Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Silver Is Toxic!

«Серебро» на Яндекс.Фотках

Many years tell us our parents and grandies that silver is a very useful and kills bad bacteria. We have to use it and drink water with it. In fact, the water you take from your church remains good even for years.

I decided to use silver as more as possible too. I have a silver ring, silver earrings, silver bracelet. I bought toothbrushwith silver head and am very content because I feel my teeth clean all the day.

They say, silver is used in many products today. In food, in clothes ecc. Even socks that inhibit odor-causing bacteria and washing machines that disinfect clothes.

But... every overdose is bad -as always.

I read an article written by now
“Because of the increasing use of silver nanoparticles in consumer products, the risk that this material will be released into sewage lines, wastewater treatment facilities, and, eventually, to rivers, streams and lakes is of concern,” said Zhiqiang Hu, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering in MU’s College of Engineering.

“We found that silver nanoparticles are extremely toxic. The nanoparticles destroy the benign species of bacteria that are used for wastewater treatment. It basically halts the reproduction activity of the good bacteria.”
Did you notice that we use to overdose every good thing?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

And Now Mitochondrial DNA Miracles

Source of this map is The New York Times

I wrote different times about the project of National Geographic Genographic, where is possible to know where are you coming from. From the beginning of the human existance. It was unpossible that so florant business remains the prerogative only of Nat.Geo. So, if you had not time to do it till today, you can choose between 2 (at least) DNA reading providers. The second you can find here Oxford Ancestors.

Because I'm in this period only on the way to my $300-600 to throw for this research, I did not do it till now. But I have the hope that some later the prices begin to fall down. With growth of the quantity of providers. ;)))

Now to miracles.
Do you know how many children had Adam and Eve? No? I'll tell you now. Not 3 (Cain, Abel and Seth). More. 10 sons and 18 daughters.

And here you have the first miracle:

A new history of Britain and Ireland by Norman Davies, "The Isles," (Oxford University Press) begins with an account of Cheddar man, an 8,980-year-old skeleton from which mitochondrial DNA was recently extracted.

The DNA turned out to match that of Adrian Targett, a teacher in a Cheddar Village school, proving a genetic continuity that, despite numerous invasions, had endured through nine millenniums.

Now the second miracle:

In 1998, Dr. Wallace and his colleagues discovered the X pattern, a rare European lineage, among the northern Native Americans such as the Ojibwa and Sioux. At first they assumed it came from intermarriage with modern Europeans. But the American X lineage turned out to be pre-Columbian and its owners would have arrived in America either 15,000 or 30,000 years ago, depending on certain genetic assumptions.

The European X lineage seems to have originated in Western Asia around 40,000 years ago. Dr. Wallace suggests a part of this group may have made their way to America via Siberia, even though no traces of the X-lineage have yet turned up in eastern Asia. A trans-Atlantic route is a possible alternative.

Source of this graphic is The New York Times

More you can find in the original article
The Human Family Tree: 10 Adams and 18 Eves

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Medical Marvels

Dear friends, this post is only to give you a link.
I send you to see terrible photos. Really terrible. For me. The photos that show what the nature can do with a person. The biggest tumors, the siamese twins, the tallest/biggest of the world...

Did you claim for some problem you have? Look at these photos.
Open this article about one of that cases
go down till on the left "Related" "photos" and click. There is a slide-show.

Get Connected To A Community Of Your Friends

There are different social community networks in internet and I have accounts in some of them. Today is possible to join 3gb community a new quickly growing and very special possibility to make and meet friends, share photos, chat and even listen to the last mp3-s.

But why is this network so special that you have to prefere it to others?

First what I loved in this site was the easy sign up. I had not wait 10 mails to partecipate on the life there. The only restriction was they did not want to accept my Hotmail address. I wanted to use it for communities only but they did not like it.

The other thing I loved there, was the simple photo's uploading. You will laugh maybe, but I had this problem with different sites in the last period (I join communities for job, you know). Restrictions are really significant. It's difficult for somebody who doesn't know to use special programs to have 50x50 pixel photo for example. Control panel is very simple and clear -and you did not find it everywhere, believe me.

But the great entertainment began when I opened the pages. Absolutely best was the radio. You click on the button and open the radio-page. Here there are photos of singers. Click on the photo and you have a list of his/her hits. Click and listen. It was surely my preferite page. But other pages were very simple to join and understand too. Chat for example.

