Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is Cassava?

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Tell me honestly: do you know what is cassava?
I did not know about it till now. So if you don't know about it too, I tell you here some words from my research.

Cassava is a plant. A sort of magnolia as I undertood. Other names you've surely heared yuca, manioc, tapioca.
This plant is produced in Nigeria too and
provides the third largest source of carbohydrates for human food.
However, waste from cassava refining is a major public health problem in Nigeria, causing water pollution and emitting noxious greenhouse gases. (Source)
Because I never heared about this plant, I couldn't -and can't- understand what it is in my food made from this plant. Sincerely I'm terribly afraid to eat in the last period. Every day there are notices about bad preparation of it, about terrible industrial aliments ecc. You surely remember my posts about it.

I don't want to repeat you what I wrote different times here. The thing is more interesting as my fears. The article tells about Nigerian ingeneer, Dr. Joseph Adelegan, that invented to use the wasts of the plant to produce electicity for poor persons. It will be not enough to maintain a refrigerators in these houses, but it will be enough for more than 2000 houses to watch TV, to listen to the cassette player.

If we remember that these poor people use kerosene lamps till today, you imagin how much it will be for them!

What I want to say: You see how creative some persons are! From shit and from wastes they invent gold! Alchemists are neuborn children near them. ;)))

Do You Like Your Language?

Sometimes -often enough- I partecipate on the discussions about the purification of the language. Today I read about it in Russian and British online magazines.

Pre-history of the question.
A week ago we spoke with Pietro, a member of our Archaeological Group about too many english words and "bad" words that are used in Italian. Not only the english words are used where is absolutely not necessary. The most interesting is that NOBODY understands what this word means. NOBODY (even in TV, where the profession seems to obligue to be correct specially in the language), nobody I say can pronounce this word correctly because Italians read the letters they see.
The same tell me the girls of our group too.

I don't remember now the "bad" words. I just wrote about it many times.

Well, what new invented Russians and British in their discourses about the language (by the way, I don't understood, what language disturbes British English?) ? They (population) say that their langages have to be purifyed! How? Nobody knows. The only thing is clear to everybody: it's governative task.

Do you imagine, how it can happen? Some new taxes for every foreign word pronounced?
So as it was with sigarets? And the special forces of marines of something like this in the streets?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Incident In An Airplane

под крылом самолёта...
The XL Airways plane was flying from the Greek island of Kos to Manchester when Wednesday's incident happened.

The women, aged 26 and 27, were drinking heavily and had to be held in their seats by security staff until the plane landed in Frankfurt. ... They were arrested and released after two hours...

The women had then said they wanted to open the door to get "some fresh air" into the plane. (Source: BBC)
Do you think it's a terrible case and the drinked women had not be on the bord? Maybe you are right. Maybe not. I don't use to drink and have to use airplanes from time to time. And sometimes, when I am in the plane, I have an irresistable wish to go out. Open the door and go out. I want to say: I'm tired to sit here, stop a minute, i'll go out.

I don't know, why I have this wish. Seems I am not afraid of the flights. But I feel uncomfortable there inside and want to go out... Imagin if I say it to the hostes.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everything You Need For Indoor And Outdoor Lightening

What qualities are you thinking about, when you want to improve your light fixtures? You want to visit a place with great choise of items, to find there what you were dreaming about. Than you want high quality products, lowest prices and very professional services. Is it possible to find all these in one place? Yes. Visit

For example, you want to buy chandeliers. Navigating through the pages of the site, you will find an incredible quantity of them, letteraly hundreds of thousands. They are in all possible styles and from the best manufacturers. If youhave clear ideas, you can use a special serch feature that will help you to find in less time what are you looking for. If you prefere to speak with the team you can be sure to find help calling them by phone. Because the main aim of the company is the total customer satisfaction.

Not only styles and brands are avilable. You can search by application too. Look what you find in home lighting. On the right you see the Home Lighting Product Search where you can enter Style, Brand, Type, Finish and Price Range you are interested in. The same possibilities are for outdoor and landscape lightening. If you want to know the latest supplies of the market, you will find diffrent lists and photos to make your choise more simple on every page you visit.

Finally the lighting fixtures that you find by Ferrie's are unique quality products and, as said, they have lowest prices too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Very Short Letter To You

My dear friends,
one young blogger found me on blogcatalog today and asked me to look at his blog. I do it, when one asks me. Why not. Before I passed to the blog I read suddenly his profile. It is here

Read it you too. And maybe do what I did. Logically I don't write it here. All us know what I'm speaking about if you've read the profile.

Maybe it's the case to help.

Magician Needs Albinos For A Ritual...

