Sunday, July 03, 2011

Armour of the Antique Woman Warrior

I read this discussion in one of the forums of the modern knights. The main idea was that the women had special armours with the places for breast for example. It was simple to understand that someone produces these armours and the discussion was a kind of advertising.

I was confused and wanted to explore the theme a little.
One of the first names you remember when you think about women warriors is logically Joan of Arc but I remember from the school that she was hated by many persons and persecuted exactly for her man clothes. The contemporary picture (1485) is the best prove of this idea.

The other name of the known warrior is Sighelgaita, the last longobard princess of Salerno, that partecipated as a warrior on all the battles together with her husband. Unfortunatelly, there are not pictures of this woman.

I decided to make a collection of the photos of the gravestones and monuments of the knights that are very numerous here in Campania. I discovered a new for me knights's orden in Naples (the knights have knots on the elbows). But I did not find women knights among them. So, I think, the women had not special female armours.

On my photo you can see the burial place of 2 "Knot"-knights. Splendid armours, excellent work of the artists.

Средневековые Рыцари

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