Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hemalyte (Graphite Bead) Necklace

Some days ago I said to Footiam (that wrote different interesting posts about crystals and healing with them Crystals Cure! , More Amazing Crystals! , Prod your crystals! ) about my Graphite necklace. I said, I never take it, because I feel so as the necklace presses me in the ground. Footiam asked me to post photos and to tell what I know about this mineral.

Hematite, Hematine, Hemalyte is the name of this mineral really. It comes from Asia and Chenese, manifacturers, don't want to cut the beads because the process is difficult, the mineral is too hard, so the most beads are molded. Hematite is natural, but the process of manifacturing is this.

It is the same material that is used to make ... cast iron and to mold metals. Very interesting article about it (and photo on the left) there is in Wikipedia.

Because I complained it's bad behaviour with me, I'll write here about the "magical" qualities now.

So, if you take hematite, it protects you from astral attacks.
Bewitches your admirers.
Fulfils your desires.
Calms anger.
Helps with blood, spleen, kidneys, urino-genital system's and neural deseases, calms bleeding. (official medicine do not recognize it).

After reading this, I had very hard thoughts all the day:
why my necklace wanted to press me in the ground?????
Could it be that I'm an alien?

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

How To Remove Dangerous Chlorine From The Water

You can not believe me, but I say you the holy truth: I don't like chlorine in the water. I'm always surprised that other persons stand this smell so good, but for me it's a torture, and I can't drink the water that has it. That is why I present you with great pleasure the exclusive PINK shower and bath filters of that you can see on the photo here too.

As chlorine enemy I was very happy to know that researchers confirm what my nose says my for years. I don't want to say that this element is not good at all. In our water it is used as very powerful disinfectant and who knows how many infections we miss thanks to treatment of the water. But as in many other things the difference between good and dangerous is in quantity. I don't want to frighten you here with % and research's results. I'll say only that our skin absorbs 70% of chlorine through showering. And today there is a possibility to avoid this excessive exposure using Pink Shower & Bath Filters .

These filters remove 99% of chlorine from the water that you use in the house, and you can be sure you are drinking and using healthy water. Visiting the site you will find complete Pink Shower & Bath Filter Information.

But not only this is very important. If you purchase Pink Filters you will participate on the research because the team of announced that 5% of revenues will be donated to breast cancer research and information dissemination.

Salerno. Years Ago

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I wrote my previous post and remembered that I have panoramic photo of old (but not too much old) Salerno that I made during the press-conference in municipality I partecipated in February. So, I decided to post them here. Continue to make confronts.

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Speaking About Transsexuals

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This day began for my with the great discussion about transsexuals and the last notice is about them too.

I had to go in Salerno in the morning and when I entered in the bus, all passengers and driver were very busy to discuss the notice from US about a woman, that wanted to become a man. She underwent the operation and became a man. This man found a girl-friend. The problem was that the girl-friend could not have children. So, the new-man decided to make this child and actually is pregnant. All this was possible because this man outside is a man but inside remains a woman.

This is the notice.

In the bus the persons spoke about some transsexuals that live in Nocera Inferiore. The residents of Cava (they think Cava is the navel of the world, it's main city and capital of all the Earth) said that the residents of Nocera are too tolerant and if it was in Cava, those persons (transsexuals) could not live there and dishonour the city. (It's true, there are 2 men-transsexuals in Nocera that stay very often in one of the streets -I don't know if there are others, but these 2 we see very often)

You can translate my post where I made a historical excursus in the question after one of similar notices быть транссексуалом (исторический экскурс) Translate the page
What I learned is very-very-very interesting, so you can make this research yourself, because I did not ad the links in that post. But it's very interesting really to read about how it was in different nations and times.

Now, the last notice of this day (because I was ready to turn off my PC) was about the daughter of Fidel Castro, Mariela, that is the head of National Center of Sexual Education and wanted to promove new law about transsexuals in Cuba. (Photo BBC ) If the law will be approved it will be the most modern concept in Latin America. The situation is not so grave today as some years ago in Cuba, but the population is negative in their confronts.

As in Italy, by the way...

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Salerno. Day and Night

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Here I wanted to show you my photos of Salerno that I made last time I visited my friends. I was there in the night, practically after 19:00 and went then 3-4 km in the direction of home by feet. When I made these photos it was about 21:00. I had the same place made in the day time -and I thought to offer you this confront.

First 2 photos are in the direction of Salerno

These other 2 are in other direction -from Salerno to Vietri Sul Mare and Amalfitan Coast:

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Searching For The Best Hosting

The article "Best Web Hosting Company" of Kaushal Sheth touches one of the painful points of many bloggers. Practically every author of the "alone-standing" blogs writes about web hosting problems. Some of my friends have blogs for the pleasure to communicate with others, to share their hobbies. In these cases black-outs of hosting companies have not so great impact on their work. But I have assure you that all these bloggers changed hosting company after they could not access their blogs for a day or more.

Imagine what can feel somebody whose working place is this blog or site.
Kaushal Sheth designes wordpress themes. Black out of the hosting company provokes great problems for him. That is why he has no one minute of doubts and decided to change the company.

Did you ever thought about it? If yes, you know how is difficult to choose a good hosting among infinite offers online. Kaushal Sheth needed an entire day to make all researches and to consult his tech friends. As a result he collected a list of best web hosting companies that you can find visiting the post "Best Web Hosting Company" in his blog "Kaushal Sheth".

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Circumcision, AIDS and veneric infections

Medical advisors in New Zealand wanted to insert neonatal circumcision in the country to reduce possibilities of sexual infections within the population.

