Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life After Death

Scientists do not have doubts about the existence of the life after the death of the physical body. They do not have doubts about the existence of the ghosts more, too. This is not a notice today, I wrote about it in this blog, I think, too. They, scientists, can not explain this phenomena but it's presence is confirmed by many scientific studies.

For those who understands Russian, I add this video about the cremation.
This experiment was carried in a crematorium. A team of scientists connected special heat-resistant instruments to the body of a dead person before cremation. They were surprised to discover what they have seen on the monitor: the dead body was afraid to enter in the fire. The sensors designed signs of fear on the screen.

The other interesting notice that I've read in this period was about the very good known shaft to the light that experience patients in coma. Many persons tell about it and scientists explained this experience as the last light that enters in the eye of the dieing person. The notice is: completely blind and blind from the birth persons tell about the same shaft and light. So, this experience does not depend from the last light that enters in the eye.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dream to Find a Treasure? Go Fishing!

Did you ever dream to find an antique treasure? Do you think it's unpossible today? You are not right. It's enough that you like fishing. Take your spinning and go to fish. I know at least 2 recent discoveries of antique artifacts catched by fishers.

First of them and the most recent (the notice was pubblished today) is about the sword that a fisher took out from the river Dnepr near the city Zaporozhje, in Ucraina. The sword was on the riverbed that is about 20 m deep in that place.

This artifact has very good quality and has silver and gold decorations. That is why the scientists think, it could belong to one of the most known Kijev princes, Svjatoslav who perished in the battle in that place where the sword was found.

The other case I told you about happendin 1930. A group of the fishers took with their net a very beautiful head of Apollo from the waters of the Gulf of Salerno. This head is possible to admire in the Archeologicap Museum of Salerno that is it's symbol now. The photo is from this site

Do you believe me now? Let's take our fishing tackle from the shed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dark Clouds Over Italy

The dark clouds over the economical situation in Italy seemed to me something not very important for "normal", "little" people. Why not? It's easy to understand. I'll explain it to you in simple numbers.


Look here:
We, an adult couple, spent It.Lire 5000 for everyday neccessities (bread, milk etc.) in the years before Euro.

Euro had to cost half in confront to Lire. So, we had to spend Lire 5000: 1900 (I don't remember the precise number, 1927, maybe)= Euro 2,5 Right?

From the first days of Euro, this division was not exactly so but Lire 5000:1927 =Euro 5; =Euro 6,7,10 etc

Today, we spend at least Euro 20 (TWENTY) for our everyday neccessities.

In the miraculous way, the salary of the workers of our region (I don't know about the others) had not this interesting tendence in the division but remained exactly so as we lerned in the school:
Lire 5000:1927=2,5 (approximately)

In addition, there is no job, and Italy has not that social support system as Germany, for example.  I look for a job for 15 years and never had a chance to find something. It's not about me. It's for every person. If you want to have a job, you have to pay the employer.

In other words, the situation was just hard enough for years to worry about it.

новый торговый коплекс Vulcano Buono,Nola

Last Sunday, we went in a big commercial center (photo over here) for our "weekly shopping". Commercial centers grew as mushrooms in the region in the last years, and now we have more very large commercial centers than the residents, here. This one is our favourite because is the only where you can find good offers else.

Normally, it is always full in the weekends. Entire families come to pass all the day in it. Cold place, air conditioning in summer (specially, for those who do not have it in their own houses -it's a Paradise). Old members sit on the sofas for the TVs, kids play somewhere, one drinks coffee, other walks long the gallery. At least, they spend money for breackfast and lunch. Surely, they buy aliments. Everybody is content.

Now, that Sunday when Berlusconi renounced on his post, this commercial center was empty.
We could not understand, what is happend,at  first. There were only some little family groups here and there. The impression was that Italians were hidden in their homes, that they were frightened this event can blow up their lives.

Nothing is happend. The life turned back in it's normal "riverbed".
Everybody hopes, the new government will be able to do something to allow the "little" people to live, not only survive...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sunny Day After the Flood

Naples was flooded this Sunday, and it seemed to me we will never go out from there.

It's not so unusual, sincerely. Hard rains are normal for November here. It rains in other periods, too, but November is a real "winter" month in our zone.

We decided to visit a very good and convenient street market in Naples that day, where my husband wanted to buy a jacket. We had bad time, sailing in the streets there. It was unnecessary risk to go in Naples but we could not imagine what we will find there. We did not think that the city could be immersed by so much water that arrived nearly to the windows of the car in some places.


That is why -and you will understand me- I wanted to pass some time taking photos of the splendid roses and other flowers I have now in my "garden"

Suddenly... the young cat that came to us when my husband was in the hospital arrived just in front of me and my photocamera...

Is it possible???? Is it the behaviour of an educated cat that pretends to be feeded in this house... by me, precisely!!!! I was ...surprised and indignant. What a shame!

I'm a very modest person and turned my photocamera aside.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mother's Love

This mail I received today and did not want to open it because this friend has the use to send me all kinds of "send it to all your friend and will receive $3000 tomorrow"-messages. I don't know why I opened this message. And don't know why I decided to open the photos (because it's unpossible to see them in the mail). But than...

I read and heard too many similar notices -in TV and other media- in the last period (I tell about the last photo, clear).
Than, I had to work with similar mothers when I was a teacher, many years ago. If you think that it's a rare case, you are wrong. It's monstruously often. And not only among the poor, illiterate part of the population of the towns.

Once, I had a mother from one of the most rich families of the city. Her son had a face of an angel. And he was a very good boy (10 years old in that period). Could you imagine that the mother, a director of a very important institution, treated that angel in the same way you can see on the last photo...

That is why I was touched when I've seen these photos. And... maybe this pubblication will help to make the life on the Earth some better... Who knows... I do not knkow who are the authors of the photos. If YOU are or you have the rights, write me.  

Mother's Love

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