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How To Invest In Real Estate Market Today

Dean Graziosi's Real Estate Investment Center is a really very interesting social networking for the students of the bestseller "Be a Real Estate Millionaire", the book of the site's owner. The book namely tells about the real estate investment and the site is thought to facilitate all the readers the use of the strategies described there. The site is made in form of a blog that is enriched with weekly videos and Dean's shows. The explanations contain graphics and attachments and are written with very simple words.

Investments generally and real estate as one of them are
sore subject in the moment of one of the most deep crisises of the world's economy. This is why everybody of us wants to see it clear before we move in this or that direction. And we want to listen to the experts in the economy. Dean thought about it and you can meet different known experts if you are th user of the site. Explanations, advises, help and secrets -everything that can be helpful not only for the specialists but for those who makes the first steps in this field.

And this is the other special point of the site. It is made not only for those who has money to invest in real estate but even for those who has
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Chapels Of The New Castel, Naples

I wrote different times about the New Castel of Naples in the last period and posted many fotos of it. I like this building and can say you it's something that perfectly reflects own name: Maschio Angioino. "Maschio" in sense of the symbol of the male power.
In this post I wanted to show you 2 chapels of the castel: one is the chapel for the owners, other is a chapel for those that had to be executed.

The chapels -is it not strange?- are situated one near the other. One is that high with the white entrance on the left. The other is behind the restoration cloth. Behind the first arch.

Каппеллы Нового Замка

Каппеллы Нового Замка

Каппеллы Нового Замка

Shopping In Naples

If you know my blogs some time, you will remember my posts about shopping in Salerno
Shopping In Salerno, Where To Eat 3
Shopping In Salerno, Via Vittorio Emmanuele 2
Shopping In Salerno, Via Mercanti 1
where I wrote, inter alia, hat we go for shopping in Naples that offers much more possibilities in sense of diversity of all the items and prices too.

I had to visit Naples last week and took some photos of it's main shopping street.

First of all it's very long. More than 1 km, I think. Maybe much more longer. Here we are at the very beginning. As it is in Salerno, here you find a shop in fast every door or hole.


There are many side streets, big or small, where you will find shops too. All the morning -I'm not sure if it happens every moring- these streets are markets. Some of them remain markets all day long.


Traffic is normally too intense so if you want to come here for shopping, will be better if you leave your car home. Parkings are never free even if it's free. There are always persons that want money if you want to park your car.

The other problem are those motorbikes. They not only do not respect any rules of the traffic generally, but the boys can steel your bag or your necklace, bracelet if they pass near you.


This street is broken in many places. They build Metro. But if you are at feet it's nothing.


And here we are finally at the end of this street. In front of you is New Castel, the most incredible construction of all the city.


Maschio Angioino

Train In Italy

As you know, I have friends that come to visit this part of Italy and is logicaly that we pass some time together. So I make many train-trips in the last time.

It's would be comfortable to travel in train in Italy IF


The railway stations are normally relatively clean. Well, it's often that the toilets do not work and are closed, it's true. The other problem that you can find the ticket-office closed too. We have now common tickets for regional trains and buses, so if you have this problem it's enough that you find a shop with great "T" (Tobacco) and ask for your ticket there.


Most trains are comfortable and modern. And... if you did not find the toilet in the station, you can find it open in the train. Oh yes, I understand, but you know that sometimes there are cases...

There are many stations in our zone where you can see sea nearby or even stay over the sea. Like in this station in Pozzuoli where you can see the sea in the background on the photo.


Why I wrote "would" and "IF", you ask me? Because it's too often that the trains come late. And sometimes very very late.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How To Gain Gold Coins And Bullions

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting For A Prince Turning Home

In one of my previous posts (Anomalous Year 2009) I said that the photos of clouds and lightenings are often very beautiful.

The problem is that it's difficult to take pictures of them.
This cloud, for example, had a form of a man lying on the side. I thought it's great picture for the poesy of Lermontov "Golden Cloud slept on the brust of the Giant Rock". I needed some seconds to run in the room and to take the photo camera but... the figure of the man disappeared.

Попытка иллюстрации (неудавшаяся): Ночевала тучка золотая на груди утёса-великана

I took some photos of the windows. I thought this theme is very creative. Specially when the windows are in the castel. I imagine a princess waiting near the window for her cavalier that has to turn back from the battle... So, look here what I have:






This post is not to give you something to read or to think. It's only to make you laugh.

So, what do you think are they doing?


I made this photo in the civic museum of the New Castel in Naples. It was possible to make photos -and I did. Unfortunatelly, I didn't write the names of the pictures neither the names of the authors.

This picture attracted my attention because I did not understand what are they all doing in that queue. What are they looking at. Yes, they have to look at the picture, at the Madonna -but...
Click on the photo to open big picture.


Thoughts About History

I have to learn much about history of the region Campania in the last period and pass great part of my time to study. And it's clear that I have many thoughts about the life in this or that period. So, I want to write some posts to describe them here.

