Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do you know what is important in the life?

Yes,this is the question.
Is there somebody who knows answer?


Children rarely give you what you wait from them.You have accept them for what they are,not for what you want do from them.YOU need them and they think (and it has to be so) about themselves.They love you but they are directed in their future.And maybe when you need their help they are too far.

Husband?Maybe your husband is the best in this world.But the women wisdom says (I heared this from many and very different women): if you have to make choice from best possibilities and your husband,forget your husband.Nothing feeling of guilt or something like this.Think about yourself.Your husband will estimate you more then if you think about him,first.He will never doubt to change you if he'll find more interesting (for him) woman.

Nothing forever says an TV-spot.

Things are not important.Even if you live in a village you can leave your house and go in an other place.And all those things you loved become rubbish.Have you ever thought about it: they are part of our family,it's profume,it's special feeling.Maybe because we give so much of our soul to create our residence...And one day all this is to leave...Not to leave,but to expel as refuse...our life,our soul...

Our life is not important.What is changed in the world while we were born?Nothing.What will change,when we go?Nothing.Is there difference for the world that we are alive, try to do something to survive,to accumulate goods and money?

So I ask you: pls say me what is important in this life?

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This morning I read an appeal about baby seals.You can read and see photos HERE
The photos are cruel and I don't want post them here too.Maybe one at the end.
New tourism,people.
Maybe this is important -to help others to survive,to become better?
I firmed 2 petitions on 2 sites I posted there.I really hope it will help....
I uploaded those photos to my Flikr to can post them on my sites.I hope the authors of the photos don't beat me for it.

You know,one woman from Czech Republic firmed it when she read it on my site.I'm really happy about it!

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These Recomendations for the life are attributed to Dalai Lama
Wisdom from the Dalai Lama to you
are in the web and in the mails about 2 years.I like them.And that is why I post them here.My preferite is N°4.

1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
3. Follow the three Rs:

    Respect for self
    Respect for others and
    Responsibility for all your actions.

4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
6. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
7. When you realise you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
8. Spend some time alone every day.
9. Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
11. Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time.
12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.
13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.
14. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.
15. Be gentle with the earth.
16. Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
19. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our mothers that "kill" us every day...

This is the logical continuation of all my previous posts about our emotional states.Sincerely I hope it can help somebody to change and to do all beings,living around more happy.

I didn't had this intent,but my personal and professional life,the lifes of my friends and non friends show: many tragedies in our lifes due to the unhappiness of our mothers.And when we become mothers we continue to create unhappy persons,because don't understand what we do.

In last years Italy assist on incredible quantity of homicides,when mothers kill their children.Maybe I exagerate if I say it happens every week,but really too often.After one "great success" in TV,other mothers repeat this gesture.Mother that with her own hands drowns 3 children till 5 years one after other in a lake...and other that calls her husband some minutes after and says "we'll do an other child now"...

Do you know what I thought after an infinite murder-story? Those children are fortunate in one sense.They don't have to live with this mother all their life.
And ... who is alive with a mother that don't loves her child,is fortunate: the mother,that don't want you and -think a moment- COULD liberate from you,took care of you instead,did everything was possible for her to feed you,to cloth you,to educate you,to send you in schools ecc ecc ecc....If she was a modern mother she invented a way to take you off so that nobody can prove it....

You think I'm thinking nasty? No.
First of all this is a good meditational exercise to take off the dipendance and to accept the person that damage us.
Have you ever thought,what is thinking your mother,when is cooking,cleaning the flat,doing this or that? Never? Do you know how was the life of your mother? Her wishes?

Today,when I analyze many of these examples,I see
1.We could be more happy if we were not so dipendant from the wish to have this "secure wall behind our shoulders".
2. and if we could be happy in the real life, and not to run behind the mirage of happiness that put in our heads TV and other media.

Now,we can ask ourselves an other question: why my mother has to love me?
I have only one answer to this question:because I'm her child.
Have you other answers? There is this feeling in our heads.It's not a thought,we don't think about it.The sun shines,the water is wet,the mother loves her child.It's clear,no?

Let's see this from other side.Why do many women make children today?
Nobody loves me,nobody understands me,I make a child for me and he'll love me because I'm his mother.
I'll do this child to tie this man to me.
It was a mistake.
others like these.

