Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Breezes All Inclusive Vacation Resorts

Breezes invented the way to attract you, offering you a real paradise. Infact, the innovative concept of the company is to allow you to forget the reality and to feel you are in paradise. Because everything you can desire is inclused in the price of your vacation. All inclusive Jamaica is one of the favourite destinations. Famous for it's legendary sandy beaches, the island donates you incomparable relax but not only this. Did you know that Jamaica has great variety of landscapes: breathtaking waterfalls, springs, rivers, and streams? And you can practice different land and water sports with the help of the professional instructors.

You will find best accomodations in the caribbean hotels, second to none chefs with meals and drinks and infinit possibilities for relax and entertainment. What is important that not only single persons and families are welcome. You can come with a group of friends o co-workers and the teams will make so that you have not any problem. The hotels have all the necessary equipment even for business meetings there. And -an other peculiarity of the Breezes- there are not tips there.

Do you like shopping and lively, boisterous, excited streets of a port? You will surely enjoy a vacation in Ocho Rios hotels, that is is the main cruise port of Jamaica. You can meet many interesting persons visiting it during your stay. Not all tourists know it is situated not far from Dunn’s River Falls, famous in all the world. The persons climb them directly from the beach, take a soak under the Falls in the naturally formed pools. The noise of the falling water creates very special positive state. And after a day on the beach you can enjoy unforgettable nightlife of the island. Like many persons before you, you will surely turn back in this paradise.

Salerno Seen From Sea

It was practically the first time in 13 years that I swam in the center of Salerno. Once I did it and the water was not healthy, so I had bad sores after this bath. This spring they spoke much about new cleaners and they sad the water in the town is good. So I wanted to try today.

Салерно со стороны моря

From the time of Longobards and maybe earlier the town was built thinking about those who wll come here from sea. And it is so today, you can understand it looking on this photo.

The old center, where our museum is situated too, is just behind the row of the first houses and the sea "touched" this first row till '54 when the seafront was built with the detrits of the flood. So, now there is this splendid promenade and the little free sandy beach for residents.

Салерно со стороны моря

The boys saw me taking photos and began to show what they are able to do in the water...

Салерно со стороны моря

Monday, July 20, 2009


This rainy summer is very good for plants and first of all weeds. But I have a splendid abutilon to show you.


I love this plant from the first time I've seen it many years ago. It was an enormous plant in a shop with great windows. It occupied half the shop and was full of the orange bell-flowers. It was similar to a Christmas tree with all it's toys. But here it was natural. Splendid, excellent and fantastic.


Different years ago I bought seeds of abutilon in LIDL. Normally I'm not happy with seeds but that time all the seeds created plants. I was incredibly happy and left for me rose, yellow and orange. After some time I discovered that they don't want to grow. I began to read about this plant and knew that there are many different sorts. And MY abutilon does not grow.


If you want to grow abutilon you have to remember that it's favourite food for many parasits. This time I'm fortunate that they are not ill. I only feed them with a good fertilizer. And so, as you see they are very happy.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Napoletan Songs

When I was a little child my parents were fans of Robertino Loretti. They had an impressionant quantity of big and havy black discs with registrated voice of this boy and this songs resounded every day in our house. Who knows, maybe it was the first step when my life turned in Neapoletan direction. :0)))

I found that songs in You Tube now but it's unpossible to incorporate them in the post. So, if you know this crystal voice and love it, or if you have never heard it, click on the links in the bottom.

There is written "(born in 1947) is an Italian singer, mostly known for songs he performed as a teenager." I don't know if Signor Loretti is a singer today too. Sincerely I've heard about him not more than 1 time in all the years I live here. After he became a teenager and his voice changed he never was so popular more as I know.

I don't know if it's true, but it seems to me that there was a usage in this region before Caruso to castrate the boys that had nice voices to preserve them in the years. Robertino Loretti seems to be fortunate to born in the period when it was not be in use more.