In poor words, I think, 3GB Community is an interesting social community network. Join it and have a nice time in internet.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creating An Own E-Shop

Photo «Начало новой весны...» на Яндекс.Фотках

My dear friends, I'm now on the way to last step to open my e-shop.

About a week I did not other as count, recount, research and research and research more. Now today I finally ordered what I will post in my e-shop. Everything about healing.

Healing incense, healing ear candles, fragrant stones for good sleeping, jewellery from semi-precious stones and even Singing bowl set!

Now I have to organize the shop-site.
Nothing to do, I have to pay hosting. I found open-source ecommerce card, but it's unpossible to use it without a specialized hosting. I found 2 good free hostings, but to use them I have to be an expert programmer. And I'm not. I know to use HTML in some cases, but I'm not able to create/change code of entire site and insert there a software. So, if I want to do it, I have to pass to a paid specialized in ecommerce hosting that has visual redactor.
The problem with this is that I have to deal with them for 2 years to have a good price.

I think to offer something in eBay to make me know by persons.
I write articles for italian sites every day.
Now I have to think about good marketing strategy. I have to be successful. It's my only chance to have a job. Maybe I have to begin with my psychological training: "I am successful. I am successful." Eery day 100 times a day.

Maybe somebody of you has an advise for me?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cloning your loved one

An other article about cloning and it''s benefits (photo from the article). For only about $32,000 you can have your loved animal for it's second life with you. Or maybe $150 000. Depends.

What I think always when I read about it: but it's the same animal, person that -if- comes from this manipulation of the nature? Will it be you if somebody will clone you?

Well, if we speak about the real parts of a body, they say -and the "fables" seem to be confirmed by many scientific observations
- the consciousness of the part of one body continues to live in an other body. And even can replace the "previous" consciousness.

As example I want to remember to you the story about a boy dead in an incident. His heart was donated to an other boy with mortal defect in his own heart (I think it was a heart, but maybe an other organ, the story is happened many years ago). The bride of the first boy wanted to visit that second (that lived far from that place and could not know anything about that couple). When the bride entered the room, the boy recognized her and he had typical behaviour of the dead friend of the girl and told her their little love stories, so that the girl had no doubts there is her boyfriend in front of her.

There are many stories like this now and even scientists recognize the own consciousness and memory of different parts of a body.

I think sometimes about strange behaviour of some persons that received organs or parts of the body of the dead persons. Like the man that had a successful operation, when he received new hands. After some years he pretended that that hands are removed. Nobody could understand WHY. He had the hands, they worked normally -but after some years he wanted they are removed...

But if we speak about cloning...
I do not believe the being that will come from this operation will be the same consciousness that we want to have with us. I don't know how you think but if it's for me, I wanted to have that soul with me, not the identic body. Specially in animals: you can find many "clones" -with identic look like the kittens on the photo for example. But they are different beings -that is what I wanted to say you.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Olympic Sponsors Go Out Of The Game

Zenkō-ji Temple Photo from Wikipedia

Once in all my life I hear that the protests of people produce the result.
I'm very sceptic about the possibilities that simple people can to influence the politic and great politic. But once in my life I had to hear that voices of people count.

The notice I read now in TimesOnline tells about 3 great companies -Coca-Cola, Lenovo and Samsung, those from 12 Worldwide Olympic Partners, pulled-out of the game.
until today, the games’ big corporate backers have appeared unaffected by the controversy that has surrounded the torch relay.

Lenovo said that it had pulled-out because of budgetary constraints. Samsung said that it had been warned by the committee organising the Nagano leg of the relay against the torch motorcade becoming too long.

This decision they announced "just hours after religious leaders at one of Japan’s largest and most spectacular Buddhist temples – the Zenkoji in central Nagano – said it could no longer be used as the starting point of the torch run in Japan."

I ask myself: what will follow it? Will Chinese government forbid to sell coca-cola in China? As US-government made with French and German wines when they did not want to support Iraq-war.

Some time later.
Seems I was right in my opinion.
One Russian online newsletter says: Chinese government and people appeal to all Chinese to punish France for the protests against Chinese government and for the support of Dalai Lama. The people want not buy more French goods. Carrefour is afraid of it and proclames they have nothing with these actions.
Protests in Europe made only bad to relations between Chinese and Tibetan people, says the newsletter.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Farrey's Ceiling Fans

Do you look for a new ceiling fan or you want to replais an old one? Visit shop. Here you'll find thousands of products -ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories- that are unique in their look. Every person can find here style and the brand he or she prefers. In fact, Ferrey's shop represents all most important manifacturers of ceiling fans like Casablanca, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan, Matthews Fans, Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, Monte Carlo, NuTone, Quorum and Westinghouse.

