Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

happy new year picture

Fat And Beautiful

This was maybe the most pleasant "gift" for me today. I did not know about the show "Miss Fat and Beautiful Israel". I watched this video and envyed the girl eating the tasty (so as she eats it) sandwich. I think these shows are great because I don't like women-toothpicks and it's bad to make idols from them. From other side I wanted to eat tasty foods but I can't more. Every piece I eat adds fat to me. I don't know what to do with it.

Well, you will say, I'm not so young as these girls. Yes, it's true. And I knw that every woman after 40 has to add some kg -it's the nature. But... I don't like it, this fat. So, I wanted to educate me to accept the reality.

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To Gift Clothing For Men Easily

Shopping in internet is interesting and fascinating. You can find many interesting things that maybe you will never see in real shops of your zone. You can even find great prices too. To find a great gift for my husand I explored Clothing For Men in ShopWiki, a site that I like because I find everything to solve my doubts there. They are about different general questions first of all. What is new, what is hot in this moment, how have I choose the size and other measures. The articles I find on the site cover all possible themes I can have. So my research becomes easier from the very first moment.

My husband likes Mens Cargo Pants and I could choose them not only from many brands, by price or by color. Interesting is that the team offers the comparison of really hundreds e-shops. This way is possible to find a shop that is "nearer" to you in sense of taxes you have to pay when you receive the pack. I like this service very much because the taxes are to high sometimes.

The pants I thought will be good for my husband were The Force HS2343 New Dimension Dark Navy Cargo Pants that are blue as he likes. And there are 9 shops where I can find them. ShopWiki offers other solutions in other colors to confront them and to feel more sure if you are not certain about the choise. But they seemed to me not so interesting. So the last word was for this article.

Finally I wanted to add something special, decided to look for Men's Belts and choose a classic model. Hope my husband will have a great gift this year.

Main New Year Character In Russia

Main New Year personage in Russia is some different as in Europe. Not only he is more beautiful and has better clothes, he comes not alown to visit his admirers. Near him there is his granddaughter.

Maybe you will say, it's the fable for children. Everybody of us, adults, knows who is that "old man" and where comes he from. But if you think about it, try to remain without them and without all this feast's attributes and you will understand that they are a great part of our life. We know but we need them because the life would leave something if we remain alown. :)))

It's clear that the feasts in Moscow are most grandiose in the country. Here I add photos from one of my preferite russian resourses News.Mail.Ru where you can see other photos of this reportage.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Tale Of The Changing The Human Being

кабинет генетики
«кабинет генетики» на Яндекс.Фотках

My husband that fortunatelly turned home after his vacation in Argentina yesterday is now impressed by the notice that in ... forgot... german community where Mengele was hidden?... is now a normal practice to change the DNA of the persons. Imagin, he tells me, they cut off all ill and bad genes and give birth only to very healthy babies.

I know about this experiments and think there is nothing bad in them generally, till the point when it is necessary. I read or have watched a documentary about the illnesses that have some nations that will annihilate the nations if they will not use these practices. So, I want to say I'm not somebody that does not understand the normal neccessities.

In the last period I read much opinions of the persons that are against abortion. I think, these surely are persons that do not understand the situation, the life. Maximalists that like to cry something without thinking what are they crying. How many alive beings kill they every day they do not count.

I think, at the end the nature will take everything on their's places.

But the last notice I read seemed really bad to me. It tells about molecula responsable for our long time memory. Scientists want to cut off this molecula if somebody is suffering from the bad records and liberate this person in this way from his/her problem.

I Like Internet Or Happy New Year, Internet!

«DSCN8442.JPG» на Яндекс.Фотках

More I live with internet more I like it. Maybe you think it is obvious. But if you analyze the situation, you will understand that there are not so many persons (globally) in the countries where internet is available that can use it. Can -in 2 letteral senses: somebody has PC but can not pay internet, others have internet only to read mails, finally those who has everything necessary but do not know use it.

I have different complications in my life as you know: I live on the hills and all the persons I know are very far from this place. Far are the offices normally used in the life like post, municipality etc. Than, my real friends are in other countries. Internet gives me a possibility to
-stay in touch with my friends,
-speak with my parents and friends;
-have friends all over the world;
-pay everything I have to pay directly from my PC;
-buy special things I wanted to have and that are not in our zone;
-have notices from all the countries;
-learn everything I want to learn...

