Saturday, April 28, 2007

Once more about dancing

And if we begin to speak about dances...

Have you seen this video? Incredible- the only word that I have to describe it.
Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva dance

What do you think?

Special -only for women

Some days ago I wrote about the warrior dance and song of Maori. I like very much special songs and dances. We learned european folk songs in music school. Those were interesting and beautiful.
But not so spectacular.

Today I learned about an other folk festival. Hula Festival Hilo Hawaii.

Here I post 3 videos I was impressed more. ONLY for women! ;)))

This other is not less interesting. Please sit good where you sit. ;)))
Some movements I find amazing for worriers dance...
But without jokes, the exhibition is very good.

And finally Special!

I go to buy a ticket to Hawaii now...


Have you ever read Talmud?

No, I knew from my school years about this book, but I had never the possibility to read it.

We have so many persons that try to beat into our heads their interpretations of the "Bible" that it creates only avversion for this Teaching. And there are too few persons that want to present us other Holy Books, full of eternal wissdom. And it's a pitty.

It's interesting to know what do you think about this words.

“Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears.

The woman came out of a man’s rib.
Not from his feet to be walked on.
Not from his head to be superior.
But from the side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected,
and next to the heart to be loved.”

This quote I found in one of the blogs on Spicypage. I'm not sure about the address because there are problems with connection with WP today.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Too proud about my roses

I hope you will pardon me for this behaviour, but I'm incredibly happy that my most beautiful roses began to gift me their flowers now. These are "Papa Meilland". They are very great (you see it) and they have a very nice and strong profume. All my neighbors are dead from envy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloggers communities

In the last 2 weeks I joined different blogger communities and I'm very happy about it, because I meet new friends everyday, find new interesting blogs.

I wrote that I like blogs because they make me easier to surf the interesting part of internet. I like surfing internet and I have time for it, but there are sooooo much info that you aren't able to find, to see. And friends-bloggers give you what you miss.

It's not so easy to find so much bloggers if you don't join those special sites. I don't list them here, it's enough if you see on the right of this page. I agree with many bloggers that one of the best is MyBlogLog not only because has very good navigation,but it supports many languages too. As russian for example. The second program I like is Spicypage that unfortunatelly supports only english.

Today I found some mails and messages that promote "programs" as those like tecnorati favorites. Programs for stupid newbees, sincerely. Because as all things of this gender they are good for those who begins them, but give nothing to those that come as last.

Yes, I want to have more traffic, but I don't join those lists. Because I have not a special taste of pleasure in this. If I want to drink wine, I buy a good wine to enjoy it's taste, profume ...and company. To give you an example I present you a very lovely blogger Malathy if you don't know her, she has very interesting blogs.

Blog Avenues

Laws of Universe
Do you know?

When you need to choose a health insurance

As I wrote once, the question about ensurances is for me very difficult. Sincerely I need a good and clear explanation about it because I think, when I don't understand something, I catch all sorts of scams. Sometimes my friends remember about this my ignorance and send me special links.This time there are some articles about health insurance in one interesting new for me community.

The name of this community is the mozdex community. The sence of it is that you can publish your article there. And there are really many and interesting. They call them "mozaics". Everybody can write what he wants there. For those of us who is interested in publishing articles this can be an interesting possibility. In my case I found there different articles explaning health insurance coverage in a simple way.

The name of the article is "Shopping for Health Insurance" and it contains different questions like how you have to choose the company. You think it's an easy question? But for somebody who had never chose one it is a real problem. Did you know you have to control the
financial statements of the company? What have you to compare them to? Do you know without seeng that article? Eh? I read it 3 times to understand where I have to see in the sites of those companies.

Nothing. If I have to choose between health insurance plans, I'll be dead befor I find a reasonable exit. Not only health insurance. Every. That is why I'm sooo obsessive in the last time to read new articles about this theme. And the article that was recomended to me this time reach this aim because takes very simple and exhaustive way to explain.Questions I HAVE to ask and clear answers on these questions.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

2,000 Word Project

In the last time I surf your blogs every day. I like this tipe of surfing. Sometimes I found interesting things of photos, and from time to time there are interesting projects.

Today I found an interesting blog. I began to read articles and there was one telling about an interesting

2,000 Word Project

The author offers LinkLove. Future LL. But I like the idea: Write the word that represents the most important thing for you. It's really very interesting -what is more important for you today?

There is an interesting psychological test.
You have to read a text for 2 -3 minutes. After reading it, I'll give you 2 questions that you have to answer.

This is the text (from if you want to read it later)
Please read.

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

James Woodford
April 21, 2007

A ROCK platform in the heart of the Wollemi wilderness may be the closest thing Australia has to Mount Olympus, the "seat of the gods" of Greek mythology.

Last spring archaeologists discovered an enormous slab of sandstone 100 metres long and 50 metres wide in the 500,000-hectare Wollemi National Park, which is north of Lithgow, in western NSW. The sandstone was covered in ancient art.

The discovery was an unprecedented collection of powerful ancestral beings from Aboriginal mythology.