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Павлин альбинос
«Павлин альбинос» на Яндекс.Фотках

You have heard many times about this phenomenon. Albinism. There are many creatures on the Earth affected by this gene mutation. Here you have some examples:

«"Котик"» на Яндекс.Фотках

«Белка-альбинос» на Яндекс.Фотках

красный альбинос
«красный альбинос» на Яндекс.Фотках

Лось альбинос!
«Лось альбинос!» на Яндекс.Фотках

Could you imagin that this particularity coud be a reason to lose the life? That the parts of the body of an albinos can be a necessary part of the medicine made from shamans? In the same way like the bones or other parts of the body of tiger, rhino, leopard, shark...

The difference is that in these cases the animal to kill is human being.

In Tanzania 25 albinos were killed in one year for magicians, to use parts of their, albinos, bodies for magic rituals. There are about 20 000 albinos in the world, but in Tanzania there are more of them as in other parts.

Source: News BBC

World Champion Of Extra Extremities

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Guiness World Records writes about 2 persons that have maximum quantities of extra extremities.

Pranamya Menaria (India; born August 10, 2005) has 25 in total (12 fingers and 13 toes). This is as a result of the condition Polydactyly and Syndactyly.

Devendra Harne, pictured above, (India; born January 9, 1995) also has 25 in total (12 fingers and 13 toes) as a result of the condition polydactylism.

Maybe it's not very comfortable. Too much fingers... Or better as others. I don't know. But the nature makes these experiments not only with humans. Look at this photo. Incredibly but "Pink Tentacle" writes about different octopuses that have an incredibly quantity of extremities. 85, 88 and even 96! Imagin poor octopi what a difficult life it has. Specially after some glasses of beer...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New HD Digital Radio

It's something incredible, you have to hear it. It's a completely new product: HD Radio. What is the difference? Simply. You have HDTV and CD quality sound when you listen your favourite AM and FM radio stations. No static, hiss or audio distortions. Excellent broadcasting, only pleasure to do it. HD Radio is really cristal-clear!

An other problem can be resolved using Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 that is HD Radio receiver enabled with iTunes Tagging. Next time when you hear a song you like, only hit the "tag" button and the song information will be saved to you iPod. So you can click and download it next time from the Music Store. This receiver has full range speakers and creates soundstage throughout entire room.

This HD Radio receiver allows you to listen to many new FM chanels from local new country music stations they offer a wide variety of formats. You can easily find them visiting the site.

There are many new Florida High Definition Radio stations on HD Radio. With the new HD Radio receiver you can discover HD2 and HD3 channels of your area. It gives you very useful text information too.

The last but very pleasant information: HD Radio has not subscription fees. It's completely free.

How To Make A Topless Girl Run As A Mad Throughout The Beach

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I have today all the videos to laugh in my PC. Enjoy this joke.

Chemistry Fun And Easy

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I like fun explanations. They are normally very clear. Specially if they want to explain complicated things they really have not price. Some time ago I wrote about Marketing Fun And Easy here. Today I found this video that tells about interactions of different chemical elements.

Hope you have fun too.

Stainless Steel For Every Place In Your Home

When we buy something for our house, we want this thing beautiful. The other wish is that it remains beautiful in time. One of the materials that has these qualities is stainless steel.

Why is it stainless? It has minimum content of chromium. That is why this steel is more durable, does not stain, is corrosion resistant and does not rust. Stainless steel needs low maintenance and is relatively inexpensive. For all these qualities this material is used for harsh environments.

The site I present you has a great variety of modern stainless steel items for home made by blomus.
Very elegant are blomus stainless steel mailboxes. They embellish your house, are big enough, long lasting and waterproof. There are different models to choose from: with window or without it, different designs too.

What I like more from all categories are blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories. I looked for tool set and wood rack for my fireplace in many shops and markets, but I've never seen something so special.

An other place of my interest is my garden, so I wanted to see stainless steel garden accessories. Type "garden" in the search box to pass to this category. Everything you can imagin: from candles and torches to watering cans and bird feeder.

One word more about this incredible choise of really beautiful and useful modern items. All of them have 10% discounts in this period. The best time for shopping.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How To Avoid Heat Problems In Summer

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Summer is so nice when you have to go swimming! But not so too beautiful when you have to walk some kilometers and specially if you have to go up the mountain under the sun and about 40°C -just what I have to do tomorrow, because tomorrow is my day to open the museum. I have to go down the mountain for about 2 km and than I have to go it up when I turn home.

Some weeks ago I felt bad in the middle of the way. Normally nobody stops here the car to take you up the hill, but that day I was fortunate: one boy took me in his car and I was saved.

Today I found advises of the doctors about the right behaviour in this period, I think they can be interesting not only for me.

