Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bear Wife, Great Love and Long Life Toghther!

My dear Friend, Bear Wife, married her Hubby Bear!!!
What a great notice!
Wish you long way together, my dear, patience and understanding, love and many happy days!

В добрый час !
«В добрый час !» на Яндекс.Фотках

And here is the wedding of an other Bear Couple :-)))

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Paradise of Glicines: White Wisteria

I have good notice about my glicines this year. After I don't know how many years, finally the white has some flowers. And I wanted to present you the first photos of it's maiden view.

Белая Глициния

Белая Глициния 

Probably, I would have more flowers if I would not cut the most part of the branches. In the years I have this plant it produced incrediblly quantity of leaves and no flowers. They say that glicines need about 10-15 years to begin the flowering. But I think, it's not so. Wisteria sinensis (common) that I grew from cuttings began to flower very early. After about 2-3 years.

Белая Глициния

It grows very quickly and blossomed again all the (rainy) summer last year. There were not too many flowers and the flowering was not so spectacular as without the leaves but it was a pleasure in any case. The part of the building where this plant grows is the most sunny.

This second (according of the time of flowering) glicine is on the same part of the house and grows good, too. Even if not so quickly.

Мой Глициниевый Рай

Next plant grows together with the white on the cold side. And I think, this is one of the reasons why they produced only branches and leaves for years. The flowers are rare and much more little than those first. They are longer -and they say can reach 2 meters (the champion). My flowers this year were about 60 cm long. Some more at the end maybe.

Мой Глициниевый Рай

White glicine is not completely open else. If the weather will be good enough, I hope to show you some better pictures.

Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Create Stability in Uncertain Times

We live in the uncertain times when the economical situation changes almost every day. After all the life of hard work we  see suddenly our invested in the retirement money devaluate and even disappear for the demographic and other events of the life. What is always stable in this world, we ask ourselves? What can we do to have sure future stability? The way is gold IRA creation.

The IRA gold is an excellent alternative retirement investions plan because the prices of gold grow despite the critic situations in financial state of the country or the uncertain situations in the world. Every kind of negative conditions contribute the growth of the gold price. Default? War? Environmental crisis? Gold is one of the few categories that continue to occupy firmly their positions.

It's possible to turn 401k in gold 401k. Information about the different kinds of investions are described in the Free Gold Guide. In poor words, government allows to invest bullion coins (gold proof American Eagles) into retirement accounts. More, these coins are produced with this aim.

All the questions about the 401k gold and gold IRA transfer are easly and clearly explained in Aurum Advisors website. The trends of the investment in gold prove that "Gold has no Government". It's enough to open any page analyzing the situation with gold in the world and in every certain country -no matter is it about the long term or today development- the conclusion will be that it's the way to assure the certain wellbeing of our investment after an entire life of hard work.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Become and Remain Aphrodite for ever?

No, this is not an other advertising, I will not tell you about the benefits of fitness, the great properties of a new miraculous cream -nothing similar.

The possibility I'll show you now will maintain your body young as Aphrodite forever. And "forever" means here for EVER. For millenniums. And maybe till the next Big Bang or humans will distroy our planet.

This recipe is very efficient and was in use from the beginning of the times. The antique Greeks did it. And Romans did it, too. And -what is the most important- it's the excellent solution for both men and women.

Here is a female example. The relatively old woman that had a great wish to remain young. She wanted to become Aphrodite.

Here is her young body. (I do not understand, sincerely, why she needed it? At this age she had to have the head on the shoulders...)

The man is not so old. Men generally do not live so much as the women. Someone said, they are not necessary from the point of view of the survival of the family. The grandmothers are much more useful. In any case, the men have to think about the eternity when they are younger, they have to be always ready. So, this man is about 30, I think. But he wants to remain in the memory as a Hero.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Human Eye and Photo Camera

I had to visit Naples two times this week and took many photos there. We had sunny weather for some days but than the rain turned back and we sat at home all the Sunday. I wanted to go in Naples on Monday but had doubts I'll be able to walk for hours under the rain.

Monday morning was suddenly nice. I was really happy to allow me this walk and even had not a coat with me (the photo camera is just heavy, and I do not love bags: with the coat that one has take in the hands the photographing would be unpossible). I was right. The sun was shining brightly all the day. Many tourists in Naples weared t-shirts and even the shirts without arms. My husband began to laugh when he saw me: I was completely red (face and decollete). I have a white skin and do not go out under the sun without protection, but this was the very first sunny day this year...

And now I want to show you how was that sunny day on the photos when I saw them on my PC. The second photo I took about an hour later than the first. I could not believe my eyes, you know.My eyes DID NOT see the clouds! And the eyes of my husband, too.



Unfortunatelly, the happy walks without a coat were not the clever decision. The wind probably was cold that day and I cought a chill...

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