Once I had a very beautiful boy in the class.10 years old.They came to me after primary school.That boy was as a toy.Not too clever,but not stupid,a normal child.When you saw him,forgave him all he did bad so beautiful he was.After 3-4 month his mother came to me,gave me money and said: I'm too busy.My husband says I take not time for this child.I'll give you money you treat him as a mother all the day he stays with you.I don't want problems with my husband.
I was very young in that period.The mother was for my understanding a holy being.And I was really shocked to listen this words.And then it was the most beautiful child of the class....

This meens,the woman borns a child to resolve her problems.The problems are where they were befor after it,but she adds many other problemsto those existend.And there life becomes tragedy.And something that makes her bad life a tragedy is her child.
Do you remember the question?
Why my mother has to love me?
(we ask in other way:why my mother doesn't love me?)

And I ask you one more question:what did you in all your life to give her what she wants?

No,with all this I want only we understand,we are conscious of this tragedy.
Second,we see ourselves,because we behave,treat others surely in the same way as our mother treated us.
And last,people live with us,depending from us,meet us are not guilty in our problems.If we begin to give them happiness,and they will give happiness to those that are near them ecc ecc The world can become a little more happy...

Very interesting exercise I found today

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dream Interpretations

Some years ago I had an idea to interpret my dreams.

From my first years I heared the persons speak about their dreams and trying to understand what they want to say.There were special books and those who remembered many meenings.I thought:we are so different,it's unpossible that all can have the same interpretation of one sign we dream.

I asked others what they think about it and discovered:almost all want to interpret the dreams when they wake up,but all said this is a stupidity.

I'm not agree with this point of view.I think we are a very complicate engine we absolutly don't understand.It's like an Ice Age man has to pilot an interstellar ship.Quite our scientists say we use only 5% of possibilities of our brain...What contain the last 95%? So to add the opinion of psycologists I say you directly:they say our body comunicate with our mind with signs.This signs we see clearly in the dream.Our task is to interpret this signs.To do it the doctor has to know his visitor very well.

You know, it happens very often to me. I have an idea,tell it to others and they say me I'm mad.Later,sometimes years later, I find I was perfectly right.When I was little,I said: animals have the same feelings,emotions,thoughts (beh..similar) like we.Today scientists say:we are just a specie of animals.Interesting specie,yes,but not more than a specie.We are neither "chosen by God" no "kings of evolution",we are only one of the species.

Well, when I began to study this idea about dreams, I could not find understanding even between persons that had to be agree with me for their specializzation.I was surprised to be ostrazise from some companies for this.But more I studied,more found the scientists see it as me,the ancient wisdom too.

There are some books about dream-yoga by different authors,but this is not for beginners.

So I explain my idea.
1.As said, our body comunicate with our mind by signs. By "intuition" ecc.
2.There is nobody who knows us better as we ourself,that is why it's for us to interpret what our body says.
The advise I found to have a pen and a note-book near the bed and in the toilet.When you wake up in the night,you have to notice your dream.It was not good for me,if I begin to write I can't asleep then.So I wrote only those dreams I remember in the morning.

The result is:
-if you have an insidious dream and analyze it (we hope:and understand) it can disappeare for ever;
-if this dream is to show you something it can continue till you correct your mistaken behavour.

First dream
I'm in a room of a flat that has a door close by key.Somebody beginns to knock at the door and I see a tall man with strang clothes in the window near the door.He wants to enter.I'm afraid,trembling as a leaf,don't know what to do,where to go.

Second dream
I'm in a room with some (2-3) other persons.We know sombody will come here,find us,and we have to run away.I'm afraid and trembling.We go away befor the bad people come.

I'm in the house situated in the garden.I don't see them,but I know it.There are thiefs in the garden and they will enter in the house.There is a child with me.I'm afraid and trembling.I take the child and we run away using the back-door.

I have to go from A to B and the path pass trough the forest.I notice a tall man follow me.I go slower -he goes slower,I go faster,he goes faster.I'm afraid and trembling (as usual for those dreaqms).At the end I reach B without problems, the man arrives there too.

