Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Citrus Fruits

I forgot to show you these photos about great variety of different citrus fruis. Sincerely I've never seen many of them, from these on the photo and do not know the names. The biggest, citron is maybe it's name in english, grows here in our zone, some people have them, than mandarines and oranges. The others I don't know what they are.

Except these you see on the photo I know one other citrus plant -feijoa but I did not see it there.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rains Of Mud

We live the infinite period of the rains here, as you know from my reports. It rains in the last days too. But these rains are very different from those we had in winter because these rains come from Africa and not from North.

How can I know it, you ask me? Clearly, I did not know about the existance of this difference till I heared once a metherological explanation about it. We do not need to ask the clouds where they come from. It's enough to rise the eyes and to look at them. Or to look on the car after the rain.

I hope you can distinguish it on my photo here on the right. The cars become all completely covered with mud after the rains that come from Africa. The same clouds have that "special" color of mud, they are not grey or white or black. They are brown. Naturally brown.

If you have something washed hanging in the yard you have urgently take it in the house. Anything clean has to be hidden and saved. But the rains are warm.

Sahara that comes to visit Italy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

How To Remain Optimist In The Period Of Crisis

Reading news this morning I found an article about the rules to follow in the hard times if you are optimist.

It could be nothing too special but I found some of these advises funny and share them with you:

Remain optimist because the other side of the reality is depression and it's not the best solution for you. Think about your family, friends. Crisis is not a tragedy but a challenge.

Now you can learn how less needs actually a person:
don't use a car but go at feet. It's healthy and saves money because you do not go in the shops too often -it's uncomfortable to take in hand heavy bags.
don't go in the restaurants -cook personally, make juises, drink mineral water with lemon and prepare marmelades. This is healthy food and not expensive.
Call your friends to visit you. Play table-games.
try to plant and grow vegetables for your kitchen.

Now you have so much time for your health! Make fitness.

Read classic books. Reading is very interesting and than you become more positive together with the main characters.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Romantique Castle

Maybe you understand my wish to show you these photos. It's something absolutelly incredible in my life. My image of romanticism and dream. It's my fable castel. The life is to live just to see these marvels. And many others, clear. I think too much about death in the last period. Different persons I know are ill and dead from cancer. But the life continue with it's splendid manifestations. The spring continue.

Till today I said: I don't want to know what I have. When the time to die comes, I'll die but I don't want to ruin my existance thinking about it.
Maybe it's not very clever idea. These thoughts convinced me to go to the meditian tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wisteria This Year

Oh my god, I did not tell you about my glicines!!! Terrible! I have to correct this mistake urgently!

I have 5 different types of glicine. Common, and 4 hybrids. 2 of them are those with long flowers. Common wisteria has not very long flowers. They are about 21 cm. One of the hybrids I have has shorter flowers but they have a special color. The other's flowers are about 50 cm long, and those long (lila or blue I don't remember and white that I have) can reach 1,80 m. It was the longest that somebody could cultivate.

Actually we have only common glicine flowering, but it's something spectacular. Even if I cuted the most part of the branches this year. I wanted to make photos because there are cherries flowering now too. So I tryed to have these 2 colors together. Unfortunatelly I could not make what I wanted to have but the photos are nice the same.

The longer will be ready next week,I think, and from those very long I have actually only 2 flowers preparing to flower. Hope I will be able to show you that too. I waited about 3-4 years to see these. But they do not want to gift me this joy. But the plant is growing from the cold side of the house.

For more photos you can open this page Wisteria For My Dear Friend Angela

So is it from the door of the ground floor. I wanted to create some shadow in summer here.

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