Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to buy roses to have then what you dreamed?

I began to write about roses on the page Gardening of My Interests Site .

I wanted to write about the works in this period,but then remembered my friends that cryed about the roses they bought and I decided to begin this article with

How to buy roses

Here I copy a part of this my article

Now YOU think the word "rose" meens full head,with strong profume,flowers all year and grows itself without cure. Am I right? Yes.
Is this your dream?

"Notturno" Barni
You buy first (second,pardon) rose you see in the internet-catalog of resellers and.....
no profume
5 petals
little flower
the flower lasts 1 day
the rose has always suffering look
And only at this point you begin to ask everybody:what is happend?Why is it so?What have I do now?
First of all
don't buy roses of resellers.Buy only roses of the author.
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