Thursday, January 29, 2009

More About Landslide

Some days ago I wrote about landslide in Vietri (Landslide In Vietri. No victims fortunately). Yesterday I was in Salerno and for my greatest fortune the rain was finished in the night. Happy about it, I took my photocamera and made some photos. As it happens often, I made some km-s at feet when I turned home and here I want to show you the street I walk everytime and the place of landslade in Vietri.

Unfortunatelly we have now tragic notices about deaths under landslades everyday. I told you about a minibus and today my husband, that listens all TV news, told me about other victims.

This, first photo, is the way to Salerno. As you can see most are rocks and the place is really spectacular.

But the most incredible in all this are the plants. Those you see here on the right of the road. Oleanders. They are planted by persons. All the right side near the road. There is not earth for the roots there. There is not water in summer, for about 2 months. The temperature is so high and the stones are similar to the cooker. And you have to see these bushes full of flowers.
Well, they are very toxic, but they are beautiful and are there notthat somebody has to smell them.

Now, finally the unhappy bus-stop.

If you ask why these events happen, look at this last photo. I made it other 300-500 meters later. In many cases this is the reason. And very probably that the next landslide will be here. Were there are trees, they help to take the earth for more time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Weather In The Supermarket

You will say it's normal, you find it in any place, but I do not meet people too often and live it as bad surprize every time.

Did you notice that most persons that work in the same supermarket have similar behaviour?

This evening we went to a supermarket where I rarely go because it's not very rich on offers, than my husband likes the game of points else (he did not go in the supermarkets till 2-3 years ago), etc etc. So, this evening we went there.

A peculiarity of this team is that they are "thieves". If you want to buy something in gastronomy, they try to give you bad items. When you go to pay, be sure they will take more than necessary or will make you pay something more than you have. And they are very rude if you show them the fault they did to you. "What is happend? You do it here for some cents!" From other side, some cents every client every day -not bad as a complimentary earning. Why not give them to ME, these "some cents", every time I come there?
Nothing terrible but ... unpleasant.

There is an other supermarket where there is the athmosphere of spite, hate. Do you think I'm paranoic? I feel the big stones felt from my shoulders when I go out from there -if I enter there.

And there is an other supermarket where the team is very friendly to the clients, generally... Even if I go there very rarely too.

дамский набор))))
«дамский набор))))» на Яндекс.Фотках

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Landslide In Vietri. No victims fortunately

What you see on this photo is the situation we live from the middle of November. Here you see the mountains over Nocera, they are in front of other famous in all the world town, Sarno. This zone is similar to a soup plate with Vesuvius in the middle.

What is bad in all this story, that the earth becomes too full of water and beginns to slip from the mountains. Or fall from them. Together or on the heads of those who is so unfortunate to happen in this place in that moment. Some km in front of this place where I made the photo, this autostrada passes under the mountain you see on the left side. About 5 years ago the landslide covered it and there was a car in that moment there. Unfortunatelly for the driver.

Yesterday I went in Salerno for a meeting of our Archeological group. The weather was not good but it did not rain all the day. So I decided to go there because I did not go there for different weeks. The meeting began at 19:00. I came there with a bus and everything was good at that hour. I had to stay there till 20:30 in Salerno, than I had to turn back at feet to make some "fitness", for about 4 km. My husband worked till 22:00 and he had to come after job with the car in that village I reach at that time and we turn home together. The road where I live is too "wild" and difficult to walk up it at feet, so I prefere to make my "fitness" in more populated and flat places.

Thestreet I walk when I go out of Salerno is in the middle of this photo with the fence picted in blue. Practically, it is cut in the rock till Cava (about 6 km). Yesterday evening it was completely blocked with the cars.
Not only the road but houses, rooms, even a fabric of ceramics are applyed to the rocks.

Near this fabric of ceramics in Vietri just behind the man on the left is a bus stop. Rocks felt on this bus stop. When I came only some stones remained there.The road was cleaned. Fortunately nobody was waiting for the bus under that construction in that moment.

Here you see what remained from that big and beautiful construction that was there to protect persons from rain...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reading And Eating

I love reading. It's a part of my existance. If I can't read, the life becomes too empty and impossible.

If undisturbed, I can read days and nights. If the book is good, I read it till the end without thinking about hours. My family normally accepts it if there is nothing important to do.

When I worked I had not time to read because I was too busy. Specially I had not time to read in other languages. Because I was a teacher of foreign languages, and at that time had not many possibilities to speak with persons coming from other countries, and the TV has not foreign chanals, I had to read books. I had many splendid books in German and some in English too. But was always busy to read them. What to do?

I resolved the problem in simply way: I read when I ate. You need some time to eat. Suppose, about 30 minutes 3 times a day. In this period your eyes are not busy. So you can read.

Some persons can read in the bus or other transport, but I can't. I feel very bad -giddy, sick. So this solution was not good for me. The only time I had for it was the time when I ate. Nothing to do.

