Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Generation of Road Signs

Road signs seem to be something eternal like Creation. What can be new in this field? But some of the local authorities decided to try more clear way to explain the idea of securitie on the road to the road hooligans. Here is the new sign approved by the municipality of a near town.

The new road habit in our zone are trafic circles.  Useful to have less problems before the crossroads, and to avoid to waste electricity, they are thought so that the traffic goes in circle and all the vehicles rispect those who is in the circle-traffic. How do you want to explain it to Italians? Really difficult. Here, everybody has own rules.

So, someone has this idea to add one more road sign 100 meters before the main traffic circles.
Ower the face is written "Slow Down!" Under the face "traffic circle -100m"

It's my favourite road sign.
The problem is, it seems nobody noticed it...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Promocodes for Target Superstore

Target is a superstore and has everything we could wish in one place. That is why we like them, superstores. Target superstore is so beloved by adults and children because it has many attractions: the goods they sell are numerous, include everything normal family uses in it's everyday life and they are modern and most up-to-dated if we speak about different kinds of devices we can't live without more. But Target is special and Frugal Dad knows it: there are many different promo codes and deals there. This site, Frugal Dad, collects infinite quantity of deals all over the world of shopping but they have special passion for Target.

In fact, if you open the page of Target in Frugal Dad, you will see an entire list of deals and coupons. What is precious -they have expiring date, too. If you look sometimes for coupons in internet, you could notice that they have not this peculiarity. And it happens very often that the site was not updated for years. I, personally, had this problem about a month ago when my husband wanted to find something for his animals online, and I had to look for it since he has not time for internet. Well, I found the thing but could not order it. So, I wrote a mail to the company. That company, and it was the first for me, answered the same day and they said me they have not this object: the site was old and was not updated more. Imagine what was happend with the second company: they accepted the payment but ...had not the item. Fortunatelly, they turned my money back in some days. But I had really bad period till the problem was solved because the thing my husband looked for was expensive enough.

This is the reason the expiring date is very important for the coupons and deals. If you find it, it means, the coupon is updated.

So, the falls like that I described here can't happen to you with Frugal Dad because they update the site "in real time", literally. They have a passion for the coupons themselves, and that is why they do this work with great passion. And that is why you have to bookmark this site: do not forget to open it different times a day when you look for something, and it's highly probably that you will find new coupons in it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do You Remember it? Why "Soap Opera"?

Not many persons will remember it today. I did not know about it at all. I was not born when the first soap opera finished it's plot. It was favourite entertainment of the housewives from 1933 to 1960. And I was born in '61. Fortunatelly, it's possible to listen to the registrations of those radio dreams of many women. The title of the first radio soap opera was "Ma Perkins". If you listen to this record, you will understand without explanations why these transmissions were called "soap" operas.

I do not know if the «Search for tomorrow» was the first TV soap opera (1951-1986 more or less). I even can't believe that such a "work" could live so long.

These two transmissions had other 2 primacies: main actresses partecipated on the "show" for 27 and 35 years (well, it can be not precise, maybe, I don't know...)

The longest soap opera was Indian "Mahabharat"

And the most numerous stuff, 300 000 persons, was in the film "Three Kingdoms" (China), in 1996.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Dog that Shot Down a Friend of His Owner

Did you read the title of the post two-three times and did not believe that it's true? You are wrong. It happend in Russia, and the owner was condemned to 1 year and 3 months.

What was happend?

The owner of the dog and his 2 friends decided to go hunting. They were in the car of the owner of the dog. The victim and the dog were on the back seat of the car.
On that back seat of the car, there was a charged gun of the owner of the dog, too.

The dog, happy to go hunting with all the company, jumped and jumped on the seat. And, suddenly, pressed the cock. The friend of the owner died.

the rules of the custody of dangerous objects were written to preserve the users from such incidents.

It is forbidden to transport charged guns in the car. And not only this. The hunter had to transport non-assembled gun. So, the dog neither the owner of the dog (in this case the owner of the gun, too) can not be punished. The fault was of the owner of the gun -and he, as said earlier, was condamned according to the low.

Охотники !!!
«Охотники !!! » на Яндекс.Фотках

Monday, April 02, 2012

The Simple Joys of Everyday Life

The beginning of this year was too eventful for me. Walking tours, articles, illnesses, voluntary work, other walking tours, illnesses... etc. Now, spring added it's own corrections to these events: I decided to change the "look", the flowers round the house, and ordered roses (by post). Than, my husband decided to raise ornamental birds. So, my days are beaten by garden and animals, too. If you follow my blog, you could see that I even could not write these weeks. I turn home and am able only to sleep there. I think with envy about the days when I had nothing to do and could enjoy idleness. I wanted to show you some of the best experiences I had

during my trekking excursions


in my personal zoo my husband created in these last weeks


Фазан Леди (1год)

...and in my yard where wisterias are flowering now so superbly

Мои Цветочки

Мои Цветочки

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