Thursday, May 24, 2012

Singular Ways to Win AIDS

Любовь и голуби
«Любовь и голуби» на Яндекс.Фотках

AIDS is surely one of the most terrible modern diseases. There are nations that are subject of it, there are other nations like Caucasians, they say, who do not contract it too easily. In any case, statistics published in different media are worrying. And if we remember those statistics about other dangerous venereal illnesses when physicians say "It seems to me from time to time that all this town sleeps under the same bedspread", we can understand  some politicians who try to save their countries inventing all kinds of remedies.

Notices of some days ago tell us about the very worried about the destinies of Zimbabwe members of it's government. 14% of the population of this country have AIDS. They need to find something to fight the illness  urgently. Brainstorming took to following solutions invented by the senators:

Since men of Zimbabwe can't resist on the charm of the women, it's necessary to approve the law that will forbid all the women to wash themselves. To increase the effect, they have to shave all the hairs on their bodies.
The result has to be that the women will become less attractive for the men.

The keen and analythical mind of senator found the other cause of sexual attraction of their women in beautiful clothes. That is why, the second part of the law he suggested is to forbid the women to dress clean and nice.

But the attempts of the government to solve the terrible problem do not finish here. About a year ago, a senator-woman requested from researchers to find a medicine that will make that men do not betray their wives.

The second part of this proposal was for prisoners this time. To close this channel of the AIDS distribution, the senator offered to provide all the prisons with sexual toys.

Well, I don't know if it will be enough...

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