Some years ago I had seen a PC for the first time and was ignorant in it. Years pass and these week I knew some persons that do not know to use all these possibilities of internet they have.So I understood WHAT I have having internet 24 hours a day. It's revolution in my life.

Dear Internet, thanks and happy New Year to you!

In Search For The Best Wholesale Coffee

Passion is often the best force that creates something unforgettable. This time we speak about coffee wholesalers always in search for special tastes and quality of coffee. As Italians say, there is coffee and coffee. offers to it's customers the finest coffees available in the farms of Central and South America and Africa, those prouced by renowned importers and directly from the growers that often offer best quality product.

Hundreds of green coffee samples pass Intelligentsiacoffee, wholesale coffee roasters, roast and taste tests that allow to create the finest floverful varieties of this beverage. The team evalutates body, aroma, and acidity of all samples cup by cup and then discusses them so as coffee industry standards require. This cupping and roasting is daily activity of Intelligentsia and coffee is always fresh there.

Coffeeshops, restaurants, specialty grocers receive the freshest and unique coffees and cheap bulk coffee beans. Not only. Intelligentsiacoffee offers equipment, training and planning to those who is interested in it. If you need any help you can contact the team and they will discuss your needs. It's very important and the company makes so much for success of it's clients. So that everybody can benefit from the very best and extraordinary quality of the products they offer.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

How I Understood My Mind Is Different From 98% Of Persons in The World

I found a test in StumbleUpon! It was about answering some questions (you can do it here if you don't want to read this post till the end). I had to do some moltiplications and than I had to remember a country with the letter "D".

I'm not very brave in Geography today, so after a while I remembered the only country that beginns with "D" and it was Denmark. After that I had to remember a name of an animal with the last letter of the word. I controlled the mode to write this countryname in a dictionary because I thought the last letter is "C".

My dear God, do you know an animal that beginns with the letter "K"? I could not remember one. So I opened WWF site, "Search by species", passed time to look for at least one animal that's name beginns with the letter"K" and found that there are 3 of these names: Kingsfisher (a bird), Keelback(a snake) and Kiwi. This last is "nearer" to me, I thought, (I watched a doumentary about it) and choose it.

After that I had to remember a fruit that beginns with the last letter of the name of that animal. My animal was Kiwi, so the fruit with the letter"I". Maybe I'm too sleepy today, I thought. I DON'T REMEMBER one fruit that beginns with the letter "I". I even found a list with all the fruits! Here it is:
Black Sapote
Dwarf Sumach
Golden currant
Kiwi fruit
Paw PawPeach
Red currant
Sharon fruit

There is NOT a fruit with letter "I"!!!!! I was disperate and did not know what to do now, so I read the end of the test. And was surprized.

"Are you thinking of a Kangaroo in Denmark eating an Orange? If not for you, you're among the 2% of the population whose minds are different enough to think of something else."

After that I wanted to know where is the trick in this test. And found it. Here: "MULTIPLY that number by 9 . If the number is a 2-digit number, ADD the digits together"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What Is Cotechino? Italian Christmas meal

Christmas is in Italy an interesting feast. I would say it is similar to world soccer championships in the days when Italy plays. You find nobody in the streets in evening, all are in the family. There are large family meetings this day and "cenone" -great all family supper.

One of the traditional italian Christmas meals is Cotechino (kotek'ino). I think there are not so many families that prepare it in home today, there are many half-ready solutions. I bought one for me too, and here you see some photo to imagine what it is.

Cotechino is very fatty. Normally you have to put the entire pack as you see it on the photo and boil it in water and when ready, open it and add to lentils. I'm afraid to eat fat, so I open the pack and wash off all the fat. Than I cut it in pieces and prepare with tomato sauce. It remains still very fat, but... I eat it once-twice a year. ;-)))

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Wishes To Everybody!

Dear friends, I wish all of you very happy Christmas, the best gifts and mmm.... so tasty meals!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shows In The Streets Of Salerno

Our Archeological Group had a meeting before the Christmas when we could say greetings one to other. It was late in the evening, yesterday. I came in Salerno one hour earlier because did not find persons in the street. I thought, it will be something terrible before the feasts but...

So I had nothing to do and wanted to walk in the main street to look in the windows of the shops whatthey sell.