Researchers studied circumcised and non-circumcised men and found that those first have less veneric infections as the seconds.
While most research has found that circumcision reduces the rates of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), syphilis and genital ulcers, the results are more mixed for other STDs. (Source)
Picture of the results of this operation on the bottom of this page -for those who doesn't know what is it about.

They say, it could be good to make it in Africa where the % of AIDS is too high. And the circumcision could reduce the % of ill persons till a half.

I'm not too sure, but I think there are many Muslms and Jews in Africa but it did not help till today. Maybe it works only in New Zealand?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Terrible Notices From Tibet

To see all photos from Lhasa visit these pages:

I received terrible notices from Tibet today and write about it here as promised to many of you ( I will boykott the Olympic Games and not watch any... ).

A pacific manifestation of 300-400 persons in Potala was blocked and shot by Chinese militaries with machine guns on 16/03, tell by phone italians presented in the zone.

Map of protests is from International Compain for Tibet

Visit this page to read all news
and subscribe a mail-compains list here:

To receive Urgent Campaigns by email please email us with SUBSCRIBE URGENT CAMPAIGN LIST in the subject line at
Please send copies of any responses to Free Tibet Campaign; this helps us to monitor the situation.

To make a donation towards the running of the Urgent Campaign Scheme please go to and under donations choose Urgent Campaign Scheme for the reason for your donation.

We prefer to send Urgent Campaigns by email but if you would prefer to receive Urgent Campaigns in hard copy format by post please email with your request.
Free Tibet Campaign also has an Action Email List, which sends out details of upcoming Free Tibet Campaign activities as well as a monthly Tibet-related events diary. To subscribe to this list please send a message to with SUBSCRIBE ACTION LIST in the subject or body of message.

Free Tibet Campaign stands for the Tibetans� right to decide their own future. It campaigns for an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans� fundamental human rights to be respected. It is independent of all governments and is funded by its members and supporters.

How Christians Calculate Easter's Day

Do you know it? How different religions calculate Ester's day? I did not too. That is why I write here this interesting (for me) information.

I remember that there are 3 (originally) relatives. Judaism, than Christianity divided with time in Orthodox and Catholic churches. All have similar, with the same meaning, feast -Easter. The difference is in the date of this feast.

Catholic (= "Universal") celebrate it on the first new moon after 21 of March.

Jews remember with this day the Exodus from Egypt and it happens on 15-th day (Passover) of the first Biblical month (Nisan =Mach-April).

Orthodox (="True to the Teaching") waits the first new moon after Passover.

So, this year is the first time after at least a century that the Catholic and Orthodox churches have 5 weeks of difference between their Esters.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


What do you read normally?
How do you read?

In one of the articles there was a question: what is your favourite occupation? What can you do every day with great pleasure?

For me it's reading.
I can't live if I can't read.
I can read everything if I have nothing interesting. I even read sometimes love-novels for women. Did you ever read something like this in your life? If not, you have to try. Those seem diaries from mad-house. Something like frenzy of uterus.

Till some years ago my favourite reading were detective stories. Adore Dick Frensis (!!!) and NeroWulf (this is a hero of many books). Some years ago I was a victim of a criminal story and could not read detectie-stories for all these years more. So, I changed the theme.

Now I read action books. These tell about modern "Blue Princes on the White Horses" from different special forces. Modern Knights of King Arthur. They fight for Idea, for their Motherland. And they win all enemies and Enemies, all Bad Guys.

You know, it's different for me, if the guys are fighting against the Bad Snake to steel some money from the old treasure and put them in the own pocket, or they fight for the Interests of their Motherland. Maybe to take to her Altar the same money from the old treasure.

Something like this:

I think the film "Gladiator" was and is sooooo popular because of that Idea. If Maximus fighted not for Rome but for a rich man that promised him 1-2-5 millions of Dollars, it would not the same effect.
Is it so for you too?

I will boykott the Olympic Games and not watch any of the competitions, not for a second!

To see all photos from Lhasa visit these pages:

The title of this post is a quater from the mail from a friend I received now.
Many of you know that I practice Tibetan Buddhismus and am in contact with corresponding organizations that is why some friends asked me if I know some ways to protest against cruelty of Chinese government against Tibetans (Debasis wrote yesterday, there are 90 of them killed till today) and against animals.

PLS read till the end of the post

I removed embedding codes of the videos because they do not work on te page. So, if you want to watch the videos, PLS click the addresses.
Some addresses of cruelty testimonials you will find in the comments to the post.

Tibet: inedit videos su internet
(Translate the page you are interested in) italian

Tibet: ''Cultural genocide'' Words of Dalai Lama
(Translate the page ) italian

Now I'll try to find addresses of petitions you can firm and protests you can join (and will post them here then).
And I wanted to ask all of you: pls write here if ou know other ways to protest, so we can help people and animals.

Here you can join:
2/IOC: Speak Up About the Tibet Crisis! it's an appeal to president of Olympic Comitet Mr. Rogge

I had this email-comment today(21/03):
Please start to collect signature against Chineese oppression in Tibet and boycot Olympic
Tamal Lahiri
My answer:
Excuse me, pls, Tamal, but I'm not professional webmaster and do not know how to create pages like appeals. If somebody will send me addresses I'll publish them in my blogs, but I'm not able to do them myself.
From other side, I agree with Lama Paljin Tulku Rinpoce in this sence.(read down)

Here is what thinks Lama Paljin Tulku Rinpoce about the question - and I think is the most clever of all I read before:

(Translate the page)(italian)
Note del Ven. Lama Paljin Tulku Rinpoce in margine ai recenti fatti


Il Buddhismo insegna che nulla succede per caso ma che tutto dipende da cause e condizioni. Le cause e condizioni che hanno ancora una volta spinto i tibetani a manifestare, in Tibet e fuori, il loro dissenso con il governo cinese sono ben note a tutti.
Ad esse va aggiunta l’imminenza dei Giochi Olimpici che dovrebbero consentire l’omologazione della Cina come paese degno della considerazione mondiale.

