Sunday, November 30, 2008

Woman Driver

This post is about me. Two days passed but I can't become calm after I had to drive home our car from Neaples.

Everybody can laugh about women drivers. Here I offer you two videos to make you smile. I smile with you. Because it's not me.

If it's not enough for you here is the other case. Well, it's not about driving but about stupidity, I think.

My husband is terribly afraid to make me drive. That is why he tells me what to do and to learn it when HE is driving. I am more afraid to drive if he is near me. Because he crys and does many stupid things. I become hysteric when I have to drive and he is in the car. And it's dangerous. So I prefere to drive when I'm alone. Normally I'm cauteous.

But that night -it was the night- everything went bad. First of all I could not go out from the parking. I went out from the parking place and continue the way I had to go but the pass was occupied with a car. So I went back -and I did it! till my place but I could not continue in that very strange pass to drive backwards!

I asked policeman what I have to do, but he said it's not his part of the street. I went to the owners of the parking. They laughd about me! Because I did not know go backwards and against the driving direction till the exit.

But the best had to begin else. Because I had to drive the motorway (highway? I don't know the right word). I don't know why I'm alive till now. First of all I don't see good in the night. And the motorway has not lights. The most important thing on the way when I drive is the central line. Because my very ultimate aim is to take the car inside this line and the side line. It means for me, that I do not cross the way to other cars. And they are more brave and can bypass me if they want. If not -it's their own problem. But I'm fast enough.

So, when I come on the motorway I find somebody's back for me and go behind him all the time. And I prefere lorries. It's very comfortable. First, if he can pass the very eng passes of this way that is always brocken for the most part, so I'm sure I'll do it too. Than, all other drivers are afraid of them and respect them. So, I feel protected behind his large back. Finally, he sees the holes and other obstacles, avoids them -and I do the same. It's my general strategy.

But this time I was not fortunate. Night, rain, I don't see the signs over the road. So I went in other direction. Turned back, found the airport, exit from the airport -and took the mistaken direction once more. This time I was I don't know where. But there was an exit from this highway, I remembered where I am and could turn back in the airport. Third time I entered that ... airport, found that exit without problems and remembered where is the entrance on the motorway in my direction.


It seemed to be the fortune finally for me. But my joy was too early. In one of the divarications I saw where I have to go only when I went in the direction of Rome. It was terrible. Other cars flew around me to Rome but I had to change the way. And I practically crossed the highway from one part to the other. I don't know why I'm alive else. But in this moment there were not cars in my direction.

Do you remember? Night, rain.
When I finally went out from that tangle and entered my direct way there was an other accident there. I passed them 3 or 4 or 5 that evening, the cars were as tablets. That tangle is very dangerous. Napoletans are very undisciplined and thoughtless drivers. And there are always different accidents near Naples.

Why I wrote all this? Maybe I want to forget. To find excuses. To find powers to drive out tomorrow. It's unpossible to reach any place without a car from here. I don't think somebody can read this, but maybe I don't need that you read. I HAVE TO drive tomorrow. And I have to turn home alive and to avoid accidents. Not only tomorrow. One month. My God, I have to do it...

Monday, November 24, 2008

How To Live Happy With Poinsettia Pulcherrima

Декабрь. Встреча двух времен: лета (роза) и зимы (понсеттия)
«Декабрь. Встреча двух времен: лета (роза) и зимы (понсеттия)» на Яндекс.Фотках

Many of us like to have beautiful flowers and plants in our house in winter too. And there is an other addiction: to have plants out of the season. We buy the incredibly beautiful plant in the shop, we like it, we love it, we do everything we can to maintain it alive -nothing to do. The plant dies. Or at least becomes completely different. With little flowers, bad looking etc.

We become very unhappy. We think we are ignorant in gardening. We retry and retry and retry every year ...with the same result.

WHAT happens??????? WHAT do I not right???????

Nothing, my dear. You simply do not know some base things about gardening for the shops.

All the plants out of the season are coltivated with special technique (I did not find the therm in english). I could describe you this technique, but it is not interesting for us. What is important for us is that these plants are destined to die. If your plant survived and continue to grow (in it's normal, natural look) -you can hang a medal on your breast.

All the plants in the shop (seasonal too) were coltivated with special treatments that are hardly available in the common commerce. That is why you buy a petunia with the flower 20 cm large and it beginns to produce flowers maximum-maximum 5 cm large after some days-one week. Nothing to do. It is the normal plant in its normal natural look. You are not able to change the nature -and it is better if you don't do it. For the plant. It will live longer.

The only thing you can do -to buy a good fertilizer. Not that with beautiful flowers on the box, but that with good "ingredients". You read ingredients when you buy food for you? You have to do it. And the same you have to do for the fertilizer too. A "normal" fertilizer is not good for plants. I'll write about it an other time if you are interested.