Salerno generally -and specially during the feasts- is full of all sorts of street artists. Maybe they think there are too much tourists here. Is it true or not, but every street you go you find little shows.

Near them there are policemen that do nothing to catch them. I am surprized every time I see it: you see policemen in the streets but they only are present in the area. They say, Romans call them "cornetti" (it's a cake italians eat in bars for breackfast) because you find them always in bars.

From other side these shows give to the walk through the streets something special, a special taste. Sometimes you can see real performances like this one.

First the man than the woman after him took off their slips (about a dozen had the man) and began to juggle them. All this happend in some moments so that I even had not time to make photos.

Books About Sea And Dreams

I saw this first photo and it made me think about one very romantic book about sea and a dream of a girl. A book of A. Grin "Scarlet Sails" (photo from Wikipedia). You will ask me how is similar this photo and the story of this book? I don't know.

From other side, a dream of a girl from that times could be maybe a ship with scarlet sails, but in our times this dream has to be something like "Bently" or personal "Boing"... Instead of it a romantic dream today is the same ship. Could you explain me WHY?

The other literary work that "great water" remembers me every time I see it is the poetry "Lorelei" by Heinrich Heine. On the photo from Wikipedia is the rock Lorelei where the story (the legend) take place. So, I say, when I see a boat I begin to tell these words:
If I'm not mistaken, the waters
Finally swallowed up fisher and boat;

(Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen
Am Ende Schiffer uns Kahn... )
And try to make a photo to illustrate them. But I could not do this photo till today...

Believe In Chiromancy

So as the population of UK believes in ghosts (I think so after I watched different documentaries about it), Russians believe in everything "anormal".

Some weeks ago I knew one man that tells to everybody he knows to read hands. After some days of comments-exchange in one site, he asked me to send him a photo of my hand because he was interested to read it while some parts of my hand he've seen on my photos were curious.

I made the photos he asked me about and wanted to see his collection of hands. It was something new and completely surprizing for me. I had never thought that there is so great quantity of different forms of hands and fingers. I am accustomed to see my hand and thought all the hands have more or less the same construction. This is absolutely not true! Incredibly world of the hands!

He forgot to write me about my hand... :(((

рука мужа
«рука мужа» на Яндекс.Фотках

Your House Plan Fast, Easy, Affordable

What I like in internet very much is that many difficult things you needed to discuss only with a specialist before are completely automatized and easy now. Not only this. The tools are made as games. You can play and solve very difficult problem you have. This time I tell you about the possibility to create or to choose Home Plans of your dream using special tools on

If you need to build or to improve your house you have to visit this resourse. You will find great variety of blueprints and all the necessary information you need all in one place. You can compare houseplans by their price, style or size and there is an other special tool: estimated cost by zip code that other sites do not offer.

If you have modern ideas, look at Contemporary house plans that are combinations of different architectural styles. You find description and benefits of the style, many photos of what are you reading about, descriptions, estimated price and plans of every floor. Interesting is that you can modify the plans or maybe pass to similar solutions if you are not convinced.

Many of us dream about country lifestyle and cottage home. You will surely like French Country House Plans created in respect of all the characteristics of this relaxing and rustic architecture. The collection of plans offers not only detailed every floor plans and general look pictures and photos. You can visualize all the smallest parts of existing plan or maybe change something so as you imagine them.

There are many different possibilities and you will surely find what you are dreaming about and -not less important- in concordance with your budget.

What You Call Treasure?

«Клад» на Яндекс.Фотках

By the way. Did you know that in many houses in the old town of Salerno people find many treasures? I wanted to know more about this phonomenon and here are the results of my little research.

If you think that the treasures are burried mostly in the filds, you are not right. They are in the walls of the old houses. I went to a numismat to ask him about "soldi" -italian money, and he told me, that a little piece of iron as 1 cent can cost an entire fortune. Thr owners begin the reconstruction of their house and find little bags with this money hidden in the hole made in the wall.

Why was it so? There were many bandits and enemies in old times and those could come suddenly nea the town. So the citizen had not time to hide what they had. They made holes directly in the walls of their rooms and put their what they had.

As a thing of great value could serve not only coins. In Pompei and Ercolano Romans had with them gold and jewelry, for example. But for not very reach persons it could be a "brocken bronze ladle" etc. :))) dipends...