On my photos you see the New Castel of Naples. I thought, it was built in the period when the castles were unuseful for the defence of the town. And as the conseguence it was something like a decoration. Yesterday I knew that it was not only the real resedence of the generations of governors but was the aim of the conquerors too.

Maschio Angioino

Maschio Angioino

Maschio Angioino

Looking at this door that is only memorial, I thought: it had to be terrible to live in that period and think that in every moment can arrive an other conqueror. There were centuries and centuries of wars, local and "global" etc. Every day something new. No one day of peace.

How could hey survive?

Maschio Angioino

Perfect Marketing Lists And Sales Leads

Every business owner -no matter big or small is his/ her activity- has to create the Great Treasure, marketing list, and to cure it with great attention. These lists are very important because they allow to treat the consumers efficiently, to analyze progresses, to choose the best strategies and to avoid many problems. That is why hey call the lists Greatest Treasure of the business.

It's clear that every business owner wanted to find his/ her consumer mailing lists just ready to use and efficiently. And this desire is not as many others that are similar to illusions. It's because there are companies specialized in creating databases and offering them to other companies. One of them is The List Company that works for many years for the most important businesses of US. It demonstrates the great quality of the servises a business owner finds in The List Company. And excellent results he/ she can have using their marketing data.

Your business idea can be very good and your product can be something best in the world. But if you have not special customers, those that look for it, targeted customers, all your efforts can be vain. That is why there are list brokers, specialists that know where are YOUR customers. They have all analysis results, other knowledges needed to create your needs -and they have the database of those persons and companies you need to be successful.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hands On The Weel

I had to go in Naples today and went there with a bus. The buses are very high and you see the road from very different point of view. I had my photo camera and made photos of everything interesting I saw. Suddenly I cklicked the button too late and had the hands of the driver of the tir.

Руки на руле

Did you notice how calm is their position?
So, I was interested to photograph the hands of other drivers. It was so interesting how they, hands, tell the situation in that moment. One of the tir-drivers saw me making a photo and did not like it, imagine. Biiiipppp!!!!!

Руки на руле

Руки на руле

Руки на руле

But when I looked at this photo now at home I was shoked to see this driver. He is not in a queue. He is in the middle of the express way driving with the speed 100 km/h.

Руки на руле

Anomalous Year 2009

This year is decidely anomalous here in our zone. Look at this photo what a weather we have this 3-4 days.

Аномальный год (Облака Над Нашим Домом)

The forcast (you can find a good american weather forcast site in the right side of my blog "Vacation And Travel Talk" -they tell always the truth.) do not give any hope for this week. Imagine that this rains killed about 10 or more persons in all Italy. In Neapel there are different holes in the soil opened by great quantity of water where the entire houses fall down! Rains are very dangerous here. Specially in Naples where all the city is situating over the antique caves and catacombs.

It is maybe not very joyful, this what I wrote here. I wanted only to describe the situation. Specially for those friends that have to come here after tomorrow.

But I wanted to show all you other friends the beauty of these clouds. Really nice. And as for me, 20°Cis good weather in summer. So, I'm very happy.
By the way, on the photo is the hill where I live. :0)

Аномальный год (Облака Над Нашим Домом)

Relaxing Cactuses

Летние Цветы

I wanted to show you this first photo I like very much. I found that looking at the collections of similar photos has relaxing effect and post here 2 photos for you and for me, clear.

This second seems to me an owl. We have barn-owls here (photo from Wikipedia), I've seen one of them killed by somebody. And an other catching mice near the house. Very beautiful bird and really a miracle of the nature. So, the cactus on my photo seems to me similar to an owl from the cartoons for children. Unfortunatelly I don't know the names of the cactuses I have in my garden and canot give you this info.

Кактус ночью

Read More About Flowers Of Cactuses

Flowers of cactuses
Do Not Plant Your Cactuses In The Garden

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Prefere Direct TV?

What can I say you? It's simply unspeakable expeience to live not to listen about it. Direct TV offers you hundeds of HD channels. Have you seen them? No? Believe me, you have to try. Great. You can live without it, it's true. But we learned it many times in our lives: once we began to use high quality, we do not want to turn back to the common things. If it is possible, why renounce on this commodity? And what do you think about the highest HDTV format? There is nothing better today.

This is not the only benefit you can have if you pass to Direct T V even if there is nobody that offers 1080p format. With a FREE HD DVR receiver upgrade you can record 50 hours of HD programs and scan them when you want. Well, I don't tell you about recording of 200 hours of standard definition programs. It means you can record a whole season of your preferite sport! Not only! There is something good and interesting for everybody in HD today. It is possible to watch most local channels too.

And here is the good notice. The best offers of the year you will find in DirecTV -specially if you compare them with the costly cable. Than is professional installation in 4 rooms. Other $5 off a month if you register online. Think again!

If You Would Built A Church

What do you think is this?


Maybe you would never give the right answer if you would see this masterpiece of architecture in it's environment. It's a modern church. And there are different similar buildings in our zone. The color on my photo is not very clear because it was made with the cell from the expressway. But you can believe me, it's fast natural.

You would say, not every architect has to be a genius. No. I do not pretend to see something like this on every step.

