Friday, February 02, 2007

Once more about psychologists and psychological tests

Sometimes I feel something is wrong in this world.
You'll say I'm fixed on all these psychological themes (see different posts in this blog
like this or this or this and many others with exercises from different systems and useful and interesting links like this) but you have to listen to this story:

Yesterday I read an "scientifical article": one Dr.So and So,psychologist,went to a primary school and tested some pupils.One of them had dyslexia.The Dr. declared to the parents,to the administration of the school this child is underdeveloped and has to be treated as a mad person.Parents told to journalists they are infinitely happy to know it,says this article.They won even the case in the court, and now all parents can declare their children mad and the schools have to treat them in this way ... others like this

I take the oath I would shot this Dr.
I want to cry: what do you do with this poor child?Why?Who gave the degree to this Dr.? Who gave the permission to work to a Dr. like this?

I had children with this problem when I worked in school.Those are normal pupils.Sometimes with special qualities.And their fine nervous system protects them in this way from grave familiar (very often) problems.

They have problems in the family,they are mistreated by their school-mates,teachers have no time to rest with one pupil,they have the program to follow..... and the life of this child is broken.You know a proverb: if somebody who is important for you says you 3 times you are a pork,the 4-th time you begin to grunt.The good notice is: the opposed is true too.

In 2004 I worked with a very difficult girl,12, that had dyslexia.The situation in the family was very bad,the mother was mistreated by everybody,the girl too,the brother,13,was declared as a little criminal while answered with violence on every wrong look (what would you do at 13 if somebody says your mother is ... and ...?) .But the girl accepted the public opinion she is mad and behaved in the way all wanted from her.How can behave the made girl?
I worked with this children for 4 months.It was very pitty to see this girl -a normal girl with some precious capacities- accept the behaviour dictate her by all her ambience.
I tryed to do what I could.After some time she accepted me as a teacher (you know pupils don't accept teachers at once,it happens after some time) and accepted my opinion she is very beautiful and special girl...

After 4 month we read,told and analyzed little news from popular scientific magazines (the girl could only read letters and could not read words when she came to me.He brother became even jealous she,ex-made,is better as he,you understand! ). They,those magazines, write interesting things to all interests but are difficult enough to analyze and tell if you are not prepared.From other point,reached this pick,my pupils are on the higher level then other pupils -and easily understand it themselves and this understand their mates too.So the self-estimate of these pupils becomes higher and their life a little happier...

What I want to say you? Dyslexia is unhappiness of the child.Not underdevelopment.Help him and maybe you'll find Einstein or Newton inside.

Now you understand why I "love" psychologists and psychological tests?

A new link I found about Psychology

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  1. As a matter of fact, Einstein was dislexic.
    The daughter of a friend of mine, who was dislexic, became, after special training, an insurance mathematician and earns a very high salary today. Only irregularity in her adulthood: She is lesbian.


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