Now I try to analyze these dreams.There is normally a close place where I have to feel secure(MY house),some persons depending from me,-and men that I THINK will damage me and those who depends from me.
Interesting:those bads never DO really something bad.I think so,I know they want to damage.I'm afraid they will do it.

My interpretation of these dreams:
I'm afraid of something great that can damage me,I don't feel secure where I have to be secure.
My inconscious want to explain to me there isn't real danger in my "house".


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A simple life of a woman

Some days ago I began to write stories of women I met in my life.My idea was to create a general view on some single paths and ways they cross.But from the beginning appears the main thought is more complicated as initial simple plan.

First of all the most unpleasant creatures result to need great compassion.We see only a person that in this moment is damaging us.We are part of this play and are concentrated to do something to win.If we can go out of it and see it as a show,we find that every character has his/her positive and negative sides.Everybody tries to protect himself and assure the ambience around him is under his control.Remember one of the sentences to repeat to increase auto-esteem? "there are no contradictions,only different points of view on the same subject" ( here about these exercises and in other posts).

Then .We see so many beautiful women in TV and other media.Nightclubs,Caraibi ecc -you know what I meen.We think:THIS is the life and I have to do everything to reach it,and if I can't reach it, I'm failure or unfortunate.

( in the last time I have seen different sites where sombody posts photos of these "fortunate" women in their "photo-life" and then how they are "natural".The very first time I was shocked.I said to my friends:and if we put so much of all this cosmetics,we will be of celestial beauty.While we are more beautiful without cosmetics.At our age.

And then I'm always surprised to hear interviews with those young girls:"what is the secret of your beauty and your slim body?"-"My diet,my sports 12 hours a day ecc." I don't understand why they,journalists,need this stupid propaganda? At 20, everybody is beautiful and slim because young.At 40 you have to think about sport (maybe too late?) and diet -for wrinkles,paunch ecc but at 20... )

So,I say,we don't think about the real life.We don't understand it as real.Real is what we see in TV... Maybe you are not as me,but I was so,more or less.And then one day I began to compose in one facts from lifes of women I knew.Unfortunately I can't put their photos there.Have to think about it,it could be more interesting for immagination.

What do you think about it? Tell me your story,mmm...?
The film about distorted beauty is the best testimonial.See it here

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Donate the life

Maybe you will not agree with this my thoughts...One day ago all the world wrote about Saddam Hussein,today I read about G.W.Bush executed in Washington,Fox State TV said.Who is writing about it? BBC News .I'm not interested in politics.I'm very sceptical about it and wrote it many times.Excuse me for repeating this.All this characters are dirty,there is no one you can say he is better as other.

So this news brought my mind once more to the thought about our lifes.When I think about it I feel sad.We want to feel how important we are.We want to leave the memory about us in the world.How many times we think about immortality.But there are only some persons that know we are coming in this world and maybe less -we are going away.

We managed many times the nature to create new lifes:dogs,hen,pigeons.We waited for them,it was so incredibly to see them born,help them in their first movements.Sombody of them could not survive and we cried.It was an other important feeling to see them grow,do their first great steps....and then kill them.Or give them to bad persons because they paid.

Our last pair of pigeons had 2 nestlings.They were very little.The pair was old,they lived together many years.We had many pigeons befor,but my husband decided to sell them,he could not grow pigeons for meat more.He sold this pair too,but they returned home.

One day the female don't come back in the evening.The male was nervous,waited for her,but she didn't come next day too.We thought,the male will leave nestlings,but he continued to feed them and to heat.Then... he began to throw one of his children.Every morning we found one of them aside,cold,almost dead.The father could not maintain them.So we helped him.We gave to eat to this little,vitamins,we heated him and after some days he was strong enough.We were afraid every day the father leaves them.Males don't take care of nestlings when remain alone normally,but this was exceptional father.He grew his children till they could eat and live without him.

All this to sell them for meat...

No,this story had a good end.My husband sold the littles to a neighbour breeder and for their father found an expert person that had a female without male.We told him about this father and are sure he has a good life now.

When you partecipate on this stories,you learn to respect animals and birds and ....you don't
want to give life for suffering.Maybe it is not right decision,but we don't do it more.

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