Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tango on the Stick

Tango is a great show in it's "normal" variety. If you read my blogs, you will surely remember that post about the tango-shows in the streets of Buenos Aires (Tango In The Streets)These shows are surely organized by the owners of the locals, I think, but it not makes them less interesting and spectacular. Specially for those persons that come by and stop in that locals, maybe waiting that the artists come for their dance.

Here is an other video of the tango performance. I would like to see it with my eyes, you know. It is delightful, what some persons can do with their bodies. I admire all my life athletic shows. But this one gratifys all the senses.

This other performance is about tango, too. I would say, it's a psychological novel, and, sincerely, I do not like the theme. Why I wanted to add this video here is the great work of the artist. I like great shows and this is one of them.


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