Questi sono gli ingredienti che recentemente hanno fatto esplodere la situazione a Lhasa e colpito emotivamente il mondo libero.

Ma dobbiamo chiederci a chi serve la violenza espressa da entrambe le parti, poiché la violenza, da qualunque parte arrivi, è sempre un male.

L’informazione televisiva ha riportato in evidenza problemi che il sangue versato in anni di impari antagonismo non ha ancora potuto risolvere.

Fin dal momento dell’invasione, e sono trascorsi più di cinquant’anni, nessun paese e nessuna Autorità internazionale ha concretamente cercato di modificare la posizione della Cina verso il popolo tibetano. Gli interventi a favore di una tradizione che scompare con grave danno morale e culturale per l’umanità, si sono sempre rivelati espedienti di facciata e sarebbe ingenuo credere che i moti e la repressione in corso possano cambiare l’ordine delle cose.

Siamo nuovamente di fronte ad un fatto mediatico che strumentalizza il dramma di un popolo a fini sensazionalistici.

E’ successo alcuni mesi fa in Birmania: il mondo ha seguito con il fiato sospeso la marcia silenziosa dei monaci buddhisti e si è riempito di nastrini rossi portati al polso o al collo in segno di solidarietà. Poi c’è stata la prevedibile repressione, e oggi è
tutto dimenticato.

Sarà così anche per il Tibet: la gente resta colpita dal numero dei morti ma dimentica presto i motivi per cui le vittime si sono immolate.

Nel gioco del “chi ha ragione e chi ha torto” si perde di vista il problema, e le possibili soluzioni diventano oggetto di fantapolitica.

Dobbiamo aver ben presente che il Tibet è troppo piccolo e poco importante per influenzare lo scenario politico mondiale. Per anni è stato usato come prova della crudeltà comunista, e quindi non conveniva cercare di modificare la sua condizione di minoranza oppressa. Ora la Cina è troppo influente sul piano finanziario, e quindi non conviene irritarla affrontando la questione tibetana.

Intanto la realtà socio-economica del Tibet, dove vivono sette milioni di cinesi contro quattro milioni di tibetani, è già cambiata in maniera irreversibile. I progetti di urbanizzazione hanno creato vere e proprie città, con relativi palazzi in cemento, là dove prima si trovavano piccoli villaggi con le tipiche casette tibetane. L’energia elettrica ha sostituito le lampade a burro ed ha permesso l’insediamento di attività industriali e commerciali su larga scala. Una ferrovia di oltre mille chilometri collega Lhasa con l’entroterra cinese. Il Tibet può essere attraversato in auto da oriente ad occidente e tra breve un autostrada arriverà all’Everest.

E’ uno scempio? Allora non andiamoci.

Era inevitabile, perché questi sono i segni del progresso? Allora cerchiamo di fare in modo che di questo progresso i tibetani siano i beneficiari anziché le vittime.

E lo potranno essere soltanto quando il rapporto con la loro terra sarà nuovamente vissuto con serenità.

Oggi i tibetani si sentono colonizzati e temono di perdere la loro identità etnica, ma questo è già successo. In tibet i giovani hanno il cellulare, usano il computer, studiano il cinese e si devono confrontare con gli usi e i costumi cinesi. Di quale cultura saranno portatori?

Forse un giorno la storia dirà che, oltre il confine, ad insidiare i tibetani privati della propria autonomia, c’era una sconosciuta divinità terrifica: la modernità. E che nel “paese delle nevi” ad aspettare i cinesi, che stanno riscoprendo a migliaia il buddhismo, c’era una rinnegata qualità pacifica: la buddhità.

Allora, come è già avvenuto in altri paesi, che dopo averli distrutti nel nome della rivoluzione si sono poi impegnati a recuperare i valori del passato, saranno gli stessi cinesi a voler preservare la tradizione tibetana. Sempre che non sia troppo tardi.

E’ da sprovveduti pretendere una ormai impossibile indipendenza del Tibet (cosa che Sua Santità il Dalai Lama ha già rinunciato a chiedere da tempo), ma è giusto rivendicare una reale autonomia religiosa ed il riconoscimento di una tradizione che si è formata in secoli di storia.

Ciò può avvenire soltanto attraverso un negoziato. Non con la violenza ma con l’accordo, con la pazienza e la perseveranza.

Il mondo non deve abbandonare i tibetani. Ma non è certo con i cortei, con i sit-in e con gli scontri davanti alle ambasciate cinesi che si deve affrontare questa situazione.

Se veramente si vuole dare un segnale forte, dimostrare una vera volontà di cooperazione, aiutare a mediare, questo è il momento: le Nazioni Unite si mobilitino per una pacifica soluzione della vertenza. L’Europa dia il suo appoggio.

Da più parti si chiede di fare pressione sulla Cina perché siano rispettati i diritti umani. Nessuno è in grado di fare concrete pressioni su questo colosso economico, destinato a diventare in pochi anni la maggiore potenza mondiale, ma la politica del dialogo ed il solerte monitoraggio nei confronti di una nazione che si risveglia alla civiltà, può dare positivi risultati per il futuro non solo del Tibet ma dell’intero pianeta. E’ in questa prospettiva che i Governi dei Paesi democratici devono aiutare la Cina ad affrontare nel modo più consono il suo inarrestabile processo di democratizzazione.


