Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shocking Women

We spoke about a woman with some bloggers once more today. I'm always the "bad" in these debates. It means I say bad about the women. For example, I think a woman can't be a good poet or something like this. Because a woman has very different aims in the nature, I think. It is difficult that a woman can turn off her head from her house (=man, children, home) and have it (head) so free to Create an Artwork.

But sometimes (very often) the life shows us a woman in this hypostasis from a really shocking side. Like that we see in this photo from the Gallery of "Mark Velasquez Photography"


  1. There are bad women just like there are batman!

  2. Maybe they are not bad but disperate? Or they don't know other life and don't understand that they are in these conditions...


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