Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Working as a Freelance Sales Agent

My life became too chaotic in the last two years. As the president of Italian government Berlusconi said once: if you want to have a job, you have to create one for you, following his direction, I created a job for me. As a translator, I'm in contact with entrepreneurs both Russian and Italian. Both ask me to help them to find partners. This was the way I became a freelance sales agent.

This is a new job for me and I'm not too expert in it. But I offer a good service since I solve all the problems for all of them. As a person that speaks both languages and understands both mentalities, I can connect them in real time even if they are distant about 10000 km-s

So, if you do not see me i the internet and specially in my blogs in the last months, it's bacause I have very valid reason for it: I'm terribly busy and terribly tired.

Some weeks ago, when I turned in Italy from Russia, I had to began my work the same day -and so I helped one Russian entrepreneur to buy italian clothing in Italy. I had to wake up every day at 5 o'clock Can you understand all the horror of it? I never wake up earlier than at 8-8:30. It's the decades usage. All these days I turned home when the night was just covering the world wiwth it's soft wings... All the world except me... The next day had to begin at 5, too...

Now, when I have some days free from my tasks, I could give a look at my blogs that were regularly updated, once. I visited the places I lived years and years in. And... I felt luck of them in my today life. I was a free person in that period, with too much free time, and, oddly, I felt alone and thrown from the life. Now, I'm too busy. I can't sleep, I have not time for anything I like to do. I feel myself as a more realized woman. But... I'm not happy as I could imagne I'll be...

Poor God... There is no way to make humans happy in this world... Infact, everything we have, we are never never what we whant to have, to be...

But there is a very important event in our life: we have a baby now. :-)))) Here is he:


  1. What a beautiful cat! We saw some of those cats at a cat show we went to recently. They're big!

    So sorry, you are overworked. You must try to slow down a bit :)

    1. I dreamed to have such a cat all my life, you know, Babs... But it was unpossible. Now, I even do not know how I found him. I had the possibility and ...we are the happy "parents" of this splendid kitten. Excellent calm character, joyful and soft. I can't imagine how has he become when he will be adult. At 5 month, he is bigger than Basja... I would like to see them in a cat show, too...

      You are right, I need to slow down... I would like to turn back to the normal life - but it's unpossible. I have to close everything only. But the period is not good to remain without a job. Everything is so unsure...


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