maybe because I had different tasks in this period and I sold some items from my site Mystic Gemstones" and was too worried waiting that the client receives my pack. By the way, this is the set from rose quartz I sold. Very nice, believe me. It's from my site "Mystic Gemstones"

The client wrote me only this afternoon she became the pack and everything's all right.

You know, I'm very proud about this my site. I think I did a good job making it. Today I finally added a sub-page with Mystic Gemstones Newsletter's articles and many persons come to visit it. In my analyzing program I see that there are visits from mails. So I understand that sombody read the page and sent the address by the mail to her friends ( I think it will be
a lady).

Than I was very sad because I loose 1 point in every blog on blogger. Some days ago I saw it. What I don't like in internet, it's that nobody explains you what is happend and why. No,I don't speak about Google, they are too big to explain something. They are the big foot that squash ants without seeing them. But generally nobody has time to speak with you. How can I become better and correct my mistakes if I don't understand the reason of the rejecting?

And finally -but not at least- I have great troubles with PC because it doesn't want to work. It turns off every minute and it's a real tragedy.

Oh excuse me that I told you about my troubles, but I am so sad for the falls I have in this period...

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

About Erotic Games

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What do you think about erotic games? Probably "Mmmm..."

Some decades ago -you will surely remember- there were very beautiful films with splendid erotic scenes. As said, I like to look and to watch at beautiful things. Beauty is Beauty. And I applaud the high professionalism of cameramen.

Interesting is that for these theme another motto from that times suits good. "Back to the nature!" Who invented it? New Age? Hippy?

«4187971nvz.jpg» на Яндекс.Фотках

Well, some persons do not understand the difference between erotism and mortal danger.

Here in our zone there are mountains that "grow" from the sea. Humans built a road to reach hidden bays of the coast (Amalfitan). Not only the road is narrow, old and all turns, but landslides happen here from time to time.
In one of these landslides was found a car with a nacked young couple that experienced their games on the way.

The notice of this morning is about an other erotic game. One 19-years old trans weared with only mini-rock was tetherd with a chain to an oak in the garden of his friend to make him look at his friend playing with an other trans. Nobody saw that the chain was too narrow and the poor "victim" suffocated.

Monday, September 08, 2008

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Is This Honey Natural?

"Корзиночки" наполнены - мёд будет!
«"Корзиночки" наполнены - мёд будет!» на Яндекс.Фотках

I like honey and normally eat it often and with great pleasure. But I like natural honey. When I lived in the Soviet Union, I did not had a problem to control the honey. First I bought it in "special" places where I knew that the honey has to be good. Second we had a chemical pencil. They said if the honey has not natural additions the pencil becomes like ink. I don't know if it is true but we controlled it so.

When I came in italy I began to buy honey in the supermarkets. First honey I bought was incredibly beautiful and trasparent all the year round. Than I read that it has these qualities because it had special treatments. So, it's not natural.

Well, it is really difficult to understand if the honey is natural. But there are some tricks to understand if it is so. Normally the honeys become "solid" in November or December, and natural honey has parcels inside. So if you buy these honey be sure it's natural.

Only some honeys remain liquid till spring. Acacia, chestnut honey.

Put a spoon of honey in the cold water and stir it. Than ad some alcohol. This liquid has to remain transparent. Or sprinkle starch on the tear of honey. It remains invariable if the honey is good.

«Мёд!!!» на Яндекс.Фотках

Viva High Heels!

Is there somebody who don't like high heels?
Unfortunatelly I don't wear them for years because my husband is lower as me and don't likes to look at me upwards, but I like them the same. Why?
1/ The leg and entire figure is different. The high heel is what makes difference between woman and lady.
2/ It makes the figure beautiful -and I like to look at beauty in it's any manifestation.

«Ножки» на Яндекс.Фотках

Some days ago all media in Italy spoke about a new law that fobids the woman to wear high heels when she is at work. They say it's for the woman's health. To prevent accidents. And this in the times when we want to forgot about the fights of femminists!

Now I have an article for me telling bout terrible conseguences of high heels. They have even these pics -see lower (read all the article in dailymail.co.uk)

I have a question about it: dear researchers, aren't these normal, natural deseases of a human being that has nearly everybody reaching a certain age? Somebody earlier, others later.
Or is it an other demonstration to your money-givers that you make something to receive these money?

Man And Woman

Pls visit my new site "Mystic Gemstones"

There are different persons that don't think 2 times before they make what they want. I can't imagin the situation when an adult man has to do these sort of exercises as on this first photo. Maybe the reason is on the secon photo?