What I Do In That Museum: Salerno, Sanct Peter At Court

Maybe you did not believe me when I told you that I go to Salerno from time to time to open a museum. Here I post some photos of it.

We are a group of volunteers, Archeological Group of Salerno, part of Archeological Groups of Italy, that do the possible to maintain alive and open for public one of the rarest places in this city. The archeological excavations in a church that show all the history of Salerno in one place.

In fact, it's the only open place where is possible to see that the old Salerno is situated on the roman town. More. The modern buildings grow on roman basis. This building (actually belongs to the municipality but till 70-ths it was a bakery) is a part of roman terms, than paleochristian church (the book written in latin and greek on my photo), than Longobard prince palace, than church, than bakery.

This last is an example how paloechristish community used roman terms entry to create a tomb for it's important member.

Running In Salerno

What you see on this photo is my dream and my shame. I know I have to make more movement and I would like to run as those mad salernitans do. Not only they, sincerely. It is common illness in the last some years. You find them everywhere. Young and old, working day or weekend. They run.

Even in our street, there are those completely finished. It's not a flat part, it's a hill. 300 meters over sea-level, no? We have a group of some men and women not from our street that run here. One of them, a female, we've seen once on the way to Salerno.

Well, I go at feet from my house till Salerno (12 km) from time to time too, but...

If you think that it is very nice to run on a beautiful sunny day, I agree with you. I wanted to do it too, but I'm not able to overpass my lazyness. But these persons become running-dipendant. We had a period of rains from the middle of November. Here you can see how was the weather in one of the best days there.

Now look at the last photo. The photo I made more bright to give you the possibility to see them. It rains. You can see a person with umbrella. I had to go from the place where I left the car till our museum. Can you imagine that there were MANY of that mads running along the seaside.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Carefree Vacation In Super Clubs Resorts

When you are tired of job and problems, when you need vacation to forget everything, when you dream to think only about something good and to have carefree days, your Paradise is Super Clubs jamaica all inclusive resort. Wha is it? Its a place where you will find deluxe accomodations, all meals prepared by world-class chefs, snacks and unlimted premium beverages, land and water sports and many other interesting things. These magical islands offer you beauty of their land like the world famous Dunns River Falls. You can experiment mountain and undersea adventures or maybe simply relax passing time on the beach.

The most beautiful places for your romantic vacations offer you unforgettable experiences with more luxurious options if you want them. They offer you infinite list of activities for your Honeymoon and even free classic caribbean weddings. Imagine the celebration in a new wedding chapel on the beach! Specialists will think about all details and they will provide all the neccessary and do everything youand your guests feel as all you are in Heaven. Logically, you can prefere other types of celebration and choose any upgradeor gifts you want. It is possible to do it online too. So, you will have the best memories of this great day in your life.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dancing Dakini

In my previous post I began to write about Goddesses. Here I want to tell some words about the most interesting for me divine female image -Dakini. 'aaa. D'akini. Dakinis are "Sky Dancers", very nice, cute characters from Tibetan folklore. They protect you and help you.

There are many pages written about dakinies, so I don't want to repeat all that experts here. These words are from one of the sites -unfortunatelly I don't remember the address of it to alow you to continue to read the article because I found it years ago, it is possible that the site do not exist more, I don't know. I think you will like this quotation:
the tantric view that there is no distinction between the ultimate metaphysical nature of woman and the relative human reality. Woman is the Dakini and is to be worshipped as such. Further, the Prajnaparamita gave Tantra the concept of woman as the Perfection of Wisdom, perfect insight (shes-rab, prajna),
I wanted only to show you 2 photos I made in my fireplace. I like to see a human figure there and like to think that it's the Fire Dancer.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goddesses And Amaterasu

Photo from Wikipedia
I know, my behaviour is as that of a little girl. When I hear this word I begin to laugh. Amaterasu. It sounds like mattress for me.

One girl in Facebook sent me a "gift" yesterday: Amaterasu. And there were different Goddesses to chose in the program. With my great surprise I read that Amaterasu is not a mattress. She is a Goddess, "(that which) illuminates Heaven", a sun goddess. My God, how dark is my head! What is interesting, she was born from the eye of her father after he visited Hades.

I don't understand that Antique People, why they had these mad ideas? Where they come from? I mean that "anormal" births.

To lern the thing, I have to add that there ar other Goddesses.