O sole mio-Robertino Loretti

Torna a Surriento

Santa Lucia


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

High Quality Mailboxes Solve Your Problems

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You can choose Residential Mailboxes for individual homeowners and for residential buildings. The solutions are fully customized and even the biggest buildings can choose own style and form. Often the style is not the first preoccupation of the persons. You have to know that there are high security locking mailboxes and you can find the latest offers of the best manufacturers visiting the site.

You will not have the problem of security if you need Commercial Mailboxes too. Mail-Identity Theft is growing nationwide but you can protect yourself from it. Visit Mailboxixchange to look for the right solution for your business. You will find different offers to satisfy the needs you can have and it is without forgetting the beauty and style of the building.

Pictures And Reality

In those different posts I wrote in the last period about Naples
Shopping In Naples
Waiting For A Prince Turning Home
Thoughts About History
Chapels Of The New Castel, Naples

I told you about the visit of a Museum in New Castel too.
The museum is little but there are some pictures by local artists.

Картины из музея в Неаполе

Амальфитанское Побережье

Картины из музея в Неаполе


Morning. Breackfast

Утро. Завтрак

In the morning, at 8, the just hot sun is shining in the window of the kitchen. The mount Caruso seems to be covered by smoke. But it's not so. The hot air creates this illusion. There is not coolness in the morning. And it will be worse when it will not be coolness in the night too. This is the worsest period, worse than November because there is not possibility to find the place where you feel good.

We have "italian breackfast" at the little table in the corridor. Drink milk with coffee and eat a little piece of sweet bun, "cornetto". I count kalories because the last researches say, we eat too many calories. Cornetto kcal 200, milk 89,3 kcal, coffee 0,68 kcal. Well, my breackfast had 300 kcal. I have do anything possible to lose 10 kg. It's terrible, you know... I want to eat ice-creams...

Sincerely, I don't like to buy the industrial foods -and croissants among them- because I don't feel full after I finished to eat. I don't feel products in that food. And it disturbs me.

Now, my task is to maintain this till the evening.
I'm happy! I'm happy to be soooo strainge!!! To have not hunger!

Утро. Завтрак

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is It A Fable Or Reality?

Many years ago there was a Hollywood historical movie that name I can't remember today.

There were 2 medieval sisters-queens or princesses there. One was very unhappy, she had to run away from somebody. The other sister called her to come where she lived, showed the best intentions to help and great sister-love. The first sister was so touched to see such cures. The other said: you are so tired, take a bath first and in that time we prepare to eat and your room. When the poor sister entered the bath, the bad sister closed the doors and filled the bath-room with boiled steam. And killed the rival.

On my photos you can see the calidarii, rooms for hot baths of Roman terms in Pompei and Ercolanum. You can see that those are the little rooms where there were the doors surely. And so, the situation, described in that movie could perfectly be real.



Now I want to tell you the REAL story. More. History.

When Hannibal wanted to enter Nocera, Roman colony, he could not do it because the town had very big wall and was good defended. So, he said, he will leave all the population alive if they allow him to enter the town.

The elders thought about this proposal and decided to open the doors. Hannibal, when entered the town, called the elders, closed them in calidarium and killed them all with the steam.

there is nothing new under the sun.

10 Is there anything of which one can say,
"Look! This is something new"?
It was here already, long ago;
it was here before our time.


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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Best Deals On The Cars

The period of crisis is not so bad for us, consumers, in sense that we can find best deals on new cars but used ans vans too. My friend found a very good Peugeot Dealer, went to the nearest dealership and is now the happy owner of a new and incredibly cheap car, so that my husband dies from envy every time sees him. Because our car with the similar qualities costed us double in confront to this one. And if we think that he, our friend, did not want to change the car this year!

The first search befor you have intention to visit the dealership of your zone is possible to do directly online. Perrys has very clear and easy to navigate site with different possibilities to find what you need. Practically, it's a great new, used cars and vans deals search engine with great cure for details. Very important notice for everybody who has doubts about deals online is that this site is authorized and regulated by Financial Services Authority.