La realtà della situazione tibetana doveva essere ben
presente ai membri del Comitato Olimpico Internazionale che anni fa hanno assegnato alla Cina l’organizzazione dei Giochi Olimpici 2008.

Dire che ci si aspettava che questa concessione modificasse in un colpo solo la politica cinese sui diritti umani, vuol dire non tenere conto della gradualità con cui sono sempre avvenute nel mondo le trasformazioni sociali.

Per comprendere le ragioni che porteranno allo svolgimento delle Olimpiadi, indipendentemente da ciò che oggi avviene in Tibet, basta pensare ai trentotto miliardi di dollari spesi per l’organizzazione, alle cifre da capogiro versate dagli sponsor internazionali (quasi tutti occidentali) , agli impegni presi dalle maggiori emittenti televisive del globo, e soprattutto agli enormi interessi economici che gravitano intorno ad un paese con centinaia di migliaia di individui che si stanno aprendo ai consumi di massa e al capitalismo.

Fermare le Olimpiadi è dunque impossibile, boicottarle sarebbe un grave errore.

Non dobbiamo dimenticare che 10.000 atleti di 202 paesi hanno speso per anni denaro, tempo ed energie in vista di questo avvenimento che rappresenta per tutti
il coronamento di un sogno.

Ma soprattutto dobbiamo considerare le Olimpiadi come una grande festa dello sport e dell’amicizia fra i popoli, che può aprire la mente e il cuore del popolo
cinese e dei suoi reggenti.

Nate come semplice confronto sportivo, le Olimpiadi, con il loro forte peso mediatico, sono oggi diventate il termometro dello stato politico, economico e atletico della società umana e c’è da augurarsi che i princìpi di giustizia, lealtà e l' eguaglianza espressi nei giochi, vengano recepiti dalla Cina non soltanto per ragioni di immagine ma anche come esempio da seguire sulla via della civiltà.

La fiaccola olimpica attraverserà prossimamente un Tibet sconvolto dai recenti avvenimenti: speriamo che la sua luce possa portare a Pechino un messaggio di
fratellanza e di rispetto per l’altro che anche i cinesi sappiano fare proprio.

La storia delle Olimpiadi è costellata di iniziative prese da singoli atleti contro la violazione dei diritti umani in certi paesi oppressi.

Non sarebbe male se, anziché boicottare le Olimpiadi o manifestare contro la Cina, gli atleti presenti trovassero, tutti insieme, il modo di testimoniare con un gesto comune, nella giornata di chiusura, quella convinta adesione ai valori di libertà e di pace di cui i Giochi Olimpici sono portatori sin dalle origini.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Very Complete Guide To Refrigerator's Purchase

Well, if you think, I've exaggerated in the title of my post, you are wrong. What I want to present you here, is really a very complete guide to buy refrigerators not only online. In the last year I became a great admirer of online-shopping and that is why I present these shops always with pleasure here. Specially that you know from my other posts.

So, if you look for refrigerators, offers you different important services to make the right choice. Logically, it's an item that we buy once in many years and it's because we can't make mistake in this purchase.

Let's visit the site. Here you find some ranks and reviews on the main page. You see simple graphics with users, experts and wize customers opinions near every model presented on the site. Direct links
connect you to all the reviews of a product of your interest available online, or maybe you want to watch for other possibilities. Different categories are listed on the left side of the page. An other interesting feature is "Compare" button. Click some items under the photo, then the button over the list and you will pass to the table with all the characteristics of the refrigerators you choose.

Now, we click on the photo
and the game becomes more interesting. Here you find conversations of real people and reviews, detailed product descriptions and prices you will find visiting online shops. If you have some doubts, you can leave your question and other visitors will help you sharing their experience.
The guide provided by is really complete, as you see.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How I Killed All Viruses Yesterday

One friend told me this PC-story:
A great friend of her husband called him one day to help with PC because it did not work for 3-4 days and there is not possibility to adjust it. No minimum sign of the life in it, and they proved everything they could invent to re-animate it but nothind helped. So, come, my dear friend, to us, you are the last hope that remains us in this life.

It was late in the evening, says my friend, but my husband weared his clothes and went to help. After some minutes he found the reason of the early and unexpected death of the PC. The plug was out of the socket.
Why I remember this story? Because my own life with PC is entire funny story in classical variation. So many month I suffer with PC problems and had tryed everything to adjust it, but nothing helped. I took it to the technitian too -and nothing helped, the same problems with internet connection even if there is nothing that does not work.

What I do very rarely, it's scanning. Normally I use free antiviruses and always was happy with them. This time I knew that there is BitDefender's free edition and uploaded it when my PC came back home about a month ago.

After it the things were worse and worse and I could even not do anything in the ast time with my PC. It blocks every some minutes. One friend of my husband said to control viruses. I scanned the system yesterday -and there were 3 of them. Well, and now? Nothing.

From the great sadness I went to the site of my anti-virus and there was online-scan with virus and spy... (other sort of PC-fleas) instant killing. I was incredibly happy to find a solution. But... there was not good connection once more. So, the scan could kill only non-upgraded viruses. Imagin when after that I discovered that the connection is much-much better. It was at 01:30 in the night yesterday. ( I found the page now, here it is if you are interested in. There is "Scan Online" on the left)

This day I tryed to liberate my poor PC from all viruses -first of all because now I can connect to internet finally, after yesterday night virus-killing.
I asked myself: why it was full of these fleas if I have antivirus and other similar programs? The answer was: if you are connected to internet for hours, you need regular anti-virus. Free anti-virus is good for those who is connected only for some minutes.