So, I cutivated this habit at least 10 years. Maybe it was not so good for health as some doctors say, but I had not other possibility. And it was very sly solution too. We don't like the complications. If I ha to read a difficult book in other conditions, I would maybe never finish even one of them. Because I would read it with a dictionary and woud translate every word I did not know. In this way I would never have enough patience to arrive at the end of a book.
But the situation I created was perfect. Because you read without a dictionary -and the brain has to use all it's resources to understand. Well, I had a big enough dictionary in the head, but we rarely use all we have in the head.

Mmmm... The problem is that now I can't eat if I do not read. My husband wants to eat "together" with me, and he doesn't like a book in my hand when we eat. ;-) Imagine, I feel so that the food I eat canot be digest if I don't read when I eat. And now I have to read even if I don't want it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day Without Rain In Nocera Superiore

I claim it too often this year, excuse me this refrain, but we really have significant change of climate here. In more then 13 years that I live here I've never seen that rain continue without stop for 2 months. From other side, the temperature is always high. There were only 2-3 days when it was about +8°C. This is not very good for plants and it can happen that the cold period will come when the plants will be sowed.

From Friday we are very fortunate: the sun showed us it's face. I had to go to the post in Nocera Superiore and made some photos to the left and to the right from the office. The mountain you see in the background is that where I came from. ;-) There I live on the right downhill. It is 35-40 minutes of the walk.

The old wall on the left of the photo is medieval aqueduct. All you see is situated over the Roman town. In the last period the municipality decided to make the town interesting for tourists and restructured many parts. If you see the other photo, sight on the left from the office, you maybe can distinguish the most important historical building of Nocera Superiore, a Baptistry of the VI century.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old New Year

Today is Russian Old New Year and I'm a faithful follower of all the feasts of all religions, it's the last day of the New Year feasts for me. Tomorrow the tree will go in it's box till next year.

I'm not very happy because I don't like that the tree has to lieve me. The good side is that it's a plastic tree. I don't like to "kill" alive trees in the last years and am content that I bought this one. I understand those persons that say the alive tree has it's special perfume and is an other thing to have it in the house. Yes, you are right, but after some days of the pleasure you will throw this dead body. What do you think when you throw it?

Why "Old New Year" you ask me? It's historial fact. Sincerely I thought it comes from pagan or old-orthodox (or maybe paleo-orthodox?) church. But it is "normal" orthodox calendar, that uses till today the Julian calendar. Finally I learned it. :-)))

Well, to wish you a good year and all the best I want to post here some photos of the Russian, Siberian and Nordic (Archangelsk) Snow. To make you dream and envy. ;-)

выпал прошлогодний снег
«выпал прошлогодний снег» на Яндекс.Фотках

Ориентация - север...
«Ориентация - север...» на Яндекс.Фотках

Зимняя река
«Зимняя река» на Яндекс.Фотках

Вход в пещеру
«Вход в пещеру» на Яндекс.Фотках

Зимнее утро
«Зимнее утро» на Яндекс.Фотках

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

About Games And Bush

Some days ago I was surprized reading an article about Bush. That article reviewed a speach of ex-president where he confesses the faults he made being the first person of one (or maybe most) of the biggest powers in the world. The wars. Now, when hundreds of thousands persons are innoncently killed, he confesses.

Yes, I want to write about games but I become furious to think about it and about zombies here in Italy and all over the world that cryed that Bush is right to send soldiers to kill these or others. Those were not his personal sons and daughters. Those he sent and those were killed.

Move your brain, cryed I, most persons killed there had never seen an athomic bomb. Why Bush needs to kill them? Not for athomic bomb, surely. Nobody said a word -and says till today- (states of the world) against the atomic bombs with that US killed and distructed the lives of innocent japponese persons. Now Bush is afraid of an athomic bomb of Iraq... Bush is afraid not of that mitical athomic bomb, but to lieve the dominant position of all that petroil to somebody else.

Is Bush worried about albanians and others? Don't tell supidities! There are hundreds other places where the situation is much more worser as there. Why Bush needs to "help" with his athomic arms in THIS region? Don't tell me that you have never heard that US-army used different new weapons and athomic too there. Not big bombs, as in Japan, little.

Now he confesses...

Some time ago Footiam wrote about a journalist that throwed his shoes against Bush. It was a protest for him because Muslims think that the sole is very dirty place. Who could understand it? Bush did not understand. I could not understand too if Footiam did not explain it, sincerely.

Did you know that those shoes, of that journalist, cost now $10 mil.? And the fabric Baydan Shoes that made that "model 271" had to add 100 workers to make enough of "Bush shoes" and has some hundreds thousands orders? (and he, the journalist, will pass 7,5 years in a prison)

Here you can find one of he games about that incident if you scrol this page ( -click on the step if you want to play. You can choose different models, and because it's russian, there is a national russian valenki too, but their power as a gun is lower as others.

The other curiosity about it is that in Ukraina was made a game "Throw a shoe in Juschenko (president of Ukraina)"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lamp Decorations In Salerno

I told you some time ago that the lamp decorations in Salerno were "special" this year.

