Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lasagna And Carnival

This day is the day of Carnival here. It's not a national feast but most fabrics etc do not work. We wanted to visit a great supermarket today just because I was in Salerno this morning and my husband has nothing to do. So, he came in Salerno and we went in Pontecagnano. There is a bee keeper in that town too and I wanted to buy pollen and could not find it in our zone.

On our return we saw the preparations for the carnival procession and here are the photos. As I just wrote, carnival is an event for children here.

In our house, the event of carnival is celebrated with Lasagna. I told you that there are plates that are prepared only for this or that event. Lasagna is a plate for carnival. My husband wanted that I cook it myself this year and it had to be so as he likes. The second day I remembered to make photos and will tell you how I cook it. It is not the right, classic receipe of lasagna. It's lasagna how my husband wanted it.

I have to say that he found a really GREAT lasagna (a sort of macaroni, we can call it so too), very fine sheets and good taste and... we don't need boil them before we want to use them. They go directly in the oven.

First of all we spread béchamel sauce and put the first sheet on it. Than spread ragout made maybe with cottage cheese with more tomatoe sauce as on my photo. I used all the sauce the first day and here is only what remained for the second day.

Second sheet, eggs, mozzarella, béchamel sauce, grated hard cheese (parmigiano reggiano in my case) and salt.

Than you have to repeat the ragout and béchamel layers. I had 2 and 2 this time.
Finally you put it in the oven for 15-25 minutes.
Believe me, this not classic lasagna receipe is goooooooddd...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Acrobatic And Martial Art's Trics

As I said many times I like acrobatics and martial arts. Here are the videos with the best trics. I understand that not many of you like them but I am afraid to lose them.




Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vesuvius In Snow

As I said, it is unpossible that the temperature remains so high. Even if some plants are flowering and roses have new leaves. And I was right.

I'm not very brave with the seeds and am afraid to sow them when the cold weather can kill young plants.

I bought good seeds in autumn and wanted to have great flowers this year. There are not so many plants that feel good in this mountain-rock frying pan, so I buy what I know will enjoy me. I have this year about 15 or more varieties of Petunia to sow, some varieties of ipomoea and want to try with Dichondra once more. A year ago I had Dichondra in silver color, but this good man, my husband, made it dry when I was in Russia. It is a splendid plant, a real joy of a gardener. Unfortunatelly, I could not find that silver kind of Dichondra. This year only green...

Well, I was right. The last 2-3 days we have polar cold here. About 8°C or maybe less. In the night surely, because this morning the earth was ice-coated. There was even a sort of snow yesterday. It arrived not as snow till the soil, but it was snow. Mountains are not very high near us, about 1130m and they are as they were before today. But Vesuvius is some meters higher, about 1200. So I can demonstraite you what a terrible cold we have here now!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life In The Street

Maybe you will not approve me for these photos. There is nothing too beautiful to see these persons living in these conditions. I have to say, it's not "normal" for Salerno to see something like that "bed" on the first photo. By the way, the white bedspread was very clean and beautiful. Sincerely, it was the first I've seen when I looked in that direction. And the man seemed very relaxed and content. Logically, I did not want he sees me making that photo, so it's not very clear.

If you walk in Naples, in the center, you can see persons sleeping on the ground practically everywhere. Naples is not very advisable place for walks. Specially in the most populated, central parts of the city. Well, all capitals have this problem.

But Salerno is not a big center. The life is quiet here. Not that you can't find strange persons. Like this old woman on the photo in the bottom. There are, I think, 2 or 3 of them in the central part of the town. First you see them, you think those are poor beggars. They drag themselves along the streets, wash their clothes in the toilet of the station, sit so as on the photo under shops... One of them has a bag with weels and you think she takes all she has with her...

Next day you see her wearing other clothes, even a fur coat -not the worsest you can imagine, an other day she is weared differently... You understand that this woman has to have a house -something where she lives. Is it the mode to have some money? To communicate with others? To receive attention that they need? I haven't seen them enter in the shops, but they have those plastic bags always full...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Crocuses

With my disperate tentations to create me a job in internet I begin to leave spring this year too. Some days ago I told you that there is a profume of spring in air. We had rains all this winter, and all we think that summer will be cold. It's not bad for me, but... No, maybe it's very good for my flowers too. I want to be more attentive with them this year.

