Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nice spring day makes the life a nirvana place

I'm sitting in my car for the closed gate of the public park of Nocera and waiting for my husband which is somewhere looking for a possibility to left his job and become a rentner. My husband is the oldest worler in his fanric, he workes for more than 40 years there but he can't lea e the job for every year new laws that obligue him to work 43 years. So, he has to work about 3 years more now. But till he is in the fabric, they can't take a new young worker and receive something good for it. So, they treat bad my husband to make him behave bad and to throw him out. The best part is that many workers who remaind home about 2 years before the pensionament remained without money. At all. The government decided they have not money to pay the pension to these poor beasts. And many of them prefered to die... It's grave, you understand. I do not want that my husband is in such situation. And me, too...

So, he went to a lawyer to spesk about this situation and I' sitting in the car waiting for him.

The garden is full of flowers now. And there are many children playing and sitting there. You think: what is special in it, so that I write about it here now? What is special in a simple public garden?

You are mot right ig you say so. This garden has only about 3 years. All these green places and beautiful streets with greenery and pathes for persons did not exist in all Campania. They say, those were investions of UE that transformed this region. And this is what we have thank Germans and others for.

The monumental gate for me is closed. The open only 2 of about 4 or 6 gates. Maybe, they are right, i don't know.

They created an other park not far from here. That park contains excavations of a Roman house and something else, too.

That park is closed. Maybe, they are right. Somebody could make something bad to himself or to others there.

So, I lile the zone where I live, now. They created a nice region, yes. And, here are the photos

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