In any case I recomend you to see all the compilations of the two sites. You will find them very cognitive. :)))

Photo from Linkinn.com

Saturday, September 06, 2008

How To Choose The Right Credit Card

The world of credit cards is very wide and many persons have problems to choose the right solution. The thing becomes not so difficult if you visit the first industry resource, Comparecards.com.

The very first look at the site gives you clear guidances where to begin from. If you know what are you looking for it is simply to find in a menu the category, your credit quality, brand or issuer. In the case you don't know else what do you want, you can consult blogs of the company or maybe ask your questions directly by the team of the company. Here are some interesting categories to take in consideration.

The low interest credit card alows you to save choosing between the low interst rates if you have good credit. There are even 0% offers if you transfere your high credit balance.

Not only the possibilities of choise will you find if you visit Comparecards.com but the precious advises too. What do you know about use of business credit cards? Be sure to read the special page of the site and you will learn how to avoid common mistakes abd be happy with your business card.

An other popular solution are pre-paid debit cards that are convenient if you use to shop in internet, don't want to spend more than a certain sum, want to give some money to your child. This is a good solution if you have a bad credit too. You have to know that some of these cards have not fees.

All these and many other useful information you can find visiting Comparecards.com

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Dream About Own Water

Everybody of us has a dream of all the life. Navigating the internet today I found the photo of my personal dream among the other similar solutions.

Do you think, I have not enough of heremit life? No, MY dream is not to isolate myself, but to have all this water around me.

Could you imagin to open the eyes, go out in your bath costume (or maybe without it in a place like this) and swim, swim, SWIM!!!!!!!
Ohhh, I would never go out! I would stay there all days long. I would even eat and drink in this water!!!! Or maybe sit in that armchairs...

Have you a dream like this?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How To Handle Irritating Seat Mates On An Airplane

From a mail sent me by one of my friends



If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you follow these

1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case.
2. Remove your laptop.
3. Start up
4. Make sure the guy who is annoying you, can see the screen.
5. Close your eyes, tilt your head up to the sky & move your lips as if
6. Â Then hit this link: http://boortz.com/mp3/archive/countdown.swf

Do You Like To Look In The Mirror?

Everibody of us likes to look in the mirror. Females look everywhere they can see their reflection. Men prefere the mirror of their car, I think. I noticed, men in a car forget everything, even to look at the women walking on the street, when they notce own face in the mirror of their car. It's very interesting to look at them in this moment.


As in every good thing in this world, scientists find a bad "but" if they know we like something.

Did you know that the process of looking on your own face in the mirror can be very dangerous for you? No? Well, I open you the results of a research about it. The most interesting is that these researches were made in different countires US and Russia among them. I can't explain you what is so attractive in the reflection in the mirror, but it's a fact.

So, here are some most entertaining results:
Persons who like to observe themselves in the mirror advance in age visually faster. Worse is it for narcissists. And it is the known fact too. But it is not finisced here. They have even the shortest life as other persons. They say that the mirrors are energetical "vampires"...

Think twice before you look in the mirror!

Sad Stories About Internet And PC

The very first sad story for me is the other "correction" of Google PR for this my site. Not only it's a question of bloggers "proud", but it's a problem with my "job". I saw significant difference in the task I had, practically the same day. Very Very Very great sadness for me. You know.

Ah, this is impermanence. Everything becomes old, not only a person.
It was not enough that I have to fight this machine every day, that do not want to work and turns off every some minutes. I became too tired from this story with PC last week so much that in my house all the bedsheets are ironed, floors washed, everything polished and husband and animals clean, fed and content. Imagine this miracle.

Now the last sad story comes from US. And it's about an interesting fact: the Internet service providers begin to limit access to Internet for users. When my PC works good I pass all the days near it. The sad is that Italian companies copy all the bad things that come out in US. So I can imagine this epidemic will continue in time.

Ehhh... I'm really sad in this period.

Construction With Jensen Precast

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Concrete is one of the most ancient construction materials. It was used just by Ancient Roman builders -and with great success as we can admire their work till today, more than 2000 years later. Modern applications are more vast. Not only is it possible to build high-rise buildings using precast constructions but all sorts of architectural fantasies including places for recreation and sport like landscaping walls.

Concrete is used to create tunnels, water drainating systems, Precast Concrete Septic Tanks. It allows not only to have long-lasting construction, great quality materials and even very large forms, but to reduce the prices of all structure significantly. You can have precise guidances and recommendations if you contact Jensen Precast team.

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