Let's say we need Peugeot 308. On the home page we find all the brands. It's enough to click those you are interested in. And it's really a game: there are pics of models and body types to choose. You have not think about the complicated names. It's enough to look at the images. And there is a very simple table of last best deals with descriptions and what you can save with them. If we pass to the page of the model we are intersted in, we find comparative tables of modifications.

From the day I've seen Peugeot 107 for the first time I look at this car with great attention. I like it because it could be ideal to drive in our zone. First of all for parkings and really eng streets of the old towns. Visiting the site of Perrys it's possible to find descriptions of all the qualities of the model ad to understand if it is that you need in your situation. And that you can pass to the modification that is for you.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Desire To Live

If you follow my posts about gardening, you have seen the great explosion of flowers till this beginning of summer. Now it's time to flower for lilies and I have one survived on my "loving" cures of the last years.

I had 3 of them. I do not like flowers with only one flowering time. But the bulbs have something special and you can not avoid them. So I have today some gladioli and this poor lily. I planted it in this vase some years ago and never changed it or added something. But it grows every year and has hese splendid flowers.


The weather is not hot else and the plant is in a covered position, so it is very high, about 160cm.

But I wanted to tell you about an other poor plant. I have Ipomeas near the door this year. I like this flower and bought special hybrids. The vase is big enough, but the plants were too numerous for it, so, I decided to pull up some of them and to leave only one or two.

A week ago I did it. A WEEK ago. Than I cuted the lover part and wanted to take off the rests some later, when it's possible to see where are the alive tendrils. Here is the proof:

Ипомея, желание жить

Now, look here. One week later the plant is alive and is full of flowers!!! They are very little, but they are so numerous!

Ипомея, желание жить

Shopping In Cava Dei Tirreni

After different posts dedicated to the main shopping streets of the main cities of Kampania, Italy,
Shopping In Salerno, Where To Eat 3
Shopping In Salerno, Via Vittorio Emmanuele 2
Shopping In Salerno, Via Mercanti 1
Shopping In Naples

I had to add one more town of the Province of Salerno, Cava Dei Tirreni, where I was some days ago. The period between 13 and 17 is holy meal time, specially in the little towns, so you see nobody in the streets on my photos. I had to wait for my husband and went for a walk there. My aim was to eat an ice-cream (most bars are open).

This is the main shopping street. Many residents of our zone think this town is the capital of the existing world and even never visited other towns in their life.

Кава Деи Тиррени

This central part of Cava is really special and interesting. It is the only street I know here, built this way: with 2 lines of porticoes with a vase of ivies under every arch. 'cause the summers are too hot normally, this street is a nice place to stay.

Кава Деи Тиррени

Кава Деи Тиррени

Finally the proof that the dream time is just here:

Кава Деи Тиррени

But you have not be too unsuspecting. Never believe your eyes if you don't know the prices that was in the shop before. (Learn more about other savings options over here) There are cases when the 50% discount is much more higher as the price without discount.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Some Trees Can Grow

When I visited vulcano Solfatara, I was letterally shocked to see some trees growing there.

But I have to begin from the beginning. :-)

They say, there is not rain in the zone of Pozzuoli. I do not understand, is only Nocera the object of all the rains here? It rains by us every day about the 14:00. Every day! So, it was very nice to walk there, in the cratere, pampered by total silence and the nature.

Вулкан Солфатара

In the places you see on these fotos you do not feel the odour of sulphur else. It seems to be paradise. Nobody and nothing. Only you and the nature.

Вулкан Солфатара

Than you come in the place where the cratere is "alive". The steam of sulfure first and the higher and higher temperature do not allow you to forget where you are. Now I want to tell you about the trees that you see in the background of this photo. If you follow the fence in the center, it "shows" you on some trees.

Вулкан Солфатара

Here are they, some eucalipts, I think. Little enough, they are incredible. The place where they live is too hot. It's letterally hard to walk there for temperature and the odour of sulfure.

Вулкан Солфатара

Look here what they do, these trees! The roots are all ON the soil!

Вулкан Солфатара

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