Thursday, May 24, 2012

Singular Ways to Win AIDS

Любовь и голуби
«Любовь и голуби» на Яндекс.Фотках

AIDS is surely one of the most terrible modern diseases. There are nations that are subject of it, there are other nations like Caucasians, they say, who do not contract it too easily. In any case, statistics published in different media are worrying. And if we remember those statistics about other dangerous venereal illnesses when physicians say "It seems to me from time to time that all this town sleeps under the same bedspread", we can understand  some politicians who try to save their countries inventing all kinds of remedies.

Notices of some days ago tell us about the very worried about the destinies of Zimbabwe members of it's government. 14% of the population of this country have AIDS. They need to find something to fight the illness  urgently. Brainstorming took to following solutions invented by the senators:

Since men of Zimbabwe can't resist on the charm of the women, it's necessary to approve the law that will forbid all the women to wash themselves. To increase the effect, they have to shave all the hairs on their bodies.
The result has to be that the women will become less attractive for the men.

The keen and analythical mind of senator found the other cause of sexual attraction of their women in beautiful clothes. That is why, the second part of the law he suggested is to forbid the women to dress clean and nice.

But the attempts of the government to solve the terrible problem do not finish here. About a year ago, a senator-woman requested from researchers to find a medicine that will make that men do not betray their wives.

The second part of this proposal was for prisoners this time. To close this channel of the AIDS distribution, the senator offered to provide all the prisons with sexual toys.

Well, I don't know if it will be enough...

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Animals were widely used in all kinds of wars from the beginning of the times. It seems, the very first animal arms that served humans were ...bees. Our ancestors used to throw hives in the caves of not very friendly neighbours when the negotiations did not go in the right direction.

The list of the animals we used for these aims is long. There were 20 camels in Stalingrad, they transported cannons. Elks were used by secret services to reach enemies without noice. Infected flies, fleas, rats were thrown in the towns and fortifications from the airplanes in the modern times and with the cannons in the antiquity to win the enemies. Rattlemice with explosives were thrown from the airplanes: they entered under the roofs of the houses.

Did you know that the hens are very sensitive: they feel chemical substances in the air and the attentive owner can go out in time from the room if it becomes dangerous.

The light of the fireflys can be enough to read an important document.

I don't tell you about horses and elephants. And I would not tell you about dogs and dolphins if... If not an interessting peculiarity: they denied to kill. Well, dogs, used to explode the tanks, did it without intention. They were simply afraid of the roar of the tanks in the battles.

Dolphins and seals were  used as real killers: they had needles tied to the noses. It was enough to touch a submariner to make him die. Seals were brave. But dolphins, seen that persons die, did not want to repeat it more.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quality Brother Ink for your printer

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

When the Tiredness Covers You...

I turned back home after 2 weeks of different travels and works and needed some good mood minutes. I know some sites that can help me in it. 

One of my favourite, StumbleUpon, donates me many interesting informations when I stumble it's pages. This time I found a nice post, Have You Ever Been So Tired, with these beautiful photos:


 Not completly satisfied with only few, even if excellent, photos, I decided to look through the galeries of photos with the hope to find other similar images to create a sort of collection and make you and me smile. Unfortunatelly, I did not find anything worth your attention and was ready to renounce on my intention when...

THIS means: the tiredness covers you suddenly...

Навалившаяся усталость
«Навалившаяся усталость» на Яндекс.Фотках

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Oxford Medical Courses for Doctors

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Training, cources and expert help are very important in this so fast changing world of new informations, and medical professions are maybe the most fast going forwards in this sense. That is why is so important to consult the best providers of the medical skills training.

Individualized trainings like in consultant interview course where are admited not more than 8 persons per group and that have one of the lowest training fees allow all the participants to have not only the highest value fromthe latest covered topics of the lectures they assist, the doctors are supported by the tutors who are NHS Consultants after the course, too.

Do you want to enreach your role of senior doctor and consultant with prestigious degree that will accompain information of the latest achievements in educational theory? Register for medical teaching course with it's 1-to-1 teaching and problem-basedlearning.

Management and leadership areas occupy special place in the life of every medical institution and medical management course is absolutely indispensable for every doctor.

One of the best in UK and widely popular teach the teacher course has the highest votes and the best feedback. Interactive, with trainings to put the theory in the practice, for small groups only, this course teaches the doctors how to teach their young colleagues on regular basis with fixed dates in different cities so that it's possible to choose next to home location.

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