Normally, the population loves lamp decorations very much here, so all the streets are decorated some days before every feast with a sort of enormous pictures (flowers, circles, lines and sometimes entire "paintings") made with colored lamps.

In Salerno there were only some simple figures in previous years. Maybe because the streets are too eng here. This year the artists were more creative. They made little geometrical pictures. But the lamps are not "nude", they are covered with down parts of PET-bottles.


Friday, January 09, 2009

Sad And Lost

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The days from the return of my PC home were terrible for me. The first surprize, when I turned it on, was that all my blogs in english have PR0. I am not very brave with this all processes an was really shoked to see it. What have I do now? What was the reason of such decision? Are my blogs the worsest in the net?
I don't understand.
Some days I was not able to see the world in normal way. These blogs are essential for me, you know. And now?
What to do?

Not only this. I had a code to analyze the visitors of my blogs, I used that program for many years and thought this program is good for me. I'm sure that it is not a virus. But antivrus declares these codes as viruses. So at the end I had to renounce on it today. And it was a comodity that I lost too...

I feel lost now.
With all other problems that I have in this period, this last about my blogs is really what throws me in the hole of depression.

девочка и ноутбук
«девочка и ноутбук» на Яндекс.Фотках

Blomus Stainless Steel For Every Environment

It is one of the youngest but best materials actually. It's use is growing and there are practically applications where the stainess steel do not takes it's honourable place. What are the qualities that make this material good for so different uses? Basically, it not stains, not corrodes, not rusts.

We can take blomus stainless steel fireplace set as example. It's modern and attractive apperance makes it a very pleasant object to collocate even in very important rooms of your house. Than you have not to think to protect it from sparks because stainless steel is fire and hit resistant. You know how important is this for security of your house.

Other item for your fireplace is blomus stainless steel firepit that can demonstrate other useful qualities of this special alloy. Because it has so many of them! So, the next are it's easy cleaning and maintaining. And it's long life expectation. Stainless steel is maybe the best for everything belonging your fireplace. What else can you manipolate without thinking about damage it in this or that way?

Stainless steel has different surface finishes and that is why it can be used as supplement for different design styles. Look how bright and attractive can be blomus stainless steel teaset and other accessories of your kitchen or angles for relaxation. Surely you will find many different interesting uses of things made from stainless steel.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Karl Marx In 1867 About The Situation In 2008

This funny quotation sent me my friend now. When we were students we had to tudy the works of Lenin and Karl Marx but, sincerely, I do not remember something from that books today even if I was a very brave student.

Somebody was much more brave as me to study "The Capital" . Read this:
"Owners of capital will stimulate working class to buy more and more
of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more
and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable.
The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be
nationalized, and State will have to take the road which will
eventually lead to communism."

Karl Marx, 1867

Languages We Speak

а на тетрадке мягче
«а на тетрадке мягче» на Яндекс.Фотках

Don't know why I began to think about languages today. I am always surprized about great quantity of different italian languages. Every region has an otheer language and the Italian I speak is a Roman dialect made usable for all Italy. But there are many persons -specially those who lives in the zones like this one, where I live, not only old but those relatively young, about 40-50,- that do not speak other language as dialect of own zone.

The other interesting thing is that -and it happens often enough to me- the Italians ask me something, look at my foreign face and do not understand Italian I speak. Not that I do not speak a correct language. No. My language is correct and I speak very good. But the persons wait that I speak very bad, they are ready to hear very wrong language -and do not understand when they hear correct speach.

Example. In Naples, we come to one person that tells about her organization to those who wants to hear about it. I was interested because it was about the job for those who needs it -and I do. The woman asked me: Where are you from? -I'm from Salerno. -What is it? I've never heard this name? -Salerno is Salerno. It's a city. -No, no, I don't know. Were is it? -My dear Lady, it's a city 60 km on Sud from Naples. Very beautiful, you know. -Salerno? Ah, Salerno??? -Yes. I'm from Salerno. -Ahhh... she lost any interest and went to an other person.

(Do you think, she was joking? No, she was serious, but she was waiting to hear a word that she had never heard, and she did not understand what is Salerno even if she lives 60 km from this city all her ife.)

Than I thought, I have to read more blogs of my friend Beetle: she writes a beautiful correct English. I learned English when I was a student. Our department of the German language had not a teacher of English for our group, I don't know why, and we had to study with books and audios. The language I speak I call "Universal English". Maybe it has a special name but I don't know it. My languages are too correct in sense that I try to build frases so as it was written in the manuals. So as it was in the books I read. I don't tell you about errors now -it's clear that there are too many of them.

But I want to say that I have less problems to understand the speach, when I hear BBC, for example, or read a blog of Beetle as when I hear Fox or read American boggers.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Black Out Of PC

Dear friends, unfortunatelly I have that eternal problems with PC and this time I have to take it to repair. So don't think pls that I'm bad-mannered. I can't turn it for long time on. So maybe I will be some days far from internet.

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