Our zone is as a frying pan. The sun is more hard here, and there is not so much earth. It's good from the point of view of landslades, but it's bad for plants. Summer is worse as winter here. Everything, me include, is fryed every year.

Some years ago I had a very beautiful flower-garden. I have different sorts of roses. Not simple roses but roses of the authors, creators of new roses. I had all types of flowers from first days of spring till winter. All my female-neighbours were died on the fences around my yard.

Now everything is neglected. Well, I don't promise you, but I'll try to stay not so much time near PC and do other tasks too, so I hope I'll have good flowers this year.

I was very surprized yesterday when I saw these crocuses in the grass. It is very warm place there. Here you see how they are without grass. In Nocera, under and among the hills, there are narcisses just flowering, they have more high temperature. I have them not. I have to wait. My roses flower later as in Nocera too.

I love crocuses. You know, there are wild crocuses here! We have seen them once on an other hill!
Do you know where you have to plant crocuses? In the yard, in the holes that has the coat. I don't have them this year, so I can't show you a photo, but the effect to see these flowers on the surface of the covered yard is incredible.

In the right side of the photo you can see a piece of metal net. It's for different under-earth animals. I can't have any bulbs and root crops. They eat all of them. Even simply parsley is unpossible to grow. I tryed to plant them in metal nets... I found different animals dead trying to enter inside the net from the bottom. But others entered from the upper side. And I don't tell you about the rats.

Do you know that the rats don't like lilies in their territory?
I had some of them. These villains dug them out and threw them far from that place. I planted them once more and found them thrown next morning.
Oh, a life of a gardener...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brag About My Article

Письмо внуку
«Письмо внуку» на Яндекс.Фотках

In the first days of January I complained about the great tragedy that happend to me: because my blogs -suddenly and with any explanation- passed from PR3 to PR0 they were not more interesting to the advertisers, and I remained without those coins that I earned with them.
It was a tragedy because I have not other job and have not other possibility to find something. The only thing I could do to change the situation in positive direction was to make first steps on the freelance writting way.

It' clear, we speak about writting in English.

My English-speaking friends maybe will laugh. One thing is to write posts for a personal blog, one thing is to write a little post of advertising -and completely other thing is to write big, serious articles and to partecipate on competitions with the English-speaking professional and half-professional writers. Persons that studied to write in Mother-tongue.

I know that I write good enough. My Russian and Italian readers love to read my articles. But I could never dare to write in English. I don't think in this language. I mostly translate my thoughts in it.

Now, I was obligued to make this step.
It was hard.
It was very hard.
500 words I wrote about 5 days.
Thoughts of a university professor about his/her job.

I submitted this my art-work and said to me: there is not matter if this article will be elected. Important is that I did it. To explain you the situation, I know about this job for 3-4 years. I even am registered in different specialized sites/companies. But I could not make this step.

2 or 3 days ago I found a request to write a psychic/spiritual slaut. Decided to try and wrote first about meditation. The article is half ready. Than, yesterday, saw that there are too many articles about meditation submited, decided to try with an other theme. Because there are less possibilities to win when too many experts write similar articles.

Suddenly, there was a click in my head. I began to write very fluently and this afternoon the article was ready -1000 words. This evening I submited it. About half an hour later I wanted to control if my article was accepted and found that it was voted by other writers. And was 6-th from 14!!!!!

Guys, I won!!!

No, the competition is not finished else. But it's not important in this moment. Important is an other thing: the English-speaking writers judge my writing as satisfactory! My second big article in English!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Catholic Church About Vegetative Coma

икона святой троицы
«икона святой троицы» на Яндекс.Фотках

In my previous post TV Journalists As Criminals I wrote about a girl in vegetative coma for 17 years. And about her father. I really suffer to see that poor father (in TV, clear).

About an hour ago my husband listened to a TV-interview. It was somethig very special, so I stopped to listen too. I think, it could be interesting to all you if you did not know about it else.

