Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Working as a Freelance Sales Agent

My life became too chaotic in the last two years. As the president of Italian government Berlusconi said once: if you want to have a job, you have to create one for you, following his direction, I created a job for me. As a translator, I'm in contact with entrepreneurs both Russian and Italian. Both ask me to help them to find partners. This was the way I became a freelance sales agent.

This is a new job for me and I'm not too expert in it. But I offer a good service since I solve all the problems for all of them. As a person that speaks both languages and understands both mentalities, I can connect them in real time even if they are distant about 10000 km-s

So, if you do not see me i the internet and specially in my blogs in the last months, it's bacause I have very valid reason for it: I'm terribly busy and terribly tired.

Some weeks ago, when I turned in Italy from Russia, I had to began my work the same day -and so I helped one Russian entrepreneur to buy italian clothing in Italy. I had to wake up every day at 5 o'clock Can you understand all the horror of it? I never wake up earlier than at 8-8:30. It's the decades usage. All these days I turned home when the night was just covering the world wiwth it's soft wings... All the world except me... The next day had to begin at 5, too...

Now, when I have some days free from my tasks, I could give a look at my blogs that were regularly updated, once. I visited the places I lived years and years in. And... I felt luck of them in my today life. I was a free person in that period, with too much free time, and, oddly, I felt alone and thrown from the life. Now, I'm too busy. I can't sleep, I have not time for anything I like to do. I feel myself as a more realized woman. But... I'm not happy as I could imagne I'll be...

Poor God... There is no way to make humans happy in this world... Infact, everything we have, we are never never what we whant to have, to be...

But there is a very important event in our life: we have a baby now. :-)))) Here is he:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Strawberries - Sooo Fresh! Lolly and Liquor

Honestly,I do not understand, how is it possible that the English language does not distinguish these two fruits: strawberries wild and cultivated. Those are two different fruits with two different tastes. They have to grow as native in UK forests... Why they have not two different names???? I do not understand. My dictionaries say, both have the same name, strawberries...

Look here, those are similar but different fruits:

«Земляничка» на Яндекс.Фотках

Well, in any case, if you like them, you can try these two recipes this summer:

1 ice lolly 

250 g of cultivated strawberries and 200 g of water whip together.
add juice of 1 lemon and 100 g of sugar (I would not add them)
leave it in the fridge for an hour
Than put it in the little forms, add sticks and put them in your freezer.

2 wild strawberries and cream liquor 

200 g water, 200 g sugar, 1 sp honey and cinnamon bring to boiling point. Make it cold.
filter and add to 200 g of wild strawberries. Gently mix them, cover with plastic and leave in fridge for a night.
Whip it and filter, than put the liquid in a sterile bottle, add alcohol 200 g and cover the bottle.
Cream and vanillin bring to boiling point. Make it cold.
Add it to strawberries in the bottle and plug the bottle.

ATTENTION! All the liquors with cream have to be conserved in fridge once opened and consumed as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How Everything Changes in One Moment

 Life is a strange thing, did you notice it? You live years and years for a cause - than, suddenly, you understand that you were in a wrong place among the wrong persons, doing a wrong work...

You do not judge anybody, you do not want to change anything in that world, you do not suffer, too. You simply see a completely  outside of you reality that does not touch you in any way.

THAT is something like a family living in an other many-storied house. You know that they exist, you recognize them when you see them in the street. You maybe exchange bows with them. But they do not touch you. Even if you see a funeral train near that house, you only look at it one moment. It's something completely irrelevant for you.

Yes, this is the right word: irrelevant.

So, this is what happened to me some days ago. Suddenly, I understood the word I made part of for years is irrelevant for me. This was growing for time inside me. But I could not imagine that it will finish this way. I could imagine something very painful, a very difficult separation - in case I'll arrive at it. Because I could not even think that this cause can finish for me one day. I was an integral part of it.

I'm surprised to observe how I look at it - without feelings, without emotions, without a desire to resew this sprain.

Everything is finished in one moment. That world remained behind my shoulders. I'm in a field where there is nothing around me. The door is closed and I look around: all the directions are open.