Last week the archaeologists who found the platform, Matthew Kelleher and Michael Jackson, returned with Griffith University rock art expert Paul Tacon, Blue Mountains archaeologist Wayne Brennan and several of their colleagues.

Two senior members of the Aboriginal community — Darkinjung sites officer Dave Pross and central Australian artist Rodger Shannon-Uluru joined the expedition.

For most of the day the engravings are almost invisible. At dawn and dusk, the images are briefly revealed.

The team had five days to document 42 figurative motifs and by the first evening, Professor Tacon, Mr Brennan and Dr Kelleher had recognised a gathering of the gods. Supreme being Baiame and his son Daramulan were both there. Near this father and son pairing is an evil and powerful club-footed being, infamous for eating children. Several ancestral emu women and perhaps the most visually powerful of the images, an eagle man in various incarnations, are also present.

"The site is the Aboriginal equivalent of the palace on Mount Olympus where the Olympians, the 12 immortals of ancient Greece, were believed to have lived," says Professor Tacon. "This is the most amazing rock engraving site in the whole of south-eastern Australia."

Even in famous rock art regions in the north, it is extremely rare to see big gatherings of ancestral beings depicted together, says Professor Tacon.

The Wollemi is dissected by deep canyons and in places almost impassable.

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Now answer the questions.
Without thinking!

name a colour ...

name a tool ...

Now, you can confront your answer and the answers of a very great part of the population in USA and Europe. Most of us answer "red" and "hummer".

Excuse me,I hope you like the text you had to read. :))

What all this has with 2,000 Word Project, why I like it so much?
If there will be really 2000 partecipants at that project, it can be a very interesting to analyze the words that they'll write. Because it will be the mirror of the main problems of entire world.

If you like the idea, you can write your words here too. So, for scientific interest.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Haka - the most popular song of maori, great white cloud's people

I was very interested to read this articlefrom ""

and wanted to go into the question. Sometimes I'm not agree when people arrive to treat their culture in a sort of "agressive marketing", but then I think, their task today is to do everything useful that their culture survive. Later maybe will arrive the time to appreciate it. So do many little nations today. Tibetans, indians,maori... If all will love this culture, it has the possibility to survive. If not - will remain only an other "dead language".
So I found a Main Maori Site On The Netand an other site in italian accompained on every page with popular music.
I don't want repeat what is written there, it's enough to click the link.

Ka Mate
Very interesting and spectacular war song Haka (variant of Ka Mate)

Words and many interesting info I found on the site NZ Folk Song

We're going to die! We're going to die!
We were at war

We're going to live! We're going to live!
But now there is peace.

We're going to die! We're going to die!
We thought we were all going to die

We're going to live! We're going to live!
but now we are safe

All together
This is the man, so hairy
because our leader, so strong and masculine,

who fetched, and made shine the
has unified us and brought back the sunny days of

sun! Together! All together ... !
peace. We are all working in harmony, side by side,

Together! All together ... !
moving in unison like the hairs on our chief's legs

To sun shines!
to prolong these sunny days of peace.

HI !

Now, "the same" song in the very popular today exibition of the
rugby match.
(Go to YouTube to see more videos)

So, you like it tooooo much?
Learn what to do from the special page that you can even print to have always for your eyes

Want to hear only audio? Listen and repeat
Kia rite, ka rite tonu!
Ringa pakia
Uma tiraha
Turi whatia
Hopewhai ake
Waewae takahia kia kino

Ka mate, ka mate
Ka ora, ka ora
Ka mate, ka mate
Ka ora, ka ora
Tenei Te Tangata Puhuruhuru
Nana i tiki mai
whakawhiti te ra,
Upane, Kaupane
Whiti te ra

Funny soccer moments

Do you like soccer?
Sincerely, I not. I never see it, and the only conseguences of this game for me are that my husband has not go to work, when important parties happen in the world, because all Italy has to watch TV in these hours.

So why I write about it now?
I found two interesting videos on YouTube and remembered, there were funny photos in an other site. I found them and place all together here. I hope you enjoy this collection too.

And now videos

Specialy the last moment.
I laughed very much when I watched this other film
Is it a joke or he is really this sort of artist?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flowers of cactuses

Some of my cactuses have flovers in this period and I wanted to find their names but could find only one of them Mammillaria. This one:

I never had this plants and am really surprised they are flowers and so beautiful!
I'm very proud that they are flowers so as I did something to create them.

This one is only 2,5 cm across and has so big flowers. I think it's mammillaria too.

These sort of cactacee are named "crests" in italian. I like them for their form. I have 4 or 5 sorts of them. But I didn't know they can have flowers too.

these photos are from 20 april to precise the date,when they flower


And at the end a very complet catalog of these plants.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Different solutions to win disturbing emotions and thoughts

Emotions, disturbing thoughts... what a great problem in our life! I'll never believe you if you say me now, it's not so. The greatest part of our life we pass serving them like a good trained dog serves his master. With blind devotion, ready in every moment to leave everything and to follow them, doing what they want till our death, if they want it. Am I not right? No, unfortunatelly I'm. If you say no, you were happy to avoid this experience.