Let's make a little tour to look at the offers of the site.

Assume we want to buy fanimation ceiling fans for our house. these fans are very decoratve and romantic. There are very interedsting items with adjustable blade angles, historical, futuristic and naturalistic inspirations. An important customization system helps you in configuring and ordering of your prefered product.

Do you like
Modern Fan Company ceiling fans? Not only you will be surprized how many different fan's models find you in Ferrey's shop. Even free shipping is available for them now! Geometric look of a contemporary design simply installation and maintainance make them appropriate for many offices.

Finally, if you can't make your choise,
ceiling fan search tool of will help you to find what is the best for you and your house.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mystical World Of Semi-Precious Gemtones

«Соль» на Яндекс.Фотках

"Chakras and Semi-Precious Gemstones" is the theme I choosed for the first compain of my new project, a shop of healing semi-precious gemstones and other natural healing things. Thanks to all you who gae me this idea when I could not find a theme to begin to work.

Now I'm on the way.
I found an interesting supplier and learned many new things about different treatments using stones. Not only gemstones but simple stones too.

I want to begin with Chakra-sets: collections of tumbled stones corresponding 7 chakras or other number, because there are different practices.
Than I want to order semi-precious gemstone jewerly like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings made in different stones. I could sell them one by one or make sets.

I want to help persons to learn what is necessary to do with these stones, how to treat them, to purify them and if somebody wants I could make rituals and recite mantras and sutras before I send the stones to their new owners if they ask me about it.

So, why I'll be different from others, because I will offer personal help on every step. Support them with email mini-courses and newsletters with advises and supplier's news.

Second part of my order will be other healing things.

I found a treatment I knew many years about. Those are ear candles made from herbs. Sincerely I hope to use them myself. From some years I have problems with hearing. I hear sounds but I have problems to distinguish the words. So, I wait for my order very much, because I hope these are those candles I heard many years ago.
I told about them to some of my friends and they wait for the results of my healing because many of them have problems with ears too.
And than, they say this treatment helps to open "third eye". Is so powerful, that there open 4 third eyes :)))

Other healing treatment I want are tibetan healing incenses. Made from the Himalayan herbs and Herbs from the mount Everest too (one of this incenses).

Finally the last thing I wanted to have in my shop are fragrance stones. Sleeping stones I want to order. You put them in a plate when you go to sleep, mix them, and they relax their fragrance for some hours when you are in bed to help you with the good sleep.

This is what I want to order this evening. I have to count very good before I do it, because I have not to make errors.

Sincerely, I'm very afraid. I'm afraid I've made not right choise, I will be not able to sell... Many things. But I have to begin.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Great PERSONS. Must to watch video

This balett number made me cry. I adore the persons that have courage to overcome themselves, the opinion of others and can be and live.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wisteria For My Dear Friend Angela

This week was too difficult for me, I try to make the next step to my dream to create for me better living, indipendance and a place of job. It's completely new and stranger way for me, so I'm completely abstracted from all the world now.

But the life goes forward, the spring too. And even if we have anomalous cold this year, it's time of wisterias already.

And when the glicines flower is the time of one of my internet-friends, the person I began this blog with -and she is one of those who can add posts here, even if she never uses do it... So, Angela had her glicine-birthday this week
Happy Birthday, Angela!
This splendid flowering of Wisteria is for you!

This last photo is W. floribunda 'Rosea' and Common Wisteria behind it. The flower of common Wisteria was about 21 or 28, I just forgot now the measures I did. This flower of "Rosea" is 42 cm long and the same flowers are bigger.
I have 4 special sorts of Glicine. A flower of one of them can reach 2 meters. The other is a little shorter. But they did not gift me their flowers this year else. Probably becuse the place is too cold for them from that part of the house.
All different sorts of Glicine you can see on this site

Shoe's Happy Shopping

Would you like to buy your Shoes in internet? Yes, I know, you will tell me hundreds of reasons why it's not possible. First of all, you can never know if the shoe will fit good, because measures of shoes differ from case to case. But you are not perfectly right if you think so, you know? If you visit ShopWiki, you'll find all information you need for happy shopping.