Nothing to do, I had to purchase a regular anti-virus. Anti-Viruses reviews here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

FW: When Grandma Goes To Court

This is a joke that my friend sent me some days ago. I copy it here because I like it very much. Hope you'll smile too.

Lawyers should never ask a Mississippi grandma a question if they aren't prepared for the answer.

In a trial, a Southern small-town prosecuting attorney called his first witness, a grandmotherly, elderly woman to the stand. He approached her and asked, 'Mrs. Jones, do you know me?' She responded, 'Why, yes, I do know you, Mr. Williams. I've known you since you were a boy, and frankly, you've been a big disappointment to me. You lie, you cheat on your wife, and you manipulate people and talk about them behind their backs. You think you're a big shot when you haven't the brains to realize you'll never amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher. Yes, I know you.'

The lawyer was stunned. Not knowing what else to do, he pointed across the room and asked, 'Mrs. Jones, do you know the defense attorney?'

She again replied, 'Why yes, I do. I've known Mr. Bradley since he was a youngster, too. He's lazy, bigoted, and he has a drinking problem. He can't build a normal relationship with anyone, and his law practice is one of the worst in the entire state. Not to mention he cheated on his wife with three different women. One of them was your wife. Yes, I know him.'

The defense attorney nearly died.

The judge asked both counselors to approach the bench and, in a very quiet voice, said, 'If either of you idiots asks her if she knows me, I'll send you both to the electric chair.'

Hatred and Anger

Last 4 or 5 days I'm completely down for a strange "event" in my life. I don't know what to do and what reaction could be wise.

This is the story:
I asked in one organization to accept me as a member of an action. It is a paid action and I could have 2 great earnings from it. I could earn some money and I could have a possibility to go out of the house. As said, I live far from towns and villages and normally stay all days in house for months and years. The only way to see human beings for me is when we go in the supermarket.

Yes, I can go out and visit next living places, but I don't like to walk without sense. Specially if to visit the next bar I have to make 2-3 km down the mountain and than 2-3 km up the mountain.

So, I was very happy to find this "offer". 1-2 times a month make a beautiful walk, stay some hours in that place -and they pay you expenses.

So, 4-5 days ago I had to go there for the first time. And I had to stay there with a young girl, about 30 years old, that has to be a sort of boss for me now.

I went to the bus-stop in good time, with 1 hour and 30 minutes in advance to make 25-30 minutes way. But the bus did not pass. It came when I had about 40 minutes. Than in the middle of the way it was broken and at the end the road was closed by police and all the traffic was stopped. When I understood, that I had to do something, I was just late. I went out from the bus and ... run 3 km till the place.
I bet you, I've never made 3 km at a run in my life. And if you would say me to repeat it now, I don't think I would be able to do it. But in that moment I thought only: I asked people to accept me and they did it - and after that I do not come for the work.

I reached the place with 25 minutes of delay. I made this way, 3 km, in about 20-23 minutes.

The girl was in the state I've never seen before.
She hated me from all her being.
I was surprized.
I understood that I've never seen somebody who HATES me. With all forces of the soul.
This young girl. That practically had never seen me in her life. I couldn't do anything bad to her for this reason. Logically, she called just all the chiefs, she cryed to me many interesting information about who am I, and her behaviour was ... bad. In confront to a person that could be her mother for the age at least.

I don't like when somebody forgets own place. And know to place these persons where they have to be. So, at the end I was bored with her behaviour.
At this point an interesting change happend with her. She got angry.

Hatred become Anger.
Incredibly, these are completely different expressions of the face.
No, I've simply never thought about it. And as I said befor, I think, I've never seen hatred so in front of me.
It was a Great Lesson of that day.

I tryed to finish the "working time" pacifically. I don't like quarrels and I understand, that the girl had her own problems that she defused on my head. It doesn't change the situation for me -with chiefes and next possibilities of work too. Surely, it's the matter to send me home while they did not want to accept me from the beginning.

Now, there is a meeting for the next 2 weeks of this work on Friday.
And I don't know what to do: to go or not to go.

Friday, March 14, 2008

iContact For Your Email Marketing Success

Everybody who begins his business knows that his most great treasure is the list of prospects and customers. That is why you have to be very careful choosing your email marketing service provider. If you make error it could create very serious problems to you. You can ask me, why you need provider if you can sent mails manually. Well, it's true. You can. But there is, for example, very great possibility that your messages will be tagged as spam. And in this case is practically impossible to remove this label. I lived this problem in first person and know what it means. And it's only one of hidden stones of email marketing.

Here I present you one of the best options out there for anyone who needs to send out emails or email newsletters. It's possible to say many good things about iContact Email Newsletter Tool, but in a shot post, I think, is better if I list you only benefits you can have if you choose this service.

First of all they have intuitive and very easy to use interface.
Professionally made templates, possibility to check opened and clicked through mails, to add sign-up form to your site, to segment your lists and to manage subscribers, bonuses and unsubscribers. Not only this. You will find there great inbox deliverability, surveying, autoresponder, and even blogging capability.

Prices start at $9,95 per month and are based on list size. There are different
email marketing solutions that are thought not only for small businesses and non-profit organizations -yes, mostly for them- but for big businesses too. Between iContact customers you can find Bank of America, Ford and other important companies all over the world.