That interview was with a very important theologist, said to be second important after Papst. Hope you will forgive me that I did not remember his name.
He said, he does not understand why Vatican tells the decision of juridical comission is against the spiritual and catholic laws.
He said, it is known to everybody who studies theology. The Catholic Church does not obligue to maintain artificially in life a body in cases like this.

And the Church (!) has not to interfere in the life of an other state and try to influence the public opinion of this other state.

Well, I said always, it's important to know the laws -to know to protect own rights.
If we were more juridically educated, many bad things in our lives could be resolved without tragedies. Generally.

Болезнь. фотограф - Саша Афанасьева, 11 лет
«Болезнь. фотограф - Саша Афанасьева, 11 лет» на Яндекс.Фотках

Friday, February 06, 2009

TV Journalists As Criminals

There is very strange tendency in Italy. Now I'll try to describe what I'm telling about.
Every journalist is looking for more and more scandalous news, it's clear. If something more or less big happens in one place, all the chanels (6 national) begin to cry about this event day and night for some days at least.
It's enough that it happend, this great nation-wide barking, the event repeats in an other region. Than in an other and so on.

If one mother kills her son, other 10-20 mothers begin to kill their children. (that case was the first I noticed this tendence)
If TV journalists begin to cry about a dog-killer, specially rottwheiler or pit bull, all the big dogs begin to kill humans. And not only dogs, but other animals too.
If it happens that in one school was raped a student, we know that all schools are nothing other than places of violence.

(about an incident
-Tell, tell them, you were so terribly afraid in that moment!!! -No, it was not so, I was not afraid at all. -You had not understand, you WERE terribly afraid!
or other, some days ago
-Or you poor girl, are you going in that slaughterhouse, your school where all the girls are raped!!! -No, it's not true, it's lie, I've even never heard about something like this! -Oh, you see these poor girl is afraid to go in the school!!!)

никакого криминала!
«никакого криминала!» на Яндекс.Фотках

Now there is an other tragedy created by mass-media (excruciating pain of poor parents made entertainment of all Italy):
After an incident happend 17 years ago a girl is in vegetative coma. 17 years, you understand. Her body is alive if drinking and eating with injections. Years and years the father is asking to finish this torture and suspend to maintain her, allow her to die. Some days ago (I don't understood why) the doctors began the procedure to suspend artificial feeding.

Now, it's unpossible to turn on the TV, there is not other thing to speak about.
I understand all ethical pros and contros.
I understand the poor father that did not leave his daughter in an institute as maybe other could do, but remains near her. And sees her in this state. And dies everyday for 17 years. Think a moment, this man completely destroyed his life. Who knows, how many time would she alive if that poor father left her to the state?

It's clear, that many persons make terrible things AFTER they hear about it in TV.
It's clear that this sort of behaviour becomes an epidemic every time it happens.
I don't understand: why the TV journalists are allowed to create all these epidemics? As for me, they have to be treated as criminals for it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

High Water In Salerno

The other interesting event I noticed in Salerno last Friday. High water in the sea. I don't know if it is normal. I have never seen it so high.

As always I came in the city too early to go in our museum, so I visited all the places I like, before. Those are one or 2 bars and the seafront. Second bar, in the photo, where the owner is a great friend of all members of the museum. I go there if after the walk I have time else. Unfortunatelly I noticed that the barmen is afraid to speak with me: when other persons entered the bar he wanted to show that he does not know me and did not speak with me. Well, I understand him. It's not normal for Italians in Campania to speak friendly with a strange woman. Specially with a foreign woman. Sometimes I forget about it and my behaviour is too friendly for local tastes... Probably I have to forget about this bar. Because I went there to have a talk with a person I know.

This time when I came on the seafront I noticed suddenly very high waves. They covered the stones posted to protect the seafront. Normally they are open. So, I tryed to make a photo of the wave with my cell.

Than I sunk my eyes and saw that a sort of snack bar where I was, was washed with waves and the water was near it's terrace.

Finally I went to look down where the water has not obstacles and... Imagin that here the water normally is about 2 meters lower! Incredible!
My husband watched TV-news where somebody filmed the high waves that carried off a man from the seafront!

What a terrible weather is this winter!

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