The main page is dedicated to all sorts of tips and suggestions about fitting, sizing and converting of international measures. Than we can pass to general shoes page and make an overview of the most interesting models provided with price, Shoe Stores where it's available in this moment and product rating and reviews. Not only. Here you find links to many related product guides. What I like in this page is the color search graphic. You have only click on the colour you are interested in and here are they, the great choise of shoes of your preferite color. Interesting, isn't it?

Now if you turn back to the main shoes page and want to explore the world of Women's Dress Shoes, for example. The great search engeen of ShopWiki offers you not only all available in internet models of shoes. You find the brand name near the photo of the item here and can directly confront the look of the products you like. An other simple graphic alows you to narrow the results of your seach by price, brand and colour. Pass to the very complete guide of Women's Dressing -and finally you did it: you have your preferite shoes with all necessary accessories ready to wear. You look perfectly!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Rape Of The Bride

« "Похищение сабинянок" Джамболоньи» на Яндекс.Фотках

What you see here on the photo represents a story about The Rape of the Sabine Women that happened when the first Romans had to find wives for them.

In shot:
A group of young men began to live on the hills where there is Rome today. It was normal practice in that time. When the tribe could not give to eat to all the population, all young men born in the same year -the year chosen by oracle- had to go away. Greeks gave them a boat and an older man as a guide. Those who lived on the territory of Italy gave them a bull and they had to build a new village where the bull will stop. Sometimes it was a bird, not a bull. A totemic animal.

Well, the group of those teppists, that began to live on the Rome hills, needed wives. They organized a great feast for their neighbours, sabins, and when the neighbours were drunked, took all the women and went home.

The story finished good because the women did then so that their first husbands were content.

That story happened about 750 BC.

When I was a student at the university, in Caucasus, these usages were alive in that region else.
They have strange for European mentality habits.
If the girl remained with a man, it means she has to marry this man or she is not a honoured woman more, and all her family and the group of families of relatives of this family are dishonoured. Wants or non wants the girl, was something with this man or there were not sexual relations with him -this is not interesting for anybody. She is dishonoured. Point.

Sometimes the girl goes to the man because she really wants to marry him, but the parents do not want it. Something like Romeo and Juliet. In this case there is nothing to ad.

During my studies a group of young men raped one of our girls, took her inside the carpet home, she rested there closed in a room for some days. After that the men left her. The poor girl could not marry her loved one and the family moved in Russia because they could not live in this place more. Practically, the love and the life of the girl was destroyed.

It's real story. I don't remember today, WHY they did it, because they did not want that poor girl. Maybe it was revenge. In other cases this story could finish with blood feud.

Why I remembered this usage?
An article writes that the government of Dagestan asked Duma of Russian Federation to ad a new law, where the rape for marriage will be announced as a crime. Duma said No.

Well, what is interesting for me: the article writes why this usage was so popular.
The man had to ask the parents of the girl to marry her.
The father had to say no.
The man had to "rape" the girl.
The man with the father had to bargain the price of the girl.
And when the girl was paid, she was married.
So it was to justify the paiment of the wife.

All this originally was a part of the marriage feast.

Very old sovietic comedy about uncle that want to marry the nephew with an old man, steels her and here the thieves, engaged by uncle, try to maintain the girl in good mood because the old man has to come. The uncle speaks on phone.

The song says: how many wives would I have if I was a sultan? 3. But it's too difficult to have 3 of them. So, what is better, 3 or 1? Sincerely, if I would be sultan, I would be not married.

The Weather in 2008

It's raining, it's poring...

The weather is terrible this year here. In all the spring we had practically not seen a sunny day. Today I read an article about it. All the blame takes cold streem in the Pacific ocean. It's name is "La Ni'na"

So I new that there are 2 of these streems. "Il Ni'no" and "La Ni'na". Excuse me if I write this word not very correct.

"Il Ni'no" is warm and warms all the Earth +0,5° if it presents. And we had this situation for some years before when the weather was tooooo hot.
Now, the second, "La Ni'na", is now making the clima of the Earth more cold.

That is why in Bagdad and Kabul, where normal winter temperature is +25°C, this winter was with snow and the thermometer was under zero.
That is why there were anomalous rains in Bolivia and Brazil

And this anomalous rains here, in Italy maybe too?

In any case, the scientists think, this year will be more cold as normal.
Don't hide your waterproof capes, pullovers and umbrellas.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Demolishing Tragedy in Cava

These days are the most black in the life-story of many families in our zone. Municipalities began to demolish illegal houses in the "red" zone -where the buildings damage hydrogeological health of the soil. This explanation I read in this newsletter. And on the photo is one of the 16 houses that will be destroyed.

