Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wrong Hayloft in Argentina

Jose, a friend of my husband, sent him some photos about the last holiday he, the friend, passed in a farm. Looking at the photos I did not understand first what was it about. I have seen the haylofts some times and they were so -more or less

настоящий сеновал
«настоящий сеновал» на Яндекс.Фотках

The Argentinian hayloft has this look:

As you can notice, it's a tube -from plastic probably- that can be unrolled, to feal it with hay, and rolled back when the cows eat the stock. Well, it's very nice, I understand. What I do npot understand is: how can it be used for it's main task?

розовый вечер
«розовый вечер» на Яндекс.Фотках

Monday, August 22, 2011

Romans Loved Luxury

Did you know that Roman Empire was destroyed because their citizens were too spoiled, loved luxury more than all other things in the human existance, did not make children more etc etc.

Oh yes, you knew about it. And you could surely hear many times in your life about opulent houses where the accessories were made from gold etc.. Ohhh, most of these notices about recent times in human history, I'm not right.

Now, I'll give you the prove of the opulence and luxury in Roman houses. This first photo is a leg of the Roman table. Well, nothing special, just to introduce the second photo... :-)))


This second is a Roman chair. According to the table near the object, it's an ostetric chair made from rock porphyry. I don't know, if the author of that table had ever seen an ostetric chair. As for me, this chair was used for other purposes. And it is astonished: how much the owner of the chair loved that part of his body. I'm sure, it was a man.
(Museum of Montecassino)


Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Masterpiece is Ready

You will remember probably that I wanted to add a yellow picture to my "yellow" room. I began to paint it about a month ago (or some more). I know, you are right, I'm not a painter. But there was something special in the idea to paint myself for the house. I bought colors and other necessary things in the supermarket (for children) -and the process of creating began.


I finished the picture but something was not right there. I sat for it and could not understand WHAT is missing here... At this moment, my husband turns home from job, looks at the picture: "Oh, you are a real artist!" (He thinks, I paint very well after he visited an exposition of the pictures of Picasso where I was a guide) "But you forgot to paint Basja here!"
The problem was solved suddenly: I forgot Basja!

Картина без названия

 The colors I  used to paint were water colors and I wanted to protect my picture from humidity and make so that I can clean it from dust, so I bought special spray to cover my picture with a coat of plastic... that "ate" some colors... I'm very sad but I had to control it before the use... It's my fault.

 Well, I have to make the borders else but the picture is just on the wall.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

When You Choose Your Webhosting

The choice of web hosting is a hard problem because there are so many offers and promotions. Specially for those persons who looks for a web site hosting for the first time the task becomes a calvary. The best decision in these cases is to consult a web hosting directory where different host companies are explained and confronted, where it's possible to read reviews of the consumers and where there are advises for all the users. does not limit it's task with simple listing of the companies. They have a system of the Best Web Hosting Awards very simple to understand even for less expert persons. And if you can't still decide  what is better for you after you read all the lists, there is Buying guide and Video Tutorials.

The rating and the reviews are public. Every consumer can write own opinion about the hosting he used or uses, no matter if it is positive or negative. Important is that those are reviews of really independent persons. And the works with all the companies they present in the directory, too.

I think, it's easy to understand and clear explanation about the web hostings, and the advises for all categories of users how to make the right choice for every type of website are so simple that you will have not problems to find the right solution for your website.

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