Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saving Bucks With Direct TV

In this period when many of us try to avoid any extra payments is very useful to think about a new TV provider and to confront the offers of Direct TV with what you pay actually.  Different things will surprize you. First of all the infinite quantity of channels available in HD, surely more than other providers have. Locals and sports, games and movies, national and international. Over 130! You can control online what channels you can watch in your state. It's enough to tape your zip code.

Visit the site of Satellite Directv and make your movie selection from the list of the special channels, if you are not sure  about the channels you have to choose. You will find the shot description of the contents and than you have to click to define he most important components for you only.  It's enough to open the page with the offers available in your zone. 

Finally, don't forget to see what promotions has DirectTV for you this month. Every area can have own way to help you to save money that is why is difficult to remember all them in a little post. In any case the best deals you will find here. And the numbers of statistics confirm it. The best is that you don't need make long searches and confronts. Everything is just ready for you online. It's so easy to tipe your zip code to have the reports you can be interested in. Or otherwise to choose your city only. Try it and maybe the next happy testimonial will be yours in this site. 

Afraid Of Mouse?

My blog is full of the posts about the life here, in Italy, in the last period, and I forgot completely to explore the internet and to share with you the interesting things is possible to find there. So I decided to make a pause and to open StumbleUpon. I like this program because there are many interesting sites there. And you have not to search for keywords, just to watch and to learn something interesting.

The very first video made me laugh so much. They say, women are afraid of everything. Look here.

Strong Men Afraid of Mouse - Very Funny - Click here for more blooper videos

It si interesting, generally, WHY weare so afraid of the little mice? They can't harm us. If we see scorpion or snake -it's possible to understand. They could even kill a human in some cases. But the mouse?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Incendiary That Nobody Can Catch

Yes, you are right. This is the third post about the burning mountins this year and it's the last, promise. I write it to show you that my accuses of the incendiaries are not empty words.

Here I want to show you some photos of the fire over our heads. These photos I made from my window. We turned home at 15:00 when we noticed the smoke over our hill. Probably the incendiary began his work at 14:00. On the photos it's about 21:00.

As you can understand there are no roads to reach the top of the hill. And the helicopters and planes do not fly in the night. There were years when the fire came very closely to the houses.

This year we could clearly hear the voices of the firemen and the voice of the fire too. A year ago they worked till 3 in the night trying to stop the fire because the fire was near the houses that you can see on the right of the first photo.

And now the most interesting photo.
Look at it.
This is the place, from the other, not our side of the mountain, where the arson came from.

Do you want to know that it begins ALWAYS, every year, from this place?
Can you imagin that it was NEVER possible to find the incendiary?
One more peculiarity. There are all houses long the road, all round the hill. It is VERY difficult to find a way to it because all is closed with fences and private properties...

Simple Rules Of Healthy Meals And Weight Loss

The most important lesson I learned in this period were the errors I make when I cook. We do not understand very often what is wrong in our mode to live. So, I tryed to change our meals just for some years because we began to become too round, both I and my husband. I accused our age, bad metabolism of fats, of this of that... Look at my photos. These are the meals we received in the hospital.

Breackfast: barley with milk to drink (or tea) with 4 pieces of biscuits and marmalade.



1- the quantity. It is about 4 times less than I put in the plates at home. It was perfectly enough!!!

2- no salt, no sugar, no oils. I always add too much of them. But the organism does not need them (at least in these quantities) and after some days does not want them.

3- no fried food. We like fried meat etc. The cook of the hospital made so: he (or she?) fried meat or sausages and than boiled them in some water. So the meat had the taste like it is fried but had not oils and is "washed".

4- all vegetables were boiled.

5- we had fruits every meal. Plums, one big apple etc.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Search Engine For Women

Great New UK Fashion Search Engine for women was something that woke up my not very high in the last period interest for new sites in internet. I have to confess: woman is woman at any age. We like clothes, we like to create a look with the dolls -even if those are virtual. It's better here: we can use images of really existent pieces of our size, colors we like etc. If we like what we created, we can buy it. This is the difference.

Different filters allow you not only search directly the size you are interested in. Looking for cardigans shows you styles used this season and colors. It is important because not all us know directions advised to follow this year. Than if you are interested in particular shop or brand, is enough to choose the right one.

Special pages for discounts and cheap dresses open very interesting possibilities to find pieces by important brands but with really competitive prices. And if you want to wait the price reduces for your size, you can use Sale Alert to receive email notice about it. Very useful convenience.

Do you think you have seen just anything in the streets of the towns and cities? Visit
sale jeans to understand that it is not exactly so. I was surprized to discover the infinite quantity of models and colors offered there. And I have to say, I like this mode to choose the model for me. It's possible to find what I want without passing hours and hours going from one shop to the other.

The House Full Of Ashes

Горы горят

Not so far ago I told you about the first arsons in our zone, in my post Burning Mountain In Campania, Italy. I'm really very sad to see this distruction of the nature. I imagine all that beings that can live there. And all those that can't run away from the fire and burn alive in it. My husband says, there are not so many of them on the hills because there is not water there. I don't know, maybe he is right.

Friom other side I understand that that 100-200 cows and sheeps that the last shepherds of the zone graze on the mountains have to eat fresh green herb in autumn. But...

Well, this can be a long story.

Living on the hills, in almost completely wild place has good sides. We can allow us to have windows and doors open all the day. The air, the sun and the wind enter in the rooms. Mmmm... the cats too. And insects and others, to be honest...

Bad is that the wind takes earth and everything it finds in the rooms too. I was not at home and when I turned back, I found everything covered ... with ashes! I do not see too good and could not understand: what is it on the floor? I clean the room and 5 minutes later see that black pieces on the floor! I put them for my eyes... Ashes! The wind fills the house with ashes every day!

Горы горят

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In A Hospital, In Italy

As you know, I passed more than a week in a hospital. It was the first time for me, in Italy, so it was a completely new experience. Because some of my friends do not imagin how it works here, I'll describe the system.

There are different public hospitals in our zone. In every great settling (that are different villages grown in one). Probably, it is because the population is too numerous here, and it's too poor for private clinics because there is not job. So, we have 4 hospitals in a range of 10 km-s around of us. To have my operation I could choose any of them -and practically any hospital in Italy. My friends told good about this one and so I went there.

Here on the photo is the garden under the window of the room where I was.

Normally you have to visit your "family doctor" first, he sends you to the other specialists to confirm his diagnosis. You can go in a public institution or in a private studio. If you are too poor you have not to pay for the visit, if there is somebody who works in your family, you pay about 20-36 euros. If you go in a studio, it will cost you about 100-150 euros every time you enter there. Dentists and ginecologists are private. My friend is very happy she found a ginecologist that takes 80 euros a visit.

If you need to stay in a hospital, you book the date when you have to go there, and in the meantime you make all the exams you need.

В Больнице

It was very interesting period, when I came there. There were only some other women the first days, and the rooms were empty else. Than, some days later, all the pregnant women decided to have enough of the vacations and that it is the high time to make their babies. In some days the hospital was full and there was not place more. So even I, fresh after the operation, had to turn home after the solemn promise to be very brave and to take care of every movement I'll make. I was too tired to stay there and was very happy to turn home.

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