So, what happens?
Why persons build the houses in these places?
All these zone between Naples and Salerno has very high number of residents that is growing continuously. Not dangerous zones are popolated centuries ago. The prices of the houses is so high, that normal persons like workers and empoyees (and what to say about those who could not find legal work for all the life?) can not buy one even in 3 lifes (newsletter).

I wrote just: I can't understand how can live families with 2-3 children where only one adult has a job, where earns about 1000 euro, -and has to pay about 600 euro (and more) to the owner of a flat. +light,+gas,+heating,+food ...

These persons bought soil where is forbidden to build houses -and built them. Because they new that nobody will say nothing to them. Once in some 10-15 years, the government wrote the laws where said that these houses are legal from this day. And all these persons waited that 10-15 years pass and the next law will regularly come out.

But the tragedy do not finish with the lose of all money and the only possibility to have a good house for these persons. They have to pay demolishing too. How much? Only 25 000 euro. One year of work for those who HAS a job.

Friday, April 04, 2008

POS Equipment Investment Is To Do Right

All companies instal new POS systems and products to assure their best return and the longest good life-cycle working today. Unfortunatelly, not always the new product or system maintains promises. As in many other cases, essential for your POS equipment is keeping them work excellent. And this is the power-point of The company supports a retailer in complex and increasing marketplace.

Vision Point of Sale, Inc has high standards that create confidence of it's customers. It offers not only new but expertly refurbished items too. Refurbished point of sale or used POS equipment are handled as promised, using all modern technologies, look very nice and make a job pleasant.

To maximize the return of your refurbished pos, the company worked up "The Process" system. It maintains effectiveness of your products and POS systems, repairs them and tracks every aspect of use. helps you to find the best for you POS solution. You can include in your system handled hardware or software, featured ibm surepos pos or other items of POS equipment. Your confidence is for the company the main aim. And it's highest standards are the reasons that you are in the right place.

Great Photo About Cheese Gratis

This great photo is from the article about victims of all sorts of Internet and not Internet scams. I am not very interested in these theme today and wrote about them some times from the beginning of this blog -in first years of my "Internet life" I believed in honesty of writing word.

So, as said, I write this post first of all to have this great photo for my eyes. It's about Russian proverb that "Cheese gratis you can find only in the mouse-trap". And here there are 5 in one trap!

The second cause why I read that article was because I do not understand the matter of "Letters of happiness". It's clear, that they are the same scams, but I did not see benefits for those who writes them.

When somebody writes to me and says I have to send him some money -I understand him. If he writes to me to post his ad or link -I understand him. I have regularly persons that write 4-10 spam comment in one of my blogs EVERY DAY for much time. For different months. (That is why I have moderation enabled in all my blogs.) Interesting is that they work manually and continue for months (!!!) without any result from my part.
No, it's interesting as research.
I'm not angree with them. It's relatively hard work. What I don't understand is why they continue without any result? Maybe are too stupid? Or they are paid for quantity of posts?

Well, what I wanted to understand is the matter of those "Letters of happiness", I said.
You remember: send this letter to 4-10 persons 48 hours from this minute and something very-very good will happen to you. If you do not send it, you will lose this and that.

Normally there are not offers or links or publicity.

So, WHY?

The article do not give the answer. It says only, the persons these letters are directed to, do not have good self-confidence, they believe in SOMETHING. People with complex of victim. People that want become without making any effort -and this is a sort of mentality.
Swindlers use confidence, trust, greed, covetousness, fear, compassion.

Most interesting for me was the last list.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Azurite -My New Love

I wrote some posts about gemstones and minerals in the last period
Hostess of the Copper Mountain about Malachite
Hemalyte (Graphite Bead) Necklace
Prayer Beads -Secrets of Mala about use of different stones in prayer practices
The "How-s" of Crystal and Gemstone Healing
and I wanted to ad a post about Feng Shui use of Crystals to this list in the next days.

Today I wanted to show you my new love.
I adore Malachite. If you go to see the photos in my post you will agree with me, I think. About a month ago I discovered it's relatives. One of them is Azurite.

Oh my dear God! What a collection of Crystals and Minerals with explanations on this site! I've stolen this Azurite photo, hope the author could pardon me.

The other relative of Malachite is chrysocolla I think.

Azurite was sacred to the Egyptians who believed it was an aid to spiritual communication.