Чудо архитектуры - Миланский собор.
«Чудо архитектуры - Миланский собор.» на Яндекс.Фотках

But I think, to "create" a building like a church imposes some obligations on the architect.
When I tell about Сhristian symbols to the tourists, I show them the entrances to the churches. The believer had to ASCEND to the church -once. Because the soul of the believer had to ascend to the faith. (I'm not a believer, you know)

I can confess you: MY soul WANTS to ascend when it sees a building like the cathedral of Milan.

And it wants to spit when it sees a church like that on the first photo.

Views From And On The Pass

I told you that we have interesting and very sly ways here.
If you don't know these possibilities, it's possible you can rest for many hours blocked in a queue on the street. Normally we use these "sly roads". One of them is very important to know if you want to visit Amalfitan-Sorrento Coast. The only "official" way is very often blocked by traffic and different prolems. This road is normally free. And better too.

If yu see on it from Nocera, you see this: (the road is the white line under the rock on the right)


There is a special place to stop and enjoy the view there.

Right side


Central part


Left side


Do you recognize them?

In the stop place we found a fruit-seller that had a very special devise to weigh fruits. I've never seen something similar before I come to live in Sud Italy. And do not understand how it works till today.



You know that we had many cherries this year. My husband did not want to pick them up personally and sold them "on the tree". It means someone comes and picks them up and sells them to a reseller.

On this photo you see the clever solution my husband adopted to have less work with the cherries: the tree is planted on the low level (it's a hill, you remember). The branches seem to grow from the upper level and you have not climb to high. Practically we can take most of them standing on the earth. It's very comfortable if you remember that the tree grows till 15-20 meters high.


Normally we pick up 1 pail in 2 hours. 1 box contains 2 pails and it is about 20 kg-s. So, we two make a box in 2 hours. The workers that came to us, worked from 6 till 9 in the morning. They were 4 or 5, my husband said. At the 9 they had 100 kg-s.

If we 2 had to earn for the food picking up cherries, we would die from hunger, I said to my husband.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Easy Accessories For Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are rarely used only as telephones today. In addiction they support many other services and accessories. The best place to begin to learn what is possible to add to your phone is Handyzubehör where you can find all kinds of accessories for any cell phone.

If you don't know what you want, you can use the main navigation bar where you can find all the most important manufacturers, brands, categories of mobile accessories and even the most used devices and sets. It's enough to choose one of them and you can see all the accessories that are avilable for the mobile phone you like.

The site is very easy to use. We can take as example one of the most known and loved brands of mobile phones and their accessories, Nokia Zubehör. First of all you find a page with all the avilable Nokia cell phons with their photos. And you need really one moment to find your model of the cell. Now you can read all the accessories hat are in sell for your model in the main list of categiories and the best sellers with their photos on the same page so that you can choose by the image if you don't know the name of wha you are looking for. It happens, too.

Suppose, you don't like Nokia or you dream about the Blackberry Zubehör. As I told you, you can find accessories and add ons under one site here. There are a great variety of different products for everybody: for those who knows what he/ she wants and for those who doesn't. It's enough o open the page and you have the simpliest way to see with your eyes everything you canfind by Blackberry, original accessoriesa and add ons too. You click now the photo and the widest possible range of everything you can imagine is ready for you. You have only choose what you want.

How Is Changed The Life From Antiquity Till Today

After different hystorically-touristical posts I want to entertain you a little. Now we will confront modern life and antique life.

1 -You can visit 2 public baths in the excavations of the little town Herculaneum today. Open this post Floors If The Roman Houses to see the photos.
-As I know (maybe I'm wrong), there are NOT public baths today.

2 -Modern persons like to eat something in fast foods, restaurants etc. Specially if sitting in the street.

Сравнить древность и современность

-Antique Romans had the same sin. There are different places where to eat in every street in Herculaneum... By the way, there were rooms behind the main to eat there, too.

Сравнить древность и современность

3 -There are many fountains where you can drink in modern Italian towns

Сравнить древность и современность

-There were different public places where Antique Romans could take water too

Сравнить древность и современность

Сравнить древность и современность

Decorate Your House With Bás-Reliefs And Sculptures

As I promised you, this is the 3 post about the art in the houses of Antique Romans. We visited Herculaneum (Ercolano) where the houses are in a very good state of conservation and here are some photos telling about the decorations of the houses.

If you don't know what is Herculaneum /Ercolano/, you can read first this my previous post Better Herculaneum /Ercolano Or Pompei?

When I wrote about the Pictures On The Walls I did not insert this interesting photo because it is not very clear:

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Except pictures there are many other interesting things there. The owners of this house loved bás-reliefs more. Look here how good is the combination of red of the walls and white of the bás-reliefs

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Finally some photos from the House of Deers

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

This last has to be Hercules, the maybe most loved hero of Romans

Искусство в римских домах (Эрколано)

Read more about the art in the houses of Romans in these posts:

Pictures On The Walls In Herculaneum/ Ercolano 1
Floors If The Roman Houses 2
Decorate Your House With Bás-Reliefss And Sculpturs 3

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