Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have You Ever Heard About Orbs?

Footiam wrote once that he found many spheres on his photos during his piligrimage to the Buddhist Holy places. Unfortunatelly I could not find this his post, maybe he will add the address lately. He was interested to know what were these spheres because the people said him those are spirits.

первый дождь

About a week ago I watched the video of the ritirit with Lopon Tenzin Namdakh Rinpoche and noticed that there were many many of that spheres at the beginning of the video and they flyed around Lopon Rinpoche.

Yesterday I found information about these spheres and wanted to know more about them.

This phenomena is called orbs.
It is normal for modern compact photo e video cameras for technical reasons. So as you see on my photo of drops of the rain visible in the light of the flash.
There are some other physical effects that can create these spheres on the photos. Dust, for example.

If we exclude all these known to the science effects ...remain some cases that we can not explain with the knowledge of the modern science.

There are energies do not known by modern science that can create spheres on the photo.

Are they Spirits or Gods?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Blessing Of Our Vine Juice

Some minutes to write one more post about the vintage of this year in our garden.

My husband planted 2 or 3 vine plants some years ago. But he had never the experience of cures that needs this plant to have good fruits. If you are not practice in it, it's an entire science: what to do and how, to have good plants and rich fruits. So he, without any experience, could never have good enough yield.

This year I said him: You have some bunches of grapes. I want to make juice from them. So we decided to take some of them every day and drink fresh juice.

I have to say you, I never drink vine juice because the physician said me it contains too much sugar, and I have to lose weight. But I thought, we have not so many grapes, only for some days. And it's a pitty, do not use this possibility to drink natural "biologicaly pure" juice.

Here I post photos. Look at the color of the juice!!! Simply phantastic!

Виноградный сок

Виноградный сок

Виноградный сок

Виноградный сок

The Same Problems

First of all I want to say you, my dear friends, those who don't find me in internet for weeks, I'm very sorry, but it is not my fault. I'm about one month without telephone line here. Probably it's very old and every wind or rain damages it. I think, the tecnics wanted to kill me when I called them the tenth time. And when it was the elevenyth time they said me: now we will first control. And they controlled. And there was not line in that moment.

And so they said me: Oh, excuse us, signora, there is an external problem here. We will repair it. But we need 4 days, till Thursday.

Oh my god, other 4 days!!!!! I'm an entire month without telephone line (from September, 20, imagine!) !!! All my relatives don't know what is happend with me, specially because I was so ill in the last period. The only mode is the cell.

Well, today is Wednesday and I found the telephone working, so I write this short post only to explain the situation for those who is following me and do not find me here. See you soon. I hope...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

High Quality Mailboxes For Any Taste And Necessity

This site seems to me similar to a fable when I navigate it. Do you want to say, it's unpossible to dream about mailboxes? And you are not right. The products exposed in Mailboxixchange can satisfy any request. You find simple, classic styles but very special and creative pieces too. They are more interesting than your imagination can expect, and all your neighbourhood will envy you.

Yes, you are right, mail boxes have other than decoration tasks in our life. And this is the most loud but not the most important side of the presented products. Nowadays, when many of us are worried about our privacy and the cases of the identity thefts grow, we want to have first of all very secure mailbox. This is what the Mailboxixchange offers you: the best options of security and privacy existing in the commerce today. Excellent products and competitive prices is the winning combination.

Directly from the site you can contact an employee and chat with him/her asking all the questions about a mail box you like or maybe about possible problems you had. Customer service provides you with prompt responses and all the help you can need. In any case, the ordering process and the use of the services is very easy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Strong Men

Well, you understand what I whant write about after you've watched this video. No, I don't like neither understand this sport but it has to be important for a man to feel such a strong person. My husband likes it too and does some exercises every day.

I think, everybody of us has own ...mmm... special point. If I was a man I would learn a martial art. I think, all these great muscles do not serve much if you don't know to use them. It's my opinion. If I would have a son, I would like he is able to protect himself and his loved ones thanks to a sport he would practice.

I remembered this championship you've watched because I read about the most powerful man of Russia, Elbrus Nigmatullin, today. He draged a 760 tons ship along the ground for 20 meters. This was his own record.

Some time ago I read about a 12 years old boy (Russian Bruce Khlebnikov) that could drug cars and ships too. Watch this other video. You don't need to understand what they say. Look what is he able to do...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Le Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe

This question is not very politically correct, maybe, so I ask those very sensitive persons: do not look at the picture below and do not read the text.

This question does not make me sleep for a week.