Strange is that I have not any desire to look back. Any regret. Any wish to remain there.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nice spring day makes the life a nirvana place

I'm sitting in my car for the closed gate of the public park of Nocera and waiting for my husband which is somewhere looking for a possibility to left his job and become a rentner. My husband is the oldest worler in his fanric, he workes for more than 40 years there but he can't lea e the job for every year new laws that obligue him to work 43 years. So, he has to work about 3 years more now. But till he is in the fabric, they can't take a new young worker and receive something good for it. So, they treat bad my husband to make him behave bad and to throw him out. The best part is that many workers who remaind home about 2 years before the pensionament remained without money. At all. The government decided they have not money to pay the pension to these poor beasts. And many of them prefered to die... It's grave, you understand. I do not want that my husband is in such situation. And me, too...

So, he went to a lawyer to spesk about this situation and I' sitting in the car waiting for him.

The garden is full of flowers now. And there are many children playing and sitting there. You think: what is special in it, so that I write about it here now? What is special in a simple public garden?

You are mot right ig you say so. This garden has only about 3 years. All these green places and beautiful streets with greenery and pathes for persons did not exist in all Campania. They say, those were investions of UE that transformed this region. And this is what we have thank Germans and others for.

The monumental gate for me is closed. The open only 2 of about 4 or 6 gates. Maybe, they are right, i don't know.

They created an other park not far from here. That park contains excavations of a Roman house and something else, too.

That park is closed. Maybe, they are right. Somebody could make something bad to himself or to others there.

So, I lile the zone where I live, now. They created a nice region, yes. And, here are the photos

Spring comes and we have many news

This is my first post from my cell and it' only to see how it works. But I have so many and excited ews! First of all is the egg of cloncurry parrots. They did it this morning in the most little "house" among about ten they could choose.

Than, we have 9 chickens of phoenix hens.

Than, whisteria began to flower.

So it's enough to control if I'll be able to post from here

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to do my kitchen so perfectly clean?

My kitchen... No, not this one. I thought about MY kitchen when I saw this picture. It's my great dream to have my kitchen so perfectly clean! I'm not a fan of the cleaning. At the difference of the Italian women which have to wash the flat at least once a day, I think it's enough to clean it once a week. I grew up in a family where all the members were out for work all the day and turned home only in the evening to relax and sleep some hours. The only period for cleaning were weekends.

The second point is that we do not have children and, if everything is normal there is not need to clean the rooms that are just clean.

Third, I do not understand why have I to clean just clean flat and loose time that I could pass with much more useful occupations...

Well, I've just said, I'm not a flat cleaning fan...

But when I see such clean kitchens, I feel bitterness. Is it possible that MY kitchen becomes so brilliant and splendid? I think no. Oh no, do not say me that it's only a show, an exposition of a furniture shop. I've seen such kitchens in real houses. So perfectly clean. And without objects on the surfaces.

And if I'll try to do something like this tomorrow? Let's see. Hardly to believe but... I'll tell you.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Choose Short Run Posters for A Great Poster Printing Experience

Posters printing is a service everybody needs from time to time. It's something I've done a few different times this year, and I had grave problems with the quality of the first poster I ordered before I discovered www.shortrunposters.com, where the entire process of the order is very clear, and it's possible to control the resolution and to adjust it. This is very important when you order a poster. In fact, it was the main problem when I received my first poster from another company, not Shortrunposters.com. The quality of the image and it's dimension was not exactly as it was online when I ordered it. This is one of the big reasons I am so happy that I finally found a place I can trust, and where all the process is assisted both on the page you work and with tutorials if something is not clear. Short Run Posters has an other important characteristic. It's affordable price. It was the second nuisance of my first poster printing experience: I paid a fairly high price for my first posters. I needed them for a very important event for a promotion I was holding in a specialized local exhibition. I received the order the same day of the exhibition and these posters had, as I previously stated, bad resolution, and were not exactly the same as I saw on the page during my online checking. Imagine my desperation. This issue will NEVER happen if you use Shortrunposters.com and their services. Now, sum up the differences of Short Run Posters in comparison to their competitors which I had very bad luck working with. The most affordable price of the posters both 18x24 and 24x36 I found with Short Run Posters. You will not believe me but the 18x24 full color poster costs only $2,97 here! And I can't emphasize enough that you can check the real appearance of the poster you order online. The one click order status checking is not to be underestimated. Other pluses are the lamination and the mounting on a foam core and with and easel. Nice touches depending on what you need your poster for. Do you need a poster? Click here and order with confidence.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How to Prepare Good Chinese Tea

One of the readers of my blog suggested me to visit a Chinese wholesale site where it's possible to purchase good Chinese tea directly from the manufacturer. I passed different days to study that site and found many interesting things except tea. Here, in South Italy where I live, I do not find many things I like and would use in my everyday life. Good tea is one of such things. Italians love coffee - and they have really good coffee. The Neapolitan coffee is very special, too. I appreciate it. But I love tea. Good tea, not those bags with ...