If you see a person that has sunstroke, put him/her on the back with the head in the shadow, fan him to make his breath easier and give him water. Call doctors.

Very dangerous is alcohol befor swimming -even beer- because the sensitivity of the cardiovascular system is very high in this period. For this reason the heart can stop suddenly.

Excess of calories is bad too, that is why is better not to drink any drink with calories. That means you can drink water or tea. For the same reason is better to correct your diet and to eat possibly only vegetables and fruits. Wash them very carefully to avoid the intoxications. Meat and fish only well cooked. Visit Japanese restaurants only if you know that the fish will be really well cooked. The greatest problem in summer are intestinal intoxications.

An other problem are mushrooms. If you go to gather them you have to be specially careful in this period.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Miracles Of The Human Creativity (And Mind)

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These photos I found here
There are many other not less interesting examples there.
The original post was written by a doctor that tells about patiences that "was in the bath... and than after that suddenly I felt bad".
Be careful when you go in the bath next time.

Monday, July 07, 2008

How To Open A E-Shop For Free

This last period was, as you know, too difficult for me. I was sure that after the cherries time will come happy lazy summer, but after cherries I was too busy with archaeological group, ritrit and other events when I had to stay out for all the day, so that I had not time to look around me.

Now I invented these sort of e-shops to try to invent a working place for me -I need it urgently, the working place and it's impossible that I have it where I live.
I told you that I began with a blog in Italian that becomes more and more frequented with time. People like to read what I write and I hope once they begin to buy something too. Here you can see my blog in Italian. There are different free blog platforms that alow you to sell your items too. This one I like very much.

This blog is even in all most important SE. Maybe because of pings and relatively frequent articles.

Sincerely I was afraid of sending my items with post and made not so much general publicity but one friend from ZenZuu told me his story. Successful sending with Posts story and I decided that it's good time to have courage.

The second problem here is that Italians are not very "computerized" else. Third is that the cost of the life here became too high in the last period. As in all the world, I think, my relatives tell me about incredible prices in Russia from the beginning of this year. You know, in 2007 I paid about 30-40 euro for electricity in 2 months. We are only 2 adult persons here, so we have not so great needs. Now, some days ago I had to pay 170 euro for 3 months. With low cost contract! I tell you the truth: I don't understand how survive families with children.

Well, excuse me, I repeat the same things from time to time. But it's because it became the main thought, really. How to survive? My god, it's great fortune that I have not children. The girls in archaeological group, the students, study till 30 years today!!! and it is not as was in my times, when the Country paid us all except meal and extras. But even those were at low cost. And I finished 5 years of university when I had 24, I think, and the Country gave all us working places. Nothing good as a place -just contrary of good, but we had to "pay" our debit to our Country in that way. And it was right, I think. I personally lived 1 year in the middle of a forest in Central Russia but than I run away. :)))

From other side, I see incredible prices, that differ in geometrical progression when you pass from one to other. I understand the free capitalism, but... vendors have to have some shame, as for me. Specially here, in Europe.

Now, some days ago I began to make a site in English -about my gemstones. It is only beginning, clear, but I hope to make good one -with your advises too. There are not buttons of immediatelly order in this moment, if somebody wants to buy something, has to contact me, but in this moment of the very beginning I think it can be good so. This is a free site too. The Site Builder has some problems, so you have to control every time what you have done in the site. But generally the site is good and the owners, customer service are very brave. The only REAL problem I had with this platform in all the years I use it (and I use it for about 4 years) -you need very difficult password, because there are too many spammers there. I found once all the site full of pornography texts, bunners ecc because I had a very simple password and they could enter easily in my Control Panel. So, if you want to have a free site you, have to click on the sentence in the very top of this my page (don't be afraid, the platform supports all languages)

If you don't know about it, if you want to sell something you don't need shopping cart more (even if there are Open Source good programs too, but you need a domain name and a hosting). So, if you want to sell something from your site you can simply add buttons of PayPal that you can have if you use this link. You don't pay fees or something, it works like Personal Account, the difference is that you can accept multiple Credit Cards payments and have different (lower) % for transactions. And -important- you can add PP shopping cart.

Effettua la registrazione a PayPal e inizia ad accettare pagamenti tramite carta di credito immediatamente.

Now I need a "logo" for my activity. I don't know how to do it, but I hope somebody of friends will give me the code of a general banner and I'll insert there the addresses of a photo and a site.

I would be very happy if you write me your opinion and advises to become successful. I need it really, believe me.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Romantic Photo

I wanted only to have this romantic and very beautiful photo in this blog. This is why I post it here.

Восход солнца
«Восход солнца» на Яндекс.Фотках

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