Here you see a picture of the famous "father of Impressionism", Édouard Manet
The Luncheon on the Grass (Le déjeuner sur l'herbe), 1863, that I copied from Wikipedia.
I adore Impressionists, specially Pierre-Auguste Renoir . Their pictures are so as I see the world. :-)

But when I look at this picture, I think every time: WHY (why, I repeat) the men on this picture are completely dressed (even with jackets and hat) and the women are without clothes!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

The Reaction Of The People In Italy

Демонстрация В Каве (дым на площади) This autumn in Italy is tragic for many working persons because they remained without job. I just turned home and heard in TV that the new Minister of the Education decided that the schools do not need some of teachers. There are precarious teachers here. And they were fired. In the province of Salerno those were 2000 teachers.

Among many other sides the age is very important here. If you have more than 35 years it is sentence for you. It is practically impossible that you will ever find a job. Well, if you have less than 35 and you desire to have a job, you have invent it for you. So the government says. The other sides are: you are woman, foreigner...

I watched TV news when a woman, tied to the fence of her school, cryed that her husband was fired, and he has 46 years, and that means he will never find job, and she remained without job now... etc

This fryday is a day of strikes. We could not understand what is happend in Cava when we went there this morning. All the streets were full of the students of different schools, they were everywhere. And when we came in the central part of the town the manifestation was there. They cryed and made great noise and exploded petards. On my foto you can see (not very clear but it is possible to understand) that smoke in the center, in the square.

Interesting is that those who partecipate are always students. Young men. Why?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Gold Coins As Investment

Gold coin is one of the most interesting modes to invest today. It is good for individuals, families and institutional investors. All this because the gold market is one of those evergreen, one that holds it's value in time. The problem is that many of us do not know how and what to do with it. But it is not difficult and the representatives of Aurum Advisor explain the process and help you to make your first steps there. If you want to understand it better, order your free gold guide and inform about this market first. You can contact the representative of the company after that and discuss all the doubts you have with him.

Uncertainty do not afflict gold coin. On the contrary, it's price rises during different tensions and inflations. Think about the diversification of your portfolio of the investments and reduce the risk investing in different products. If you noticed, the US government gives these advises to the citizens too. Because it's the most intelligent way to think about future. 

Learn more about gold coins visiting Aurum Advisors site and consult it for the  possibilities the gold market offers to you. There are many interesting articles written by professionals there. Very interesting is that you can see all the types of the coins there, confront them and study the information about every presented item. I found the site very informative and clear. It is really interesting and useful to understand the topic.

Italian Wild Beauty

«МОИ ЦИКЛАМЕНЫ.» на Яндекс.Фотках

You see the Cyclamen on this photo. And maybe you are surprized: why I write about wild beauty in the title of my post. But from the times I live on the hills of the Italian Sud I learned there are really many wild equivalents of well known cultivated hybrids. Iris as example. Have you ever seen wild iris??? Incredible creation! Green with brown. I think I have the photos in this blog.

This period is the period of the wild cyclamens. And imagine, they are miniatures of the hybrids! And the plant's origins are here, in Mediterranean area! And it's name is C. neapolitanum

Дикий цикламен

Дикий цикламен

Later I'll add here a video so that you can walk with me and enjoy the wild cyclamins here.

Next time will be better quality! Promise! :0)))

How To Cook String Beans

Fresh string beans, boiled, are one of my preferite plates in the last period. I have to eat only boiled vegetables now. It is very good for health, I know about it from the times I was interested in Ayurvedic healing. I read at that time: the persons like me (body form) have not to eat fresh vegetables. They have to eat only boiled vegetables.

My husband does not like boiled foods too. He preferes fryed ones. So it is practically impossible to convince him to eat something boiled. But... when he sees me eating somethiung "special" he wants to taste what I eat. ;-) Imagine, he eats all my boiled vegetables now.

It is not difficult to cook string beans. "Difficult" is to clean them. Because if you bought them fresh, you have to eliminate all their "tails". From both sides. And you have to remain only their "body".

After that you have to put them in boiling salted water (not to much!) and boil them about 15 minutes. Put them in a plate, add olive oil (I use olive+sesame oil, they say sesame oil is very good for health too) and vinegar (balsamic vinegar from Modena). You can see them on the lunch photo here too: Simple Rules Of Healthy Meals And Weight Loss



«молния» на Яндекс.Фотках

Storms are very spectacular in Italy, you know. And September is the time of the storms and the lightnings. You need asolutely special protection for all your electronic devises. If not, you great possibility to change them after every storm. 

Some years ago we bought a very last model ogf the Sony-TV and were sooooo infinitely happy about it... My husband was, I rarely watch it normally. That TV was his dream, it was big etc. You've just undferstand that it lasted till the next storm with lightnings. My friend remained without his PC together with all the periferic adds. So is it. It's the nature and nothing is possible to change.

But today I wanted to tell you where I was all this time, two weeks.

The victim of the lightning of the September, 20 was the collecting box of the telefon line of our street. Telecom needed only 2 weeks and threats from my side to send somebody to repair the line. So, finally, this evening they came here, and I can return with you, here, in internet.

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