If you are looking for any easy and inexpensive way to put your emarketing on autopilot and get great deliverability, check out iContact.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 years on the toilet sit

I say it for years: something is wrong with our heads.
Not because I'm an old grumbler. Not.

Listen, do you think is normal
that little children commit suicide or kill half a class of mates?
That a man (surgery doctor) turns home, wakes up 2 daughters and kills them with a hammer, wakes up the wife, kills her and at the end kills himself too.
That a mother sinks 3 children one after other?
That a happy couple kills 5 neighbours (1 little child) for unknown reason?

This is an other notice. Not so killing but not less strange:
A man calls police because his girlfriend does not want to go out from his toilet.
When the police comes, finds the woman sitting in the toilet-room with her skin grown around the sit of wc-pan.
She doesn't want to go out. She feels good.

The most interesting is that she is sitting there for 2 years and the man takes her to eat and to drink for these 2 years. Suddenly he thinks something is wrong with her. And he decides to call police.

I can maybe understand the woman. There are many cases of mad persons.
I don't understand the man.

Read the article

The Shroud of Turin

In one of the news-sites I read an euphoric article.
The Shroud of Turin is true!
It's the "photo" of our Saviour!
The dating was not exact and with modern technologies they say that the stuff is from I cent. (maybe -the results will be open at the end of March)!

The very new researches say that the man on the stuff was real.
Blood ( IV (АВ) is of a male that was dead in a consequence of torture ( bilirubin is too high)

Just 3-4 days ago I heard an other notice about an other research.
Scientists studied many texts of the period and pictures of the persons that lived in the same places at the same time when Jesus Christ lived. Those were persons with curly hairs, short cutted. And with short curly bart too. At that time was impossible for a man to have long hair, it was dishonour, say the researchers.

Something like Marcus Aurelius (121-180) on this picture from Wikipedia

In fact, even the tradition to paint Saints in early Middle Ages was so: men with short curly hairs. Long hair comes later, after XIII century, I think.

-Seems I was not right, writting about it. I asked one girl that is specialized in arts and she said me, there were Christs with long hair in Bizantin art in about VI cent. When I have time to control it, I'll ad the results here (see photos in the bottom).

This is mosaic of Christ Pantocrator VI cent. in Ravenna (right)
and Daphni, Greece, ca. 1080-1100 (left) (source Wikipedia)

Saints in S.Pietro a Corte (Salerno) XIII cent.

Read more:
The Shroud of Turin

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chinese Letters

Photo -gift of my friend Footiam

In a documentary about the first Chinese Emperor great part was dedicated to the art of Chinese calligraphy and a professor told that there are from 16 000 to 28 000 letters in it.

Because I know, that every letter, every symbol (I could not understand at the end, they call them letters or symbols) means an other word, I was very surprised.

First of all, we know that a 3-years old child knows about 3- 5000 words, an adult can arrive till 15 000 words, Shakespeare used 24 000 words in his works. Chinese alphabet uses 28 000 letters...

Now I understand why Chinese industry is growing with this speed. If you are able to remember 28 000 letters you have to be very-very-very clever.

Monday, March 10, 2008

How to Buy a New DVD Player

Do you know what a great job has to make somebody who wants to buy new electronic device today? You want something hot, new, good, at reasonable price and there are so many offers... If you are not a good technician, it's really difficult.

Suppose, you need a new dvd player. You think about a very modern item and begin your research in Internet. What do you do? You visit a great quantity of shops, first of all, and see so many models there. They are different not only by brand. There are many other sides to consider. You could hear about Surround Sound but now you see about 15 types of it. There are about 50 (more or less) types of discs these devices can play. The only thing you are sure to understand in it is that you want player or recorder or combo.

So, what have you do with your dvd player? Visit
Here you can find everything you need all in the same place.
I would say it's the site of rankings. They have users rank, experts rank, their own WizeRank. All this is adorned with reviews of real consumers. Not usual "testimonials" that nobody believes more. They offer you links to famous sites like Amazon or Yahoo if there are reviews available in one of them.

Back to your dvd player. On the left side you find all types of them filtered by all possible criteria and a special page dedicated to very new releases. You find best prices all over the Internet and, sure, price-filter too.

Is it not enough to move away all your doubts? Ask a question! Or read questions and answers of other visitors of this intersting shop.

Dollar vs Euro

Photo Do you like US Dollars?

Everybody would laugh if I asked you about it even a year ago. Because a year ago people loved Dollars else. Today many of us in different countries don't like Dollars more.

If I do something and somebody pays me with dollars, PayPal gives me about a half of the sum in Euro. So, I work practically for coins. And I don't like it.

But if I want to pay phone calls to my American Phone-company, I pay a half sum in Euro. This means that my calls are very, extremely convenient for me. And I like it.

When I want to buy something in US, made in US from US stuff, it's very convenient for me, because I pay half a sum for it. And I like it.

They say, this year New York was full of European consumers. They bought everything they saw in incredible quantities. They loved Dollar, I think.

Many shops in US (they say) don't want Dollars more. They prefere Euro.

Forbes wrote that the most highly paid top-model, G.Bundhen (?), just a year wants to be paid only in Euro. And financier J. Rogers wants to sell his houses to buy ... yuans.

Do YOU like Dollars?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Force of Traditional Mentality

I've seen an old woman on the bus-stop 2 days ago and thought about incredible health or force of traditional mentality in that generation.

The weather was not good that day. It was raining -not too hard, some drops, but you know it very good: you become all wet after 15 minutes with these "some drops". Than, it was cold too, not more than 7°C. All persons had waterproof jackets.