Many believe that this stone helps to reduce anger and to increase psychic awareness. It is also thought to reduce abnormal cell growth, promote wisdom, and is used as an aid to relieve the paid of rheumatism. (Source)

Azurite creates a feeling of self-confidence, helping the wearer to communicate with compassion and from the heart. (Source)

Azurite* stone of intuition, insight and vision; increases communication skills, creativity, inspiration and intuition; brings clear understanding and new perspectives; stimulates memory, intellect, nerve activity, inner vision, clairvoyance and development of psychic powers; aids in mental healing, detoxification and removing psychic blockages; powerful transformative energy that brings spiritual awareness and higher wisdom; opens third eye chakra. ( eBay Guides )

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Don't Worry About Wrinkles

We find a rain of photos and notices about women that spend very great money to make their breast bigger and bigger and more bigger. I read about one of the stars that makes this correction every some years. About a week ago there was a notice about VIP-s that make greatest lips or other parts of body specially for this or that meeting or event.

I have to tell the truth, about women with this "Megamania" I began to hear relatively recently. About men, that wanted to see one part of their body much more bigger and did incredible operations -and without using medical assistance- I hear from the end of 70-th. The difference is that the women, when they like something, have not brakes. Surgery? No problem. Every year? Why not?

Well. But sometimes the things reverse.

The notice from March 31 tells about one German woman that brought an action against her surgeons.
33-years old, the woman had cholelithic desease (I could not find the right name), cured it successfully and became very tall with too much wrinkles. Decided to make cosmetic operation.
After it, she discovered to have silicone in the breast and it's measure changed from C to D. The surgeon said, they solved the problem of wrinkles on the breast in this way.

Who knows why the woman was not happy with these very demanded changes...

Katherine Heigl's New Line Of Uniforms And Scrubs

Interesting news for medical professionals:
You can purchase uniform and scrubs from your loved desiners from now. Scrubs & Beyond offers you the hottest inventions of most popular brands. Those who'll visit the site today, will find exclusive and only here available
Miami Collection of Katherine Heigl.

There are different possibilities to find latest models of all types of uniforms at Scrubs & Beyond. You can choose perfect dickies scrubs, pants or shoes. Classical and updated look will give you unique fascion.

Those who prefere fun to wear will enjoy cherokee medical scrubs that have seasonal hottest styles of medical care industry uniforms. All items are coordinated with related pieces.

Barco metro scrubs are fresh and very feminine, some of them decorated with scalloped lace trims, with mosaic or floreal prints.

You will find petite, talls and plus sizes for men and women at Scrubs & Beyond. Many of them with huge rebates.
If interested, you can ask for FREE Catalog or call for assistance if you have questions about the item of your interest or if you have any problem.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What Need Sectarians

You will remember maybe:
It happend in US about 25 years ago, I think. Members of a group of sectarians, all people with highest education and something like managers of high level, decided that it will be the end of the world and drunk poison all together in one of the meetings. All except their "Messiah".

You know, I thought now: how felt he when all these alive persons drunk poison in front of him? And how was it to stay in front of them, dead, fallen in all that poses (I saw the photo)...

More or less the same story happens today in Russia. Not far from Penza there is a group of sectarians waiting for the end of the world in a cave. They stay there from November. There are children there too.

I read from time to time about this group. They said, the authorities wanted to convince them to go out and did many things, but they were very hard in their decision. Seems they was without shoes and I don't know what else. Their "Messiah" was not with them. He was in a psychiatric clinic for some time. Later, maybe he came to them because they speak, he went out the first. I'm not sure, I did not follow this story because I thought: why all this noise? Let them stay there if they want.

Why I write about it?
This in some senses tragic story finished as a comic show.

Yesterday "Messiah" with some women went out of the cave. He went home and was very busy to control his stock of home made wine. So, journalists decided that it was the main problem in his life and he went out because he remembered he has to control the wine.

Other notice says: the ceiling of the cave collapsed on the persons that was there. 7 of them (with "Messiah") went out. Inside there are 28 persons, among them 4 children.

"Messiah" on the photo and in video is the happiest person in the world...

By the way, according to Maya calendar the End of the World will come in 2012.


Show business and all sorts of stars have to give pleasure to my eyes. It's their job. People need them to forget boring reality -good or bad as it is- and to dream. And the dreem is something beautiful -if you speak about female and something powerful -if you speak about man.

That is MY point of view and maybe I'm not right.

The second task of all these star's job is to shock people. I understand. But I prefere beauty.

has very interesting photoreportage about clothes of stars.

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