Monday, November 22, 2010

Wow! Giant Honey Fungus

The Flood we have just for more than 2 month (I can't understand where the good God finds so much water???) and the warm temperatures (imagine, we had about 20°C for some days!) created great conditions for mushrooms. I asked my husband that is the main responsible for the mushrooms pick up in the family because he eats them, if their period is just finished. He said that probably he did not notice when they grew because it rains so hard that it's unpossible to go out, often. It was only a week ago. Yesterday he calls me and shows me his catch. Honey fungus ( Armillaria ). But so big like ceps (Boletus edulis ). I add the latin names because I am not sure that I found right names of these mushrooms.

Now, I want to show you this marvel of the nature.


To make you clear the dimensions of them I took one in the hand. And this one was not the biggest, you know. This was medium. I never saw mushrooms of this specie so big as this year and -what is more surprising- they are all good. No one worm or something like this. 


 We cood not believe our eyes and took photos to preserve this moment in time. :-)))

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