But the old lady had only just under knee long skirt, a cardigan, a kerchief on the shoulders and... knee-length socks. The only difference from traditional look was the colour of these clothes. They were brown, not black. The thing that impresses me more from all this look are those socks.

Bet you, I did everything possible different times to look under their skirts (of these women) to see if it's true. You will laugh, but I could not believe that a person, specially of this age, can go out in the street in winter with nacked legs. When I was a girl and we weared minis and tights, many of us were often ill for this reason. Our mothers did not know how to explain to us that we have to wear warm pants. Yes, it was Lithuania, not Italy, but 5-10°C is a good reason for an older person to wear something very warm, I think.

Some young girls were sitting on the bench but the old woman was standing in feet. And there were 2 enormous bags near her. This is an other thing I'm always surprized to see: the weights they take. Once I saw in a supermarket: a woman took a pack with 24 tomatoe-tins with one hand, posted it on her head without any effort and went to the pay desk. I had cardiac infarction when I saw it. ;)))

The great problem with busses is that they pass very rarely here, so you need often about one-two hours only to wait for it. And the old lady was surely for many time there.
What did she think in that time? Did she feel cold? Maybe not. Surely she had her family problems to think about. Not tradition. It's a thing that is not discussed. It's so because it's so.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

US Marines and Soldiers in Iraq

mistergin left a comment in my "Animals as Friends" blog
and there was a link.
There are different videos.
This is a quoter from that post:

We get videos like THESE.

*** WARNING: These videos contain extreme violence and cruelty on behalf of US Soldiers or US-Paid “Consultants” - Watch at your own risk ***

And this is the link:

All GPS models compared in one place

GPS devises are very interesting toys, have I to say you.
My friends use it because they travel very often with their car and the thing makes their life really comfortable. On the paper map you rarely can find where is one sense for example. But it's commodity, not the game. The game begins at home, in their native city, were they know every street better as their navigator. "Now turn right at the light signal", says Navigator. My friend turns left. "What are you doing??? I said you turn right! Well here turn right and we go back to that street. Oh no, turn right! Not left! NO!!! You old ...!" And so on and so on.

The thing becomes difficult when you need a new navigation system. If you need it, you can compare gps ratings visiting Here you can find great selection of new products that appears every year in the market. GPS receivers, Navigation systems and all sorts of different GPS devises are presented here with all information available in the net today.

The team presents you the best way to judge products: you can read opinions of real people, customers and experts. Their gps ratings are presented in form of simple separated graphics. One for experts other for users with the number of reviews made for every product. There is own WizeRank for site visitors too. So you can compare different opinions.

Many of us look for reviews in different very popular sites like Amazon or Yahoo ecc. does the work for you. You have not navigate all over the Internet to find a gps ratings on every single model. All this you will find on the same page. In fact it offers you links to the available reviews on all most important informational sites.
So, visiting this site you can find all information you could need in one place.

About Keywords and Analyzing Programs or How to be The Very First in Google

Yesterday I submited one post in different sites and wanted to know how many persons read it during the day. In this way I remembered the analyzing program I use for my sites. I use Webmeter, but there are other different free programs. Sincerely, I proved some of them in the period I stay in internet and have own sites but was never completely satisfyed with them because noticed they have always errors. Webmeter was simply the last I proved and I was too lazy to change it.

So, what I wanted to tell you now... I opend the program and was surprised to see that in some cases I was in the first and even the first in Google search results.
This fact put me on the guard.
Is it possible that my simple and not very cured in SEO- and all other informatical senses blogs could take the first place between millions of big guys with big money and great crowds of servants?
Specially if I write about Rottweilers?
What is wrong here?

Imagin, all the merit goes to... my defective keyboard.
When I type it loses letters. And sometimes I don't see it. Or forget to control.
So I typed one of the words "Rottweiler" in a post (and there were different of them) in the wrong way -and it put my blog on the first place between illiterate writers.
And not finished here.
Because there was one illiterate searcher too (or maybe not one...).

Dear Friends, BE ILLITERATE to be The Very First in Search Engines!

It's About Health

This day is for me full of notices about health. So, I'll tell you them in the form of a list if you don't mind.

1. Did you know why are we all sooo over overweight? Because we follow tips of doctors. (it's my own opinion)
They say, when a person is stressed, has problems, has low opinion about own capacities and other similar things, it provokes lowering of the glucose level in the blood. This provokes lowering of determination and of decision to make others value ourselves.
What to do? Drink a glass of lemon juice with sugar.
And we eat and drink sugar because our blood needs it.
And become overweight.
Because the life is so that we are always stressed.

2. Do you like tea or coffee?
If you like coffee, you are a person that doesn't know to take pleasure from the life.
Because these drinks have different cerimonies in our mentality (unconsciously): we drink coffee fast and we drink tea with pleasure.
So, if you prefere coffee, stop a moment! Relax and enjoy the life.

3. If you are a woman, you have know, that the health of the woman is mostly unified with meals.
Are you pregnant? Eat all sorts of nuts, olive oil, maize oil. They are full of vitamin E.
In any age: Love Lactobacillus Acidofilus (and yogurt). It's good not only for your bones, but for bacterial flora too.
Vegetables and fruits of red, orange and green colour are good for your skin, heart and are useful if pregnant.
Finally after 50 eat soy for climax-problems.

4. Do you know that flu-virus has a fat-cloth. When the weather is cold, this cloth melts outside our body and we don't become ill in summer. When it's cold outside, the cloth of flu-virus melts only in our nose or throat and we become ill.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

News about scams

Different times I wrote about plotters in internet.
Mail-scams with lotteries, princes, poor heir of millions that do not know how to use them without your help, bank allerts ecc. Did you know that you have not touch the body of the bank-scam message with the cursor?)