She was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife, patron of nature and magic; (Wikipedia)

Tara, a female Buddha, She is the "mother of liberation", and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.(Wikipdia)

Laksmi, is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.Lakshmi is thus goddess of the means to achieving objectives, including prosperity in the lives of mankind.(Wikipedia)

Maybe you know other names? Enlighten me pls.

Monday, December 08, 2008

7 Things About Myself

It is a game,Meme: 7 Facts About Me that Footiam passed to me. Normally I never partecipate but in the last period different persons wrote me that I never want to write about myself. I think it's not true, first. What I write here is what I think. And what I think is my actual "reincarnation". I don't think, somebody is interested that we don't have heating in the house, and for this reason the house is cold and wet and not good for health. There are many persons that have much more great problems. So, I think, it's not interesting to write and to read about.

Well, I have to write 7 things about me.

1/ I'm that cat from Joseph Rudyard Kipling's fable that walks always where it wants. Many people do not accept it. But it's their problem.

2/ I love everything is alive (that is why Buddhism and Shamanism are good for me) and never want or enjoy something bad for sentient beings. My husband complains that in this house it's unpossible to kill a fly now, with this Buddhism.

3/ The greatest interest in my life is to study and to learn something interesting.

4/ I believe that the persons are good and would never make something bad to me. (!!! Because I have 47 years, I think -I'm probably completely and without hope stupid)

5/ What else? Don't know... I'm infinitely lazy. It's unpossibly to obbligue me to do something I don't want. In this case I'll be similar to an alive fish on the frying pan.

6/ Because I do not see good, I'm very inattentive. My mother made an experiment one day. She saw me in the center of the town and passed near me 3 times. I did not notice her.

7/ Different persons said me that I'm sly and artful. So they interpret my spontaneity and sincerity. Probably, everybody judges others from own life experiences and character.

Now if my friends want to write about themselves...
PM from PetMonologues
Beetle from Beetle's Memories
JB from JB's Big World
Amrit from Nepalese And Tibtan Arts
Debasis from Health-news-tips
Azura from Sayangku Azura

Sunday, December 07, 2008

You Are Here And No One Cares

Right now, on your computer screen, are approximately 10,000 galaxies.
Each of those galaxies contains anywhere from ten million to one trillion stars.
The average star is roughly a million times the size of Earth.
And yet, with all that junk, the Universe is more than 90 percent empty space.
Photo and text from "5 Scientific Theories..."

It was a sad experience, internet navigation today. I opened some news pages like Google news, news in Italian and than in Russian. Than I opend some StumbleUpon! pages. There were only 2 types of news: about killing alive beings and peculiarities from the VIP-life. That last was not very different from the first. Ah, no, there were very-very informative lists about who from that VIP-persons took away and how much clothes. The most top notices were: who of them demonstrated striptease.

Maybe you don't believe me? Open a news page.

Why I noticed this peculiarity of the Sunday? Normally I never take care to see all the picture of the information I read. I only "scan" the page, look for something that will attract my attention. What is today? It's because I read some phylosophical thoughts about how everybody of us will be burried? In a good or in a bad place, with or without music, will somebody accompain the body and will somebody remember about this lost life some days later?

Are these thoughts repulsive for you? Why? It's the life.

My life is so important. My life is unique. I'm the most important on the Earth... But the truth is: I'm nothing. And if we remember the Universe: you are here and NOBODY CARES!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why She Looks For An Other?

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

It was a very big article I opend accidentally. Why a married woman begins to look for an other? The author wanted to listen to the psychologists. Some of conclusions seemd interesting to me.

All the problems begin with the natural and absolutely dominating all other feelings necessity of a woman to hear continuously confirmations that she is beautiful, unique and inimitable. If she do not hear it from her husband she begins to look for them where she can. And the places can be very various.

If the man looks for "use-and-throw" sex relations, woman -consciously or not- looks for great love.

The other difference is that the woman feels fault for her husband in the most quantity of cases when she had casual sexual relations.
From the other side she never forgives conjugal infidelity. It remains in the very depth of her soul even if she doesn't admit it and can go out one day.

The other interesting thing is that -in the most cases- the woman discovers her "home" husband is better as the casual partner.

Finally, more than 70% of the divorced couples that lived together more than 5 years turn to live together. :)))

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