Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rearranging The House: Throw Everything You Don't Use

Делаем уборку :)
«Делаем уборку :)» на Яндекс.Фотках

This year will be cleaner than 2009!!! Promise! I'm tired to collect and collect and collect the things!
This was the motto I pronounced after opening the wardrobe where you can find everything. Probably the clothes of our christenings too.

Did you notice this peculiarity: you free the box, the cupboard, the wardrobe -and you find it full a month or two after that? From other side, -I don't know how it is for you- I'm similar to a hamster or a squirrel. I never throw anything. "It is good, I say, it's not broken. Maybe I will need it once." Clothes, books, different objects. I know, I will never use them but I put them "in a safe place" because I could need them.

It seems, this is not only my problem. Imagine, there are persons, professionals of the house organizing. (What have those persons in their houses to need a professional house organizer???) Once I read an advise of them: you have to throw every cloth you don't use for more than one year. I had the courage and cleaned my wardrobe and bookshelves. I wanted to give these clothes and books to the persons that could need these all. But nobody wanted them. And I had to throw all that books...

It was a tragedy for me, you know. I have not this education to throw the books. But nobody wanted them.

Now I think, I have not to buy things and specially books that I need only to use them one time. If I organize everything good this year, I will not need it next time...

9 марта....Праздник кончился....
«9 марта....Праздник кончился....» на Яндекс.Фотках

Friday, January 22, 2010

Strange Things With Google Analytics

I discovered a straing thing today: there are not visits in my Blogger blogs in Google Analytics.

This is the story with the counters in these my blogs.

When I began to write them, I added a counter from one Italian site. It was a simple counter and the graphics they offered were not very complicated and maybe too precise but this program was comfortable for me.

About a year ago, after 4 years I use this program, Google and antiviruses began to write to me, the counter is nothing other than a virus. I could not use my blogs more because they were blocked, and had to change the counter I liked to an other. It was Google analytics.

On January, 17 I try to open my blogs and can't do it. I thought, it's one of the codes that has something wrong. But I did not add any new code in the last period. What can it be??? It's unpossible to control all the codes! Specially when you have not an idea what is it about, right?

So, I changed the template's model in every blog and after that I opened my blogs without problems, finally. Everything seems to be so as it was before, the only difference is that Google Analytics does not work more.

WHY???? Do you have such problems too?

What We Are In The Universe?

Каменный мир
«Каменный мир» на Яндекс.Фотках

Did you notice the very great quantity of the films and documentaries about the space and cosmic catastrophes?

Some days ago I watched a documentary about astronomy and infinity of the space. Scientists spoke it's necessary to find an other planet we will be able to live at, when the life on this planet will be unpossible. Probably they thought about all the junk etc human beings produce here. If one destroys and destroys a device (Earth in this case), that poor device has to be finally destroyed, one day. It's clear. It's one of the Murphy's laws, I think. Or something similar. Correct me if you know.

I hope, I'll not be alive in that period, so I think about an other interesting confrontation.
If we think not about what other planet we have to make an uninhabited dessert, but about our position in that infinite space. In the Universe, our Earth is smaller than the most little grain of sand in the ocean. And there are many many many "grains of sand" there.

Черная дыра ест "звездные чипсы"
«Черная дыра ест "звездные чипсы"» на Яндекс.Фотках

It is similar to our body that is made from the very little athoms. There are many little athoms that build our bodies. There are "big" spaces inside the athoms, you know. One scientist said: if we imagine the athom in the center of a stadium, it's electrons will situate near the walls of this stadium.

Many little athoms make the Universe of our bodies.
Can you imagine that the Earth is a little athom of something, of a "body".
And if we are only a part of the athoms of a body????

Семейный портрет
«Семейный портрет» на Яндекс.Фотках

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discounted Girl Of The Consumer Society

Пульт управления«Пульт управления» на Яндекс.Фотках

It was a shock for me, that article I read now. A young man (a man, not a boy) reasoning about the best ways to make a girl of the dreams of a man to fall in love with him.

Did you know that the girls are worse that the cars, because you can't bargain the discounts, when you want to take a girl of your dreams?

I'm probably too old to understand this things, but I remember else, the boys were able to take the stars form the sky for us, girls. The poor mothers that had to finance their sons -now I smile- gave them what they could. The boys were happy to feel themselves like the Princes and we were happy to have such a Prince nearby.

I remember myself when I had 20-30 years. The men that wanted to attract my attention were not very different from those our boys. They always wanted to feel themselves like Princes and wanted I feel myself near a Prince.

What I want to say with it?
The main point was the idea to be/have a Prince.
The Prince is not about the quantity of money and not about the physical beauty. The Prince can be physically the Beast. It is about emotions, attention, admiration, worship.

Now, reading advises of a man how to take the best girl with the best discounts, I see, we really reached the consumer society.
And it is sad, my dear friends.

А-ля Сепия!
«А-ля Сепия!» на Яндекс.Фотках

Friday, January 08, 2010

Wonderland In Edinburgh

Thanks to TV and other informational channels, most of us have very clear image of the "right" winter with snow, reindeers etc. even if we live in Italy or in Sahara. The modern life allows us to fulfil our dreams to visit the places of that fables. One of them is Edinburgh in Scotland. In the times of internet is not difficult to plan the trip, to find good for you Edinburgh accommodation in the place situated near the itinerary of your interest. This is because Edinburgh offers many recreative possibilities for every person, children and adults, and in any season. Specially in winter, when the nature transforms the city in a natural dream and the residents add to this picture all the attributes of the fable.

One of the peculiarities of the Edinburgh accommodation is the possibility to stay in the Old Town or in the New Town. You can find Edinburgh apartments with ghosts, if you like paranormal experiences, or near the places where VIPs of the past lived. There are different itineraries including even night visits of the old houses with ghosts, Castel and royal palaces.

But the visit of Edinburgh in winter will attract you with the spectacles on the open air. Did you know that Edinburgh has many areas of gardens inside the town? And there are the largest in the UK ice rinks there. If you book your Edinburgh apartments via internet, you can find something near them, so that your days will begin with the fun hours on the ice.

Well, your vacations in Edinburgh will not disappoint you in your dream fables.

Monday, January 04, 2010

How Wars And Barbars Influence The Development Of The Culture

Керамические изделия типичные для Амальфитанского побережья (керамика Вьетри)

This is a little square of the little town known worldwide for it's ceramics. I remembered about this art because we spoke with one of the members of our Archeological Group, how it, art of ceramics, changed in the times that passed from Ancient Greece through Middle Ages till today.

Now, if you want to confront these 2: a vase from Ancient Greece and the second, from Middle Ages, you will understand what I'm speaking about.

роспись на вазе
«роспись на вазе» на Яндекс.Фотках
What I wanted to say, wars and barbars change the world drastically. And the ceramics is the best example to prove it. Go in an archeological museum and look at the plates etc. The perfection of Ancient Greece vase's decorations and the simple lines of "after the Roman Empire". It is clear that the humanity forgot this art in that period.

The next photos show the modern traditional ceramic's images. This is very advanced form of medieval direction in the development of the decorations.
Interesting is: would you prefere this or Ancient Greece direction? Who knows, maybe it exist somewhere...

Керамические изделия типичные для Амальфитанского побережья (керамика Вьетри)

Керамические изделия типичные для Амальфитанского побережья (керамика Вьетри)

Керамические изделия типичные для Амальфитанского побережья (керамика Вьетри)

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