Well, said it, I have to admit, I did not know anything about tea till today. All the information I had about it was ... not exactly right. And I learned so much about the tea meditation in this days!

First of all, every variety of tea has it's own characteristics and it means can be prepared in a different way.
Tea can be brewed more times. Good quality of tea - even up to 15 times! And still  remains an excellent drink. Brewed 3 times teas maintain their qualities. Look here, it's what a Chinese girl that helped me to order explained me:

"No matter what kind of tea, the first brew, leaching accounted for 50% to 55% of the total amount of solubles; the second brew generally accounts for about 30%; about 10% in the third; fourth only 1 % 3%. See its nutrients (tea, vitamins and aminoacids), the first brew have 80% of the amount of leaching, approximately 15% of the second brew, basically all leaching third after brewing."
Here is the video:

 If you can't see the video, here is the link. I'm sure, after some minutes of patience with the advertising, you will learn many interesting about the tea brewing.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Grow Lights To Use For Hydroponics

Quality carbon air filter are crucial to the hydroponics process, as well as making sure they are the right type of charcoal filter for your planting needs. If you are unsure as to where the best are located, TheLaShop.com has some quality products. There are tons of different nutrient additives that you can add to your hydroponics set-up to make your plants successful. Happy plants are healthy plants and you can be sure that with the right nutrients, you will be growing a fantastic indoor garden. With the right supplies and the right amount of knowledge, anyone can turn into a super hydroponics grower! If you want plants that will be grown in stable environment as opposed to outdoors where weather can harm them, try hydroponics! You don’t have to wait for a certain season, you can start growing tonight if you wanted. There is lots of information available online for people to learn about indoor plant growing, and it is continuing to be a growing trend in many communities. This is very helpful to those cities that dwell in colder areas since crops are harder to grow outdoors. Hydroponics is the answer to most of outside gardenings problems! Having a hydroponics garden is extremely smart if you want to start growing food for your family all year round to save on groceries, as well as for hobby growing! No matter what the plant, with the right grow lights and nutrients you will have a wonderful garden and collection. Hydroponics doesn't have to be difficult, so don't make it that way!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paranormal Cat

Something is wrong with the spirits in my house.

I normally respect spirits that live in the house and outside the house, too. Well, at least I try to respect them. No, I do not believe in spirits. Attention, it's not about the belief. I KNOW they exist, they live here and they  have to be respected if you want to have less obstacles in your life. It's clear and I do not discuss it.


You can easily control the existence of the spirits in your house: begin to respect them, begin to speak with them, begin to offer them what they like - and the life in your house will become less difficult.

It's easy to say: I do not see, do not hear, do not feel them, therefore they do not exist. Do you see many other things? Electricity? Your internal organs? Life in other countries? Means it they do not exist?

Now, I do not want to discuss it. I only want to tell you about a spirit that lives in my house.

This night, my stray cat decided she has to go out at 4 in the morning. She came to me to wake me up. I did not sleep at the moment: I don't know why. Could not sleep. So, when I heard she goes in my direction, I stopped to breath and did not move to betray her. With the hope, she decides to sleep, too. But this evil being is too sly. She jumped on me and began to tear the duvet with her claws. Nothing to do: I had to stand up and to open the door to allow her to go out.

In bed, I tried to sleep but was still woke up when something jumped on the duvet.
The duvet is made from a very noisy fabric and it's impossible to touch it without noise. But, in this case, I did not only hear the noise: I felt the weight of the cat's paw on my leg. Than, it took place to sleep...

I began to move my leg to disturb it. I know, it exists, but ...I have uncomfortable feeling, you know...

Who could it be? Our animals are died time ago, they can't remain here for so long period. Imir went ago after 6 month, Stassi remained here for a year... The last to die was Kotja but he died in 2011...

Interesting is that the cats can see and hear spirits. And this one does not show itself when Basja is in the house. I would like to understand, who is it and to help it to leave this world. I believe, spirits can't go away if they are not happy. I wanted to help this spirit of my house to go in the happy netherworld.

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