American green-card scams I loved very much. I don't know how is it possible that official US lottery gifts your address to those persons. Where could they take mine? (so as somebody in the municipality of the town where I live sells addresses of residents -incredible!)

2 weeks ago I had a new case in my scam-practice.
I have a site in one free site platform. Great service and I'm very content how it works. That site is only a place to study the possibilities to design a site for me and I did not use it for some time. Then I open the site and see it full of banners, texts and frames with all types of female proposals.
Somebody opend my very simple password and inserted own content.
So I learned that it's necessary to have good password.

Today I read about other possibilities of games with your passwords:
Be careful with ICQ-contacts (and maybe messengers generally -the notice tells about this messenger but...)
If your password is only date or place of birth for examlple. The plotters open your account, steel your dates or dates of your contacts and then sell them to you. Or they send you messages "send me urgently 100 dollars, I'll give them back tomorrow. Harry (name of your friend or relative)"
My sister wanted to send me money in a SMS-message-scam like this once.

If you want to send money to somebody needs them really ( refuge, shelter) and sent you a message with the request of help, call him, ask number of the account by voice and don't do it through the mail address. Plotters change number of bank-account in the original mail.

About the women that look for a man that will pay them a ticket, life and baby-sitter for the time she will stay with the men I don't write -it's not new.

Hope you found some new information for you too.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Foreclosure Investment

Sometimes the homeowner can't pay monthly rates for his real estate and the lender -a bank or other creditor- sells the property. The prices often are very interesting and that is why foreclosures are considered by many persons and companies as good investment. Today, when personal loans become very popular and easy to get for mortgage, many persons are interested in it. offers to it's visitors large databases of foreclosure listings that are updated every day. These feature is free to consult and you can locate and read the full description of every property.

Searching in the state of California for example, you will find precise information about all cities, including one of the top foreclosure cities -Sacramento. All proposals in this listing have photos and dates like price, bedrooms and bathrooms. You will find many other interesting information.

If you look for Florida properties, you can explore lists for every city of this state. Here you will find free information about available solutions and list and auction dates. All lists include state bank foreclosures, REO's and pre-foreclosures.

Every page with the list of all cities in the state offers you the places with most foreclosures. So in Arizona is Phoenix on the first place today. If you are interested to receive a newsletter with the latest properties available, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial of Foreclosure Alert. In this way you don't miss your opportunity.

Entertainment centers in Campania

What you see on these photos is a new commercial center not far from Naples, near Nola. In the last 3-4 years we assist on incredible growth of enormous commercial centers around Naples and even near Salerno is now one big enough. But near Naples they grow like mushrooms. Do you think all they are empty? Here the population is so numerous!

So, to make somthing different was creaed this structure. It's name is "Vulcano Buono" -a Good Volcano. These -as in other countries, I think, are not only shopping centers. There are cinemas, restaurants, even a park is made in the center of this building. They have fitness centers, gymnasiums, hairdressing saloons and barber's shops. In other commercial center like this you can even swim in a pool. The only place that you can't find here is discotheque maybe.

Here on the photo yopu can see the wall of this commercial center. It's covered with soil and many roses and other plants are ready to be planted there. I don't know how they think it will be, but after the first rain the earth went down and you can see entire "gullys" there.

:))) Didn't you want to spend money this evening?

Justice Just For Criminals

More I live in Italy, more I'm surprised by Justice here.
No, normally I don't write about politic. I see, I understand, but what can I do to change just a little thing? Nothing.
Everybody knows that all this is only for those who has money. And these "serves of people" do what they want with us, "stupid" sheeps. When I lived in Soviet Union, we said it's only in these country that you can't find truth for simple persons. But in "highly civilized" Italy the situation is not different.

Today I read about Bassolino, the head of the region Campania where I live.
All the world knows about refuses emergency here. Some years ago one journalist wrote that Bassolino buys flats in the most expensive parts of New York ecc but justice can't prove that he and his friends put money they receive in own pockets. And he continues to sit on the same place. Do you know how much we pay for refuses? 200 euro. Now, all the famlies together?

Here by us the quantity of enormous black cars grows from day to day. There was no one of them 4-5 years ago. But now European community pays to build here sidewalks and to plant flowers and trees.
Well, it's not bad. This zone was similar to rubbish heap 12 years ago. River Sarno was (and is) the worse contaminate place in Europe. It was impossible to eat vegetables and cheese made in the region of Naples because full of poisons (not many persons new about it). Now the situation is some better. We have sidewalks, public gardens, beautiful streets, trees and flowers.
Let them drive their black cars.

The notice of about 2 weeks ago. One pedophile killed 2 7-years old girls and suspected to kill the third of these 3 friends too. Stays in prison for about 2 years (I'm not sure), goes out because is very brave ... and kills an other, 4-years old, girl the same day.

A young man from a mafioso family goes out because judges FORGET to send paper about his detention.

40 (fourty) boss vacate prison because innocent for law-court.

Parlament approves in one day and with ALL voices 13 000 euro/month salary for it's members (11 000 were not enough for life). Workers fight more than 7 months to have 127 euro/month -and do not receive them. The very fortunate woker -that HAS regular job- has 700 -1300 euro/months. He pays 600-1000-1200 euro for the flat where lives his family. If he is the only person that has a regular job in the family? (very often here)

Eh... why I began to write about it? Maybe I don't want to write the task I have to write today...

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