Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thieves in the Supermarkets

It's possible to write sagas about the thefts in the supermarkets. Did you ever seen mothers with their kids that open wrappings of different products and eat them near the shelves? I don't tell you about entire families of Gipsies in the ipermarkets near Naples: they build their houses near the big mall areas and have their meals in the fast foods, in the same ipermarkets and -in passing for a "Big King"- steal something in the parked cars. So, their houses under expressway's bridges seem to be villas more than nomad camps.

They say, the prices in Italian supermarkets are 3000% higher than the original price of the product. And everybody becomes angry listening this number. But ones we can say some words about the expences of the shops. Here are some dates of the statistic from the supermarkets of Moscow.

Who are those persons that steal?
You are not right if you think those are nomads and poor people. Very often, rich and even very rich, respected and admired characters can't stand to take something gratis from the stands. Why? They don't want pay. Every year about 30 000 thieves are taken in the supermarkets of Moscow (mmm... it seems too low number to me). The owners spent more than euro1 miliard for security devises etc but they lose 2 miliards. Nothing to do. If you think it's only about Russia -no, I just wrote about Italy and there are similar dates about US too. Probably, it's the normal side of human nature.

What they steal?
Not only sausages, sweeties and drinks.
Here, in our zone, they wrote once about two men that wanted to steal a 5-liters bottle of wine, for example. The corageous girl-cashier was alone in the shop and did not say anything but followed the men in the street and alarmed the neighbours.
But it's a joke in confront to "professionals" that are able to take out 10 telephones, a printer, clothes (sometimes changing old and wearing new in the fitting room), make-up, drugs and baby-food.

«БРАТВА ...» на Яндекс.Фотках

Sometimes curious things happen.
One woman in Moscow wanted to steal alive sturgeon. (photo)
She put it under the clothes and went to the cash desk. But the fish began to move and the woman felt bad. All the stuff  run to the desk to help the client ...and were astonished when found the reason of her indisposition.

Maybe we have not judge supermarket owners too much...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dic. 21, 2012: The End of the World is Moved

The End of the World predicted by Maya and said to occure on Dic. 21, 2012 will not happen.
Mmmm... And how we have to live now???
If you did not hear about it, I'll list the arguments.

1 -nobody knows precisely how to convert the Maya Calendar into our modern calendar. It's because Maya Calendar was based on astrological events some of them is unpossible to trace today.

There are different converting systems, noone of them is precise. So, the predicted event (End of the World) can occure 60 days later. Or in an other date at all.

2 -the event we all wait so much is described by Maya not as the End of the World but as the end of the Long Count. They had long and short periods in their calendar.

Обсерватория майя
«Обсерватория майя» на Яндекс.Фотках

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"What Will Happen to the World if We Leave Afganistan"

The title of this post I took from the magazine. After I've seen the photos, I thought, maybe they have some reasons to say so...

I write often about the destiny of the woman in our world in this blog and sometimes you do not approve me. Even I, myself, not always approve my posts if I think about it -from time to time. But when I see such testimonials, I change the idea and write about it once and once more.

Did you know that the husbands, boyfriends etc kill their ex-s every week in ITALY. The TV News tell about these cases every time, and noticed that they are too numerous, these cases. And they counted them. Maybe Italy is too little and every similar case is an event. But...

Look at these photos (click numbers over the photos to pass from one to other -you don't need the translation; if you want it, it's Russian)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Help Made the Difference!

All you know that I often partecipate on the campains to help somebody. I even can say, it's the main reason why all my blogs exist in all these years. It's not a bragging. I always try to help with my posts, with money. Some of you even argue with me because there are too many beggars in internet, and often it's difficult to distinguish between good people and those who wants to live on the neck of trustful bloggers. Well, these my friends are right too. But I try to help if I think it's about the right reason.

Unfortunately, those who organize the compains of help do not think to inform the partecipants about the results. In all these years I have only thank you comment from the organization that protects leopards. And it was a couple of back-mails from the funds where I personally sent money. Ah, no, I'm not right, many persons followed my links to the Baby-seals protection appeal and other humanistic and animal protection appeals -but I knew about them from my analytic program.

But this day is very happy. Very Very Happy. And I want to share the message with you because this letter is for YOU. Here it is:
Hi Liudmila

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for helping us this year with your post on Liudmila's Diary. The Fresh Air Fund was thrilled with all of the interest generated within the blogosphere for our Fresh Air children. We had close to 5000 volunteer host families open their home to a NYC child and 3000 children visited our camps. It was a great summer! Our Facebook Page continues to be a hub of activity for all things Fresh Air Fund. There are some excellent photos and videos we've posted along with photos from our host families. Please "like" us and it would be great if you could encourage your readers to do the same:

All of us at The Fresh Air Fund really appreciate your support. Together we can make sure these children have everything they need well in advance: camp counselors, host families, and plenty of resources!

Thank you so very much,


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shocking Indian Movies

Indian movies were for me those sweet-sweet-sweeeeeet love stories. I've seen last of them about ...mmm... I don't know, more than 30 years ago. Today my blogger friends opened me the eyes on the modern Indian Movies. Hollywood's bestsellers pale in confront of this. The first... yes. But the SECOND!!!

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