I noticed it different times, when I touch a theme, it will continue. This morning I began with finding a new for me psychological blog, that told about Emotional Intelligence. Pratically, "self-aware of their(student's) actions and how they affect those around them." The article speaks about some fondamental things like
-Self-Awareness: knowing one's internal states, preferences, resources, and intuitions and having the willingness to share them.
-Self-Regulation: managing one's internal states, impulses and resources, and taking responsibility for said.
-Motivation: ability and emotional tendency to inspire, guide or facilitate the reaching of goals.
-Empathy: awareness of others' feelings, needs and concerns.
-Social Skills: adeptness at effecting change through listening and communication; openly communicating and nurturing relationships.
Interesting article and I wanted to bookmark it to read it once more later. But after a while I find other blogs speaking about emotions and thoughts. And so I decided to write this post.

In a comment to one of these sties I wrote, I think, the situation with our thoughts I can compare with a person fallen in a mountain river. We understand, where we are, we know sometimes, it's necessary to do something, but we rarely move towards the rescue. We continue to try to swimm and, often, we lose only control.

I don't speak about "control" when you smile to your client or collegue and the only thing you have inside "if I had Kalashnikov or at least a rifle..." The stupid client believes you maybe. And in this case I understand your behaviour. But it's a bad game.

There is an other solution.
I have one friend, she has a custom to free herself from her bad emotions, saying to the person everything she thinks about the question. All bad words she knows. And she knows many of them. How can you speak so??? Why do you do it? -My psychologist said me so, answers she. And I had the fortune to live many years with 3 persons that chose this solution. They lose control over their emotions befor they have a reason. They are furious, unhappy. The negative energy they spray around them distroy them and everything and everybody come in touch with them.

So the question is not to hide our emotions, not to load them to others, but to understand their mechanism. If you want to use a new cell or car, you begin with study it's functions, no? Why do we never study and cure our soul and body as a new car?

The mechanism is very easy.
To win the party you have only observe your thought or your emotion.
Nothing more. Try.
When you observe the thought, it desappears. When you observe your emotion, it disappears too.
How it works?
If you have a great emotion and you are able in this moment to understand, what is happend, so that you want to free yourself from it (It's unpossible, I'm suffering all the day because that man said me this words, I can't work, I can't do anything...) , begin to observe this emotion.
Where comes it from? Where is it situated in my body?
In MY body the "home" of emotions is the heart. I begin to observe it. I don't think, do nothing else, I only observe it with greatest attention I can pay to it. After some minutes the disturbing emotion disappears.

There is an other way. Transform your disturbing emotion in a prayer.
I'm normally not believer. I have not this culture. Once, very bad things were happend in my family. Nobody and nothing could help us. Immagin what emotions I had. I was disperate. In this moment I remembered somebody said, it's necessary to go in a very old church and pray there. And I did so. You believe me or not, I had the answer during my prayer. My husband thought, I was mad, because I felt happy when I had to cry. But the same night we received a notice, that everything is all right.
After that, I began to use emotions to remember to pray. Not that I ask about something. I use it to feel connection with the Holy Beginning.

How it works?
You turn all your attention from the disturbing thought or emotion to
Holy Beginning. In this way you create positive energy.
What do governments when people are angree with them? And a little revolution can happen? They invent a civil war. They turn the attention from bad conditions of the life to enemies that steal work-places. And angree people began to kill enemies and governments clap and cheer.
The same mechanism.

What do you think about it?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Earnings by blogging

It's enough time that I don't write about earnings via internet. I don't remember when I posted the last report. I told you, I tryed with affiliate programs ultimately and I had no orders with this advertising. I wanted to cancel those banners from my sites (like Amazon) but then I thought if I have not pay for it, they can remain till I have more time.

This morning I found a blog with MyBlogLog wiget and the game began. Immagin, I'm still signing up and putting wigets in my blogs. Do you want addresses? See at right, they are all there.

I began to think, this can be a good way to begin a new job. Last week I received my first money from Blogvertise (see on the right). 5 dollars become 3 in my PP-account (and they are about 1,5 euros), but they are first money I earned on the web. Unfortunatelly they give me not new tasks, that site. I don't know why.

In that time I joined all possible blogger communities I found, as said. We said, it's impossible to earn something if you have not a good ranking. And how do you want to reach it? If you have the same problem, write to me, we can help one another with posts ecc.

If you need help, you can see articles in the Category Blogging on this page. This blog is in russian generally, but you'll find articles in english and if you open articles with russian title, you can find parts in english too. I simply had not time to translate what I read.That blog is a sort of my "student library",where I post what I have to learn or to understand.

Good luck to all us.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Events stemming from 9-11

It's the second time I write about these terrible things.
I write about them because I don't understand WHY.
There are many different Why-s. And first of all -why innocent people that live for "bread and water" have to kill one another to give enormous money ecc to some "not innocent" (to avoid other definitions). I had the happiness to be in contact with people of many nations and I know, the only thing everybody wants is happyness for his family.
But I think I can't explain my thoughts better as these documents.
Look at these photos, sites and diagram.

The questions and thoughts you'll find there don't seem mad. Unfortunatelly the films are not more available.
911 truth seekers
page with diagram

This sites I found thanks to Ahmed Ismail's blog

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