So, we turn back to our Poinsettia Pulcherrima (Euphorbia Pulcherrima). What it needs?
1/ very light place without direct sun.
2/ No heaters nearby.
3/ Water every day -not much, only to have the earth wet.
4/ Never water in saucer(placed under flowerpot).
5/ once a week very light liquid fertilizer(for azalea, geranium).
6/ optimal temperature 14-18°C (doesn't like heat)

Once the period of the flowering is finished, Euphorbia remains without leaves. It needs relax: not very warm and not light place, min water. 10 days (till 3-4 weeks) later cut the branches drastically (not completely, you can leave till 20 cm). After that the plant beginns it's new life (without beautiful stars -the right conditions are difficult to create in home).

The other error I've seen on one photo today. Too little vase. I never believe if somebody says me a plant does not need a normal vase. Well, there are plants that have little roots, but normally the roots have to be bigger as the upper part of the plant. If you plant a little cactus in a bigger vase you will have great difference after some months, believe me. I make this example because normally you will hear in the shop that cactuses don't need a big vase -it's lie. Normally cactuses have enormous roots.

Finally, I wanted to give you a little tip. If you want to have great joy every year (and every year bigger and bigger), buy Schlumbergera Truncata (Rhipsalidopsis). There are different colors and forms of flowers today. This plant is a real miracle. And if it is in the right place and has right cures, it will grow enormously and flower from autumn till spring every year and without stop. Really great gift. To yourself and to anybody who loves plants.
Кактусы лесные
«Кактусы лесные» на Яндекс.Фотках
«Цветочек» на Яндекс.Фотках

Saturday, November 22, 2008

And They Lived Happy Till...

Maybe you will blame me for these thoughts. This post with it's beautiful photos of the marriage celebrations is called by different tragedies that happend in the last days in Italy. A notice of this morning: one father of a family (about 45) shooted down his wife (42) and after her 3 sons -3, 6 and 9 years old. Normal, happy family. Happy man. Well, it was a little problem in the last time with them. The wife did not sleep in her husband's bed. And looked for an other house.

Italy is too little, that is why we hear this sort of terrible stories every day. Journalists began even to ask psychologists about the reasons of these mad behaviour. They found cases when the murder is a woman that can't tolerate problems in the life and decide to solve them this way.

I looked at these fairies from fables on my photos now. We look for always more and more extreme emotions, events -and always more and more extreme "happy ends"...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What is Scasclik?

"Schaschlik" -in German is better, more clear the transcription. Seems that the word comes from Turkic "şişlik" and meens "spit". I think, there are similar plates in every stock-breeder nation.

It is one of the most popular foods in Russia. Russians think it comes from Caucasus. Sure is that there is nobody who knows do it better. The photo I made in Sochi near one of the open restaurants on the river. I asked the man to pose but forgot to ask his name. Now I think it's not very good that he is without name here.

Everybody makes shashlik on own way but rarely you find something delicious. I asked the "aboriginals" Larissa and her husband Misha to discover the roules of good shashlik. Here lower is their recipe.

You have to cut pieces of meat (we spoke about pork but originally shashlik is made from mutton that smells not very good) 5-7 cm, long the fibre.
Sprinkle salt and than spices over the table, put pieces of meat over them, than sprinkle salt and spices.
If you have 3 kg of meat, take 1,5 kg of onion cut in circles and put it in a heap over the meat. Sprinkle salt and spices. Squeeze onion, lay it out on the meat. Sprinkle a little (50 ml) of red young housewine. Mix all and leave for 30 minutes.

Other recipes in this blog are HERE

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Top Gifts For Women Saving Money

We reached the period of great feasts finally. It seems to sound strange maybe, but many persons don't like them because they have to buy gifts. Specially this year when the economic situation of many of us is not so brilliant as we wanted it. From other side, it's difficult to find something special for those who has everything he/she needs. We wanted to buy something beautiful, particular, from the most known brands. And we want to save money too.

To buy in internet is cheaper as in a shop, but it is very difficult to find precious for us information. There are so many e-shops, resellers, different offers and items. It is possible to lose the head trying to save some money. But is it really so hard as we think? Maybe not, if we know a good price comparison site like

Now I'll explain you how is it easy to find there great gifts for her at amazing low prices.

Every woman would like designer fragrances from the most popular brands. The team of compares prices in hundreds of e-shops. You can choose cheap perfumes of the brand you like with only one clik. If you are not very expert, you can read about main types of perfume there and make the best choise.

Interesting are Perfume Gift Sets. There are free samples or other beauty products with the perfume you like in that boxes. Different products for the price of only one bottle of perfume. Is it not fantastic as a solution?

A modern woman surely will appreciate an ipod as a gift. On you will find not only best prices of all existing types of portable multimedia players but all the details you need to know to make the right choise in the "Choose an iPod Guide".

Women want to look great at any age and they will enjoy Nintendo Wii Fit With Wii Balance Board, a game containing many exercises that include Yoga, Balance, Games, Muscle Workouts and Aerobic.

There are further samples of hottest gifts of the season for any age and budget and current bestsellers on the top of every page of So, you get great ideas visiting it and your preparations for the next feasts will be easy and joyful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Is This Attraction?

One blogger wrote about the Law of Attraction. The main thoughts of the very short post were these:

We radiate (energy? elettromagnetic?) waves when we think. These have their frequency. After some time these waves turn back to us. When I have good things and good mood, I interpret the other persons in good way, when I have bad mood, I see only bad around me. I attract to me what I think.

Here is my comment to this explanations:

«Притяжение» на Яндекс.Фотках

1/ I noticed 2 reactions of other persons when somebody has good mood.
First. Persons can have good reaction seeing your happy face if they think you smile to them.
If they think your smile is general (you are simply happy) it can even provoke agression.

Second. A happy person attracts humans with bad intentions -often. They probably think that happy=stupid and, if not stupid, somebody who can be easily "treated" in the way they want. To sell something, as example. Take Testimonials of Jehova. When they begin to speak with you try to show them that you are happy today (generally). You will understand what I'm speaking about.

2/ As for me, I noticed contrarious. When I begin to meet somebody or something "special" (normally negative) frequently, it's a sign for me, that I'll have this "special effect" in my family shortly. It is like blinking light for me, a warning.
Maybe it is not the same as Law Of Attraction.

From other side, if my thoughts are waves, there is possibility to transfere them in this or that direction. After training...

Have you examples from the life of this Law?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Blogger" Sufferings

One friend suggested me to switch to own domain with Blogger some days ago and I did it with 2 of my blogs. Those will be (available after 3 days, from 12 Nov.) and
Beautiful sensation to be an OWNER of ".com". Yes. BUT.

Now, I feel me so incredibly stupid, because I can't understand how it works and what is the difference between free Blogger and paid Blogger.

The same blog with the same possibilities except the own mail. And nobody explains how, hell, these mail works. For example, there is a "mailing list" -nice. I was so happy, I wanted to send the newsletter from this "mailing list". Nothing to do Seems it is only a list. Than, groups. I'm not able to understand how can I add addresses to these groups (After the "mailing list" did not worke I tryed to go from that side). And the newsletter I have to send manually to 40 persons!!! By the way, is it possible to send that newsletter writing it only 1 time, adding all the addresses once but that everybody receives only own address and not all the list of addresses?

I will explain the reason. Some of my friends have this good idea to send mails to all the list they have in their mail programm. And their friends make the same too. THAN those who receive these lists of addresses send other "important" mails to all that addresses. Bad, you know, it's bad to be full of that "important" spam.

But this is not a main problem with Blogger in this period. The greatest problem is

I lose the list of my bloggers-friends just from the second blog!!!!!!!

Those were widgets of Blogger with that beautiful list of blogs where you can see not only the name of the blog but the last posts too. I liked it so much and transfered all the addresses in these widgets. First it disappeared from "Diary" and now from "Lazy Yogi" too.

Dear Friends, please, write me your addresses here, at least all the url-s of your blogs. I can find them in my "papers"... What a bad story...

Maybe somebody will be so good with me to give me some advises on this way of sufferings? I wanted the 3 columns template that works and maybe good widgets...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How We Do Olive Oil

You have not seen me for a week because we had to pick up the olive and to make olive oil. Believe me, I'm half dead. I'm working mostly sitting near the PC and the 3-4 pick up periods a year are very hard for me. We begin with cherries in may, than come walnuts in september and olive in october-november. With these we earn some money. Not much and the work is maybe too hard, but I like these periods because they are very special.

We have only some olive trees and normally they produce olive one year yes, one year no. Probably the earth is not very good and than there is not so much humus on the rocks where we live. So we had oil last time only 3 years ago. But this year was exceptional. We picked up 400 kg! Here you see how we do it.

When we are ready we go to the oil mill. Here we put the olive in the machine. First they go up to the place where the leaves are absorbed. Than they are washed 2 times in hot water and fall in the place from where they will go to the mill.

The mill (the photo is not clear but you can believe me) works like meat chopper and olive become brown cream. All other parts of process are covered but this cream is washed and washed with water.

Finally the oil is visible before it's last washing.

And here is the real genuine olive oil that comes out from the machine. Very beautiful. And there is something from miracle in this moment. What I can't describe you is the perfume that is there in the room! The oil is very perfumed too, but when you are there near that machine ... I don't know how to tell you about it.

What remails from this work, oilcake, the machine throws out and it's owners have mountains near the house. Bad notice: after they finish this period, they sell the oilcake to other oil mills and they rework it once more and sell that second oil in the shops as extravergine olive oil.

We had 400 kg and received 47 liters of olive oil today.

By the way. It is not good to conserve olive oil in other recipients as in inox.

From the history.
Olive tree comes in Italy with Antient Greeks. They took them on the ships when the Motherland could not give them to eat more and sent them in other lands to open new colonies.

Qualities of the olive oil.
The quality of the oil depends from the % between green (non mature) and black (mature) olive used for oil. The best is -say the locals- when they use right % of green olive for oil. Only green or only black have bad taste, say they.

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